MS-DOS commands â ¢ â ¢ MS-DOS (Glossary) MS-DOS (introduction) Note: The following summary is based largely on the DOS version

3.2. CD CD path, or CD .. (Delete the higher level) or CD \ (root directory) change directory CH KDSK check disk (information on disk usage) CHKDSK [d:] [path] [file] [/ F corre ction, / V Files] CLS Clear screen (screen) COPY COPY [path] name.ext [path] [co py name.ext]. Optional Parameter: / V verify. Example: COPY c: \ folder1 \ file1 .txt a: name.ext \ file2 DATE Date DEL DEL [path] file delete (delete) directory DIR (directory) [.. higher level, / P page by page, / W short] ECHO EC HO [on off] (Text) Text output to screen ERASE ERASE [path] name.ext delete file (such as DEL) FIND eg DIR FIND "EXE" (all files "..."-) FIND [/ V] [/ C] [/ N ] "string" format [file] FORMAT A: floppy disk (HD), FORMAT A: / 4 (5 1 / 4 "to produce 360 KB) FORMAT A: / S (DOS system disk) MD make directory (create new fo lder). Example: MD ebene2 MORE (Stop after each page), eg TYPE file MORE PATH search paths PATH path1, path2; filename3 PRINT PRINT print file to a file (diff erent options) PROMPT (system request) $ p (path), $ g (arrow>), $ t (time), $ d (date), $ h ( Back Space), $ _ (line feed) RD remove directory (directory delet e, the directory must be empty!) REN REN rename name1 name2 (new name) SET View or change settings (comspec, prompt, path) SORT sort, eg DIR SORT (/ R ba ckwards, / + n from column n) TIME Time hh: mm: lists ss TYPE an ASCII text file (page by page with MORE) VER shows the MS-DOS version VERIFY [ON OFF] verify (when Copy) VOL drive name is displayed Ein-/Ausgabespezifikationen: con (Termin al), od prn lpt1 (printer), com1, com2, ... (RS232) redirection of input or outp ut:> prn output to the printer output file> on a file>> file Append output to a file <file input from a file> nul autoexec.bat suppress output (at the top level !) Is run at startup other commands: APPEND path for auxiliary files (except BAT, COM, EXE) ASSIGN drive assign; ASSI GN A = C (redirection to C:) ATTRIB read / write protection ATTRIB [+ R-R] [+ AA] [path] name [. Ext ] + R read only (Schreib-/Löschschutz), put A + Change at tribute. BACKUP BACKUP d: [path] [file [. Erw]] d: [/ S] / [M] [/ A] [/ D: .jj] backup in the backup format create BREAK [ON OFF] Reaction on Ctrl-Break CO MMAND COMMAND [d:] [path] [/ P] [/ C character string] [/ E: xxxxx] calling a ne w Befehlsinterpretierers COMP COMP compares file2 file1 two files CTTY CTTY com1 redirect standard input and output ( CON) DISKCOMP compares two disks DISKCOPY DISKCOPY d: d: full disk copy EXE2BIN EXE2BIN dat1 dat2 (conversion from. exe files in. com or. ) am GRAFTABL loads (Table with add. Grafikmod character data f..) GRAPHICS for printing graphic JOIN (logical link between two directories) KEYB GR German keyb oard layout (up to DOS 3.2: KEYBGR) LABEL label: a name (create or modify disk-n ame) MODE (operating mode for printers and asynchronous data transmission, see b elow) RECOVER restoration of files on disk with a defective sector REPLACE REPLA CE [path] name [path ] [options] files replaced RESTORE RESTORE d: [d:] [path] [ file] [/ S] [/ P] Restoring a Backup SELECT SELECT [[A:] d: [path]] xxxyy instal l DOS on new ( !) plate SHARE support for file sharing SUBST SUBST d: d: path us ing a drive letter for a path SYS SYS d: Copying the system files to new disk TR EE TREE [d:] [/ F] list of directories (with files) XCOPY copy groups of files ( XCOPY C: \ vrz A: [/ M / S]) EDLIN line editor (practically replaced by EDIT) Commands in batch files In batch files (*. BAT): ECHO, FOR, GOTO, IF, PAUSE, REM, SHIFT. Parameter% 1 .. . 9% (command-line parameters;% name% refers to the name stored in string). ECHO ECHO [ON OFF] text () text output to screen, < > be interpreted (using, if nece ssary, "<") FOR FOR%% variable IN (set) DO command GOTO GOTO mark (branch instru

ction): brand (the branch address [with colon] must stand as a separate line) IF IF command conditionally (conditional statement, eg: IF [NOT] EXIST name.ext [pa th] ... [file exists?], IF ERRORLEVEL 1 ... [program termination], IF% 1 == name ... [transfer parameters = name?], IF x% variable% == xParameter ...) PAUSE wai ts for the key press SET SET variable = parameter (set parameter; assignment) SH IFT (serves to use more than 10 parameters) Any DOS commands and programs can be called from batch files. "Joker": short (with DIR, DEL, COPY)? representing a c haracter, * represents multiple characters. (Caution: DEL *.* deletes the entire directory!) MODE MODE MODE MODE MODE LPT1: 80.6 [,P] Printer setup (80 Zeich. / Zl., 6 cpi) LPT1 = [draw COM1 Print on COM1 COMn:] baud [, [parity] [, [data bi ts] [, [stopbits], [P]]]] P: reps [N] [, [m], [T]] 40.80, BW40, BW80, CO40, CO80 , MONO (screen) special key commands (DOS level) Pause will stop the screen output temporarily, and continue with (almost) any ke y press Ctrl-Break (Ctrl-Break) demolition of a command print (shift-PrintScr) p rint screen "hardcopy" [Text, or GRAPHICS (so),] does not have network Enter Alt -Delete ESC Ctrl-Delete (Alt-Ctrl-Delete) Calculator new "boot" Alt-Ctrl-F1 (to switch KEYB GR) on a U.S. keyboard Alt-Ctrl-F2 (at KEYB GR) switched to German k eyboard F1 repeats last command character at F3 repeats the last command F5 (@ i nput) Delete F6 Ctrl-Z (^ Z) end of file Ctrl-F7 @ (ASCII character # 0) Ctrl-C abort Ctrl-P printer output on / off Ctrl-S stops Showing Burkhard Kirste, 11/17/1993