LEASE Among the master, with ID, residing in XXX, first part Locadora hereinafter, and the other lady

, with ID, residing in XXX, hereinafter TENANT held this lease ag reement that governed by the following clauses: FIRST The Locadora given to the Tenant on location in such character who makes the bui lding located on the street: the farm situated in the street XXXXXX, of Vicente López, Buenos Aires, this location is the term pactapor deVEINTICUATRO (24) mon ths from 1st of April 2005 to 31st March 2007, at which time the Tenant shall de liver the property locado to the lessor or who legitimately represent free from occupation, in good clean condition, and with electricity and gas services and p ayments working day. SECOND The price of the lease is fixed at the sum of ($ 1,800.) ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUND RED PESOS per month, for the second half of the sum of ($ 1,900.) ONE THOUSAND N INE HUNDRED PESOS month for the third term in the sum of ( $ 2,000.) TWO THOUSAN D PESOS month for the fourth quarter of the sum of ($ 2,100.) ONE HUNDRED THOUSA ND PESOS A month and will be paid by the Tenant a month in advance within the fi rst ten calendar days of each month, in cash in cash, XXXXXXX Estate, establishe d in the street XXXXXX XXXXXXX floor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Mr. XXXXXXXXXX (XXXXXXXX DNI), or Bank Account XXXXXXXXX XX XX Branch from and who is authorized to issue the respective receipts, resulting in the delay of fact b y the mere expiration of the terms, without questioning any and accrue from the sixth day a punitive interest equal to two times the ordinary rate of discount t hat is applied in the Banco de la Nacion Argentina operations to thirty days as to the amounts due until the date of full and effective payment THIRD The Tenant receives the property you rent your glasses all healthy, full hardwar e in all its doors, in perfect working installations, trouble-free in the state in which it finds and acknowledges being responsible for improvements necessary for the proper functioning and all other expenses incurred in the preservation o f good locado and care facilities, etc devices., shall be borne by the tenant. FOURTH The Tenant rents the property for exclusive destination "AND HIS OWN HOUSE close family" and may not give another destination. FIFTH The Tenant agrees to comply with and be enforced by persons occupying the proper ty locado or have access to, the following obligations under the penalty of term ination of this contract: a) No sublease or transfer all or part of the lease, o r rent-free or title for any permanent or temporary, all that is absolutely proh ibited. b) No distribution or modify the construction of the building locado fac ilities or improvements without prior written permission of the LESSOR. If doeth shall have the option to demolish Locadora and restore the previous state of th ings the sole responsibility of the lessee, or keep them the benefit of the prop erty, without obligation to pay. c) Allow the lessor or who represent, locado in spect the property at any time. d) Pay the locado vacate the premises for any da mage and / or damages exist as long as the Tenant has caused the natural product and are not the correct use of the property. e) not store or use combustible ma terials, hazardous or unsanitary conditions, which may cause damage to property or disturb the neighbors. f) maintain order, morality and hygiene in the buildin g locado and all its dependencies. g) Not giving shots. SIXTH The Tenant within a period of sixty (60) sixty days from the date hereof, shall demonstrate conclusively that the ownership of the electricity and gas services

is at your name.Locatariaabonar corresponds to the charges corresponding to ligh t and gas services must be canceled the same at the end of the lease as a prereq uisite for the delivery of the property. SEVENTH The delay in paying rent for two month periods and / or breach of any other prov ision of this agreement shall entitle the LESSOR to enforce or to give, if he so wishes, by the same canceled or terminated because of Tenant may sue directly t he eviction and recovery of damages to be proper. EIGHTH The Locadora not responsible for any damages that may be caused by ruptured pipe s, flooding, leaks, fires, etc.. Provided no reasons were hidden before the loca tive period. In the event of flooding due to natural causes the Tenant not will be responsible for repairs to be performed in the building.. NINTH In this act the man, with ID, constitutes the Guarantor jointly and severally, s mooth, flat, paying principal and co-debtor for all obligations and leases enter ed into by this location by the Tenant, resigning from and the benefits of discu ssion, questioning or notice and the other that the law agrees with the guaranto rs. Included in this deposit the costs of lawsuits and attachments that may be p romoted. The validity of this clause shall take effect until the Locadora take r eal and effective possession of the Unit Locada in the terms set out in this, ev en after the expiration of this contrato.En the event that the solvency of the G uarantor were reduced during the term of this bond, or has transferred ownership filed under warranty, you must replace that heritage either by a similar notice to the LESSOR the replacement for being the character of the property owner sub stantially the condition taken into account for purposes of this bond. If howeve r, during the course of this Contract, there is any situation of insolvency stat es part of the Guarantor (sale of real estate, bankruptcy or insolvency, closure of accounts, voluntary or involuntary inhibition, etc.) the Tenant must file a new bond to the satisfaction of the LESSOR and within a maximum of fifteen (15) days of being notified, otherwise the contract shall terminate automatically and be manifested Guarantor rescindido.La sole owner of the following property: the Functional Unit, located in Elpis, the building located in the Area in this cit y, fronting on Street, between y, and the following nomenclature Cadastral: Area , Section, Block, Plot, registered in the Register under the Real Property Regis tration: FR. The Guarantor declares that the property is free of debt and / or c harges and is not registered as a family asset. The Guarantor undertakes not to transfer such units during the period of the lease and Tenant while occupying th e leased property. TENTH In case of death or judicial declaration of incapacity of Guarantor, the Tenant agrees to replace it by a similar credit to the satisfaction of the landlord and , if they do not do so within ten days after being intimated to the effect , the rental company may consider this contract terminated because of the tenants, wi th right to demand the eviction of the property and payment of damages to be pro per. ELEVENTH The Tenant and Guarantor hereby waive their right to challenge detention and unj ust to judge the actions involved in the promotion for the interpretation and / or execution of this contract. Pacta the delay was simply automatic expiration o f the deadline for all cases in which these are set in the present or result fro m the harmonious interpretation of the terms and / or applicable legal standards . TWELFTH

If the Tenant to give any reason why they began eviction suit for nonpayment,ren t collection or termination of contract, violation of any provision of the contr act or not to deliver the property vacant at maturity thereof, undertakes to pay arrears from that motivates any of these trials, and until the property receive s locado Locadora free from occupation and the conditions agreed in case of evic tion and / or receives the amounts claimed in the event of payment, a penalty cl ause equal to ten percent (10%) of the monthly rent for each day of default, thi s value that will be reset to that date in accordance with the procedure laid do wn in the second clause, without prejudice to the right of the LESSOR to claim a ny greater amount that may be applicable to cover all the damages that had occur red. expiry of the agreed period of this lease the Tenant has the obligation to return the unit free Locada occupants and things, on the agreed conditions, as w ell as the electricity and gas services operation, proving a reliable means that they are paid to date. THIRTEEN For the purposes of the parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Ordinar y Courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, waiving any other that they may be, pose special legal address, the street Locadora Solis 215, third floor, dep artment "E" of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the Tenant in the leased pro perty and Guarantor on the street floor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The change of address should be collated and reported by telegram to be valid be lodged in the range of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. FOURTEENTH The parties state that this contract has been completed within the current legis lation to date and for the purpose of it is taken into account the consumer pric e index to the month of March/2005 and the exchange rate ( $ 2.95) per unit doll ar for the day's date. If, from the date of signing the contract and taking as b asis the set values before cited price index, increased by more than the percent age (25% ) twenty-five percent relative to the variation of the exchange rate at that date, the parties consider that this situation was the extraordinary and u npredictable event referred to in Article 1198 Civil Code Part Two, being empowe red to sue both parties, the renegotiation of the lease and / or termination of the contract: the Tenant must vacate the premises locado to thirty (30) days of the occurrence of the said event the rent being paid the last payment until that time unless between the parties reach an agreement on the rent date. FIFTEEN The Tenant claims to have visited the property leased, which is in perfect condi tion cleaning and conservation, as detailed in the third clause of this contract and the inventory signed at the time, which is attached hereto. The Tenant has visit ed and examined the property it leases and deemed suitable and appropriate for t hat eldestino down the present. SIXTEEN The Locatariaentrega in this act to the LESSOR the sum of ($ 1,800.) PESOSUN HUN DRED THOUSAND, as security deposit and the faithful fulfillment of obligations, serving, this sufficient receipt. The deposit is returned, a Upon fulfillment of all obligations of the present, not imputed rents, but the Locadoraqueda automa tically entitled to apply, if it deems appropriate to pay rent, damages to the c ancellation of any obligation of the Tenant, which should reinstate a the thirti eth (30) days of receiving the good locado vacated on the agreed conditions and discounting the debts of the electricity, gas and / or any other that may be app licable. SEVENTEENTH They are in charge of the Tenant while occupying leased elinmueble all municipal

taxes, and Aguas Argentinas SA,and anyone else who is creating the future, whic h must be paid together with the rent, and earning if not to the same punitive i nterest clause agreed in TWELFTH hereof. EIGHTEENTH The Tenant shall not cut, transplant or move any of the plants, shrubs or trees that exist on the property at the time of the lease. NINETEENTH The Tenant be after the first six months of validity of the relationship locativ e, addressing recruitment, must reliably notify its decision to the LESSOR with a notice of sixty days from the date on which the leased refund. The tenants, to make resolutory use the option in the first year of locative relationship, must pay to the LESSOR, in compensation, an amount equivalent to one month and avera ge rent at the time of vacating the property and one month if the option's exerc ise of such period. To exercise this option, the Tenant must be "up" in meeting their obligations. TWENTY All obligations on the Tenant agreed in this contract are considered major. The late payment of rent or expenses provided for in clauses "seventeenth" and "eigh teenth" and / or breach of any obligation under this contract will enable the Lo cadora to ask the tenants and their compliance or Surety to give, if he so wishe s, for the lease terminated because of Tenant without prior intimation or judici al declaration, and can sue directly the removal and recovery of arrears and dam ages as may be appropriate.