GOD OPENS AND CLOSES DOORS The same opening also closes, many are hoping the doors

open, but not all have u nderstood that some of those closed doors God himself How many wish that God would open doors? How many are waiting for a specific doo r open for their lives? Genesis 7:15-16 And they went with Noah into the ark, tw o by two of all flesh wherein is the breath of life. And they that entered, male and female of all flesh, as God had commanded him: and Jehovah shut the door. Pastor Cash Luna When was the time of the flood God sent to make an ark, the ark had specificatio ns for what was to serve and within the type of door for each pair of species cr eated by God could enter the ark, but there came a time when the door is closed, we must learn not only to ask God to open doors but to ask us to enter the time you have to enter. There are doors that have opened in your life but you have n ot noticed, you have not noticed or despised knowing what and when you came knoc king on the door do not open the back, the opportunity to work in an engagement, not know if you realize but there is a classic situation, the young lady behind the courting her and she says no, he insists, but one day he realizes it's not worth it and turns away, then starts to Miss look forward to talking again. They open doors of all kinds, everywhere, at all times to be able to enter and doors will be closed for a while until God let you in, but we also have to discern wh ich of the doors that open to us we must go, the problem is not whether we open a door, the problem is when we open more and do not know which of choice. The Ap ostle Paul in one of the scriptures says "And I opened the door but I had no pea ce because one of my pupils was sick and had to return." To me I have opened man y doors but I have wisdom, insight, maturity and character to know what and what not come in, for example, are a beautiful woman, graceful, with a university de gree, in other words are desirable for many young people which one are you? Or m aybe the opposite, you are a young attractive to many young women, but which of them is? Many doors are open, but which one suits you, the problem begins when m any doors open while they are not closed. The day came when the Lord closed the door of the ark and said "here" so you understand what Revelation 3:7 says to th e angel of the church in Philadelphia: Thus saith the Holy One, the True, which has the key of David, who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens. Th e same opening also closes, many are hoping the doors open, but not all have und erstood that some of those closed doors God himself. God can open or close a doo r can close doors for your own good or you can close doors for your irresponsibi lity, for not complying with what you have, the problem is that when it closes . .. no one can open. Colossians 4:2-4 Continue in prayer, being watchful and thankful at the same tim e also praying for us, for the Lord to open our door for the word, to make known the mystery of Christ, which I am also a prisoner, to manifest it as I should. If you want to be open the doors you must pray for those doors, the Apostle Paul was specific and told people to "persevere in prayer of thanksgiving together." One must give thanks for the door that is waiting to be opened before it is ope ned, not only when opened, but before they open, raise your hands and tell the L ord: "I thank you for the door I going to open. " Make time for prayer, at times I have been praying for doors that God opens and while I'm praying for persever ance that door I realize that that door should not be opened for prayer and medi tation is so important. You have to learn to pray, you want God to open doors bu t you do not even pray a few minutes a day for that to occur, there are people w ho expect anything and neither is successful thinking that whatever is good, not to be conformist, you must be proactive, to fight for what you want, so craves. The doors mean a lot, is the gateway to a place for people to positions, to bui ldings, not only is the input, output also. Want a job but do not know what, you want to succeed but do not know what the Apostle Paul said "you pray for God to open door to preach the Word and persevere."€Another thing we need to see door

s open from God is perseverance, God opens doors at the moment we are praying, w ants to see your faith, your perseverance, you want to be, I prepared and then o pens the door and tells you "Come here." When one is in need you want the door o pens instantly, be patient, persevere, pray, believe, give thanks and the door w ill open. Matthew 7: 7-8 Ask, and ye shall receive, seek and find, knock and the door will open. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. The Apostle Paul prayed that the doors opened, Jesus taught to knock on doors to be opened, the other end are people who alway s pray and just pray but does not work, please knock the door, carrying quotatio ns, take the curriculum companies, not only pray, things must be done under the blessing of God, also have to know which door is played, if you want to fix your suit or trousers not touch the doctor's door, knocks on the door of a tailor, i f your son breaks his arm playing the doctor's door not the tailor. Should pray for the door but also feel the door properly, the corresponding. If you are look ing for a job that touches the door more likely you are to be opened, if you are an engineer knock on doors where you need an engineer, if you are studying medi cine does not touch the door of a law firm, where there are likely to touch door s and say, "What we were expecting. " Normally when someone is praying on this s ide of the door there is another prayer on the other side of the door. You have to ask God not only to open the door, but the chance to play it the right way, t here are people who knocks on the door of the house one knows who he is, we all have different playing style doors, we have our own personality ring the bell, b ut some people knocking on doors with arrogance, haughtiness and with that attitude there that want to open doors. Som e have somatic doors, the Lord said, 'Knock and it shall be opened ", he said" s omatic and opened unto you. " Tap gently, one must know how and when. There are people who knocks on the door after hours, you should know the right time to acc ess. We must ask God not only in prayer, we should also call for us to be open. Colossians 4:4 For it manifest as I should. Not only must you wait for God to open the door but you must go as it should be wisdom to take the door opens, there are people who will open the door and not p rofit, takes advantage of poor, arrive late, are not prepared, no are ready for opening day, you ask God to open a door, God is saying "Get ready for the day yo u opened." You know what kind of door opens for what to do when it opens, Paul s aid "not only to pray that I open the door, pray to know how to preach." Paul as ks how to pray that if he knew how to preach the best to do it? He asked for it not being preached everywhere the same, not every customer is treated equally. Y ou have to know how to play the door, how to enter it and what to do when it ope ns. I remember that he once called me a youth pastor who was in charge of me and told me that the pastor wanted to preach, and thank God grabbed me ready. I was young, unmarried, and we were engaged to Sonia, were my first years of work, I took my savings, I went to a clothing store, I bought a jacket, trousers, tie, s hoes, was prayed, fasted, I started pray or fast, to read at that time, he had d one and the door opened. I showed up on Wednesday preached, was a small gatherin g of about 80 people, but I felt I was at the Estadio Mateo Flores, after the me eting the leaders gave me 60 points, I thanked God who had opened the door, who would say that would open more doors to make good use following the first, do no t know which is the door you will open and take you to the following. There are doors that are opened before us, we pray, to persevere, be patient, we will prep are to enter them. This is the year of open doors. Psalm 100:4 Enter his gates w ith thanksgiving and His courts with praise, praise him, bless his name. For the Lord is good His mercy endures forever and his faithfulness continues through a ll generations. God opens doors for God is good, for all generations God will op en doors when we go through them we come with gratitude every time someone is us ed by God to open up a door takes time to sit with him or her, not to discuss yo ur new position, business€take time to give a gift to say "Thank you for having opened the doors." At this point you are close enough to the probability that t hey are closing fast. When God opens doors the first thing you do is raise your

hands to the Lord and say "thank God I did not think so special doors were open to me, thanks for the work, thanks for this deal because here comes the food for my children, thank you for having it open. " Do not be spiritually arrogant and do not say it was God who opened a door and not men, God uses men to open doors , God likes to give thanks to him and also to people. Ask God to help you keep the doors open, you ask for wisdom to help you keep you r testimony that you use in that place, you can be responsible before him, be ab le to please with the way in which I drive in doors you opened. When God opens a door not only to praise you, you come with joy, you enter through the doors of your office with joy, is a door that opens when you get home enters your home gi ving thanks, thanks for the family you have, the doors mean a lot, means opportu nity, we must thank God for them and then go to the people and be thankful that a door behind someone, the doors are linked with someone, do not ever fight with anyone because will know what the next door that plays touching, and perhaps be hind this door is the person who can not see that it upsets. I thank God for the grace that has opened doors for large and small, for letting go with dignity, g ood reputation, with humility, simplicity of heart, knowing that he is and what is coming is great. Raise your hands and give thanks for the doors, gives thanks for the business opportunity of having a family, imagine all the doors that you pass every day, physically, for which you enter and leave, give thanks for the car door you open to driving, the bus, the doors are what give us access.