REPORT 100 IDEAS FOR THE ASPHALT The dynamic equilibrium theory in reference to the bike is very prosaic

, but cer tainly the possibility of becoming an end in "static balance", ie, "kissing the ground." Here you have a hundred ideas that can help you get away from disaster. It is best, always, drive safely and intelligently. ELEMENTARY PSYCHOLOGY WRONG THINKING AND SUCCESSFUL Follow this maxim with other road users. This defensive technique is very succes sful because it allows movements anticipate, say, hostile. do not recommend that you buy a maxitrail. There must be other alternatives that less complicated lif e. Los Piques, FOR CIRCUIT Assume that there is always someone faster than you. Also, when you walk into a sprint with others, be sure you will exceed your limits. Bad thing. Pretend it INVISIBLE How many times have you heard that from "I have not seen"? Indeed, act as if you were invisible for the rest do not exist, especially in cities. If a car can be hidden () in the dead spots of mirrors of a vehicle with four wheels, imagine a bike. CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS Your emotional state can be as powerful as a drug. Therefore, DESIGNED yourself. Are you as crazy happy, sad, tired, anxious ...? Perhaps it is best to leave th e bike parked. ANOTHER DIMENSION Please note that car drivers do not imagine the speed or acceleration can achiev e with our bike. Its space-time standards are not the same as ours. ccording to a famous quote from Aristotle, "we are what we do every day, so that excellence is not an act but a habit." Therefore, if you acquire good habits wh ile driving a motorcycle, you're always better equipped to fight the daily jungl e asphalt. Many of the ideas that we propose will be obvious, the'll of course, but perhaps you had not stopped to think about them enough. On the other hand, S BREATHE DEEPLY Count to ten. Visualize your surroundings. Remember you can not forget any detai ls. At only 120 km / h is nothing pleasant surprises of any kind. You are vulner able. The superheroes only exist in comic books. TEN PATIENCE It is not possible to be at war a mile every other well. Maybe you can wear the most. Being benevolent is sometimes difficult, but often a more positive fitness . DAILY DRIVING Do not leave anything to chance, although it passes through the same place every

day. Traffic circumstances vary every moment. Do not just take. LEAVE YOUR EGO AT HOME It you have the bike cleaner, prettier and better prepared for your province, bu t "the one that interests you to be the fastest" on the highway, city, or on tha t stretch of curves is the police and the judge. RELAX AND ENJOY No stress. Riding a bike is to enjoy driving, but still alert. Pilot naturally. The important thing is to put these tips into practice and share. you may discover new strategies. And sure you can make several dozen tips that h ave developed through experience, or just common sense. The important thing is t o implement it and share it with those around you, because others will always be something new. PON THE MAXIMUM ATTENTION I know the model of the poster is to go out and you're wondering if he is wearin g a miniskirt or a belt, but while studying aproximándote could be a bigger pro blem than the mere question textiles. YOU ARE NOT SUPERMAN If you're tired, better stop for a moment or as long as you think necessary. It is not acceptable to follow because you will not be prepared for adverse circums tances. DREAM ON HIGHWAY Prolonged driving on the motorway or highway can lead to boredom and sleep. Also on a motorcycle, the dream is a cruel enemy. Stay calm Overtaking cars at twice their speed or constantly changing lanes may make you f eel a mood of superiority is not always profitable in the long term. SENSE OF SPEED Speed is a real fact, but you can perceive it differently. When you walk into a town after driving "fast" on the motorway, you have to reprogram your chip. Look at the instrumentation to know how fast you go when you're shooting at night. T he sensation of speed is not the same as for the day. In this situation we must take precautions and be more cautious. The worst is the transition from day to n ight, when "yes or no." THINK BEFORE YOU ACT If you have a car in front which is less than half the speed allowed on that roa d,€has his reasons, for example, who does not know where he is, can turn unexpe ctedly at the last moment. Before you pass him, keep that in mind. Think. Focus on you're driving Most accidents occur during the first 15 minutes of driving, an average of 60 km / h, at an intersection and back home. A journey is yours and every day? The protagonist of the film Think there's always someone faster than you. So you drop the smoke and not stay ing out of line. INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY And please be careful, be smart and safe pilot. A motorcycle must you respect, n ot fear. So enjoy, which is most important. BE AWARE OF YOUR PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS

If you measure "one meters cincuentaytantos" 92 motorbike formula 93 bike formula REPORT 100 ideas for surviving in the asphalt BASIC EQUIPMENT take anything for granted. And look at this drawing you walk and wear. STOP WITH THE MOTORCYCLE IN THE ABS CONTROL Not blind you with the ABS. It is a valid instrument to increase security, but y ou can not abuse it. If you're very last, not a magic bullet. In sporty driving, the ABS is the best touch of the pilot. is to lift the bike from the ground. Wo uld not have to do it, but it is always best to train, believe me. Get on the si de of the bike lying on the floor and back straight, grab the handlebars for the fist that gives the soil and pull up. Better dexterity than strength. you see, remember that you must remove it. Another system, used by Luma, footrest convert s the change in theft, in this way, when you get on the bike, you can not put on e foot. A home remedy: Put a small sticker next to the ignition switch that catc hes your attention. possible for pedestrians. No humor touching them when they a re hot ... If you're going to park away from the entrance to the sidewalk, pushi ng the bike instead of going up among people. Wall WELL We must carry insurance papers of the bike (better copy), driving license, etc. Always, always, do not forget. STAINS REFUELING When you get to a gas station, be careful to set foot in one of the many spots l eft by petrol vehicles to fill the tanks. It is easy to slip and lose balance. When ascending or descending If you do not look very safe, up and down the bike always with the crowbar away, especially if your bike is heavy or when someone is going up in the back seat. REVERSE If you need to maneuver back, better sitting. If you are on foot, pushing the ba ck seat with his right hand and the handlebar with the left if you do it from th e left side (and vice versa). Beware that the center of gravity do not move to t he other side. If it begins to tilt to the other side, no one can hold. CLUTCH AND BRAKE levers You can "see the light" with just adjust the height of the brake and clutch leve rs to the position that suits you best. The same goes for windshields, handlebar s, seat and footrest. OTHER KEYS Leave away the master key in a safe place in your home. As you need it and not m ake a copy you have it, you'll regret it for the money it would cost to replace

the bowler. Replacement keys, also in safety. And when you take them long trips. Those of theft are also vital, not lose them when you have it anchored to the b ike. TAKE THE PROPER CLOTHING Do not say you wear a helmet, they already do, but it always protect yourself wi th a jacket, gloves, long pants and appropriate footwear. You understand. This d oes not mean you have to always go with the leather suit or dress of sanity, but that, to go with shorts and / or flip flops ... TAKE THE BURGLAR ALARM Make sure you've removed the burglar. You would not be the first nor the last, l eaving him and ends on the floor. There are several ways to avoid it. Some brand s include a spiral rubber that binds to the fist when lining is perfect because you can adapt better to the weather. AND ALSO Trellis Take trellis is always advisable. If you include waist, better for your comfort. You can include the jacket, while always preferred a good specific unit. THE DARK SHADES FOR THE DAY There are very good in the pictures, and are very practical driving under the su n. But when night comes, you reduce your margin of safety if not replaced by a w hite. Carry it in your backpack, or use a dual visor helmet (the top half dark a nd white whole). There are. THE STAND Lift the bike on the stand may seem an art for many. Do it carrying all your wei ght on it. That's enough.€Also grab the handle of the passenger (unless it has handle) and turn the handlebar a little to the left to help. If you are unsure, the bike sits low to the bridge position, while not being very smart. STOP IN RAMP No matter if the surface is flat or sloping, starting in both situations is the same. If you have to stop at an upstream ramp, take the time to leave. Take down the rear brake and then plays with his fist and the clutch as normal. DO NOT WEAR SHOES WITH LACES They are very bad friends of the brake and shift levers. If you get tangled, you can end up with the bike "put" on stand by unable to set foot on the ground. SEE BECOME Wear reflective clothing is the best solution to be seen on the road. Although f orced to carry the equipment is more expensive, well worth. If you put strips on the hull, even better. SOMETHING TO SERVE THE MIRRORS Place the mirrors at a height that suits you. Maybe someone has taken the bike b efore, have moved to remove the cover or some passerby's been used for repaintin g the lips. CLOTHING "INHERIT" The clothes of a sibling or a parent is cheaper, but not the best. Clothing shou ld be in your size and agree to the climate of the time. If you're too cold, too hot, or the shoulders of the jacket puddings and beat constantly, is dangerous. It's that simple. If you do not feel your hands, bad, right? LEGS LIKE GOATS Beware the goat's legs that fold themselves. Do not let the bike through which p

eople, because the slightest touch ... the ground. Foot always accompanies their movement until the end of the route to be sure it is well folded and unfolded. NADA PHONES Neither iPod or other trinkets. You must use your five senses and heard on a mot orcycle is essential. LEARN HOW TO RAISE THE SOIL MOTO They say a test to get a driver's license in Japan PARKING ON SIDEWALK When parking the bike on the sidewalk, do it with most paragraphs leaks REGULATING THE HEIGHT OF YOUR FARO (O LIGHTS) If something is annoying at night driving the vehicle headlamp of another lane d azzle you. In the case of the driver of a car, have the light of the bike in the mirror is hateful. Adjust the height of your headlights for which are not very high. In addition you'll see better when you're alone. Note that when you drive the bike together with low back and the beam rises. It should be mandatory that all bikes will mount a quick adjustment system, even from the cockpit in place, such as the Yamaha FJR1300 or Honda Goldwing In 2006/07, among others. CARE AND CHAIN CABLES When was the last time I looked at the grease on your chain and cables, brake an d clutch? Do you do when you finish washing it? If you're not driveshaft, get a stand to oil the chain. If you always do leaving it resting on the kickstand, so on it will deform its support. You should also check the chain tension regularly . KNOW YOUR MOTORCYCLE KNOW YOUR LIMIT FRONT BRAKE With the hot tire on a lonely road, take a point of reference in which you want to stop and study how it behaves your front brake until you get to lock the whee l, instantly dropping back to press again, and so on until stop. Strongly suppor ts the thighs in the tank and delayed the weight of your body so that the fork d oes not strike the transfer of pesos. Typically frenzy while you still have to a ccelerate to the point that you set at the beginning. The ideal is to go slowly and re-train speed. The front brake can hold much more than you think. Develop a relationship of true love with your front brake. BETTER WITH LINING There is no pass or cold or heat. Both extremes are bad for driving a motorcycle . The clothes Tire Pressure When you looked at the tire pressure last? If you use the bike every day and go out to road on weekends, makes it look custom pressure before doing either of th ose outings. There are bikes that seem to be different pressure. SADDLE THE RIGHT TIRES If you do not take the right tires, all you can give advice on safety will fall on deaf ears. Not CONFIDENT IN YOUR TIRES The tires of the present are based on the technology used in the GP. Allow angle s beyond what is reasonable. If in a given circumstance need to knock a little m ore, do not let you down. Harness the power When we are surrounded by traffic, it is best to take the bike with a march

least able to benefit from the gas blow us away from danger.€Obviously, not all bikes are powerful twin cylinder with torque curves. This allows not only count on the brakes as a weapon of defense. Furthermore, if your engine roars higher returns also serves to alert the other vehicles (if they are not loud music ...) However, consume more fuel, but if you avoid a fall will be worth the change. 94 motorbike formula 95 bike formula REPORT 100 ideas for surviving in the asphalt Anticipate the unexpected DANGER, ROUNDABOUT And not just talk about the "last paid" to govern their "highway code", but the unburned fuel in the racing line, especially those that are close to a gas or di rt in the lines of outside lane. Roundabouts, the more lines the traces on a bik e, the better. THERE IS ONLY ROOM FOR ONE According to the Pauli principle, two bodies can not occupy, while the same spac e at the same time. When you change lanes, another vehicle may have had the same idea as you at the same instant. When you run this type of action, always have a plan B. LOOK AWAY If you raise your eyes and you look at what happens in traffic several cars from which you take before you will be able to anticipate events that otherwise woul d be immediate and unexpected, leaving you unable to react. What you can not cha nge is what you have just two steps away from your nose. Pass on the right On the road or talk. When the heavy duty "lives" in the left lane of the highway , think that nothing else start going over to the right is very likely "that are tired and want to change lanes without indicating and intermittent, how not ! I n town, if there is a deviation to the right, entrance to a gas station, etc., N ever undertake this maneuver. LOOSE LIVESTOCK They can cross when you least expect it. Do not trust that flock grazing peacefu lly, because some members may want to see your bike more closely. Expect the Unexpected Many surprises that roam the streets or the countryside just on the road. Numera ls your own plastic bags, dead animals, car hubcaps, truck tire debris ... Retre aded tires are all the rage, mainly in summer. Try the shortest possible time ro und behind heavy trucks on the road to avoid seeing these pieces too close to yo u. Always watchful eye.

PREVIEW OF CARS IN JAMS Basically moving between cars, it is best to look at the front wheel above you. They are the best notice of the maneuver to perform. It also works very well see the attitude of the driver himself: if you look to the side, if you turn the wh eel ... So you can anticipate their movements that fraction of time that is gold . WATCH THE GATES OF THE CARS IN DOUBLE ROW See if you think you're going to keep in mind that in a hurry to have double-par ked and out of the car at full speed. In cross or red lights is not unusual that someone who has made "taxi driver" let your partner there. Always alert. NEVER BUSES Circulating ot tell you ou, they do AND TRUCKS in congested traffic, do not try when between car-bus (truck), and n between bus / bus. The slightest movement of the wheel "will chase y not have time to react to" get out of there. "

PRIORITY IN CRUCES Not everyone has assumed that the right has priority. You can take a huge scare. Do not let your guard down. 96 motorbike formula 97 bike formula REPORT 100 ideas for surviving in the asphalt Anticipate the unexpected DROPS IN FIRST QUARTER Rain is most dangerous when they start to fall the first drops that when everyth ing is completely wet. It is virtually impossible to know the level of grip from the asphalt at the time. The only solution is a high concentration, be attentiv e and really, really soft. Higher gear and stay away from stripes. DRIVING TECHNIQUES TOUR THE HEAD Of course it is convenient to look at the mirrors, but take a look with a simple twist of the neck always gives you a real perspective of your surroundings, lik e when you change your lane and into traffic. Also learn how to make sudden movements You have to know how fast slalom turns and closed at a time. The bike will follo w your gaze. If you practice it, it will become a weapon in your favor, not a re flex. ATTENTION TO FLASHING If your bike does not have an intermittent cancellation system, watch out when y ou remove them engaged. If you do not, the cars can be assumed that you will dir ect you to one side and can make a dangerous decision for you. ALWAYS WITH ONE OR TWO IN THE FINGER BRAKE LEVER This custom can mean life-saving one seconds of reaction time. This second, only

100 km / h, means nothing less than 28 meters. A lot, right? AN INVESTMENT OF SECONDS If you take a second or third look directly or mirrors every time you make a mov e, consider it an investment if you have saved a single probability of an accide nt. It costs nothing. WIND, WRONG ENEMY Keep one thing in mind. The wind is always stronger than you. All you can do to counteract its effect by force on the handlebar and the footpegs. Always be aler t to the gusts that cause the cars and trucks coming from the opposite lane or t o move ahead in our path (or when we developed). In curves, gives less gas and m ore weight on the front wheel. And keep in mind before you get tired. BE GENTLE WHEN SLOWLY VAS Supports the maneuvers with the rear brake when you do a low speed. It will give an extra stability to minimize the negative effect of transfers of weights that you can modify the line you want to go. DRIVING DOWN COSTS Going down a port, for example, places your weight as far back as possible to do wnload the front weight. So you'll also have more control over the handlebars. H old the tank with your legs to not go forward too, especially in braking. Raise your head and view more than in normal driving straight. Your speed more appropr iate time to reach the corners. If you do, you run the risk of reaching the limi t of adhesion of the front tire more easily, as they have to deal with the force of gravity, braking and turning. A little gas helps balance the bike by transfe rring weight back. The colors of traffic lights The "universal rule" says, at traffic lights, red means "stop," green "run" and amber "to run more." Do not trust the times of action open-close of traffic ligh ts, even in those who spend every day. Faced with a car you have everything to l ose. NOTICE TO THE BRAKE LIGHT LOOK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO Use this technique in your favor. The bike goes where you always to be looked at , so keep to the solution, not the problem. In normal driving, the priority is o ut of the curve. In case of mishap, always seeking an outlet or alternative. For example, if you cross a car or a bike that runs in front of you falls, not beca use it will stare right there with them. Before stopping, if you take a couple o f touches to the front brake lever or pedal to alert you that you are still slow , much better. NO TAXIS The taxis, the farther the better. Someone who calls suddenly, a sharp departure for an indication at the last minute of the client, a long day at the wheel ... ENTERING CURVE TOO FAST The main cause of motorcycle accidents on twisty tracks is speeding to the corne r entry. It is faster and more efficiently get to go slow then faster and more f easible to increase the speed of the curve in reducing it. Smooth braking at fir st, and then modulates the strength of your right hand. And it is always best to curb over-spend not have slowed enough. Never to turn down quickly because the rear wheel can begin a dance you out of the way that you had chosen (if your bik e does not have anti-lock clutch). PLAY TO THE OTHER If you stop at an intersection a car starts teaching approach maneuver your nose to those who come from the left, that you save you. With you to the right of th

e car going out, avoid make you a sandwich. In addition, the one from the left l ooks better a car than a motorcycle in the operation of incorporation. WITH ACCOMPANYING If accompanied, better go to the limit of the pressure recommended by the manufa cturer to reduce the strain on the rear tire. The rule is usually more than 0.5 bar. It is also advisable to increase the preload of the rear suspension to avoi d caps. Still, the reduced ground clearance. Take this into account. Must be tau ght to fly the passenger to accompany your movements and to hold you or handles to avoid shocks when accelerating or braking. Never sags, it is not convenient f or going back. As previously mentioned, you have to slow down more with the rear brake and, at night, it is advisable to lower the headlight. NO OPEN LOOK IN JAMS The doors of cars parked or standing in a caravan can be opened in the most unex pected moment. The opening is not going to think what will happen next to a bike right then. LEARN HOW TO USE BOTH BRAKES In braking,€the front bears most of the work, but the rear is also very useful, especially on corner entry. If in the first instant of the brake pedal is depre ssed the back, get the bike is balanced by not spending more weight towards the front end abruptly. Very useful when traveling with guide or steer into the curv e itself. DEDUCTIONS IN, Stand A SIDE When you arrive in a caravan, stand to one side of the car above you, right or l eft. That will allow an escape if necessary. It also enables you to realize befo re why it has stopped in front of you, if it has given time ... When you are sta nding, attention: clutch caught, first inserted and attentive to the mirrors, be cause you never know what will come from behind. MOISTURE AND ICE The plates of ice in winter or simple humidity are bad companions in town or on the road and may be lurking behind any corner or curve. Unfortunately, few motor cycles outside temperature gauge installed, but the best thermometer is your bod y. The solution: bike straight and no brake. Better a hair accelerator that rete ntion by cutting gas. CONSTANTLY MOVE YOUR EYES Traffic is something on the move, so you have to scan every minute. Learn how to use peripheral vision, all that you see but what you do not look right. It can serve as alarm control. Stand facing a wall and stares at one point. Then sees e verything that moves around. The more you can see, the faster you can realize a potential hazard. THE STOP MEANS STOP SIGN When you reach the stop sign to fully and put one foot on land. Check this out. So you will never "out of play." FITS TIRE MARKS YOUR EYES These black spots suddenly find tires in asphalt announce a pothole or speed bum p in the road. If you are facing a corner, they warn that a path can be dangerou s. At night, if you leave a garage or a population with great lighting, wheel sl ower during the first few miles you do in the darkness until you adapt fully. POSSIBLY THE BEST MAGAZINE OF THE WORLD QUAD AND JET THE ROLLS IN SHORT PRACTICE Go to a parking lot with no traffic and turns in both directions. Move your body

for balance and play with the steering, clutch and rear brake. You will go far in the day to day. It's just a detail to show that riding a bike is something mo re to give gas. If it appears that slides, it will What's that you see different colors on the asphalt? A patch, mud, oil slick ... Or maybe it's nothing. Better prevent and reduce to spend as usual. 98 motorbike formula REPORT 100 ideas for surviving in the asphalt DRIVING TECHNIQUES and day, making reference to the car drivers that precedes you on your lane, unt il you get used to the sight, better not to address the other lane. Eye spots of moisture seepage. After exiting the tunnel, the light can blind you and it is n ot unusual to come around a curve. Also your speed appropriate to the output. LINKED CURVES In the sequences of curves, it is better to sacrifice to get better starting in the second and successive. If you eat first, the next you are completely choke. Leave room to enter the first part to have a better position in the following. GROUP When you go on the road or in town with other bikes, do not look only in front. Many people are obsessed with looking back only driver who precedes him. Look aw ay and position yourself to one side. It is better to know the people who will a ccompany you. It would be advisable that you all are the same or, otherwise, be aware that not all going well. It is important to fill up or go to the toilet al l at the same time. Otherwise, a simple path can become an endless journey. FITNESS POSTURE Find the position that best suits you on the bike. Not everyone is equally high, or have the same length arms, etc. Changes from time to time. You may be surpri sed that you are more comfortable in another position and you were picking up ba d habits. You might as well get tired less and can be more attentive to driving. the handlebars, make forward force with the right hand so that the handlebars tu rn slightly to the left. Whither the bike? Surprise!: Right. The slight twist of the handlebar to the left means that the bike turn clockwise, the opposite side . Once accustomed, you can use to enter or exit a curve, or to tilt more or less fully drawn. once inside job. The important thing is the output of the curve in the right pos ition to open the throttle smoothly.€No matter how is your bike. The curves are always the same: brake, downshift, body and feet in place, contramanillar and t hrottle to exit. One thing at a time. Be prudent and leaving the boundaries for the circuit. You will always have an ace up his sleeve. AHEAD OF LIGHT Do not stand staring at night in the light of the vehicle before you. Look furth er: signs, other vehicles, etc. You will be more helpful. You may not run your b rake light.

HIGH SPEED Going fast, get down a little. We're not telling you to lie down in the tank as in the races. Leaning slightly forward, do not make much ridicule and comfort by avoiding much of the airflow. It may only be necessary to move your butt back. PLAYING WITH stirrups Lean on the footrest from outside the curve (right on a left curve) gives more t raction and safety. In water is a very useful technique. Train him in a place wi thout traffic. In flies, when you press the right stirrup, the bike goes right. So you have a resource to guide the bike. REAL LIFE Strokes The open road driving need not be identical to the circuit. You have to draw a b it on the outside of the curve to see better what I find later. Sign up for a driving course The workshops are very useful circuit, not only to roll like your idols. Choose those that include slalom, braking ... It's good to know where is your limit. Th us, a setback is a more familiar and you'll know what to do. Training is fundame ntal. IN A TUNNEL He thinks that when entering a tunnel without light you can stay a moment and ma y have a hold ... Be prudent and appropriate your pace at the entrance. Especial ly in city On urban roads Do not spend slowing in the projections of asphalt that are becoming more common on the streets to reduce speed. Brake before to not to overload the fork. EMERGENCY BRAKING Tighten the tank with the thighs hard braking helps your weight is not carried f orward too. This fork will work more effectively to get rid of added weight. MAXIMUM VISIBILITY We must not stick to trucks, buses or vans. You have to make room to see what yo u're going to find and control traffic from one side and not from the center of the lane. If you can, fast forward. RACE STYLE Remove the body is not only valid for a technical circuit. On the road is also v iable. Allows you to tilt the bike less, if you go alone. In today's sports bike s, radical geometry is designed for this type of riding. Try it and see that wor ks, but without going to extremes of circus. CONTRAMANILLAR Contramanillar technique used. We provide many times the change of address. If y ou have not done so, follow this advice. In a clear line of traffic, traveling a t a speed of 50 km / h and the palms of the hands CURVES IN ADVANCE We must get to the curves with the homework done: braking, watch where you're go ing, right up ... Do not let it accumulate 100 motorbike formula