WHAT IS "cart" OR CCZ?

Cart is the name given to vehicles that the Centers for Zoonosis Control in Braz il, they use to catch stray animals. The animals also receive CCZs delivered by their owners, discarded for different reasons, but ultimately has only one name: Abandoned. The facilities of the vast majority of these public kennels are poor and this fact in itself already sets mistreatment of animals seized. The yoke ( an instrument used to ensnare the animals), when used by personnel without prepa ration - which represents the vast majority of cases - may move the jaw, broken teeth or even cause spinal damage fractures in the legs and even the death of an imal. Yoke being used on a street in Brasilia. WHAT REALLY HAPPENS IN CCZs? For more than 20 (twenty) years in CCZ's major cities, under the pretext of prev ention of disease transmission from animals to humans, practice is systematic an d indiscriminate killing of dogs and cats, by means other than humanitarian. Som e examples: Body: Pistol Shooting, electrocution, rapid decompression chamber (d eath by suffocation), beating, hanging. Chemicals: (inhaled drugs and lethal inj ections): - Inhalants: Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, ether and chlo roform on the Boards of Steam. - Lethal Injection: Sodium Pentobarbital (causes respiratory and cardiac arrest), Thionembutal, acepromazine (produces narcosis), Potassium Chloride and Magnesium Sulfate. Note: The application of pre-anesthet ic before the lethal injection is most often rejected by the City Halls to be mo re expensive. S who are less fortunate The CCZs also make the routing of animals to laboratories and faculties of scien ces where they serve as guinea pigs in experiments, drug tests or classes. These animals end up having a slow and painful death. Before After "With the technological advances of today, may be offered to students virtual pe ts or video-cassettes and are no longer necessary to seek the heart and guts of a living creature. It is more important to teach students in Israel to compassio n for animals. And this kind of compassion will guide them to greater compassion for humans. "Yossi Sarid (Israeli Minister of Education) Pinia OF A VETERINARY "There is no morally relevant differences between dogs that are in shelters and kennels municipal and those with a human guardian. Dogs of both groups have the capacity to suffer and to enjoy life the same way. The argument by many who supp ort the use of animals derived from these sources in order that "these animals w ill die anyway 'ignores the principle of the matter. Veterinarians should have t he highest sensitivity for nonhuman life and should be fostering a reverence for life in those who aspire to become veterinarians. See and use animals as a simp le tool without any regard for their lives is the antithesis of that principle. " Nedim C. Buyukmihci, Veterinarian - Professor of Ophthalmology, the University o f California, School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Surgical and Radiolog ical Sciences, Davis, Calif. - President of the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights, PO Box 208, Davis, CA 95617-0208; Copyright © 1989-2000.Trecho t he text "Non-Violence in Surgical Training." Click here to view the full text With the refinement RUELDADE Decompression Chamber USED IN CCZ DE SÃO PAULO TO THE YEAR 2000 (Black Pipe) For many years, the method used to kill animals in the capital of Brazil was the de compression chamber - a steel pipe where the animals were locked and then the ai r was sucked, exploding guts, choking off the dogs and, sometimes, making your e

yes pop. Animals that waited in line were stressed, they fought each other, and some even realized what was happening and avoided entering the tube. In theory LETHAL INJECTION: The animals receiving pre-anesthetic-based xylazine. After relaxation, receive lethal injection based on intravenous thiopental and remain under observation until confirmed death. After the bodies of animals are placed in the truck. In practice: The executions are often carried out by offici als unprepared. The same dosage of medication is applied to animals of small, me dium and large (one ml for a dog can be fatal, but for others it is insignifican t). Do not use anesthetics, to save expenses, allowing the animal to suffer for a long time before dying. REMEDIES AGAINST STEM EXTERMINATION? Yes there are. Responsible ownership, mass sterilization of animals, transportat ion of animals for adoptions, breeding programs in which animals act as a therap eutic element to sick people.€Supporting specialized training centers for dogs c ollected to serve as companions and guides for disabled people, etc.. And most i mportant of all, we need political goodwill. AND SAYS WHO - WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION The World Health Organization recommends NOT simple capture and killing of dogs and cats as a means of population control and to combat zoonoses. The WHO points out how effective measures: • birth control by sterilization • environmental co ntrol • education for responsible ownership of pets. THE REALITY In general there are no formal records on the number of animals seized, why the sacrifice (interestingly, in some cases, all animals that enter the CCZs are sic k enough to be sacrificed), and especially the method of sacrifice. The lack of control in CCZs still has as consequence the death of animals before the legal d eadline for ransom by the owners. Leishmaniasis or kala-azar? The city of Araçatuba, SP, in 1999 he sacrificed more than 400 healthy animals, with the guise of preventing leishmaniasis. But it's not the dog that transmits the disease to other dogs and man, and yes, THE MOSQUITO! Without the mosquito w ould not cycle. We know that there are high amounts for the Centers for Zoonoses Control. But instead of killing the mosquitoes, kill off the dogs. And so, ther e will always be money for the extermination, which can be diverted. This was th e case of the Municipality of Araçatuba. THERE is nothing to justify the extermination of animals, much less THROUGH gas chambers, decompression chambers, injections of potassium chloride WITHOUT ANEST HESIA, hanging, Paul or electrocution. IN UBERLÂNDIA, it was discovered that the animals were killed by electrocution. MORE ON WWW.CARROCINHANUNCAMAIS.COM THE REALITY IN THE CENTER OF BRAZIL Zoonoses Control (STRONG PICTURES) CCZ - Bage RS: Dogs kept in pens of Agrovila without food and in poor hygienic c onditions, a situation that would affect cannibalism. CANNIBALISM CCZ - BRASILIA / DF: Dogs are killed in gas chambers (carbon monoxide). CCZ - FIELDS OF JORDAN / SP: Animals killed and thrown into the Dump (located on the shortcut road to San José). Slaughter of dogs in large scale of apparently healthy animals, some race and including many babies.

CCZ - Cianorte / PR: Dogs separated by sex and in direct contact with animals wi th contagious diseases. Die slowly of hunger and diseases transmitted by others. CCZ - Fortaleza / CE: The Tuesdays and Fridays are the days of sacrifice. Once a nesthetized, the animals receiving a lethal injection of potassium chloride, whi ch causes cardiac arrest and respiratory failure. Note on the photos to overpopu lation. DEAD DOG CCZ - PORTO ALEGRE / RS: It's a dog sacrificed every three hours. The bodies are deposited in the landfill of the Capital, with the hospital waste. CCZ - RIO GRANDE RS: Animals in poor hygienic conditions within bays, without wa ter and without food. Females, males, puppies, animals large and small, and some dead animals are together in one place. CANNIBALISM CCZ - SALVADOR / BA: The animals are housed in the CCZ in filthy cells. Do not g et clean water and are not fed every day. They are placed into a fight and devou r it up with big holes in ears. After a period of three days they are strangled or killed with blows to the head and there is evidence that some animals receive lethal injection without anesthesia. DOG IN THE STATE OF DEEP DEPRESSION. CCZ - SAO BERNARDO DO CAMPO / ABC / SP: Executions are carried out by officials unprepared. The same dosage of medication is applied to animals of small, medium and large. Lack of hygiene and there is no separation between healthy and disea sed animals entering the site. DOG with distemper, STAND IN CEMENT. The PET was together with the other healthy ones. Application of Pre Anesthetic Animal sedated CCZ - SÃO PAULO / SP: The long journey of a dog on death row. The Lethal Injecti on Finding of death CCZ - SÃO PAULO / SP: The sad end of dozens of dogs and breed, males, females, a dults and juveniles often healthy. CCZ - ST. PAULO / SP: Animals with severe injuries receive the same treatment as the animals without apparent suffering Lesions in the oral cavity of a dog managed to yoke. Animals patients waiting more than a week for euthanasia. CCZ - SÃO PAULO / SP: large-sized animals kept in individual kennels. Without en ough space for feeding and defecating, soiling the place where lay the proper fo od and water. Note that pure-bred animals do not escape the drop. Abandoned female with cubs. CCZ - SÃO PAULO / SP: Poodle given by the owner. CCZ - Terezópolis / RJ: many donations of food for puppies as well as medicines,

milk, wood decks were delivered to Kennedy, but found that nothing came to anim als that lived in the humidity of the cement, without medicine or food. Adults and pups dying of malnutrition. Hands Up! YOU ARE THE VOICE OF ABANDONED ANIMAL THAT IS IN YOUR STREET! PRINT-SIGNED BELOW AND PASS CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE Let the Pet Shop; the vet, go in your school and for family members, neighbors, friends, to coworkers. No matter if this time you got a few signatures. What wil l change the picture of the CCZ is the participation of all. Remember that the o cean is made up of many drops. OCE LIVES IN SAO PAULO REGISTER YOUR ANIMAL It was created in São Paulo, the Central Registration of Persons (ICC), which tu rns out to be an identity card for our pets. Nationwide, she enrolls the animal, sending it to be on a leash nameplate with the RG and the toll-free number. For the owner of a card-carrying with the same data and qualify for discounts on va rious pet shops. In case of loss of the animal or if you find a bug with this id entification, just call the ICC comes into play. Tel: 0800-161620 IF RESPONSIBLE - AWARE OTHER • Before purchasing a pet, consider that their average lifespan is 12 years. • A sk the family if everyone agrees, if there are resources to keep it and see who will take care of the animal during the holidays or long weekends. • Adopt anima ls from shelters public and private (vaccinated and castrated), rather than buy on impulse. Find out about the characteristics and needs of the species chosen s ize, peculiarities, physical space. • Keep the animal always kept indoors, never dropped in the street. For dogs, rides are key, but only with collar / guide an d driven by who can restrain the animal. • Ensure the physical health of the ani mal. Provide shelter, food, vaccines and take it to the vet regularly. Bathe him , brush and exercise regularly. • monitor the psychological health of the animal . Give her attention, affection and appropriate environment. • Educate the anima l, if necessary, through training, but respect their characteristics. • When wal king, collect and dispose waste into the appropriate location. • Identify the an imal plate and register at the Center for Zoonosis Control or similar, informing themselves about the local law. • Avoid unwanted offspring of dogs and cats. Ca strate males and females. Castration is the only definitive measure to control t he breeding and has no contraindications. There is no better or worse method of sacrifice, when the result is death. The ADOPTION IS THE HOPE OF A NEW LIFE TO STERILIZATION IS AN ACT OF LOVE We will fight for this to become the aim of CCZs across the country. TES RESEARCH FOR THIS PRESENTATION Animals SOS: geocities.yahoo.com.br / animaissos Apasfa: www.apasfa.org Ark Braz il: Nunca Mais www.arcabrasil.org.br cart: www.carrocinhanuncamais.com I Like Bu g: www.eugostodebicho.com.br Ghost World: www.mundocao.kit.net Provida Animal: D og www.providaanimal.hpg.ig.com.br Life: www.vidadecao.com.br Addresses of the Control Center ZOONOSES NO BR Never Again cart: www.carrocinhanuncamais.com / cczs_brasil.html "Everyone defines nostalgia, but nobody saw it. I saw in the eyes of a dog when its owner went away." Olympia Salete Rodriguez

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