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co BACKGROUND Created in 1982 to provide security interests in safeguarding the facilities, as sets and personnel of the Grupo Bavaria. In 2002 it was acquired by the present owners, who have positioned themselves as a solid company that offers security s olutions through the management of human talent and professionalism and implemen tation of technology. www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co MISSION. Providing security solutions being strategic partners of our clients, aligning t heir goals for loss prevention and risk management, ensuring the continuity and development of our company. www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co VISION 2012: Vice will be recognized as: The company that provides outsourcing services in safety to exceed expectations of clients, with presence in Latin America and established as a dynamic, efficient business model and social development. www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co QUALITY POLICY We understand and practice quality as an integral part of each of our functions, which means we keep customers satisfied, we are committed to protecting life an d property. www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co OUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS We have a management model that integrates QUALITY CONTROL AND INDUSTRIAL SAFETY AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SAFETY ENVIRONMENT www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co NTC ISO 9001 BASC OHSAS 18001:2007 C.C.S. - RUC NATIONWIDE COVERAGE BRANCHES BARRANQUILLA CARTAGENA SANTA MARTA PEREIRA GIRARDOT MEDELLIN CALI BOGOTA VILLAVI CENCIO BUCARAMANGA Tunja AGENCIES

CUCUTA. GRASS. IBAGUE. POPAYAN. PEREIRA CALI BOGOTA VILLAVICENCIO BUCARAMANGA GI RARDOT Tunja www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co AREAS OF SERVICE. • SURVEILLANCE MONITORING WITHOUT MEN WITH WEAPONS • armed guard ELECTRONIC SECURITY COMPUTER SECURITY • DEFENCE AND ATTACK • Narcotics • Bomb CUSPIDS MANAGER SAFETY PEOPLE www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co OUR CLIENTS Finance Sector BCSC Central Bank Banco Popular Banco Agrario Citibank Av Villas Processes and Communications Sector Oil Sector Exchanges Caracol Radio Caracol J orge Baron TV TV International agencies and American Embassy Commercial Sector C arrefour Hypermarkets Andrés Carne de Res Central de Inversiones SA CISA Technol ogy Centre Ocensa Kappa OXY Resources Petrobras Colombia Zigma Sector Compensati on Health and Human Cases LIVING Previmedic West Clinic Hospital San Jose de Mai cao CAFAM COMPENSAR Baptist Association Clinic Colsubsidio Helicol Avianca Air T ransport Sector Industry Sector Bavaria Chest Imal Neme Leone CHAID Lime Group C olombia Grace Gabriel Almagra Scandinavia Pharma State Sector Superintendent of Public Utilities. Superintendencia Financiera. National University. Address sect ional Cali judicial administration. Bogota Power Company. www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co CORPORATE POLICIES VISE LTDA, bases its entire structure for security services in five key pillars: • High human talent management. • Planning and normalization of servicio.Proces os and procedures. • Cutting edge technology. • Alignment of goals and needs of those with our service. • Monitoring and continuous communication with our users . www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co WELFARE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR • • • • • • Social Security Coverage Organizational Climate Promotion Programs Institutional Celebrations Sports educational, recreational and cultural • • • • • •

Activities to promote health prevention for wives and children Children Club Fam ily Counseling Honor Roll. and Bonuses for meeting targets for outstanding shares, by age (five and ten.) www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co ELECTRONIC SECURITY FIRE DETECTION AND FIRE CCTV ACCESS CONTROL INTRUSION PERIMETER SECURITY INTEGRATION AND AUTOMATION MAGNETIC MEDIA VEHICULAR ELECTRONIC TRACKING ROUNDS www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co OBJECTIVES AND OPPORTUNITIES GENERAL OBJECTIVES • Develop comprehensive security systems in accordance with the needs of each cl ient • Ensure total customer satisfaction • MAIN STRENGTHS AND OPPORTUNITIES • • • • Technical support. economic and financial support.€Human resource regula tions in force Security Industry Association (SIA) and the National Fire Protect ion Association (NFPA) • ISO-9000 Certification Version 2000 - including design services and installation of electronic security systems. www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co REPRESENTATIVES MAIN We have the backing of leading multinational companies in the fields we work, su ch as: BOSCH SECURITY SAMSUNG PANASONIC Sensormatic ADEMCO ANDOVER CONTROLS SCINTREX SCRRENING TRACE CONTROL CORP. FIBER OPTIONS Bioscrypt K ELECTRONICS LINE www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co MAJOR PROJECTS IN AUTOMATION DRAFT CORPORATE NAME (Supply and Maintenance) CARACOL RADIO (NEW VENUE: System a utomation and BUILDING FORUM) control. CCTV, access, X-ray, Metal Detection Cara col TV (SEE THE FLORESTA) CEMEX COLOMBIA FLOOR TOWER Caracolito IBAGUE Colseguro s PCB CCTV, alarms, perimeter protection and fire detection, access control. CCT V, perimeter protection. CCTV JUICE PRODUCER TULUA CCTV (VALLEY) PLAZA DE LAS AMERICAS Extension of CCTV syste LOJAC

m, perimeter protection systems design and installation and inspection and contr ol vehicle, goals. Design, supply and installation of CCTV system and vehicle in spection. CCTV, access control, visitor control, access control SOUTH TERMINAL PH. MEDELLIN MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION www.vise.com.co BAVARIA: brewery CCTV, Access Control B / MANGA AND CALI. BOGOTA GENERAL DIRECTI ON. www.techzone.com.co SHAREHOLDERS. DR. MARTINEZ-ACOSTA JESUS HERNANDO majority shareholder. Business administration degree from the University of Santo Tomas, a lawyer from Universidad La Gran Colombia, with Specialization in Public and Administrative Law at the Autonomous University of Colombia, Professional Military Sciences Mil itary School José María Córdova. Started its activities in the security sector i n 1989 as its first security company, in these 19 years of work has managed to c onsolidate a business group which is now part Vise LTDA, Coservicrea, Surveillan ce and security companies Acosta. In the process of business growth was an impor tant role in the negotiations conducted with the Group Santodomingo, within whic h was acquired VISE LTDA, six years ago (2002). Dr. OLGA MARINA MARTINEZ-ACOSTA Retail Partner Professional in Public Accounting, retail partners, who has supported the busine ss process from the administrative and accounting aspects. www.vise.com.co www.techzone.com.co REPRESENTATIVES DR. ANA ROCIO Sabogal HENAO Attorney graduated from External University of Colom bia, with specialization in Administrative Law at the University, a doctoral stu dent in law at the same university, graduate environmental law at the University of Salamanca (Spain). Financial Studies at the University of the Andes, Securit y Studies at Universidad Javeriana, was certified CPP (Certified Protection Prof essional), awarded by ASIS International Professional Certification Board, has s erved as Attorney Advisor in legal and administrative affairs, has done likewise and Advisory Consulting environmental and administrative issues. He has held se nior posts in public administration and others, such as: Legal Secretary-General and the Governor of Cundinamarca (1998-2000), Secretary General and Adviser in the Ministry of the Environment. (1994-1998), Secretary General and Director (e) of the Autonomous Regional Corporation of Cundinamarca. (CAR) (1990-1994). DR. CLAUDIA TOVAR PATRICIA MOJICA companies administering the External University of Colombia, with specialization in Marketing Management and Masters in Business A dministration from the External University of Colombia, respectively. He has ser ved as Advisor for Monitoring Preventive Public Service at the Attorney General' s Office. His professional experience has focused mainly on the development of d iagnoses and recommendations to companies in the area of marketing, customer ser vice and advertising. With great success has supported the establishment of meth odologies to implement effective procedures for monitoring, control and verifica tion of compliance with contractual commitments within the entities. www.vise.com.co