1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Installation Guide This guide is relevant information for the correct installation of Linux and Win

dows AsteriskTM. This guide is the first step, and the basis for the development of all other guides. AsteriskTM addition, it also shows the steps for installat ion of v1.6 SJPhone softphones, IDEFISK 2.07 and x-lite 3.0. In annexes find inf ormation relevant to proper performance, and better use of this guide. Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 1 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Objectives General Purpose Install the Asterisk platform and terminals softphone. Specific Objectives • Know the requirements for the installation of Asterisk. • Install Asterisk on Windows and Linux. • Install Idefisk softphone, X-lite and SJphone. • Install th e package of voices in Spanish - Colombia. • Install the necessary dependencies in Linux. • Download a stable version of Asterisk by FTP. • Compiling Asterisk o n Linux. Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 2 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Materials List • Personal computer (PC) with some minimum requirements: Intel MMX 500MHz and 256M B of RAM, and with some of these pre-installed operating systems: Windows ® XP, Linux Ubuntu. CD-ROM directories, or failing that, an Internet connection for FT P download. • Limitations To form a complex telephone system would require computer preferably dual core, a storage capacity of high RAM, PCI cards modules for E1/T1, ISDN, etc., And hav e installed the LINUX operating system in its most basic: no graphical environme nt (GNOME or KDE), to devote only the switching of telephone calls and digital p rocessing of voice that, because these require many resources of the microproces sor. As the intent of these guidelines is to implement a testing center, allowin g the use of low-power computers, and use graphical environment for convenience. On the machine to install Asterisk you should have the root passwords on Linux or Windows administrator. Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 3 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Theoretical Framework

Broadly speaking, we can say that VoIP (Voice over IP) is a system that transmit s voice circuits where only by circulating data, ie, allows voice and data using the same channel. Communication is done using the IP protocol, such as Internet . [2] [4] Thus, in the 90s by Mark Spencer of Digium ®, arises Asterisk, which i s an open source implementation of a telephone system that connects in a single element to a set of open source tools for specific applications, and a server fo r call processing. Asterisk can be used as a PBX or a PBX isolation linked to ex isting ones. [1] Like any specialized hardware made PBX, Asterisk is able to han dle a certain number of calls between analog phones and / or IP phones and conne ct to the ISDN. [3] Asterisk was designed to work on machines running on Linux i 386, however, now has migrated to other platforms like BSD, MacOSX, Solaris and Microsoft Windows. [5] In this illustrated guide to installing Asterisk on both Windows and Linux, with more detailed illustration of the latter. The district w ill work with Ubuntu Linux but I explained here might work with other distributi ons, making only minor modifications. WARNING: The amendments necessary for the proper installation process on other L inux distributions other than Ubuntu, are not covered in this guide. Asterisk can work only with Voice over IP without requiring any additional modul e to create a telephone, relying only on a computer network and terminals softph one. Internet is available in a lot of information about the installation of Ast erisk, this guide provides this information in an organized manner and with such a structure, allowing those who do not know much about it, get a meaningful lea rning. These guides contain visual aids such as images and videos, for a better understanding of the procedures. Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 4 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Block Diagram Figure 1. Block Diagram Shown in Figure 1 as is the interaction between the components of the system: As base is the OS (Linux or Windows) on it are installed modules (zaptel, libpri) to manage the hardware. After compiling Asterisk as such, and a top layer are th e console CLI,€for interaction with the user, along with applications that are c onfigured. Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 5 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Initial questions 1. How does this compare with an Asterisk PBX software? Explain. a) True b) False _____________________________________________________________________ __________ ___________________________________________________________ ____________________ _________________________________________________ 2. On a server with Linux operating system which is mounted on the Asterisk plat form, why it is advisable not to use any graphical environment? a) To improve the performance of the computer. b) To prevent this being used for another application. c) For the Internet work better. d) that more closely rese mbles the Unix OS.

3. Among the most used softphone are: a) SIP, IAX2 and H323 b) libpri, Addons and Zaptel c) X-lite, SJphone, Idefisk d ) Softphone, phone and Hjphone Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 6 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Procedure As you know, Asterisk is a software platform that can run on multiple operating systems (what?). This guide will show the process of installing Asterisk on Linu x and Windows. This will show videos and pictures of the process. This section i s also a description of the difficulties and common errors that occur, the reaso n for them and their solution. 1. Windows XP Installation a) Installing Asterisk To install Asterisk on Windows XP, follow these steps: • • • Setup0.6.exe or install the file, download it in its most recent version http:// www.asteriskwin32.com After downloading the file Setup0.6.exe run it. Then follo w the steps that appear. b) Implementation of Asterisk To begin running PBX/AsteriskWIN32 GUI. Asterisk: Home / All Programas/AsteriskW in32 Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 7 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Figure 2: Implementation of Asterisk Then open the console where Asterisk indicates that Asterisk is running, as show n in Figure 3. Figure 3: Asterisk Ready Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 8 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Video 1: Installing Asterisk on Windows XP SP2 To open the Asterisk CLI console, goes to the tab "Status" in the window of Aste riskWin32 PBX, then choose "CLI console>." 2. Installing on Ubuntu 7.04 Once you have Ubuntu installed on your computer, perform an update of the OS wit h the following command, while in the root directory: # aptupdate # apt-get upda te a) Installation of libraries and packages Asterisk needs a series of libraries and packages pre-installed Linux to functio n properly. In the case of ubuntu you need to have installed the following packa

ges: To install run the command: # apt-get install ncurses-dev bison libssl-dev libnewt-dev initrd # aptncurseslibssllibnewtinitrdibssl dpkgintltooltools procps cvs debhelper dpkg-dev gettext po-intltoolpobuilddebian html2text debconf build -essential autoconf automake libtool flex libncurses5libssllibncurses5-dev libss l-dev b) Obtaining Asterisk packages Some libraries and modules have been developed to integrate Asterisk with differ ent hardware and software equipment. Developers are constantly fixing bugs in As terisk, and release often stable and test versions. The official modules are: Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 9 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Table 1. Official modules 04/01/1911 Asterisk Zaptel Module libpri 1.4.2 1.4.1 Addons Asterisk Platform Description To manage FXO and FXS cards for digital cards for handling additional tasks such as mysql, mp3, among others. The CD Asterisk packages are in / software / Asterisk, but if you wish, you can download the latest stable version of the official website: http://www.asterisk. org/downloads. You can also choose to download via FTP from the command line: # Cd usr / src http://ftp.digium.com/pub/zaptel/releases/zaptel p ub / zaptel / releases / zaptel # wget-c http://ftp.digium.com/ http://ftp.digiu m.com/pub/libpri/releases/libpri pub/zaptel/releases/zaptel- 1.4.1 .tar.gz pub / libpri / releases / # wget-c libpri http://ftp.digium.com/pub/libp ri/releases/libpri-1.4.1.tar.gz http://ftp.digium.com/pub/asterisk/releases/aste riskm/pub/asterisk/releases/asterisk # wget-c http://ftp.digium.com/pub/asterisk /releases/asterisk1.4.11.tar.gz http://ftp.digium.com/pub/asterisk/releases/ 1.4 .11.tar.gz asterisk-addons # wget-c http://ftp.digium.com/pub/asterisk/releases/ asterisk-addons1.4.2.tar.gz NOTE: In this way the packages were installed in the folder / usr / src but if y ou wish, you can install on any other directory. Once you have the files in the folder / usr / src Komkeror decompressed using th e program, or through the command: # tar # tar # tar # tar-xvzf-xvzf-xvzf zaptel - tar.gz zaptel- libpri libpri-1.4.1.tar .gz asterisk-1.4.11.tar.gz asterisk-asterisk-1.4.11.tar.gz addons-1.4.2.tar.gz a sterisk-addons-1.4.2.tar.gz c) Compiling Asterisk For proper installation packages must be compiled in this order: Zaptel, libpri, Asterisk, Asterisk-addons. If a situation arises where you do not install Zapte l, and Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 10 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE later want to install a PCI card you must compile Asterisk Zaptel and again. Fro m the console run the following command: # cd / usr / src # cd zaptel- za ptel #. / Configure #. / Configure # make # make install # cd .. libpri bpri # c d libpri-1.4.1 # make # make # make install # cd .. # cd asterisk-asterisk 04/01

/1911 #. / configure #. / configure # make install # make install # make samples # cd .. # cd asterisk-addons asterisk-addons-1.4.2 #. / configure # make # make install # make samples # samples cd .. After installing the zaptel module must appear in the terminal, something like the following: Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 11 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Figure 4. Zaptel Installation. After running the command. / Configure to check the libraries that are needed bo th for the module to asterisk-1.4.1911-1.4.2 asterisk-addons, you should see the following in the terminal: Figure 5. Module asterisk-1.4.11. / Configure Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 12 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE For your reference, compile and install module-1.4.2 asterisk-addons, you should see something like that shown in Figures 6 and 7, respectively. For other modul es the terminal returns something similar. Figure 6. Make asterisk-addons Figure 7. Make install asterisk-addons Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 13 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE 3. Installation of voices in Spanish - Colombia The package of voices can be downloaded from the page www.asteriskcolombia.org, belonging to the company GECKO NETWORKS, GPL licensed. The file is located on th e CD-ROM-esque asterisk-sounds-ac.zip. Copy the file to the folder of sounds, wh ich in Linux is located at: / var / lib / asterisk / sounds. In Windows this fol der is located at this location: C: \ cygroot \ asterisk \ var \ lib \ sounds th en unzip the file. To do this in Linux run the following: cd / var / lib / aster isk / sound-esque asterisk-sounds-ac.zip unzip-v-esque asterisk-sounds-ac.zip CO 4. Run and stop Asterisk Once you have installed Asterisk commands are used to run asterisk from the cons ole. To start Asterisk can be used: # asterisk-Asterisk vvvgc can stop with the following command: CLI> stop now In the Asterisk console (CLI) can use the following commands: stop now: Asterisk stops. restart now: reset Asterisk. reload now: load again the Asterisk configu ration files. Parameters available for Asterisk: asterisk-c: console mode starts asterisk-r: remote console asterisk-n: Disables the color of the console Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 14 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE

asterisk-q: Quiet mode, suppresses prompts asterisk-v: verbose: Displays informa tion, the more v is detailed. There is a maximum of 5. asterisk-g: download the kernel if segmentviolation 5. Installing softphone Another type of clients that can be handled by the platform are the softphones ( software that simulates a phone) that are installed on computers. Below is how t he process of installing three of the most used softphones: XLite, SJphone and I defisk. a) X-Lite Windows XP is installed X-Lite_Win32_1011s_41150.exe, or download the latest version at: http://www.counterpath.com/ then read the options that appear and leave the ones by default ( unless you want to change them and have the kno wledge to do so), then click Next to complete the installation. Linux (debian) f ile is downloaded X-Lite_Install.tar.gz in the folder / usr / src, or the latest version in http://www.counterpath.com/, then from the command runs: xvz / usr / src / X # tar-xvzf / usr / src / X-Lite_Install.tar.gz / usr / src / xten # cd / usr / src / # xtensoftphone xten-xlite , Is decompressed, you enter your x, you run the x-lite b) Windows XP SJphone Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 15 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Is installed SJphone-1.65.2637.exe or download the latest version of http://www. sjlabs.com/, then continue with the installation process is fairly intuitive. Li nux (debian) file is downloaded SJphoneLnx-299a.tar.gz or the latest version in http://www.sjlabs.com/,€run the following command: xvz / usr / src / SJphoneLnx 299th SJphoneLnx # tar-xvzf / usr/src/SJphoneLnx-29 9 ª. oneLnx SJphoneLnx tar.gz # cd / usr / src / SJphoneLnx-299th # SJPhone , Uncompress , Is running SJPhone c) Zoiper This is the name given to the latest version of Idefisk softphone that integrates the protocol IAX and SIP protocol (this is the only softphone, the t hree installed in this guide, which manages the IAX protocol). Windows XP is ins talled Zoiper Free 2.7 Installer.exe or download the latest version: http://www. zoiper.com/. Follow the steps and let the configuration and location of files th at Zoiper has by default. Linux (debian) file is downloaded zoiper20-linux-alsaoss-beta2.tar.gz or http://www.zoiper.com/ latest version, then run the followin g: xvz zoiper20-linux-alsa-oss # tar-xvzf / usr / src / zoiper20-linux-alsa-oss-bet a2.tar.gz / usr / src / c / Zoiper # cd / usr / src / Zoiper # Zoiper; running Z oiper Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 16 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE

Difficulties Table 2. Difficulties Error Problem "gcc not found" error "C compiler can not create executables" Erro r "termcap support not found" When you run make to compile Asterisk, the console returns "Make not found" Cause was not installed correctly missing gcc libc-dev package were not followed the steps carefully. Not installed the make command Solution # apt-get install gcc # apt-get install libc-dev # apt-get install libn curses5-dev # Apt-get install make Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 17 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Supplementary Bibliography [1] Tutorials and howto's for the asterisk PBX and voip in general [on-line]. Av ailable online: http://www.asteriskguru.com [2] VoIP Forum - SJphone Settings [O n-line]. Available online: http://www.voipforo.com/Telefonos/sjphone_configuraci on.php [3] AsteriskWin32 [On-line]. Available online: http://www.asteriskwin32.c om/ [4] VoIP Foro - Asterisk for Windows [On-line]. Available online: www.voipfo ro.com / asterisk / asterisk_para_windows.php [5] VoIP Foro - Asterisk for Windo ws [On-line]. Available online: http://www.voipforo.com/telefonos/softphones.php [6] MARTINEZ, Luis Felipe., TERAN, Wilson. Installation and setup an Asterisk s erver. Barranquilla, 2007, 50 p. Degree Work (Electronic Engineering) Fundación Universidad del Norte. Faculty of Engineering. [7] ACOSTA, Carlos Yasser., Agame z, Dugar. User's Manual. Barranquilla, 2007, 20 p. Degree Work (Electronic Engin eering) Fundación Universidad del Norte. Faculty of Engineering. Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 18 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Bibliography [1] DE ANDRADE, Flavio Eduardo. Asterisk PBX: A Guide configuração. How to build and configure PABX um Software Livre com. Revised and expanded edition, June 20 06, 269 p. [2] Todd, John. Asterisk: A Bare-Bons example VoIP [On-line]. March 7 , 2003, Available online: http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2003/07/03/asterisk .html [3] Digium, Inc. About Asterisk [On-line]. Available online: http://www.as terisk.org [4] VAN MEGGELEN, Jim., Smith, Jared., MADSEN, Leif. Asterisk: The fu ture of the telephony. USA, First edition Ed Gorman Colleen, September 2005, 376 p. [5] MAHLER, Paul. "Asterisk Voip Phone" VoIP Telephony with Asterisk. First edition, Signat LLC, 2004, 244 p. Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 19 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE Recommendations for the use of the Guidelines The guide should be read in its entirety by the student before arriving at the l aboratory. In this way, students will have the opportunity to review the concept

s developed in the guide, and may be documented on the aspects that make you hav e any doubts. In addition, before starting development to guide the student teac her shall submit to the answers to initial questions, as a preliminary report. F ailure to do so, be at the discretion of the teacher to allow the student to per form the practice. In the item "The Problem" should ask what you consider as a p ossible solution to the problem before proceeding further, it must be submitted in writing to the instructor during the development of the guide. The "Final Iss ues" applies to you develop, based on the knowledge acquired during the visit. Y ou must submit this in written form at the end of the lab, along with your respo nse to "The Problem", and laboratory findings. The order for reading the guide i s as follows: Title, Objectives, Materials List, Constraints, Theoretical Framew ork, Block diagram, initial questions, Statement of the Problem, Procedure, Prob lems, Problems Finals Supplementary Bibliography, References and Annexes. IMPORTANT: Not necessarily all guides contain all these sections. The contents o f each particular guide will depend on what is sought to achieve with it. NOTE: The user manual can find more detailed information on each of the sections in addition to information on Asterisk in general. Copyright colbaip@gmail.com 20