Army started the period of maneuvers and military exercises 2008 Aviation personnel and 600 Army troops

from the 42nd Airborne Infantry Brigade, field exercises were developed where AMX-13 tanks Battalion vehicles Bravos de A pure and AMX-30 Battalion With the firm intention of strengthening the level of training and operational r eadiness of its personnel and by order of the General Command of the Bolivarian National Army, the 41st Armored Brigade in coordination with the Military Academ y of Venezuela (AMV) and Army Aviation, started from on 7 January 2008, the peri od of maneuvers and military exercises "Caribbean 01" at the Center for Military nt Adiestramie "General Chief Joseph Laurencio Silva, El Pao, Cojedes state. Wi th a deployment of about 1800 troops by the functional units of the 41st Armored Brigade, 1,000 cadets and staff of the Military Academy Plaza de Venezuela, 120 pilots and "Bermudez and Battalion" Pedro León Torres, accompanied by Field Artillery Grou p A / P "Juan Jacinto Lara", work in concert with Army Aviation, demonstrating t heir ability to fight and the great fire power provided by the Panare helicopter s MI17, MI28 and MI26 Pemón Caribbean. Prior to conventional warfare exercises carried out on 22, 23 and 24 January, the cadets of the AMV were prepared in the following fields of instruction: individual tactics, gunshot AK-103, military health, communications, infiltration, combat areas built, shoot ing tank, navigation, exploration and patrol. Also participated in conferences o n social assistance in the sectors The Spades, La Montanita, El Playon and El Pa o, addressed to the people most in need of the entity llanera, completing the sc hedule of military activities "Caribbean 01" with a war exercise resistance from 27, 28 and 29 January. Gen. Brig. (EJNB.) Cliver Alcalá Antonio Cords, Command er of the 41st Armored Brigade and Military Garrison of Valencia, said that "thi s exercise is the conclusion of a first phase of military training for conventio nal war and war of resistance, supporting a 100% our Military Academy of Venezue la in the training of cadets. " At the end of the exercises, the Commander General of the Bolivarian National Ar my, Gen. Div (EJNB.) Carlos José Mata Figueroa, congratulated the staff involve d. "As a soldier Bolivarian I am proud to have soldiers with that momentum, warm , with that energy that made this tactical exercise, congratulations to all. You feel proud when you see the deployment of the Upper Unit (41 BBLIN) of AMV, the Paratrooper Brigade, Army Aviation and other units that are here to accompany u s in this exercise, preparing to be always ready to react any invader that tries to violate our sovereignty, "said General Mata Figueroa. With respect to the coordinated attack maneuvers carried out in El Pao, General Alcala stated that "with these exercises properly have synchronized employment o f tanks with helicopters in the conventional conflict and this has been an effec tive armor because having the support of suitable helicopters guarantees the sur vival of ground troops. " He added that vehicles were used Tiuna for 106mm guns, which showed great versatility in the field. Thus, the Bolivarian National Army began the period of maneuvers and military ex ercises "Caribbean 01", training his cadets in the doctrines of conventional war , based on the use of combined arms with equal force combat power and the war as ymmetric resistance or develop what we know today as the new military thinking a nd military civic union, all with the goal of always being prepared in relation to the overall defense of the nation, sovereignty and integrity of its geographical space. Army started with t he three Rs select a company that will be used to produce, with the support of the Ministry

of People's Power for Food and the Ministry of Popular Power for Agriculture and Land, working together with community councils in each region. The workshops al so discussed the creation of the strategic areas of defense and comprehensive op erational regions, Moreover, the Commander General of the Bolivarian National Army, accompanied by the general body of the component, remained for three days gathered in the groun ds of the Military Training Centre "General Chief Joseph Laurencio Silva "€wher e they formed working groups to discuss problems and future projects of the inst itution, giving as the military region in Barinas Bruzual-axis Sabaneta, which will likely have the honor of being the first state to develop a brigade with the participation o f the four components of the Bolivarian Armed Forces, also outlined plans for se curity and defense of the nation, especially in the border area as well as the e xtension of the logistic potential with respect to the situation of technical se rvices, among others. implement the "three Rs" (review, correct, redevelop) raised by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Commander in Chief of the Bolivarian Arme d Forces, Commander Hugo Chávez. Some of the issues discussed were the strength ening and reorganization of the Military Training Centre "General Chief Joseph L aurencio Silva ", specifically to enhance and define the areas of instruction, a lso addressed the theme of endogenous development and the creation of production units in each battalion of the component, with the idea that each Ms. Ana Hernández Jiménez / Press EJNB.