" The victory for "Titanic" has given splendor lost the Oscar Awards, showing the power of the major studios when they want to give the public the best of the wor ld. What James Shrimp, director of "Titanic", described as "a night to remember" was a ceremony so long, heralded as full of the splendor that only Hollywood ca n provide. There was one category in which it was not mentioned the name of "Tit anic." I can only summarize my feelings by saying: "I'm the king of the world," said Shrimp with his statue in his hand as a director in an arrogant gesture tak en from his own movie. CITATION 1 For example, when the minds of the world's marine, less than 100 years ago, they decided that they were very intelligent and could give the world a sign of its manufacturing business, and could build a ship to which or a tidal wave would be enough large sink, and called this a ship the Titanic. It was a lasting memoria l to the world that the great art in marine construction were to improve and tha t the builders show the world an unsinkable ship. So with all security based on intelligence of the builders, and its conferences and lectures, and scientific e vidence that this ship could not sink. Look, when things are presented to people like that, then people rest assured that all is well, while scientific research say it's okay. SUPER SIGNAL, Jeff 59-1227M CITATION 2 Oh, this great sinful nation, one day your rock-and-rolls are going to stop! If you do not hear the voice of a preacher, you will hear God's hand one day in cou rt. But rock-androlla stop just as he stopped the band and began playing "Even c loser, near Ti" aboard the Titanic. Some day you will change the tone. Our belov ed country here, coming from England, who was called the queen of the seas at th e time. And still is called that. And we, we want to defeat us build a super boa t. Develop something to build a big boat that our scientists and our great intel ligence said: "I could not sink." God showed His mighty hand that no matter what man can develop in their pride, all will be dust. The Titanic succumbed as well as any other achievement of man. THE WRITING ON THE WALL, Chicago 58-0108 CITATION 3 They thought they were safe behind the wall. But you know, God can look down fro m above. Our beloved United States of America, we thought we could develop somet hing, being a scion of England, Queen of the sea. What did we do? Build a boat. And we said: "This ship can not sink." It was called the 3BTITANICOB. We thought we had something. We had developed something on marine life where no one could put his hand. VIA A GIVEN BY GOD, Grand Prairie, AL 61-0516M CITATION 4 Not long ago, the United States thought they could build a ship that no other ma nufacturer could overcome. He called the Titanic. One night, while sailing in th e ocean with their machines running at full speed, and jazz bands played, and en joyed it, suddenly changed the pace and began to play "Closer still, close to Yo u." Why? Because it had hit an iceberg, which put a hole and broke its engines g oing to the bottom of the sea. Why? God with His mighty hand was showing the wor ld that can not stand. Man himself can not develop anything himself.

A SIGNAL, Phoenix 62-0119 CITATION 5 Nebuchadnezzar built a super city. He was floating gardens and a great place. It was designed from the sky. Just before the throne flowed the Euphrates River. T hey found out that this was the way it was the throne of God, the river of life is for the throne of God. Trying to make great achievements, trying to do someth ing big, majestic and so to say, "See what we've done?" Super ... That is in man . Our own nation, jealous of England, built not long ago a super boat, and said it could not sink. But it sank, the 3BTITANICOB, a super boat. They said: "You c an not sink." But it sank anyway. And the poet wrote the song "God with a mighty hand, showed the world that he can not remain". That's right. SUPER SIGNAL, South Gate, 62-0624 CITATION 6 Here comes the church with good intentions. He thought: "We will make a great na me. Educate our preachers.€Puliremos and teach the people and there will be no illiterates in our country. "What did we gain? A lot of educated pagans, disbeli evers in the Word of God. Everything ... He always tried to do something for him self. But I never could have done. Nimrod tried to make a tower that could reach the sky. And then there was dust. Nebuchadnezzar built a city. Immortal, eterna l. It's what he thought. And then there was dust. The Americans, jealous of her sister, England, built a boat called the 3BTITANICOB could not sink. God with hi s mighty hand showed the world that he could not stay. Since that time, Spokane, WA 62-0713 CITATION 7 Baptists believe that an organization is built, Methodists feel the same way, Ca tholics are the same, the same thing Presbyterians, Nazarenes, Pentecostals, Hol iness Pilgrim-all, a human achievement. But surely to succumb as happened to the Tower of Nimrod, who built the city and Nebuchadne zzar. Just as 3BTITANICOB collapsed, so they succumb: all achieve greatness has to succumb. Where is the Titanic today? At the bottom of the sea. Where is the T ower of Nimrod? He fell to the ground. Where is the immortal city of Nabudonosor ? Sunk. Where is the Siegfried Line in France? Broke into pieces. Where is the M aginot line in Germany? It exploded into pieces. Where is the denominational chu rch? Dead. What is it? Everything is historical memory. SUPER SIGNAL, Chicago, Ill. 61-0430 CITATION 8 And we see the weather condition. We see the condition of the people. We see the condition of the policy. We see the condition of the world. You can not stay! Y ou have to succumb as 3BTITANICOB. Should succumb! Because there ... Giving spac e - a space to another nation is falling. And this kingdom must fall, and any ot her kingdom must fall to give place to another kingdom which is to come and it w ill not fall. Because we have received a kingdom which can not be moved through this perfect image of God, His Masterpiece (Jesucristo.) The masterpiece, Jeff 64-0705