Sixth Grade 1 Message Homework is an important activity for the strengthening of the contents that are day by day

in the classroom, and is part of the assessment of learning and the student's attitude in front of his school accountability. Help students to revisit the knowledge, to develop further their skills, to strengthen self-co nfidence and is also a way to link school and family. It is time to strengthen t he bonds of work we do all to achieve a higher quality education. We need suppor t in the first instance the knowledge that students have acquired in the course of this school year and for that we have designed this notebook Practical Spanis h and Mathematics, which may be resolved peacefully during the spring vacation p eriod. This notebook is not a study guide or review. It is an instrument whose p urpose is that we can close the 2006-2007 school year with confidence that the p rogram content of the two subjects, Spanish and mathematics, are well entrenched and that parents know the issues that require their children to master in furth ering their education. I am convinced that an education in which all participate with determination, enthusiasm and a definite plan for school work and capable of continuous and objective evaluation, we will recover the national academic le adership and position ourselves in the international context, to participate saf ely in the impending globalization of our society. Together, students, teachers, parents and education authorities, we will refund in Nuevo Leon, the education society that demands the XXI century. Dr. Reyes S. Tamez Guerra Sixth Grade 2 Secretary of Education and Director of the Unit for Educational Integration of N uevo León Dear (a) student (a): This "Notebook school practices" in Spanish and mathematic s in third through sixth grade, was specially designed for you and is intended t o support the development of your learning activities you can do in home. GENERA L INFORMATION: The content is based on the Plan and program of study of Spanis h and mathematics subjects. The book consists of five sessions, one for each d ay during spring vacation, so we suggest you choose a space where you can study for this vacation, spending the time required for the solution of learning situa tions where you will put at stake your skills and learning. The exercises are multiple choice questions where you select the right answer and mark the corresp onding point. E April 16 to deliver the notebook you solved your teacher. On ce delivered, your teacher will review and will make relevant comments in such a way that will serve as feedback and guide the master planning work in the class room. Students' results will be part of your assessment of the room two months in corresponding subjects. Your parents, brothers, uncles or grandparents can participate together in supporting you in performing the exercises. Remember that this notebook is a support for you and only you can put the challenge to do it as often as deemed necessary and that make you feel safe. Sixth Grade 3 I congratulate you for your interest and your desire to excel. SIXTH GRADE SPANISH First day

Read the text and, based on it, answer the following questions: The other conquest When Europeans came to America transformed everything. Not only because they con quered the indigenous peoples but also by changes produced by the animals and pl ants that came with them. An example of this is livestock, particularly cattle, horses and sheep, these animals were accustomed to living in different climates, so multiplied in various regions of America. In general in America, there were no other animals could be compared with them, and those who had some very specia l conditions needed to survive. With the Europeans came too many plants. Not onl y wheat, barley and oats, but also many herbs and grasses. By eating the grasses and herbs American, European livestock with them just because these plants were not prepared for their new enemies. Herbs and grasses that came with the Europe ans were accustomed to this type of livestock. Being bitten some easily yielded, but kept going to the root from which the plant could grow again. In other case s, the seed could pass by the teeth, stomach and intestines of the animal withou t dying and it was deposited after all, and fertilizer, in addition to originate a new plant.€This is another aspect of the conquest, the less notorious but no less important that we know in the history books. His players came on the same s hips that brought the conquerors. 1 .- In the fourth paragraph, what is meant by the word yielded? Sixth Grade 4 A) To be multiplied B) That came off C) that were fertilized D) that were buried 2 .- What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph? A) That the herbs and grass es that came with the Europeans gave in easily to attack livestock B) That the s eed if passed by the teeth, stomach and intestines of the animal without dying C ) The cattle were required to use the fertilizer and well lead to a new plant D) That some European seeds surviving the digestive tract of an animal and to be d eposited a new plant originated 3 .- What do you mean the word them in the first paragraph? A) animals B) Europeans C) Indigenous peoples D) The countries of Am erica 4 .- What kind of text is "The Other Conquest"? A) A legend B) An article in C) A history D) A story Second day Read and answer the following news: Children's Day April 30, 2006 By: Nancy Díaz Monterrey, NL On 20 November 1959, more than forty years, the General Assembly of the United Nations met with the sole idea of rea ffirming the universal rights of children, and to be held in every country in th e world that would be devoted to fraternity and understanding among children aro und the world and would be used for activities that develop the welfare of child ren worldwide. Sixth Grade 5 They were also suggested to governments that held this day at a time and manner that each deems appropriate. In Mexico is celebrated on 30 April. But it took on 20 November as the Universal Children's Day, to commemorate this statement as s ignificant. Children's Day in Colombia Latin American countries: Mexico Last Saturday in Apr il: April 30 Paraguay: Venezuela May 31: Third Sunday of June Uruguay: Chile Aug ust 9: Second Sunday of August Peru: Third Sunday of August Brazil October 12 5

.- What do you mean the news? A) A celebrated as Children's Day B) At the date o f completion of the celebrations of Day of the Child C) The origin of the celebr ation of Children's Day D) is celebrated as Children's Day in different countrie s 6 .- What section of the newspaper is more likely to have appeared before the news? A) Cultural B) Sports C) Social D) Local 7 .- Which of the following quest ions are not answered in the text? A) When did it happen? B) Where did it happen ? C) Who participated? D) What happened? 8 .- According to the previous text rea d, what date is celebrated Children's Day in Latin America? A) The first months of the year B) The end of the year Sixth Grade 6 C) A half-year D) Various dates Third day Read the letter to answer: 1 March 2 Galeana, N. L., January 28, 2007 Mr. Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia Director General N. Educational Technology L. Dear Sir, We are writing this letter to say the fo llowing: 4 We are students of the sixth group of the Benito Juárez, and we want to say th ank you very much because we already have computers that you sent us and we want to be running for the anniversary of the school, and we must install the Intern et start working for a program where lessons answer displayed on a website, abou t the topics covered in class in all subjects. May 6 Thank you for your attentio n. Sincerely sixth grade students from the Benito Juárez. 9 .- The letter mentions that net. What can be deduced from new games to go further down e in the assembly who wish to ities that they want to share the sixth graders want to have installed the Inter the sixth graders? A) B) C) D) that want access to the level they want in mp3 ringtones to participat increase their educational level working new activ tasks to increase their skills

10 .- Which of the following is an imperative sentence mention in the letter? A) B) C) D) "... we write this letter to say that ... "" ... we want to say thank you very much ... "" ... we have computers that you sent us ... "" ... we must i nstall the Internet because they start ... " Sixth Grade 7 11 .- The letter says: "... and we want to say thank you very much because we al ready have computers that you sent us, and we have working for the anniversary o f the school ... " How can change this text to get a better result in what is claimed? A) Thanks fo r the computers and we believe we need to work well as soon as possible.€B) Than ks for the computer and please could help us who are working for before 21 March . C) Thanks for the computers and hope to continue to support us by 21 March. D) Thanks for the computers, and we would like to accompany her at school on March 21 for review. 12 .- In the letter there are numbers that indicate the differen t parts of the text, what is the option that says the number for the sender? A) B) C) D) 6 4 2 1

13 .- In the letter there are two underlined words. According to the meaning of the text, how should these two words written correctly? A) is, he B) is, c) is t he D) it, the Fourth day 14 .- The following statements are part of a script. Which of them co ntains an imperative sentence? A) B) C) D) ANA. (Frightened) knock on the door J UAN. Quick Opens ANA. (Goes to door) Who is it? JUAN. (Looks) I think it's Pedro Sixth Grade 8 Look at the poster and answer the questions. A group of residents of the Colony Glen Blue poster put the following. Gran Kermes Children's Day April 29, 2007 from 3pm 1 It invites the entire colony will have two gifts for every child arrives early c an invite your friends and family to enjoy the games and sales of Mexican food April 3 ¿4 15 .- Of the numbers that indicate the various texts of the poster, which tells the compelling factor? A) B) C) D) 1 2 3 4 16 .- What text indicates an imperative sentence? A) B) C) D) There will be gift s for every child arrives early can invite your friends Mexican dishes Sale Sixth Grade 9 17 .- What is the event that promotes the poster? E) F) G) H) Applications Healt h Campaign Gran Kermes Cultural Week Fifth Day 18 .- Read the following statement. You should believe, but that hype! Which of the following options were used correctly the dots? A) B) C) D) You should belie ve it ... but that exaggeration! ... Believe it should, but that hype! You shoul d believe, but that ... hype! You should believe it, but ... That exaggeration! Read the fable "The Navigators" and answers: THE NAVIGATORS wept a sad seeing hi s poor passenger ship, fought with mighty waves and fierce winds, almost black, when suddenly the wind calm, serene sky, and makes people laugh afflicted the la st sentence. But the pilot was very calm in the storm much like the boom. For he knows that the bad and the good thing is subject to sudden change. 19 .- Which of the words of the fable rhyme with one another? A) laugh - air B) serena-sente nce C) ave-ship D) calm, serene Sixth Grade 10 20 .- The moral of the story means: A) The entertainment is bad B) You have to c onvert the penalty into laughter C) Serenity is good D) The good and bad changes SIXTH GRADE MATH Day 1 .- Which of the following breakdown shows the correct number 985 467 notation developed? A) 9 x 100 000 + 8 + 5 x 1000 x 100 + 4 x 10 + 67 x 1 B) 9 x 100 000

x 10 000 + 8 + 5 x 1000 + 4 x 100 + 6 x 10 + 7 x 1 C) 9 x 1 million + 8 + 5 x 10 0 000 x 10 000 + 4 x 1000 + 6 + 7 x 100 x 10 D) 900 000 + 80 000 + 5000 + 1000 + 4 x 6 x 100 + 7 x 10 2 .- In a stadium there are 16 boxes of a dozen balls each , plus a box with 8 balls. To find out how many balls are in total, which of the following expressions you use? A) 16 + (12 x 8) C) 8 + (16 x 12) B), 16x (12 +8 ) D) (8 + 16) x 12 3 .- Consider the following drawing of a basket to transport special decorated e gg shells in which each prism is a space to form a shell. If Elena was told that accommodated 275 eggshells. How many shells left over to put in another basket? A) 160 B) 135 C) 167 D) 155 4 .- Marilyn bought 10 cakes to sell, 6 and 4 were chocolate strawberry. If Sixth Grade 11 we were 2 chocolate and 2 strawberry. What is the total amount of cake April 2 s old? A) 2 1 1 April 3 B) 5 April 1 C) 2 April 2 D) 5 April 2 Second day 5 .- Ernesto has 5 packs of 100 sheets of wrapping paper and want to use to fill the seven branches of the dry goods you have. How many sheets correspond to eac h notions of a fair, if you have to express the result in fractional ratio? B 100 7500) 7 A) C) D) 7100 7500 6 .- cinema guide has 1,000 points of light and they write the titles of the fil ms. If writing a symbol used 20 points, which of the following expressions repre sents the proportion of lit billboard? a) 0.00020 b) 0.0020 c) 0020 d) 0.20 7 .advertising for a store you receive the following notice: All Portable DVD are discounted Example: Sony DVD Pay only $ 2500.00 $ 1625.00% Sixth Grade 12

My mom wants to give me a portable DVD player of $ 3,800.00. How much does it co st with the discount? A) B) C) D) $ 1330.00 $ 2175.00 $ 2470.00 $ 2925.00 8 .- Sandra managed the fruit bowl in the dining room with 25 large chocolate ca ndy. She put three chocolates coffee for every two white chocolate. What percent age of chocolates coffee used for the fruit bowl? A) 12% B) 20% C) 40% D) 60% Third day 9 .- Look at the following figure: 32 cm 2 4 cm 8 cm Which of the following rectangles represents a scale drawing of the origina l double as regards the size of its sides? A) B) 12 cm 2 64 cm 2 C) 128 cm 2 D) 108 cm 2 10 .- Look at the following development plans Sixth Grade 13 With the previous development plans, which of the following bodies can not form? A) B) C) D) Cone Cylinder Pyramid Prism 11 .- Which of the following does not have solid figures faces in parallel plane s? a) B) C) D) The cone cube cylinder The hexagonal prism 12 .- Samuel built a box of rectangular prism shape, as shown below: 16m2 5m If the floor area is 16 m² and have a height of 5 meters. How much will need to purchase sheet to construct the roof and walls without taking into account the f loor? A) B) C) D) 32 m 46 m ² ² ² 96 m 72 m ² Fourth day 13 .- Choose the formula with which one could get the volume of a triangular pri sm as shown.

Sixth Grade 14 What formula must choose Ernesto? A) 2 B bx ah) ah bxcx 2 C) D 2nd ch bx) bx ch 2 14 .- The water basin of a farm has a capacity of 8m ³ runs out of water when we need to carry buckets from the wheel to fill it. If we use them trays fit 3 g allons of water. How many buckets of water we need to use to fill the cell? (Con sider that 1 liter = 001 m³ and a gallon = 3.62 liters), the final result rounde d to integers. A) B) C) D) 2210 2000 737 727 15 .- Look at the following table: Object Weight (kg) Sixth Grade 15 Package A pair of boots shoes Hat Belt 25.28 3,428 0.4528 0.03528 What is the object that has weight to number 2 in the hundredths place? A) Packa ge with shoes B) A pair of boots C) A pair of boots D) Cinto 16 .- Leonardo's fa ther has many music CDs. The will sell at a bazaar. The price of each is $ 25.95 and has a total of 1565 CDs. How much money earned from the sale total? A) $ 38 423 605 B) $ 40 298 750 C) $ 40 611 750 D) $ 40 778 825 Fifth Day 17 .- In the market there are several posts of oranges, which one should place b uy? A) Since A $ 12.00 B) Since B $ 15.00 C) Since C $ 9.00 D) Since D $ 21.00 18 .- Which of the following options to choose the amount 1000. A) B) C) D) Sixth Grade 124 + 326 + 238 + 413 124 + 125 + 312 + 513 513 + 124 + 125 + 238 312 + 326 + 12 4 +125 16 19 .- Mariana did with the art of origami as a husky dog that is displayed. Sixth Grade 17

Now I want to do using geometric forms, which of the following developments need to use planes to the neck? 20 .- Lucas has a box with 11 black marbles, 8 blue, 12 cafes and 10 grays. He w ants to draw a marble without looking. Which of the following situations is most likely to occur? A) That the marble is gray B) that the marble is blue C) that the marble is brown D) that the marble is black