Courses fifth REMINDERS: â â 09/11/2007 Third Living beings: animals and plants living environments: air, water Problem

of the Party: How does it allow breathing beings to occupy different liv ing environments? PART A: BREATHING AND OCCUPATION OF MEDIA CHAPTER A1: BREATHE Problem: What is respiration? I. The respiration of living Hypothesis: To breathe is to bring air into the body, then bring it out. Activit y 1: Exercise composition of air entering and air leaving I / Co 15minutes The h ypothesis does not hold: there is a change in gas composition. Hypothesis: Breat hing is consuming oxygen and carbon dioxide reject. Session 2: IE CONCEPT AND EXPERIENCE ON EXO FOR DEMONSTRATING 15 minutes Activity 2: design an experiment from the list of materials given. Ra / Re / C 5 minutes (Some work on maggots, others on fungi, others on germinating seeds, oth ers on goldfish) Fixed collective. Launch experience probe oxygen sensor, carbon dioxide, conclusion. In plants as in animals, the breathing is to absorb oxygen and carbon dioxide re ject. Question: How do fish breathe they? II. A. The respiratory organs Bodies to breathe in water Activity 3: Research of the respiratory organs in fish Re Video of dissection of a fish head. Describe the respiratory organs of fish. Fish breathe through gill s. These are lamellar bodies, the color red because they contain blood that circ ulates. Activity 3a: find the operation of the respiratory organs of fish in the book I p16/17 T. HARBONNIER Rousseau College of Thiant Courses fifth 11.09.2007 2 / 3 respiratory movements can pass the water over the gills. Some molluscs, some annelids, crustaceans, but also, using gills. Activi ty 4: Making the block diagram of a gill (Teamwork) Co B. Bodies to breathe in the air Activity 5: video on the respiratory organs in the locust, frogs and rabbits I 1 . The tracheae Insects breathe through tubes called tracheae. These tubes open t o the outside through openings called spiracles. 2. The lungs of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles breathe through lungs. These are actually filled with a ir bags. The movements of inspiration and expiration to circulate the air. Session 3: Activity 6: Making the block diagram of a lung and trachea (Teamwork) Co In animals, gas exchange takes place between the living and the body through res piratory organs. The respiratory organs are the lungs, gills or tracheae. T. HARBONNIER

Rousseau College of Thiant Fifth course 09/11/2007 3/3 Question: What media can be occupied by each respiratory organ? III. Occupy environments Activity 6: the occupation of the pond (picture page 22) I / Ra Animal Living Environment Environment breathing organs especially respiratory be havior The diversity of devices and respiratory behavior allows animals to occupy diffe rent environments. T. HARBONNIER Rousseau College of Thiant