6 quick tips to see his name appear in the first Google results!

Recently one of our readers told us about her problem: when typing the name of i ts CEO in a search engine's name is good, but behind other uses and where the ri ght person is not the company site that is linked but blogs, professional sites! She asked us how to bring up the name of his boss in the first results, and of course the link to the website of the company that already exists! It is work th at requires exactly the same work as if it maximized the site for referencing a keyword ... except that it's a name and a surname, and there some tips for easy back in the rankings ... - The first thing to do is to register in all social ne tworking sites: www.viadeo.com, www.Xing.com, www.linkedin.com, www.facebook . . .. com it helps to have his name appear in the first compared to all other Inter net Thierry ... and then to refer visitors to the main site. It is also a good w ay to get links qualities recognized by Google (according to some interviews a " good relationship" would be of poor quality 300 links (directories of websites a nd blogs ...). => See the list social networks on our post on partnerships http: //conseilsenmarketing.blogspot.com/2007/03/comment-monter-un-partenariat-gagnant .html - The second task is to improve the SEO on the current site: The more effe ctive is to add a new page on the team now, and submit the entire team including the CEO. Of course we must add the name of the entrepreneur in the keywords of this page and in a few pages Specific Site: news society ... This happens of cou rse by changing the meta tags of HTML pages, the choice of page titles, the name s of the pictures ... The result is that Google will combine the website owner f or his name will be mentioned many times, and the structure of the website. => R ead our article on creating a Google Friendly Site to learn how to optimize its site for a particular keyword. http://conseilsenmarketing.blogspot.com / 2007/02 /comment-amliorer-son-rfrencement-sur.html - Then there is a press release with the name and address of the DG site. The press release may be entitled as "Frede ric de www.conseilsmarketing. com presents the results of its study on Digg ..." . Like This release will of course be hosted on the site in the body of the rele ase there will be a direct reference to the website of the company ... The resul t will be that when users will type the name into Google sites they will get pre ss releases that will return to the main site. => Learn how to write a press rel ease and where, check out our article How to write a good press release . http:/ /conseilsenmarketing.blogspot.com/2006/11/comment-rdiger-un-bon-communiqu-de.htm l - To improve the visibility of the company's website, it must also obtain qual ity links. For this is very interesting to publish some articles (4 or 5 at leas t) in sites like Digg and bookmarks with very interesting topics as "The X Frede ric tips for xxxx", "X's mistakes not to commit to ... "with a link to the websi te. It can appear in the top results when searching for this criterion. If neces sary to intervene in some forum Pro to further improve the SEO of the site (in a good position in Yahoo, intervene in Yahoo Answers). => Re-read our article on Digg Like to know where and how to publicize your website. http://conseilsenmark eting.blogspot.com/2007/05/15-conseils-pour-se-faire- Getting to know-grce.html - Do not forget to redo the manual submission of its site in the major search en gines by entering the name of the entrepreneur in the description and keywords. This will allow google be sure to link to the website owner (nb: attention, by d oing this you are depriving yourself of key words previously used because the nu mber of words captured by Google is not infinite). => http://conseilsenmarketing . blogspot.com/2007/02/comment-amliorer-son-rfrencement-sur_18.html - Finally, t he ideal solution is to keep a blog related to the main site (using wordpress or dotclear as a propellant), and write regularly under the name of the CEO. This i s to have regular content on behalf of the entrepreneur. More publications will be regular€Google will return more often on the blog and therefore it will refe rence the first! In the ideal we need to go on blogs and websites (eg www.lentre prise.com, www.itrnews.com ...) on the same theme and make comments (NO spamming ). This does not necessarily make the company's website first, but it is VERY us eful because the name of the person who leaves comments is very well positioned in google (. => Learn how to write a Blog Pro, simply see our article on the sub ject. http://conseilsenmarketing.blogspot.com/2007/07/comment-lancer-un-blog-pro

-et-le-faire.html Finally, we must not forget that the referencing natural to wo rk over time: first appear on Google is not done overnight and maintain its posi tion requires regular work! Finally, it must not abuse a keyword and place every where, c This is the best way to "sandbox" on a term and no longer appear in goo gle to keyword ... As always with SEO, you must write for the user, not Google! BONUS: If you write a relevant article of the kind "X xxx tips for a successful" or "how to make a xxx walk ..."," The X errors to avoid making xxx ... "you can send it to that should be published on conseilsmarketing.fr with your name and a link to your site, enabling you to be visible on the net a few days so "indire ctly".