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Utorrent Management

Utorrent Management
Welcome to this tutorial. It explains the configuration and use of this wonderfu
l program. XooF360
www.u npocod
Utorrent Management
Welcome to a new course XooF. In this course we will talk about the download, co
nfiguration and management of Utorrent. It's very easy to use and interesting. S
o get to work!
1 .- Download
In this first section we will learn to download and install this software. The f
irst will go to From here you can download this so
ftware in Spanish. Installation is very simple, double-click the downloaded file
and follow the instructions.
2 .- Configuration
Now learn how to properly configure utorrent. First open the program and we will
leave this screen Quick Setup:
www.u npocod
0 .- Introduction
Utorrent Management Well, here is basically easy to configure Utorrent, then go
deeper. The first will open extensible "Connection Type", ie on arrow to the rig
ht "type of connection." We selected our Internet connection speed or broadband.
Now we will select a port for other people to connect with us. If your router d
oes not have that port open we open it, this will be explained in another tutori
al, however if you have Telefónica and Configurator installed will be extremely
easy. One tip, put high ports such as 14 512 as low as 5600, are the most used
and, therefore, the most dangerous.
Finally click on "Use selected settings."
3 .- Configuration "Advanced"
Now once we will open utorrent> Preferences, or press Ctrl + P. We deploy: to Op
Here the only important thing is to click on "Associate with. Torrent", then mov
e on to the tab "Downloads." There
www.u npocod
Utorrent Management will select the place where we want to put downloads and pic
ture: "To prevent hibernation if there is active work." Then on to "Connect."
www.u npocod
This will place everything as it is in the photo, removing the "xxxx" for our po
rt, and the upload limit as our Internet connection. Here ends the Utorrent sett
5 .- Add a torrent file
This will be easy. For the example we need a. Torrent. For example, we'll go to
a website of a game that can also be downloaded using Utorrent, the direction of
. Torrent is: (Note: The web address
between "ctr" and "down" there is an underscore, ie, would read: ctr_down ...).
When you go to this page will tell us whether we want to download a file, we do
it and save. We will have this: Now we'll go to utorrent and click on this pictu
re or option.
Management Utorrent Once clicked we will leave the Windows Explorer, select the
torrent and is ready! The file will begin downloading and when finished will put
in the folder you selected earlier.
Copyright Note 6 .-
Well, this is the last lesson of the manual. Here I say goodbye and thank you fo
r having followed. And to know that this guide is done with my knowledge and wit
hout assistance. So if there are any questions, comments or bug, send an email t
o, with subject: bug in tutorial. Another fact, this course i
s licensed under a Creative Commons, as discussed in the blog for more informati
on click on the icon at the end of the blog. That's it until the following year.
www.u npocod