How can we expect to make a Blog Pro?

A hundred visitors per day, and relying solely on the Adsense ad, miscellaneous income, membership ... do not expect to win more than 50 / month if you have l ess than 200 visitors per day. For information, a leading French blogger earns l ess than 1,000 net per month through her blog (source Clipboard! T he profession of occupational Blogger is closer to minimum wage earners as the b estselling author ... And do not forget that putting too many ads on your blog, you lose credibility and you might scare your readers (see the opinion of Nitot) But here are the main tools to earn Pro Money with Your Blog .... use sparingly ! Google Adsense The first way is by far put in place the Adsense Ads on their website ... For Co at least 80% of monthly income generated by this bias. There are four types of Adsense ads: - pubs via conventional Adsense ads (CPC = cost p er click advertising) are the banners "texts" on the right of this website (nb: Adsense also displays images but this is rarer). It is the largest source of inc ome via Adsense ads are as targeted and are often not too intrusive with a power ful customization (color, size ...). Note that the more your ads are well placed (at the top of the site, in the field of vision more ...), they will bring you! - Clicks on links via the Google search engine internal (CPC) is a customizable window with a search engine site and can also search the Web. You are paid if the user clicks on an ad in this dedicated search engine. It is a great way to make money and service to your users. Currently on r evenues search engine internally represent over 10% of Adsense revenue total (si nce the introduction of this code snippet, we found a 15% increase in advertisin g revenue because it is additional revenue of Adsense ads do not compete). - Cli cks through the download button offering a free download of Google Pack (sponsor ship) sales via this system are very low because very few people are interested in the Google (are they already have it, they are do not know what it is!). - Ad sense ads with payment to CPA (sponsorship): the novelty of July 2007. Google ad opts a membership system similar to classic, by paying to the result! In fact yo u do not touch money per click, but only if the user buys / up for a newsletter ... The advantage is that compensation is more important, and you can choose fro m a list of ads to display ... One drawback is that even if you have any clicks, if the sale is you do not win! As for now there are very few advertisers, and t herefore not really relevant ads instead of Adsense classic where there are crow ds of advertisers ... (Nb: this system is being tested on s ince two weeks, and for now there was no income to report, despite an announceme nt very relevant!). Note: click-through rate on a blog targeted approaches 2%, w ith earnings varies greatly from the ads displayed (0.05 0.5 click!). More maximize your Google Adsense ads, visit the Google Adsense blog. Membership Membership is in theory a great way to earn money with your blog: you get paid o n every sale / subscription to a newsletter / current page ... with targeted adv ertising. However in practice affiliation is especially profitable for the affil iators, the affiliate will rarely win money! Indeed, even with ads targeted rate of occurrence is low, the validation of sales by affiliators is not systematic (pb cookie expiration ...), the minimum before to be paid is often difficult to achieve for a little blog ... For information a fter one year only generated revenue of 2.55 Fotolia affi liation through (and again, the money is used for the purchase of new pictures o n the site!) . So do not count on regular income with Affiliate programs, but so metimes after a few months you'll sometimes surprised to find a (small) check in your mailbox after a campaign set up several months ago! For more information,

see our record on the membership list for the main sites of affiliation in Franc e.€Note: - membership can be very discreet and seamless integration with your si te. Indeed instead of putting a button or banner ad, you must just make a link t o the site of the affiliators. This is for example the case for this link to Fot olia or one below with AD42! Another trick is to put banners in your affiliate n ewsletter. - Some sites provide compensation in case of registration of your rea ders on their sites, this may go up 5-7 . Contextual advertising directly in the text This principle is particularly targeted advertising, but it is very intrusive! W ith this system some keywords of your articles are highlighted, and when the use r clicks on it you earn money ... It is a still more integrated Adsense because advertising is directly and automatically included in your text! Key solutions a vailable on the market: - - - www.positexte .com - Nb sites like the Weborama also offer white label. Sell your articles to other sites While this is not a very common practice, you can expect to sell your items. There are two types of sales items - either act a s a reporter and sell items with high value added exclusivity for certain sites. For now the only sites offering newsletters Pay offer this kind of agreement (e g - Or disseminate articles on his blog on content sites, and be paid according to the advertising revenue generated by reading yo ur article. To our knowledge only two sites offer such agreements without having to sign an exclusive contract contributor (= become a freelancer). www.come4new the leader in this field, with many visits and an interface "on Digg" gre atly improved. The novelty is that you receive an actual payment (via Paypal) de pending on the popularity of your articles (up to 100 for the best!). For info rmation in four months gained 16 dissemination through th e publication of all articles on this site. Gmiix is a Digg like that lets you integrate your member code Adense in your profile, which allows yo u to benefit from a poster advertising "free" on another site than yours. By cons it is difficult to know the impact of Gmiix, as the displays are embedded among other displays your Adsense. Note: other sites pays Articles ... but only if they are written in English (eg Sell your products and ebooks via micropayments This solution is becoming more f ashionable among Pro Blog: selling an ebook (PDF download book), sell newsletter s templates, skins blogs ... Solutions allow payment through Paypal, by SMS or I VR you can sell anything from 1 ! Some solutions of micro-payment www.allopass. com,,, .. Open a mini-store brand white A little out of fashion, mini ecommerce shops have a second life with the entry of new players very reactive. Their goal is simple : you offer to install a few clicks of a trimmer that sells complementary produc ts (or related) to your business. On some sites offering great public themes, it can be useful tool to generate sales. For blogs Pro, only the sale of books wou ld be relevant, albeit with a very limited sales. Some of the market: www.zlio.c om,, ... Note: the launch of sites that offer to recommen d and purchase products being commissioned sales as, www ... Other ways to earn money for small Blogs - This original design allows you to choose yourself to broadc ast advertising, the ad size, color ... and can even make your own ads! You are then paid for each airing of the ads ... knowing that the earnings distribution are shared between you and BlogBang ... That means you've got to have a maximum of visits to earn some money! The advantage of this system is that you really ch

oose the pubs, and generally they are very good. By cons there for some time and advertiser interest as pubs are in this video is certainly pro but that deterio rates the picture a little "Neutral" a Blog Pro ... - This adverti sing agency specializing in small Blogs allows you to sell advertising space,€bu t if there is a small poster ... Prices vary greatly from one site to another (r anging from 1 100 day ads!). - Paypal Donations: Paypal donations are in the ory a good way to reward a quality blog ... But in reality, it should be noted t hat this does not bring anything. For example, the book produced by ConseilsMark Free PDF "25 tips to make its website, downloaded over 4500 times since April 7, 2007 with a proposal for a Paypal donation, no donation has generated ... By cons, one of our partner proposed a software download freeware, and has r aised over 700 in one year ... so do not despair; D - conventional advertising companies:, Note: Some very large sites receive free or advertorial, but for now only an eli te is concerned ... For the big blogs, here are some specific solutions - Advert isements: Governance pub directly with bloggers, with inves tment promotion. (in beta): control direct advertising with blo gs. - Make sponsorship newsletter: why we must have at least 5,000 subscribers, and of course find a board or a poster ready to go live! For information, hire a professional file targeted cost between 0.1 and 0.5 per address (usually with an average price of 0.15 ), which can help you make a quote to a sponsor. More ... - How to monetize a blog by the Journal du Net. - How to Create a Blog Pro and make it known. - Monetization of blogs Internet news (very "international"). More information