'Anencephaly' The Brain and Its Parts • The Brain is composed of the cerebrum, cerebellum and brainstem.

• Each part o f the brain has a function. The brainstem is responsible, among other things, th e heartbeat, breathing and responding to some stimuli in the human body. What is 'Anencephaly'? • The non-closure of part of the cephalic neural tube prevents formation of the skull and leaves the brain exposed malformed. This defect is ca lled anencephaly, despite the brainstem remain intact (some scholars, therefore, note that the term 'anencefalia'-no brain - is erroneous because there is absen ce of the entire brain, but only part of it: the familiar' anencephalic 'remains with the brainstem intact, as is reproduced above); • Prevalence 1:1000, often four times higher in females; • Since the fetus does not develop the swallowing mechanism may be, in the last months of pregnancy, excess amniotic fluid (Praxed es said Dr. Herbert, a professor at the Fluminense Federal University / Departme nt of Clinical Medicine, this excess is easily treatable, not a risk to mother a nd can occur in any pregnancy). Note: Underlined are our Source: T.W. Sadler, Me dical Embryology, 7th ed, p.250 What is the appearance of a child with these specialties? "The body of an anencephalic child is entirely unaffected. However, it lacks the skull from the eyebrows. A neural tissue vivid color dark red covered only by a thin membrane can be seen through an opening in the head. The size of this open ing varies considerably from one child to another. The eyeballs can protrude bec ause of a malformation of the orbits, which is why anencephalic children are som etimes pejoratively described as looking like frogs. "Source: www.anencephalie-i nfo.org The beautiful hands of Benedict Oliver www.anencephalie-info.org What to Look For Birth Of this Wee "Childbirth is not always begin spontaneously. As a result, many women request t hat labor be induced at the end of their pregnancy. As the skull is missing, it is ideal that takes her water to break during delivery so that it can exert the necessary pressure on the cervix to dilate it. If you can keep the waters intact , the birth of an anencephalic child happen much the same way as if the mother w as giving birth to a healthy child, and it takes the same time. The experience o f mothers of anencephalic children has shown that the artificial breaking of wat ers significantly reduces the chances of the baby being born alive. " Source: www.anencephalie-info.org The long fingers and bonitos of Emily Rose From this perspective Life Citizen Fingers Perfect Angela • "They reported rates of live births between 4060%, while after birth only 8% s urvive more than a week and 1% between 1 and 3 months. It was reported a single case of survival to 14 months and two cases of survival 7-10 months, without rec ourse to mechanical breath. " (National Bioethics Committee Italy, 1996). The perfect little body of Benedict Oliver What is brain death? • The end of life occurs when brain death is diagnosed - not "brain dead" as com

monly they say in any individual, this state is characterized by irreversible lo ss of neural, moreover, there is no brain transplant possible to keep it with li fe. • Brain death occurs when there is paralysis of the entire brain, including brain stem, should be observed: apnea, coma and apperceiving absence of supraspi nal motor activity. (Dr. Herbert Praxedes, physician and professor at the Univer sidade Federal Fluminense) • There is brain-dead person to breathe spontaneously . What are the characteristics of the person 'anencephalic' newborn alive? • Presents movements and reflexes; • Cries, • Breathes spontaneously; • Has hear t rate and pulse pressure; • No necropsy can be done or be buried. Thalles: Son of Janaina Source: II South Regional Seminar on Bioethics 1: Pro-Life Annapolis <www.provid aanapolis.org.br> This baby is a monster? • "Physicians, biologists and other scientists agree that conception marks the b eginning of human life - a being who is alive and is a member of our species. On this point there is overwhelming agreement on a worm of scientific papers in me dicine and biology "(97th Congress, 1st Session) • Individuals 'anencephalic', w hich suffers the problem of neural tube malformation due (in some cases ) with t he absence of folic acid,€is generated from the fertilization of a sperm from a man at an egg from a woman. He is a member of our species and as such has human dignity and the right to be born and die naturally. Janaina da Silva Serra, the mother of Thalles, responds: "Anyway, thank God, I Thalles and overcome all the prejudices and difficulties. I loved him with all that intensity could. Sang, prayed, played, or did everythi ng a mother does her child in the womb. He was born at 13:15 pm the day 09.07.20 02 was registered as a Brazilian citizen and died at 11:25 pm the day 07/10/2002 . I was able to hold him up and say goodbye to him. Today I bring a beautiful an d real reminder of a pregnancy, she had some difficulties intrinsic to the situa tion, but I brought many benefits as a human person and gave me great joy: being a mother. I am the mother of Thalles, dead or alive, beautiful or ugly, either present or absent. I am his mother because he actually existed and was generated in me, as long as he stayed with my family and all the people who came to see h im in the incubator was a large profit. " (All the time I was compelled to perform abortions, available at www.providaanap olis.org.br) The Family of Little Dr. Elizabeth Kipman Cerqueira, medical psychologist, recommends inviting the fa ther, if possible, to absorb the pain and the drive to mate. Other children are called to witness the acceptance of his brother committed and learn that death i s part of life, integrating the handicapped in his social vision. Cecilia, the older sister of Benedict, holding his hand Marcela De Jesus Ferreira was born in Patrocinio Paulista Day 20/11/2006 Marcela has more than 6 month old, is alive and currently at home with family Letter From Your Daughter About Cacilda Galante, Marcela De Jesus Patrocinio Paulista, November 30, 2006. "Today, my daughter is with 11 days of l ife, although I consider that she began to live when he was conceived inside. Th is life that is blessed by God. You know, my God, she's very pretty, smiles, mov es a lot even learned to give little shrieks, finally she is perfect, sometimes gives people a scare, but soon passes, and back to smile again. She is a princes s, a rose that came to adorn my life, a jewel of great value that the Lord has e

ntrusted to me until I come to seek care. You know, my God, I know I will suffer , but I'm sure the Lord will comfort me, for I love my daughter too, since she w as in my womb. When she was in my womb, the doctors gave no hope at all, because they believed she would not survive, but when she is here until the Lord wills. Every time I'd been to the doctor, went down, but once again was happy to feel the baby moving and kicking my belly, did not know the sex, but I loved her anyw ay. At the same time, it looked like she was consoling me, talking me through th e kicking she gave me. As if he was thanking me for not having taken her life. " (Cacilda Galante) The Mother Example Of What Respect the Right to be Born Son From 'anencephalic' To The Other Daughter • "(...) Having had six healthy children (...) this was the last thing we expect ed (...) An interruption would have been a horrible example for my children beca use it would have meant that if something had not gone well with them, I would h ave aborted. "(Sue Mansfield, the mother of little Ananalise, testimony of 14/08 /1998, available at: www.anencephalie-info.org)" The fact that the baby will die shortly after his birth is not a reason for abortion. If you had a child of 10 months who had a serious illness which offered him just 9 months of life, you th row the poison or a building to anticipate this sad event? Since birth, the only thing certain is that we will die. I am happy not to have denied my son the bri ef life to which it was intended. " (Milene Hawk, mother of Luis Eduardo, in mem oriam, Mary Alice, five years and Mario Henry, 3; testimony 12/2004, available a t: www.providaanapolis.org.br) • "Mother is everything. She never leaves the children" (Deborah's sister, Marcela ) All this work of valuing human dignity requires psychological support positive, so that the situation is already dramatic, does not become a moment of tragedy a nd suffering, pain, can be transformed into a time of reflection, as well as mat uration of those guys who can not escape it. The parents of a child with problem s of poor training, especially the mother, should be aware that the baby is not a monster, by contrast, is a human being more fragile than others and therefore needs more attention, monitoring , caring. The doctor and psychologist, Dr.€Eliz abeth Kipman Cerqueira, notes that a pregnant mother of a child with these speci alties, while forcing "a pregnancy, abortion, can not assimilate, develop and di scover the meaning of pain that is required to bear (...). You do not have the o pportunity to discover the meaning of that life which has generated. "As in a vi cious cycle, abortion reinforces the feeling of guilt and self-devaluation of th e woman as mother of a disabled child, since your child is treated as if it were not worthy to come to light, as if it were not worthy of any value because it h as a prognosis of low life expectancy. Kipman also argues that the process of elaboration of mourning is better in that the mother can see the dead body and recognize that those who generated it, rig ht that the "right" to exclude abortion. Julián Marías, in "Anthropology Metaphy sics," writes a fascinating essay on the biographical perspective of death, repo rts: "Death is part of life" because they die "is not simply disappear, as killi ng is not to disappear." When someone disappears physically, we have the impress ion that they died because they lack the corpse, evidence that this person "happ ened to have lived, that is, die." Thus, for a healthy development of the trauma of losing a life, the presence of the body is of paramount importance and if th e parents bore the responsibility to care for this disabled child while living a mong them, have good sense of who did what was correct, as if a mission had been accomplished. Task which transforms them, because "when we are no longer able t o change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves"

Memory of the Newborn with 'Anencephaly' Source: II South Regional Seminar on Bioethics 1: Pro-Life Annapolis <www.provid aanapolis.org.br>