The Monarchy IN BRAZIL With admirable strength that our monarchy remains popular.

Every day, over the p ast twenty years, Xuxa, the queen's little reigns on the television screen. Pele is the king of the people. His crown is the ball. The Brazilian monarchy not only exists as resists. In theory at least, we should be Republicans. The Federal Constitution, written and recorded. But with that a dmirable virtue of our monarchy remains popular. It's extraordinary. Every day, over the past twenty years, Xuxa, the queen's little reigns on the television sc reen. Pele is the king of the people. His crown is the ball. In the sixties, Rob erto Carlos and leaves cut inaugurated the Young Guard. Roberto has become the k ing of pop romantic country. In our town, as elsewhere in the, trade, there is m uch "kings." It is king of the tools, codfish balls, and pastel, the dismount. R ecently, in a departure from the national circuit beach volleyball, the title in dispute was the "King of Kings" of beach volleyball. I found it pretty interess ante.Com many kings streets'm resenting that the psychological value of the maje sty ended up getting diluted in the universe of disdain, just by being distribut ed in a very large number of candidates to the nobility instantaneous. I believe it is more or less what happened with the figure of Jesus of Nazareth. Reading ancient history, we realize that the "title" of the Messiah (who should be anoin ted), was claimed by many prophets. On the occasion of the passing of Christ the earth, many of his contemporaries believed not to be the figure of Jesus, now c alled the King of Kings, son of Joseph and Mary, that prophet who would fit the attributes of a true Messiah, as predicted in the scriptures sacred and therefor e was awaited by the people to be their redeemer. Confused between kings and sub jects hopeful, the fact is that some believers in the prophecies of the end of t he world have always preached that the evidence of the end times would be wars a nd disasters and the emergence of false prophets. After the attack of September 11 in the U.S., the deterioration of the Palestinian question and the amount of kings walking the streets, I'm starting to believe, or the end of the world is e ven close, or are about to convene a new Constitutional Assembly. I suggest the new constitutional text that must appear on the assumptions of the first plurali stic popular monarchy of the world stuck in Brazil. I also suggest that make the difference between the concept of singular and plural concept king's majesty tu piniquim. Moreover, since we are a monarchy plural, not that bad accept a polyth eistic belief in saints who play ball in other than roll around on television, a nd other selling tools in the balls to repair and nourish a runaway king.