Citation 1 OTHER MOVEMENT ABOVE MAY COME "And the lights of the evening has arrived.

All parable, wherever we go to natur e, the Bible, la-la-MelQ statue - which Daniel saw, and, and the king of that da y, all they saw, and all these things, all, each form every movement, every plac e in the Body, positionally teaches us the same hour in which we live. OTHER MOV EMENT MAY COME ABOVE. "Christ Revealed In His Own Word." # 174 Page 46 Citation 2 NOW IS IN THE EYE PROPHET OF Malachi 4 See? Down through the ages since we started the foundation, since the first chur ch age, when the seeds fell to the ground. Complete Seed. Then came out through the feet. Luther came back out again through Wesley, then in Pentecostal tongues and lips. See? NOW IS IN THE EYE MALACHI PROPHET OF 4 AND OTHERS. And now, ther e is nothing left to come, but he himself was put in that because that's the las t thing you need. "Christ is revealed in his own words." Page 21 # 84 Citation 3 NOW IS THE TIME OF THE EYE SIGHT Then it started again, back, back of the Church feet up. Now is the time of the head - the head time. Now, notice the Light ... You can not do with their hands, but it is part of your body. You can not see wi th your ears, but can hear. You can not see with his nose, sniffs however. You c an not - you can not do with their 2 MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 lips, although it speaks. See? That was the Pentecostal age. But NOW IS THE TIME OF THE EYE, THE VIEW. See? Move your feet, move your muscles in your legs, move around, move your - your ears, to move his nose - lips, and so on, but AFTER YO UR EYES, THERE IS NOTHING THAT MOVES. Christ Revealed In His Own Word, Page 42, paragraph 163 and 164 Citation 4 BUT NOW WE HAVE COME TO THE HEAD, THE STONE OF CORONA The Lutherans on justification were the feet, thus raising bit, then Wesley holiness, then the Pentecostals were the arms with the works an d deeds, etc., had to be Armenians, had to be legal. BUT NOW WE HAVE COME TO THE HEAD, THE STONE OF CORONA, and the crown stone cries out: "Grace, Grace!" PROVIDED BY THE ONLY PLACE TO WORSHIP GOD 5 Citation AND THEN THE OTHER THING IS THEREFORE throw me to preach GRACE So I chose this morning, being that that message was so attacked, AND THEN THE OTHER THING IS ME IS THEREFORE TIRANA, PREACHING THE GRAC E. I want to talk about that this morning as I read chapter 4 of Zechariah, a po rtion of it. THE MESSAGE OF GRACE, PAG 9 Citation 6 PENTECOSTAL AGE GROWING ... CORONADO STONE TO NOW.

But as they grow older LUTHERAN AGE, AGE BAUTISTA, TA OLD METHODIST, PENTECOSTAL AGE, WE COME NOW CROWN STONE HASL See? Waiting and an freezing for that crowning stone settles, the building is complete. Have you not read in Scripture: "The stone was rejected?" Of course, we realize that this wa s speaking of the temple of Solomon. "But the rejected stone has become the head angle." And I'm saying this just to make Unun-a-a picture. Now, in the Bible, w e are in the last days MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 3 Top of the pyramid, the fish crossed the age of cancer in the zodiac at the time of the arrival of Leo, the lion, stone coping, and in the days of the manifesta tions of God's children In the Bible, see? Where are we? We are just at the time of the end. ADOPTION PAGE 35 # 48 AND 49 Citation 7 CALLING OUT THE PENTECOSTAL ELECTED TO FORM THE CROWN STONE Now, the coming of the Lord Jesus is so close at hand, and is approaching the tr ial and he also is joining his unit also elected, with the same kind of ministry he had. Do you remember as they draw here the ages of the church, not long ago and the great tower which was built called "pyramid", but the stone was never pl aced the crown? Remember the Lutherans as they appeared after the Wesleyans, in the minority? And then I come to Pentecost. AND NOW, WHAT ARE DOING? CALLING THI S OUT. WHAT MADE OUT TO NAME IS ELECTED TRAINING FOR THE LUTHERAN, AND CALLED OUT TO LUTHERAN elected to the Wesleyans; AND CALLED OUT TO THERE elected to Pentecostals, AND NOW IS CALLING OUT THE PENT ECOSTAL ELECTED TO FORM THE STONE OF CORONA AND THERE CAN ENTER HIMSELF. IS THE SAME KIND OF MINISTRY perfect square,€CALLING ALL CHILDREN OF THEIR NAMES AND A LL LIFE LINE. UNIT PAG. 37 # Paragraph 183 8 Citation Zerubbabel, the FOUNDATION HAS CAST YOUR HANDS IT ALSO BRING THE STONE OF CORONA And to read later, we see that God said, "Zerubbabel, he has laid the foundation with his hands, and he will also crown the stone, the end. " Now I want you to notice, not said he would bring" the corner stone. "He will br ing the" rock crown. He had laid the foundation, he had brought the people back to the foundation, the foundation, in kind. 4 MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 THE MESSAGE OF GRACE PAG 10 9 Citation MAN THIS EVENT WILL THE PROPHETIC MINISTRY OF CORONA STONE. Thus says the Lord stands by His word that no fails, and will remain and will be vindicated. There is a prophet-messenger to t

his age. Based solely on human behavior anyone knows that crowded, yet there are divided opinions about minor points of a major doctrine in which all agree. THE N WHO WILL The Power of infallibility, which has been restored in this last age? For this l ast age will show itself tar la Novia Dela pure Word. That means we will again have the Word as given and understood well in the days of Paul. I'll tell you who will have this power wil l be fully vindicated as a prophet or even more fully vindicated than any other prophet in all ages, from Enoch to this day, because this man actually has the p rophetic ministry of the stone crown and God the show. He need not speak for you rself, God will speak for him through the voice of the Signal. Amen. The Seven C hurch Ages Page 370 Citation 10 THIS IS THE APPEARANCE OF THE LORD NOW, AND WE HAVE SEEN AND YET we are witnessing the Lord's appearing. Remember, "APPEAR" AND "COME" ARE TWO DIFFERENT WORDS: APPEAR AND THEN COME. NOW IS THE AP PEARANCE. He has already appeared in THESE LAST DAYS HERE WE CO in recent years. AND THAT IS A SIGN OF HIS COMING. He is being featured CHURCH IN THE FORM OF TH E HOLY SPIRIT, SHOWING THAT IS THE SAME AS FOR THE HUMAN CAN NOT DO THESE THINGS, WHICH YOU ARE LOOKING TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. THEN THAT IS THE APPEARANCE OF THE LORD. REMEMBER, was spoken in both places, of coming and coming. Evangelism In The End Of Time p. 10 and 11 MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 5 Citation 11 THE VAN HAS GENTILES FIND HIM IN THE IRE Let me tell you something. The Bible says that when Jesus comes He comes BEFORE "shall arise false prophets, and Jesus shall arise false." That's right. "Look, here ..." But let me DROP IN THEIR HEARTS THAT JESUS WILL NEVER PUT ONE FOOT ON THIS EARTH TO YOUR CHURCH HAS been abducted and is gone. NOW KEEP THAT IN MIND, TO BE FALSE BY CHRIST rose. JESUS BUT NOT BE HERE ON EARTH, WHY THE TRUMPET SOUN DS, AND HE NEVER COMES, WE FOUND HIM IN THE AIR (THE CHURCH AND IS GONE.) And wh en Jesus appears, will be the return. THE VAN HAS GENTILES FIND HIM IN THE IRE, AND THEN we went up, and Jesus is ... DO NOT PUT YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND UNTIL T HE CHURCH HAS been abducted and taken to the home and marriage supper has ended. THEN IT RETURNS FOR ITS JEWISH REMNANT. The Revelation of Jesus Christ Page 300 # 68 Citation 12 NO IT COMES TO EARTH, the rapture His Bride THESE little light, will disappear w hen COME ALL, THAT GREAT ANOINTED CHRIST THE SKY, COMING FROM EAST TO WEST. See? BUT IT WILL NOT IN THE EARTH, THE MESSIAH NOT BE IN THE LAND TO BE ESTABLISHED TO THE MILLENNIUM. See? See? BECAUSE WE, THE CHURCH: be caught up to meet the Lo rd IN THE AIR. " NO IT COMES TO EARTH, the rapture to his girlfriend. Y Conduct, Order, Doctrine of the Church I. Page 523 # 448 Citation 13

JESUS IS COMING THREE TIMES AND WHEN JESUS RETURNS WITH THE BRIDE. JESUS IS COMING THREE TIMES: 1. 2. 3. THE FIRST TIME HE COMES TO REDEEM YOUR CHURCH. THE SECOND TIME, IT COME S TO RECEIVE YOUR CHURCH AND THE THIRD TIME, IT COMES WITH YOUR CHURCH. See? EXACTLY, AND THAT IS ALL COMING GREAT ONE PERFECT, ES PERFECT ALL ONE GREAT GOD, CHRIST IS ALL A GREAT PERFECT, PERFECT CHURCH A GREAT , GREAT PERFECT REDEMPTION ... ALL, TO6 MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 DO COME IN TRINIDAD BUT IS ALL IN ONE. See? ARE NOT THREE PERSONS, NOT THREE THI S, IS JUST ONE PERSON, ONE BODY ONE CHURCH, ONE CHRIST, ONE LORD: "In all UDS.,, And through UDS." And so in that way. ALL ONE! Conduct, Order, Doctrine Of The Church 1 Page 261 # 545 Citation 14 MUST HAVE THINGS IN TERMS OF ... SEVEN ... [NO EIGHT!] ALWAYS KEEP THIS IN MIND: There is a church and a girlfriend. ALWAYS HAVE TO HAV E THINGS IN TERMS OF THREE, FOUR WHY ARE IN ERROR, it is more in three, seven, t en, twelve, twenty, forty and fifty of the Bible. SI UD. COMES WITH Something that does not fit with these numbers, BE VERY CAREFUL BECAUSE THE NEXT STEP IN NO will turn out OK. MUST RETURN TO TOP. The Revelation Of The Seven Seals. Page 97 Citation 15 AND IS THE LAST MESSAGE. This message I am preaching the true message for this day. AND IS THE LAST MESSAGE. Q & A Page 622, # 391 Citation 16 WHAT THEY SAY THAT ALREADY BEEN THERE IN THE WORD. But thank God, at this time, this age has not yet been finished. Still calling. And your call is not only in the spiritual ears of men by His Spirit, but again there is a prophet ON EARTH. Once again God revealed the truth as he did with Pa ul. In the days of Seventh Messenger reveal the mysteries of God as revealed to Paul. He spoke, and anyone that receives a prophet in his own name, will also re ceive the beneficial effect of the ministry of this prophet. ALL THAT AND LISTEN TO THIS PROPHET WHO WILL BE BLESSED AND BE PART OF THE BRIDE OF THE LAST DAY, m entioned in Revelation 22:17: "And the Spirit and the Bride say come." MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 7 GRAIN OF WHEAT (the bride) who was buried in NICE THERE HAS TURNED TO BE ORIGINA L GRAIN OF THE WORD. Praise God forever! If you listen to the vindicated prophet of God, who appears in this last age. SAY WHAT HE WILL OF GOD, AND THE BRIDE WI LL TELL THE SAME. THE SPIRIT, THE PROPHET, AND THE BRIDE say the same thing AND WHAT THEY SAY THAT ALREADY BEEN THERE IN THE WORD. EVEN NOW WHAT ARE SAYING: "Co me out from between her now to be a separate people." THIS IS THE LAST AGE

The cry has gone out, the cry is still out. How long the voice cry out? We do no t know, but one thing we know: DO NOT BE A LONG TIME FOR THIS IS BECAUSE THE LAS T AGE. An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages. Page 413 Citation 17 HOW WAS REMOVED THE AGE LAMPSTAND Laodicean Now, there is much confusion about this verse that many Christians working in personal evangelism, use this verse to mean that Jesu s is knocking at the door of the heart of every sinner to gain entry. Therefore, if the sinner say opens the door, the Lord will come. But this verse is not dir ected to sinners. This entire message is a summary and what is the message to ea ch earlier age. In verse 22, says: "He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches." THEN THIS IS THE MESSAGE TO THE CHURCH OF THE LAST AGE. THIS IS THE CONDITION OF THE Church of Laodicea, GET TO THE END. NO INDIVIDUAL I S A MESSAGE FOR ONE PERSON, THE SPIRIT IS MORE WELL WHERE IS JESUS Telling. CHRI ST HAS GIVEN TO THE CHURCH. An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages. P. 403-404 8 MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 Citation 18 HOW WAS REMOVED THE AGE LAMPSTAND Laodicean Now, "the voice of the Throne." Look at the Throne: "In front of Throne were the seven stars, "the voice of the stars. "Voices," You see? Talk ov er here in Revelation 4 and 5, we find: "And from the throne came flashes of lig htning, thunder and voices." No one voice, "voices" plural. What was it? God spe aking to the church, also reflected by the seven Spirits. WHEN THE TRUE ANOINTED OF GOD SPEAKS, IS THE VOICE OF GOD! Rejection is REMOVE the limelight. The Reve lation of Jesus Christ. Page 597 # 116 Citation 19 IT WAS IN THE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH AND WAS CAST OUT Non-Pentecostal denomination, brother, sister, they are completely back off the whole thing, aha, further back than any other church. Th ey are further away than they were Lutherans. The Lutherans were kept a bit bett er than them, and that is correct, more like. Exactly right, Gene, for now, I di d not see JESUS OUT OF THE CHURCH LUTHERAN, tried to enter, but was trying ... WHY I THINK THAT HE WAS NEVER TO ST ART BECAUSE IT-IT WAS IN THE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH AND WAS CAST OUT. That's right. The Revelation of Jesus Christ. P. 635 and 636 # 355 Citation 20 Outshone by worldliness and Coldness AND HERE IT IS IN THE LAST AGE OF THE CHURCH, standing outside DOOR, THE ALL MIGHTY GOD, ESO-ESO broken my heart Thinking of ESO. MY LORD stand ing outside the door of his own church, after having been driven out by coldness and worldliness and NAME AND INDIFFERENCE, standing outside the door, calling, €TRYING AGAIN ENTER. MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 MESA, MOURN I started, I thought ...

9 WHEN I thought about it a while ago, ONLY CHARGING ME ON MY Revelation of Jesus Christ. Page 472 # 230 Citation 21 AND THE END HERE, WHAT WE FOUND OUT NOW, REMEMBER, IN THE FIRST AGE OF THE CHURCH WHILE Terms, walked among the seve n golden candlesticks (Is that right?), THE SEVEN AGES OF THE CHURCH. AND THE EN D HERE, WHAT WE FOUND OUT, what Church? The Laodicean, the Church of Laodicea. O UT TRYING TO ENTER AGAIN. What an LAMENTABLE! EL SALVADOR THE WORLD, STANDING OU TSIDE THE CHURCH THAT HE PURCHASED WITH HIS OWN BLOOD. What a shame! The Revelation of Jesus Christ. P. 471 # 225 Citation 22 WHO GAVE THE BEGINNING OF THE AGE OF MESSAGE Laodicea? Now, was a brother of color, whom he was missing a eye IT IS REALLY BEGINNING TO DIO MESSAGE PENTAAzuza costal STREET IN CALIFORNIA. They laughed a lot about him because he was black. Much derided him, but he brou ght a message to that age. It was a little man who could barely sign his name, b ut the Lord had revealed to him that this was the age for the restoration of the se gifts, and these came from. I do not mind what they said, always came the gif ts. Everyone entered into the spirit of the matter, and saw that REALLY WAS THE AGE; saw God vindicate THIS PEOPLE, AND THAT PEOPLE COULD REALLY TALK in leagues , ETC. HAPPENED! But then, when it stalled and said: "This is the only evidence," he died there. Do you see? That goes on there was the end. Then he began to separate from this and that, forming names and claiming that one comes on a cloud and the other in a bush. And so it went. That's what denominations. Now 10 MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 God is the Author of the name, that name is Babylon, an d He is the author of confusion! We ... You do not have to be so intellectual to see that. It is Babylon. The One Place Provided By God To Worship. Page 17 Citation 23 MESSAGE ME WITH THE PENTECOST, would be in the AGE of Laodicea and would NOT COR RECT NOW, IF I COME WITH THE MESSAGE OF PENTECOST, I'd be in THE AGE OF THE CHURCH OF Laodicea, and NO would be correct. THE FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS PAGE. 10 # 64 Citation 24 Pentecostals are in Laodicea Pentecostals are those in Laodicea, ARE THE RICH

YOU HAVE NO NEED OF ANY THING, BUT HE DI-LE "Do not you know you're poor." They might be building buildings that cost millio ns of dollars, but still are poor, spiritually poor. CE: THE REVELATION OF THE SEVEN SEALS PAGE. 209 Citation 25 Who began MESSAGE TO THE AGE OF Laodiceans NOTEN WELL NOW, THIS THE LAST MESSENGER OF AGE THE CHURCH IS A NOT A REFORMER. REFORMER, but a prophet. NO UD SHOW me. A PROPHET DIO WHERE TO START AGE OF THE PROPHET. REFORMERS OTHERS WERE NOT PROPHETS. Now if of God comes to the prophet, but they continued in Father, Son and Holy Spirit" and all other things, MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 11 they were reformers rather than prophets, however, were great men of God who rec ognized the need of the day in which they lived and God anointed them and sent t hem to undo those things wrong, but the fullness of the Word of God came to them , that were not prophets but reformers. BUT IN THE LAST DAYS WILL BE A PROPHET TO UNITE ALL THE MYSTERIES OF GOD, BECAUSE MYSTERIES ARE KNOWN ONLY BY THE PROPHETS. THEN THIS KIND OF PERSON MUST GET. CAN NOT BE A REFORMER, MUST BE A PROPHET; SOMEONE HUNG AND PUT THERE TO CAPTURE THE WORD. THE REVELATION OF THE SEVEN SEALS PAGE. 120 Citation 26 THE PENTECOSTAL MESSAGE CAN NOT COMBINE WITH THIS The last reform we had was Pentecostal, and today we are away from that. PENTECO STAL AND THE MESSAGE IS NOT MIXING WITH AND WHY THIS IS ANOTHER DAY. This is the Word of God, but we building, for example, feet, arms, etc. And thus forming a bride for the abducti on. Will not embarrass these people, they lived under your message. ALL THAT WER E IN THE BRIDE will leave, and the life that runs through the wheat plant. THE L IFE AND LEAVE THE SHELL WHEAT GRAIN SHAPE AS THE GRAIN what was sown. THE RAPTURE PAGE. 8 Citation 27 A PROPHETIC PROPHET, NOT A MESSENGER TO AGE You see? Each of these ages only had a sample the Holy Spirit Justification is a work of the Holy Spirit, the sanctification i s a work of the Holy Spirit€but baptism is the Holy Spirit. 12 CHURCH. NOT A REFORMER, BUT they were prophets, the Word baptism. "In the name of the "

MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 And so you need to come PROPHETIC A PROPHET, NOT A MESS ENGER TO THE AGE, FOR WINE IN BAPTISM, THE HOLY SPIRIT IN YOUR SAME HEIGHT. BUT THE END OF THE AGE, HOW WAS ALWAYS WITH OTHER AGE, FOUND THAT WAS SENT THE MESSE NGER, AND THEN ALL OF THESE THINGS SHOULD BE SO TANGLED put in place, that way, THEN THE RAPTURE IS COMING TO THE CHURCH. Conduct, ORDER AND DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH PAGE. 739, 740 # 52 # 53 Citation 28 A PROPHETIC PROPHET, NOT A MESSENGER TO AGE And then came down from heaven a chariot of fire and fire Angeles, horses of fir e, and Elijah went up there and went to glory. He never tasted death, he was tra nsferred, has to die! And if you are fixed in these two prophets of Revelation 1 1, they did the same thing that Moses and Elijah did. You might say, "Brother Br anham," I want to say that Elijah and Moses are still alive? "" Absolutely. " Conduct, ORDER AND DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH PAGE. 287, # 724, 727 Citation 29 GOD'S AUTHORITY Now you see my point? I told them frankly this morning. Can not you see the auth ority of God Living in the Living Church, the Bride? The sick are healed, the de ad are raised, the lame walk, the blind see, the Gospel comes in His power becau se MESSENGER AND THE MESSAGE IS THE SAME. The Word is in the Church, AT THE PERS ONA.62 78 Then there in the beginning of the Seven Seals, when those seven Angel s came down in a pyramid and were there telling me to return to Jeffersonville a nd talk about the Seven Seals, and that He would be with me, and that He would s how me what things were hidden. I always thought they were MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 13 stamped on the back of the book, and it might be something that was not written in the book, but it became revealed that He can do that. It is not something tha t is not written in the book, it is rather something that has been hidden in the paper. "Anyone who takes away a single word or a word adds anything ..." So it' s a mystery that has been in the paper for these Seven Church Ages. Each produce d a mystery - particularly with regard to water baptism, and these other things with which the church has been in the dark for so long. Spiritual food in due time Citation 30 GOD'S AUTHORITY I thought, "Ay, ay, ay!" Never in my life I have preached something under the inspiration of what I had to retract, because I'm not trusting my own understanding. And even if so, if my understanding is contrary to the Word of Go d, then my understanding is wrong, must be the Word of God. If not, then you sho uld leave it still, because it is not correct. But is not thwart the right thing . In my heart I said, "Heavenly Father, help me. I do not know what to do here. Here is the man with his finger on where Scripture says, 'I will put enmity betw een thy seed and the seed of the serpent" 87 Unit Citation 31 MINISTRY OF JESUS CHRIST You see? Works: preaching to the lost, healing the sick and then also to those w ho can not be saved. The work continued. So this has been, or let me put it this way: Has this been repeated ministry of Jesus Christ in His Church in these las

t days? That is what many believe, and I believe this along with you. If I did t hen do something to change it, because 14 MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 this here's my turn. And if the Spirit of God is within you, then you take care of the gente.70 74 Then it has been the ministry. How w as it then, how has it been now? It has been preached and perfectly vindicated b y God's Word. So there can be the man must be God! It has to be. 75 Note well th at the spiritual sign that Jesus did, the same has happened on earth in these la st days. It's the same spiritual signal which was identified as the Messiah, and the same signal has been identified today. He still is the Messiah! The same ph ysical sign has appeared on earth, which also appeared with him the same Pillar of Fire that was San Pablo. It is the same, and has appeared with the same natur e and working the same things. 77 Now, the Holy Spirit always showing him things to come and He never wrong. It was always perfect. Right? The same did not take the honor or credit, but gave all the honor to God. He said: "The Son can do no thing of himself, but what he seeth the Father doing." And the Holy Spirit was H is Father. Right? Imprisoned Souls Today Citation 32 THE MINISTRY AND JOIN THAT you understand? All these died through the ages€We a re waiting and are depending on us. So this church (Laodicea) must reach perfect ion to reach the resurrection, and there are those souls under the altar waiting for this church to reach perfection. But when Christ is truly ... And you will notice that this church is falling more and more, and indeed is much narrower th an that as it is here in the picture, because in the end will come up as the tip of a needle, and the church, being a minority, it must get where SU Did you MINISTRY WILL BE OF THE SAME CLASS THAT WAS IN THE BEGINNING, because when you r eturn this Rock Crowned, has ... The MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 15 pyramids have a small opening where sits the crown is not only a flat crown, but has a small edge, and it must be like to shed water. And this church has to be sharp. All other stones in the pyramid were made so perfect to the point that yo u can not put a razor blade or razor, and weigh tons. Today not know how to put them but they were built. And up here on which sits the crown ... The pyramid it self, the Body of Christ, must be sharp. It is not simply a creed, doctrine or s omething for which we have passed, but will have to be as perfect as Christ when He comes, AND THAT THE MINISTRY perfect joint. Then will come the Rapture and t he ascent to our heavenly home. 259 284 You see? Lust of money, great things hav e greed, greed for popularity, THESE THINGS ARE DEAD FOR THE BELIEVER. We are no t interested in either a tent or a shack over there! What do I care to live or d ie, "Float or sink? This is the only thing that interests me: The Kingdom of God , is to keep my home or family or whatever, to me only matter that can keep me i n Christ, our hope of glory. EDIFà CAME LORD IN THE FORM OF THIS PYRAMID, that Chr ist is my head, who work through me, on the basis of my faith, which is in him t hat virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, fear of God, and fraternal love hel d me. Oh God this is my prayer! For me, no matter who lives or dies, to float or drown me, name or no name, friends or no friends. That this is held by me! That virtue and science of Christ be poured so that I can teach, because God has pla ced in the Church, apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists, all fo r the perfection and bring her with these virtues for the preparation of coming of the Son of God. Each of these stones That is material. This is part of it. Ea

ch of these 16 MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE four virtues belong to Him and are poured him through oth ers. Amen! The Stature Of A Perfect Man Citation 33 PASEN NOT IGNORE THIS! He always takes the son his father's name anyway. I came to earth in the name of Branham, because my father was called Branham. Jesus said, "I came in my Father 's name and you received me not." You want to have the quote where it is written ? St. John 5:43. Then the father put his own name, which is Jesus, His Son. He i s the way, He is the door, he is home, God chose WHERE HE IS PUTTING HIS NAME. G od never put his name on me! He never put it in church! Whether Methodist, Bapti st, or Catholic, more put your name in CHRIST, THE ANOINTED EMMANUEL. And the na me is in the Word, because HE IS THE WORD. Amen. So what is he? Interpreted the word is the manifestation of God's Name. No wonder! ... "This is not revealed to you or flesh and blood, but my Father in heaven has revealed this: who I am. An d upon this rock I will build my place of worship, and the gates of hell can not you take this! " AMEN! Oh Church of the Living God, stand firm on this foundati on: In Christ alone! You can sing the anthem, but if it is found in Christ, the Word, then you are in quicksand and without security. But "this stone is about C HRIST! My Word" 167 170 Now, a child always comes in the name of his father any child comes in the name of his father. Jesus said, "I have come in the name of m y Father." So what is the Name of the Father? What is the name of the Son? Then he said: "A little and the world seeth me no more, but ye see me." What happens is that he comes in the form of the Holy Spirit, Jesus himself. That was why the y adored: "Oh, Jesus!" MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 17 Do you see? The Lord Jesus Christ is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is all. "I cam e on behalf of my Father and I receive ..."And we must remember that He also add ed that this verse, and warns us," but another will come (a name, a creed), and these come in their own names, and you certainly will receive. I do not receive me, the Word, vindicated and proved against you, "and just as he was on that day , it will be again today. People across the nation, do not pass IGNORE THIS! Els e will come, a church, and believe that because then it will behave in any way! "I do not Vindicare." He at no time, at no time has vindicated anything, in any church, which has been out of the given message. Luther: Justification. Wesley: Sanctification. Pentecost: Restoration of the gifts. And as soon as it became a name, died. search the scriptures. The only place provided by God for worship Citation 33 THE TACTICS OF THE ENEMY He wanted to talk something, bring something to illustrate the promise of God for this age. See? Something, not something that someone else was in some other day, but ... And all those things are well, we all refer to these things. But I thought I would try to make them think of something with these Scriptures that I have pointed here, something that would illustrate to know, you make the best soldiers in the field in which they are fighting now to learn well TACTICS OF THE ENEMY THAT MAY BE Lock all before they arrive. See? That's the main thin g: to learn to dodge the punches, as they can. 11 Now, let this great (for a few

moments), this sinful great day in which we live. I do not think I've ever been a day, everything I've read in history ... There have been days over persecutio n, when 18 MALACHI PROPHET OF EYE 4 children of God were put to death each hand. But as to the deceptions of the enemy, we have never had a day like this where we are now living. It is the day most deceitful and cunning. And when I see it makes me see that the Christian must be more aware today than it has been in any other age. 12 CHRISTIANS ARE ER, But today, the cunning of the devil, makes people CREcuando are not: Here's the thing. You no longer have to seal ... It is a day long beating when you had to c lose his life with his testimony. The devil has put all that cunning trick he ca n to ... He is a deceiver. 14 "Oh," you say, "But wait a moment, we preach the W ord." Go back and look you in my text tonight. Satan first preached the Word to Eve: "God said." See? Is she a bad interpretation of that portion of Scripture t hat applies to today. He will allow you to recognize that everything Jesus did w as perfectly well done. He will allow you to recognize that everything he did Mo ses also was perfectly well done. But when one takes the promises that they were there to this day, then it applies it to another age. That's all he has to do Y ou see? And that is making people believe it that way, and that's it. Because yo u can not take away a word or add one word, but that's what he does. 22 Satan's Eden