rte or vandalism?

This is a question that has not yet been clarified and, being honest, who knows if they ever succeed in securing a clear answer, because for m any, the graffiti is an expression of urban art, while others due to demonize an d condemn evil aspect that gives the city landscape. Understanding this cultural phenomenon is important to know how to control the paint, now punishable under the penal code, under the name of visual pollution. Far from legal truths, the r eality is that in Mexico, opportunities for youth to express themselves are almo st nil. A few years ago, the Federal District Government launched a project to p rovide the space for painting graffiti, but the currency is still in the air. Th ere are also many young people lack knowledge meaningless scratching the walls, giving a worst The reality in the cities do SELENE H. NUÃ EZ Y JAVIER M. CERON DE OCA graffiti image of the other graffiti artists, who "seek to make art." Feature Of the can to the wall The paint is not a new issue. If we go back to its origins, we find that are of Italian origin, coined by the Romans, who were demonstrating on the walls and pu blic places with their prophecies and protests, led by the irrepressible desire to share with the public. However, in the 70s in the Bronx in New York, United S tates emerged as a way to rebel against the American system, which at that time was at war with Vietnam. Of course it was a crime to paint the walls and this wa s a way of making fun of authority through the so-called hip-hop culture, it owe s its name to the onomatopoeia of the rhythms used in what was this new way of m aking music and art, in general. The hip-hop is a form of progressive speech cal led Generation X, who had Currently, a liter of Antigraffiti 3000 Deletum transparent costs $ 332.50, whil e the white one has a value of $ 402.50 13 ... May 16 / Number 559 ... gazette great influence in the Hispanic and African American communities, particularly t he Jamaican community, Puerto Rican and the cholos, who lived in the Inner Citie s calls, ie a kind of lost cities located within the United States. There are fo ur ways of artistic expression among the hip-hop: DJ â ¢ or Disk Jokey, which is t he one who makes music with turntables. Mixed Jamaican and African rhythms with new electronic percussion. â ¢ MC, which is a reduction of the word microphone in English. This is referred to composing and improvising raps verses to the beat o f the music. These compositions are called lyrics, as an example we can mention bands like Limp Bizkit and Control Machete. â ¢ B. Break Boy or Boy, who is a danc er, hip-hop and break dance. â ¢ Writer, or the writing. It is dedicated to the ta g, which means plate or label, and graffiti. Thus, graffiti spread throughout th e American union and as usual, Mexicans living near the border adopted this form of expression, trans forming and adapting to the reality of our country. Furthermore, this phenomenon of cultural expression spread throughout the Mexican Republic and became so imp ortant as that in a short time, the Federal District was invaded by both the gra ffiti as the tag. Stripes, shapes and colors Although the Tager and graffiti can use to make their creations, there is a big

difference. The Tager are those individuals who only painted words, letters or m essages. Murals do not simply engage in scratching the walls. These people appar ently feel the need to represent themselves marking their territory with a pseud onym. Do not handle any type of rule checking, and perhaps even to invent their own codes and fonts. In contrast, for the graffiti-hip-hop culture, is the mural done with spray paint, which will represent the frustrations and dissatisfactio n with the injustice in all its planes. In general, use bright colors like red, yellow and blue. The graffiti tag only use to sign your graphic proposals. Vanda ls consider themselves to Tager, because in his view, "only involved in destroyi ng and not creating." Both graffiti and Tager come together in gangs or crews, w hich seem to be replacing the old wing of the neighborhood, as if it were a new urban tribe. The crews have a defined organization with a leader who is the one who decides when and where to paint and usually is larger and more skilled with spray. They also have a list of all members of the band called rollcall,€in whi ch each one paints his tag and agrees with his band. 14 ... May 16 / Number 559 ... Pssssst! Pssssst! There are young people who, apart from having found in the graffiti a form of ex pression, have been used as a source of income. Such is the case of Jesus Alejan dro Valencia Rivera, 22 years old, who has nearly a decade doing graffiti and whose quality has earned him being hired by major television networks Televisa and TV Azteca for the job, besides having had the opportunity to participate in various exhibitions. The Collective also a member of Five Arts, is aware that there are people who do not like the graffiti, which respects the same way that he and ma ny of his colleagues do for the public spaces. Deos pseudonym for signing with t heir creations and that means God in Greek-graffiti is a way of showing the feel ings and even a way to report what you do not like. Personally, he, through his work, intended to eradicate the stigma of vague with moving the graffiti in soci ety. It is worth mentioning that this form of expression represents a high cost to the person involved, as painting a wall that spends at least 300 pesos, price to absorb the "street artists" because the only space owner is responsible for granting authorization. The authorities, in the case of the Ministry of Public S ecurity of Federal District, has a Antigraffiti Unit considers it as a social ph enomenon which should be tackled comprehensively, offering solutions to the part ies involved: young people with him expressed, and those affected. For this reas on the strategy is raised on three central points: the recovery of spaces, dialo gue and attention to young graffiti artists, and the application and respect for legality with graffiti dialogue takes place within a process that involves comb ining street activity graffiti, the recovery of public spaces impacted by them a nd the search for formal exhibition spaces in museums, galleries, cultural cente rs, cinemas and shopping malls. The objectives are: to rescue those spaces and b uildings that are abandoned, damaged, no maintenance and are vulnerable targets for illegal graffiti, such as walls of factories, sports, overpasses, housing un its, to name a few. In this vein, Article 26 of the Law of Civic Culture Federal District, seen as infringements of the urban environment: "The damage an d paint the facades of public buildings or individuals without their express per mission, as well as statues, monuments, walkways, plazas, parks, etc.". Feature For you shall not scratched In December 2001, Rogelio RodrÍguez Talavera and Victor Manuel Castaño, resear chers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) created the first p ainting graffiti, which is water repellent and oil, also can be applied on surfa ces such as brick, stone , metal and glass. This discovery, which circulates in

the market today under the name of Antigraffiti Deletum 3000 - combines the prop erties of ceramics and polymers, besides functioning as a chemical barrier again st corrosion, as it contains agents which repel the elements that damage metalli c structures. The coating is a blend, designed at the molecular level and Oleoph obic hydrophobic components, which repel water and oil, substances with which th ey are made most of the paints used by graffiti artists. After insertion of the product, the aerosol can be removed with just wash the wall with water under pre ssure, or using any solvent such as thinner, turpentine or xylene, among otros.e s: http://sepiensa.org.mx http://www.unam.mx http://www.comex.com.mx 15 ... May 16 / Number 559 ... In February, the Director General of the National Polytechnic Institute, decided to give the fence on the premises of this house of studies located at the corne r of Agua Prieta and Calzada de los Gallos in the Casco de Santo Tomás, for you ng people to undertake graffiti in a more orderly.