FUN ACCESSORIES AND ACCESSORIES Crafts CBL provides you with all sorts of trinkets and beads made

by hand, combi ning the best raw materials with a delicate, unique and sophisticated design. Ou r desire is to offer what you're looking for that special gift or wear it yourse lf, either from our catalog or fulfilling a dream by adapting some of our models or by making a completely new staff. We offer a small sample of our work, hopin g that you like it. Indulge yourself. You deserve it. Collection Hidden Planet Delicate ring made based Crystal Balls, with marble effect. " Rings Ref: ANL1 Mar Accounts Exquisite ring made out of real glass beads from Bohemia in different colors: bl ack, iridescent black, turquoise, bronze, ... Ref: ANL2 Attraction A ring to match you dare! Adjustable crimp silver, copper or bronze to enhance y our hand, in many colors to choose from: Blue Mountain, garnet, burgundy, black jet, ... and glass in two sizes: 2,7 x1, 8 cm. or 1.8 x1, 3 cm. Ref: ANL3 Love Arrow Sweet dreams made in genuine Swarovski ® crystal crimp. Its 2 cm. approx. high p oint us to the heart. Choose your color in our catalog. Ref: ANL4 Spring Explosion Multicoloured Ring made with Swarovski ® crystal beads will bring spring to your hand. Or monochromatic color scheme, as you prefer. Ref: ANL5 Early Morning Dew A very original ring for the summer that will bring the freshness of the morning on warm days. In different colors to choose from: black, turquoise or emerald. Ref: ANL6 Crossroad Only the accounts of a true Bohemian glass may decide your course. Ref: ANL7 Silver Moon Wow with this silver ring was always right! Ref: ANL8 Light of Happiness You can wear this ring for any occasion. Made from Tupi and Swarovski ® crystal beads that give it shine so special. Choose your favorite color! Ref: ANL9 Eclipse

Black as a solar eclipse, this ring made with a Swarovski crystal stone will be the center of attention ..... Ref: ANL10 Earrings Collection Light of Paradise Spectacular outstanding authentic Swarovski ® crystal AB color crystal, color em bedded in copper, silver, antique silver or bronze Ref: PN1 Dulce Amanecer Delicious earrings made with Swarovski ® Crystal Pacific Opal color, color embed ded in copper, silver, antique silver or bronze. Blackberry Colorful Swarovski ® crystal earrings. In black, green, blue, brown ... merge it with the color of your eyes! Ref: pN3 Galaxy Ideal for him or her. Swarovski Crystal wears a bright ideal price! Ref: PN4 Collection Necklaces Fun Funny and original felt ball necklace in different shades of the same color. It is the ideal complement to match your clothes. Other colors available: Ref: COLL1 Potpourri Green Blue Approximate length 50 cm. Hanging Mobile Collection Words of Love Smart Mobile phone pendant for Heart-shaped, made with Millefiori glass craftsma n, bringing to each piece a main feature, each piece is unique. Ref: CM1 Cocktail Original mobile phone pendant made with a glass bead-shaped Millefiori Lemon, cr imp on a ring of metal. Each piece is unique Africa Original Mobile phone pendant shaped tusk, made with handmade glass Millefiori t hat gives each piece a main feature, each piece is unique. Ref: CM3 Blackberry Looks a beautiful jewel on your mobile! Mix it up with your favorite colors. The pellets of glass catch the light and will make your phone a unique model. Ref: CM4 Pinned Collection Color Cascade

Original pin from about 12 cm. long approx. With Felt balls in various colors Ref: AF1 Early Morning Dew Lúcelo wear it alone or together with the matching ring. You can not prevent you noticed ... .. Ref: AF2 Swarovski ® Color Range Rates Reference Collection Rings PVP 8 7




Hidden Planet ANL2 ANL1-Sea-Accounts 4mm pellets. 3 mm pellets. 1.8 2.7 X 1.8 cm x 1.3 cm ANL3-Atraction ANL4-Arrow of Love Spring ANL5-Bang 4 9 6 flowers flowers flowers 12 9 10 12

Dew-Madrugada ANL6 ANL7-ANL8 Crossroads Silver-Moon-Light of Happiness ANL9 ANL1 0-Eclipse 12 7 8 9 12

Earrings Collection PN1PN2PN3PN4Light of Dawn Sweet Blackberry Galaxy Paradise 9 9 6 8

Collection Necklaces COLL1-Fun 9 Hanging Mobile Collection CM1CM2CM3CM4Palabras de Amor Cocktail Blackberry Africa 3 3 3 4 5 9

Pinned Collection AF1-AF2-Color Cascade Dawn Spray

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