So Temaki rolls mo, that's right, rolls that are easy to do with love.

Made of r ice and fish into cubes that go to the flavor, wrapped in nori and very crunchy (nori seaweed, that very thin and greener). sometimes may appear sesame, flakes of skin (fish skin) and other features flavors of Japanese food. The fashion of the moment for the staff cool and nice, both in Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro, so the restaurants and bars serving temaki. In Rio tma Koni Store, which are sm all shops where they sell temakis! Yes, just temakis of various flavors and colo rs. So perfect pro late afternoon on the beach and to recover energy after a goo d night out. Here in Porto Alegre we Temaki, a cute japanese restaurant with mod ern decor and delicious smell of fresh fish with cucumber RECM cut it any good j apanese restaurant must have! Esto other capital cities also jumping on the band wagon! The first question that we are tempted to do when a japanese know if he e ats sushi at home. Yes, imagine the person's face with that question, like askin g for an Italian if he eats spaghetti every day! But it makes sense, Japanese cu isine goes far alm of sushi and sashimi. But back to that of temaki, outside res taurants, in familiar surroundings, at least here in Brazil, temaki montadinho c omes in to eat. The great thing about riding your temaki therefore expressed the roll mo. You even build your love and eat with chopsticks because more difficul t to use (those that Easterners use chopsticks instead of forks). So like finger foods! It has the same idea of Spanish tapas, you eat with your fingers. We lov e the idea of using the hands and feel the texture of the food before you even k now the flavor. In the year that the Japanese Immigration to Brazil celebrates 1 00 years is nothing better than knowing a little of the traditions of working pe ople and creative! Then we learn to make a temaki? How to make a temaki? Well, i f you like to cook it is worth doing at home and invite a friends to join. Selec t everything that you like, use the imagination. Our tip temaki tuna with a sesa me, peanut oil and roasted leaves of cilantro. Ingredients for a basement - 50 g rams of tuna, diced - 40 grams of cooked rice japanese - a unit of nori (seaweed ) - oil roasted peanut - black and white sesame seeds - coriander leaves of 6 As do? Simple, please Pnyx this the most fun to cook! Mix the diced tuna and 6 coriander leaves with a tablespoon of oil ch roasted pe anuts, book. Open the nori on a flat surface and place the cooked rice on the le ft, now place the rice in the diagonal of the nori, roll catching the tip of the left corner with your fingers and thumb and light at the upper right end of the rice . That's right, curling at v form a cone! Now that you have a cone, comple te with tuna that was booked, complete with white and black sesame! Bon Appetite !