Social Bookmarks. Page 1 What is Social Bookmarking? • • • • Are we store and share bookmarks online.

You can access them from any computer w ith internet connection. The term "social" is because they are shared with other s, being able to create networks and groups. The information is organized by lab els (tags), users freely assigned to describe the selected sites: folksonomy The re are various utilities to perform this task, we will work on: Mr.Wong, but if you want to take a look at is more popular but in English: ACTIVITIE S Mr.Wong create an account Put the buttons in the browser bookmarks Add 5 or 6 care labeling and description. Join the group: Share educaparty our favorites: S hare some of your favorite educaparty group Invite a helper to the course to be your friend. • • • • • • To learn more about social bookmarking social bookmarks Workshop http://aulablog Aulawiki21 Social Bookmarks. Page 2 Mister Wong (In Castilian). Tremendously easy to use. Users can share their favorites throug h groups. Tutorial 1. Create an account • Enter the homepage of Mr. Wong: Social Bookmarks. Page 3 • Select Register and complete registration data. Open your e-mail to activate you r account by clicking on the link. • Already have your social bookmark! . The startup screen appears, it will see you r username and the last sample pages for other people if you want to add to your favorites or recommend to others. Social Bookmarks. Page 4 The address of your favorite internet will be: nombredeusuario/ Social Bookmarks. Page 5 Options from the top menu: • Home: We have a list of recent bookmarks. We can recommend to a friend via ema il and / or save our bookmarks. • Save: You can add bookmarks manually, with the ir web addresses, titles, comments, tags and whether we want it to be public or private. It gives us access so we can install the toolbar. • Favorites: Here's o ur guide markers, featuring a tag cloud to refine our searches • Friends: A plac e where we invite our friends through email to generate our social network, but we can also add to already registered users. We can see the last pages selected by our network of friends. • Groups: From this tab we are able to create groups, see the list of groups to which they belong, and targets a group of our interes t. The groups allow us to share a group of people certain pages can be very usef ul for working groups. • Profile: Location where we set ourselves, change passwo rd, change your avatar, import / export bookmarks and RSS feeds enable our bookm arks. • Mail: Possibility of sending private email between users. • Things: Here you will find everything you need to work comfortably with Mister Wong. Whether the toolbar for Firefox or the buttons to the blog, Mister Wong has everything available. Social Bookmarks. Page 6 2. Installing Mr. Wong buttons in toolbar Mr. Wong offers an opportunity to call on your browser some nice buttons so that the inclusion or marking a page as a favorite or see our favorites, can be done simply by clicking on these buttons. The installation depends on the browser you use, but in any case is simple, ther e just follow the instructions provided on this page. See here for detailed inst allation process in the Internet Explorer browser. Botos you install on each com puter you want, without any limitation. 3. How to bookmark a site as a favorite. • First you'll need to login to open up access to your account, to do so will have to go to the home page and select Login Mr.Wong. The quickest way to get there is by clicking on the gray Mr.Wong. Social Bookmarks. Page 7 • When you visit a website you want to mark a page as a favorite, simply click on the red Mr Wong. A window to complete the data of the selected site,€We will aut omatically including the URL and a possible title that may change. It also gives us the option to enter a short description, in addition to the labels that we d eem appropriate. Finally we have to decide if we want to share this site with ot hers and with the groups to which they belong. You can share your bookmarks with your groups. If the page you select has already been selected by other people, Mr. Wong will give you information on the labels that these people have used. So me tips for labeling. or What it is: a wiki, a blog, an article, an application

.. or description tags: From general to more specific, in plur. or Action Tags: read, write, recommend ... • • • • Social Bookmarks. Page 8 Social Bookmarks. Page 9 Navigating Retrieving information from our library. • We click on the Favorites tab on the right we are all labels that we used. • • • In the display mode Tag cloud, the size of each word relates to the number of pa ges linked .. We just have to select a search term to see the pages marked. If w e can restrict the search using several search terms by selecting other related labels. Social Bookmarks. Page 10 Using the form of Mr. Wong At the top of the page find the form of Mr. Wong that allows us to perform searc hes in three different ways: Web Sites: If we introduce in the form a specific u rl, tell us whom they have selected. Favorites: This is another way to search th rough our library. Tags: Search through all the pages in Mr. Wong selected by an y user. We view the pages selected by date (newest to less) or by popularity. Social Bookmarks. 11 p. Installation Process buttons in Internt Explorer • Click the Items tab. coas.png • • • Click on button to install Internet Explorer> Install buttons. It will start dow nloading the folder you have preselected for downloads. Enter the folder where y ou saved the downloaded file and run the file: Social Bookmarks. Page 12

instalexplorer.png • In the browser's Tools menu, open the tab in Tools> Toolbars> Customize. www.lba Social Bookmarks. Page 13 instalexplorer2.png • Add buttons to Mr. Wong toolbar. instalexplorer4.png Social Bookmarks. Page 14 Appearance of the navigation buttons to Mr. Wong View Upload your own

View PowerPoint presentation You can access your favorite websites from any comp uter, plus share them with others. You can also add a brief description of the s ite and graded by different labels and sort by categories or groups and that's n ot all, have a look at the articles that appear referenced and four videotutoria les of Fulgencio Murcia. Tutorials A simple but useful tutorial Olga Berrios. The Joke Videotutoriales 1. 2. 3. 4. Getting to know the main elements How t o search the directory? (1) (The key is in the "+") How to search the directory? (2) Certain advanced features. Sharing Links Social Bookmarks. Page 15 Tutorial Articles provisional. Social blog. The favorite of all. Co nsumer Eroski magazine