Manual router to open ports 5071 Comptrend Welcome to this guide on opening ports for the router Comptrend

5071, provided b y Telefónica XooF360 Manual router to open ports 5071 Comptrend Imagine an office building: it is a gateway to the building (which would be the IP) and many offices that provide services (ports). That brings us to the addres s of an office is given by the address and office number. In the case of the Int ernet is given by the IP address and port number. For example, a web server that listens for requests made on port 80, FTP server does it for port 21, and so on . A PC needs to communicate with other computers connected to the Internet, an e mail address and be identifiable to others, that is, as its out a license plate. If we make a request, for example, a web page, the server has to know who will have to answer. That address is the IP address (number four groups of numbers of the form But that's not enough, because Internet can be used many different services and it is necessary to differentiate them. The way is th rough the ports. That is, the ports are the attachment points for each network c onnection you make. The TCP protocol (used in Internet) identifies the ends of a connection by the IP addresses of the two nodes (computers) involved (server an d client) and the number of ports on each node. Source: 2 .- To know the gateway IP router and our 3 www.u npocod 1 .- What are the "ports"? Why are necessary to open? Manual router to open ports 5071 Comptrend In this section we will learn to get the gateway router, we need to access it. This is done by turning to Start-> Run -> cmd, click OK and type ipconfig. We will go something like this: Well, for now the data that interests us is the number 2, which is the gateway t o the router, however, the number 1, which is the IP, we will shortly. 3 .- Enter the router We'll go to Internet Explorer or your browser of choice and get in the address b ar the gateway to the router, ie the number we got before. Do not leave this scr een or like asking your username and password. The user and the default password is 1234, but has been changed by you. Once you put the password and the user ac cesses the router. 4 .- Open Ports 3 www.u npocod Manual router to open ports 5071 Comptrend entering we will see a screen like th e one shown below, then click on Advanced Setup -> NAT, as shown. www.u npocod Once there we will open our ports (if have) and two buttons, Add and Remove. Cli ck on Add and we will get this window:

3 Manual router to open ports 5071 Comptrend Here we have two options, the most recommended will search a list our program to see if it appears, this is done this way: â ¢ â ¢ We selected our program list. We put our IP (what we get in paragraph 2) Server IP Address and give the Save / Apply. 3 www.u npocod Manual router to open ports 5071 Comptrend The previous form is the fastest, the problem of it is that does not include programs like emule or utorrent, because in them you can choose your port. So if you do not find the program listed, we will open www.u npocod ports as follows: â ¢ â ¢ â ¢ Select Custom server and the program will go there to us e with this port, example: emule ... In Server IP Address IP will we achieved in paragraph 2. In the table, will the range of ports that want to open, if only o ne, because nothing else gets one, and the protocol (TCP or UDP). For example, w e want to open TCP port 12345, it will in External Port Start 12345, to External Port End, 12345, and Protocol, TCP. Click on Save / apply. â ¢ So ends the opening of ports. 6 .- What should not I open ports? The information is in: â ¢ troyan os.html 3 Manual router to open ports 5071 Comptrend 7 .- Notes and farewell Well, here just another of my tutorials. I hope you have served and loved. And a lways know that this tutorial is done with so my knowledge, any question, send i t to annotation ..., with subject: bug in (name of the tutori al). To find out the rights of the tutorial Turn to: licenses/bync-nd/2.5/es/. Dew, XooF360. 3 www.u npocod