gazette (Academic perspectives) BAUTISTA JULIO Where is the future ...?

P ENSAR on how to face what is coming is one of the unknowns is aware of every hum an being. What are our goals and how to achieve depends largely on the tools and capabilities we accumulate during our academic training, which will serve them to successfully face the challenges imposed on us the foundation of a fulfilling life. The challenges that each day requires each generation is different, and t oday's knowledge societies pose a different dynamic that can not be compared eve n with the time that our elder brothers lived, as the technological gap between the mass media work activities has fallen sharply, forcing us to compete in a so ciety in which our knowledge has an expiration date ever-accelerating. Historica lly there have been races in which they acquire social and professional prestige . However, today the market for human capital requires us more and more: sell ou r talents with a broad parameter of profitability for companies. So think of hig her education implies a new scheme, a "macroeconomic projection," which also inv olve the commercial aspect, consider the social and political, with a global vis ion, but is intended to work for a national company, because in the race for the continued employment "New workers" are the main threat, plus they will not necessarily be the same co untry or economic region. The advantages of young people fresh out of universiti es are concentrated mainly on his life has been guided by what experts describe as the "digital native", ie who are born with the technology at your disposal an d therefore perfect control of all applications, so the company no longer has to spend on train and this aspect that obviously mark the stagnation of employees with more than five years within a company. But, returning to the issue of labor requirement, the main failure of these young people is also the same technologi cal overload that makes them great centers of knowledge, but the specialization and away from the stranglehold of a subject, the amount of information that come s into your brain every day, so to fulfill our desires is a task that should be planned well and not leaving sufficient time to swell the ranks of the unemploye d. Clones with factory default Accounting, Medicine, Computing and Communications, among others are the profess ions top the list of preference in the application of registration of public and private universities in our country, scoring an average of more than about 500 mil1 graduates per year, leaving a fighting over a place with equal or greater n umber of young people who came a generation before, and after three years or mor e still do not find a space to apply their knowledge. But the defect is not excl usively focused on the saturation of these places, but in the educational approa ch with which these young people were prepared and which we will mention only so me, because the list is often quite long. 1 12 ... January 30, 2008 / Number 11 ... HTTP: / / FOX.PRESIDENCIA.GOB.MX / ACTIVITIES /? CONTENT = 16 975 Feature The main causes for denial of employment to a recent graduate is inexperience, n ot new guise, as well as handling more than two languages, because if you want t

o emphasize English, Nor is no longer enough to master programs basic office, si nce we handle almost all, so we have to seek more specific parcel handling depen ding on the area, and I mean not only know but be open and save a real expert, a nd everything just to call the attention of human resources offices who all cost s avoid wasting resources on economic and administrative employees obsoleto2 rep etitive profile. As a result, become more productive does not mean sacrificing o r forcing our abilities, we must maintain a goal that allows us to focus our eff ort on a specific area of human intellectual development and to make us profitab le for our commitment and level of knowledge, especially in the field of science new and little explored. According to information from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Deve lopment (OECD) knowledge workers already account for eight out of ten new empleo s3, so predictable that the international trend points to the careers of Molecul ar Engineering, Nanotechnology, Biomedicine, Cybernetics, Research Space€Mechat ronics, Earth sciences and other branches of techno-scientific exploration, almo st automatically eliminating the study of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts i n Mexico represent the smallest number of busy professionals during the last dec ade. Besides choosing the right career is the economic challenge, as a professio nal monthly salaries ranging from four thousand (government) and 10 000 pesos (p rivate company) for salaried employees, which represent the nation in eight out of 10 employees, while other areas such as Biomedicine, Power and Metallurgical Engineering obtained a median income of 21 000 and 18 000 pesos4, respectively. Specialization is a challenge that never ends In this vein, we look to the international scene where most developed countries are the ones who rule the roost and they will take as example the lines of great er scientific development, to advance the career path that will ensure we engage with the professions of the future. The Bachelor of Environmental Science and Geomática5 professions are among the highest ranking near future development. Given the ongoing global warming March 2 WWW.OBSERVATORIOLABORAL.GOB.MX / index.asp? INDEX = 2 WWW.OBSERVATORIOLABORAL.GO B.MX / index.asp? INDEX = 3 HTTP: / / WWW.LUCAS5.COM/ARTICULOS/DECISIONES.ASP AND HTTP: / / WWW.OCC.COM.MX / VER_NOTICIA.ASPX? ID = 144 4 13 ... January 30, 2008 / Number 11 ... Emphasizing the speed with which changes the social and economic context, noting that the specialization suggested should be thought, not to solve the problems of the present but the future as he prepares to address economic problems facing the disappointment of having been prepared to address "old problems", and there again the trap of backwardness, regardless of educational level reached by as e mphasized as one of the major mistakes of those who study post-graduate levels, so the suggestion is to think about what is waiting for you at least ten years. The races that will have greater demand Based on that wealth creation is based on the branches of scientific research, w ill post some profiles of the careers that the international market begins to re quire for you to expand your educational investment options with a view to more demanding requirements for the next five years.

gazette require environmental scientists and health specialists that offer alternatives to medical and biological research highly specialized to address the effects we have caused by polluting our environment and, accordingly, we generate a rapid l oss of natural capital. On health care, the trend toward physician-scientists, s o specialization in genomic medicine and technical support as well as laboratory equipment such as therapists and radiologists, will find the best development p latforms, as currently in the these professions together comprise 10 out of 20 h ighly rentables6 activities, and that its practice is related to addiction care, acute illness, care of the elderly and stress-related ailments such as gastriti s, migraine and stroke, among others, addressing the better known as disease-spe cific disease development. To complete this cycle, research in biotechnology, wh ich is dedicated to developing applications specific drug-that is, patient to pa tient according to their hereditary-metabolic profile and will be responsible fo r staying ahead in the monitoring and recording of our "biology evolutionary, "s o that their study is projected increasingly as" the science of real future. " B ut all this science would not be possible without the creation and maintenance o f programs (software) and structured computer technology (hard5 ware), therefore, the field of Mechatronics Engineering, Telematics and Cybernet ics begin to assert themselves as the gurus of the infrastructure, in which all processes will base our future coexistence. Mechatronics engineer has, among oth er responsibilities, automate industrial processes to make our work easier. This multi-disciplinary skills are trained in mechanics, control electronics, inform ation systems and changing the tecnologÍas7, to improve the services they use d aily. For their part, responsible for cibernética9 telemática8 and apply their scientific and technological capacity, primarily in products that merge telecom munications and computing, multimedia information processing, complex systems, c reating virtual€communication and control which apply to all businesses to mana ge their services and resources through networks to optimize their capabilities. Among the least explored careers, but with the highest rank of development, and nanotechnology are Molecular10 Engineering, in charge of deciphering the human genome, analysis of their design and architecture to establish accurate maps of the molecular composition. Finally, we must not forget that all activities requi re a compulsory monitoring and recording, for this reason the Library and Archiv e point to a good job and financial stability, which is currently registered in our country the highest percentage of graduates in wage employment fijos11, thus benefiting 99% of its graduates. And you, why you're deciding which career? 14 ... January 30, 2008 / Number 11 ... June 7 August 9 HTTP: / / WWW.OBSERVATORIOLABORAL.GOB.MX / index.asp? INDEX = 16 HTTP: / / ES.WI KIPEDIA.ORG / wiki / Mechatronics HTTP: / / ES.WIKIPEDIA.ORG / WIKI / TELEM% C3% A1tico HTTP : / / ES.WIKIPEDIA.ORG / WIKI / CIBERNED% C3% A9tico HTTP: / / ES.W IKIPEDIA.ORG / wiki / Nanotechnology HTTP: / / WWW.OBSERVATORIOLABORAL.GOB.MX / index.asp? INDEX = 16 HTTP: / / WWW2.ELUNIVERSAL.COM.MX/PLS/IMPRESO/NOTICIA.HTML? IdnoOctober 1911 TA = 126 923 & table = NATION