Document Name: Procedure for developing, Code: MP001 review and monitor new form ats.

Review: Page 1 of 4 1. Purpose To standardize the criteria to be followed in the preparation and mon itoring of the formats that are used within the organization. 2. Scope 2.1 This procedure applies to the development of all forms and formats required docu ment and control the organization. 3. Operating Policies 3.1 They may develop a new format, as long as they use simple and understandable lan guage, and using fully respecting the rules and regulations contained in this pr ocedure. This includes the format was also developed with the appropriate instru ctions for filling and filled with examples of the formats. Should print the app roved format on white paper, considering the margins of the original paperwork w hich will then be reproduced. This white paper original can be obtained provided that all copies distributed. Must sign the cover of the formats they have devel oped. Must include in the mailing list for the format to management in your area . They must adequately support the formats that have been generated. Preferably stored on the hard drive of your computer. 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 Are within 8 calendar days from the date of receiving the relevant document to m ake their comments and observations. Failure to do so during this period, be dee med to have agreed to the format. The managers of the company are the only peopl e allowed formats. to approve 3.8 3.7 9.3 Need to carefully review all the formats that are being issued in their area to help increase the efficiency of the organization. They must document and control the most commonly used formats in your area. 3.10 They must have internal control of the formats that your area has generated . This control includes processing, approval, distribution and regular annual re view. DEVELOP Yadhira Escamilla Torres Position: Head of Clean. REVIEW OF EMISSION CONTROL Armando GarcÍa Gómez Occupation: Head of Division o f rooms Date 12/05/1905 AUTHORIZES Alejo Guillermo Z. Occupation: General Manager. Date 05/12/1905

Date 05/12/1905 Document Name: Procedure for reviewing and monitoring formats. to develop Code: MP001 Review: Page 2 of 4 4. Diagram of procedure Document Name: Procedure Code: MP001 to develop, review and revision control for mat. Page 3 of 4 5. Description of the procedure Sequence of Steps 1. Print Activity Responsible Prints on white leaves the original formats. Sign the form on the line drawn. 2. Firmar Task Force on the format developed format developed the format developed area Ma nager Format 3. Obtain signatures Gets the signature of approval. 4. Deliver Deliver the original to the area manager. 5. Receive Get the original and go home. 6. Check Area Manager Check and record the level of review. Record the date of issue. Wri te the name of the registrar. Area Manager Area Manager 7. Record date 8.Anotar name Document Name: Procedure Code: MP001 conditioning and cleaning Review: quarter. Page 4 of 4 9. Page 10. Print 11. Syndicate 12. Destroy 12. Seal 12. File Page format all sheets. Prints the original. Distribute copies to the areas. Des troy all copies obsolete. Sella canceled the legend of the previous version of t he format. Archive the new format. Area Manager Area Manager Area Manager Area Manager Area Manager Area Manager

6. Reference documents. Documents N / A 7. Logs Logs Retention Time N / A Responsible for keeping N / A Record Code N / A N / A 8. Glossary N / A Not applicable. 9. Appendices N / A 10. Changes in this version X Revision number Last update x Description of change N / A Processor format The approver format Secretary or manager of the station area