"You are about to discover the key to happiness" "ATRA or you resist ... TO PROSPERITY INTO YOUR LIFE?

"Everything that the human mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve." This law has been known and used by the greatest men through history. "I could not tell what this power, all I know is that there is" Graham Bell "You create your own universe in the way" Winston Churchill "All we are is the result of our thoughts" Buddha This law has been known and used by the greatest men through history. "Imagination is everything, is a preview of the attractions of the life to come. " Einstein "Take the first step in faith, do not need to see the whole staircase, just give s you your first step in faith." Martin Luther King All we can work with an Infinite Power. All we follow exactly the same laws. The natural laws of the universe are exact laws THERE IS AN ACCURATE FORMULA TO ACHIEVE PROSPERITY IN YOUR LIFE It's the Law of Attraction! Wherever we are, we are all working with the same energy, the same law. WHAT IS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Everything that comes into your life, as you are attracting. You attract into yo ur life what you think. Whatever you think that you have in your mind and do a p icture ... .. You're attracted to you! ATRA Unconscious and conscious FORM Unconscious attraction happens when we let our thoughts run freely. The attracti on occurs when we drive our conscious thoughts. Everything you think, whether go od or bad, you attract in your life. Every happy thought, happy, attracts positi ve things into your life on what you're thinking: If you think you attract more well-being. Every thought of concern that attracts more than just your life ... If you think about debt. Attract more debt. THERE IS A VERY SIMPLE FORMULA Thoughts + Feelings = Attraction Emotions will guide The key to controlling your thoughts is to simply observe the emotions that come from your mind. EMOTIONS AND FEEL HAPPY Emotions can be divided into two categories:

Positive Emotions all those that make you feel good Negative Emotions all those that make you feel bad POSITIVE EMOTIONS DAILY! GENERA DAILY! FEEL HAPPY WHAT IS what you are attracting into your life? "Once you accept that YOU are the manufacturer of your own reality, you'll see t hat you have the power to change that reality Anything you desire." ATTRACTING W HAT YOU WANT? PROSPERITY? HEALTH? WELL? HAPPINESS? SOME MATERIAL? START NOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE USING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION TO ATTRACT PROSPERITY TO YOUR LIFE. 1.DEFINE exactly what you want to attract 2. MAKE A MENTAL PICTURE THAT YOU WANT TO ATTRACT OR SEA visualizing what you want. 3.The next step is to choose ONE T IME OF DAY to spend 5 to 15 minutes straight, without doing anything Neatly VIEW THAT YOUR OBJECTIVE. MIXED EMOTIONS IN YOUR PLACE AND THANKS THE POWER OF GRATITUDE Form the habit of thanking. Make a list of all those things for which you can th ank. Thanks every day. You will notice that in a few days your list starts to grow. You will notice a c hange in attitude in you. AT THAT CHANGE OF ATTITUDE IS LIKE THE ATTRACTION IS I T YOUR WAY. SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH EVERYONE THAT THINK THE NEED: due to illness, suffer ing, ACHIEVE WELL JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT OR IMPROVE YOUR LIFE IN ANY ASPECT. WHILE MOST PEOPLE ARE A pushes it more people will be HELPING YOU AND THE UNIVER SE AS remunerated.