As in the Wadden Sea Heritage paradise island of letting go and breathe is alway s time for more sports families

for the young at heart with an active wind and w aves Healthy through water island island specialties love much free time Langeoo g takes a dip 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 Moin and welcome - Your hosts 30 Service Section Climate protection is everyone's Langeoog AZ How to get a target timetable Lange ooge vacation packages NordseeSPA Relaxation Packages Accommodation Enquiry Card Langeoog years Dates 2010 Events 2010 Langeoog shop Leonardo da Vinci exhibitio n part 2 75 76 78 81 82 87 89 91 92 94 95 98 WADDEN SEA WORLD HERITAGE SITE The Wadden Sea natural area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A special award to appreciate the Langeoog very white. Experience our diverse animal and plant life in a dreamlike landscape of sandy b each, dunes, salt marshes and mud flats. The Wadden Sea - natural beauty in Langeoog Langeoog in the Wadden Sea National Park Since 2009 UNESCO World Heritage Site 19.6 km ² island free of cars 14 km of nat ural beach only 9% of the island built Unspoilt nature with unique flora and fau na, 25 km bike and hiking trails through dunes, valleys, meadows and forest natu re trails "Flinthörn" and "Osterhook "resting place for thousands of migratory b irds 5 AS IN PARADISE ... Pure nature, maritime climate, carfree - Langeoog is healthy Animals and plants in their natural environment to discover - for most of our gu ests is something new and special. Explore nature, learn to understand and see w ith different eyes - Nature Langeoog. 6 Nature on Langeoog 14 km of natural beach and dunes, vast valleys, salt marshes, mud flats and grov es seal observation platform at the east end one of the largest seabird colonies in Germany and Bernstein collect shells and explore North Sea animals and plant s to determine 7 Langeoog to walking barefoot, walking and dreaming Leave everyday life behind you, breathe deeply and strong new force.

feel with the tide, solar, wind and clouds, the forces of nature and again find themselves. Enjoy our unique island active nature. Breathe ... RELEASE AND Enjoy nature Sea-bathing beach walks cycling Nordic Walking Beach beach horse riding bird wat ching tours hikes Watt 9 Langeoog every season Spring, summer, autumn or winter - the island for life all the time captivates w ith its charm. For each guest, there is the right time to Langeoog. Spring fever, summer, autumn and winter storms - it is no bad weather, only wron g clothes ... 10 ALWAYS TIME TO ISLAND Island times on Langeoog Spring Awakening Flowering salt marshes sun, sea and beach dunes towering clouds golden valleys natural forces feel storm waves and sea spray Raureifbedeckte du nes Eiszauber winter sun on the beach 11 AMILIES MORE ... FOR F Holiday Langeoog is pure family vacation Our car-free island is plenty of space for children: the great North Sea beach, playground, fahrradfreie zone in the summer and a large range of events for the whole family can holiday dreams come true. 12 Langeoog for families Spöölstuv and Spöölhus - weather on 600 sqm play saltwater recreational and adve nture - several tanks, large landslide, parent-child pool, dream cave, wave oper ation and more nurseries in the Spöölstuv workshops and painting bird-watching t ours for children Maritime Museum of the North Sea Aquarium Museum lifeboat pira te voyages in sea

13 F OR JUNG Stayed ... Many of our guests come in the third, fourth or even fifth generation after Lang eoog. There is probably no better proof that people feel comfortable at any age on the island, can relax and unwind. Grandma and Grandpa take their grandchildre n with the Pirates ride, friendly Couples playing golf together, singles recharge your batteries for long walks al ong the beach or a spa treatment outpatients. Evening bridge tournaments in the summer, concerts at the house of the island and in the churches and many other e vents provide for Kurzweil. Relax, cures, be active - Langeoog Seniors Langeoog for all ages Numerous spa and wellness offers 25 km cycling and hiking trails exhibits, conce rts, events, creative courses and workshops, boat trips to sea and to neighborin g islands Largest Recreational Facilities (as spa analysis of the European Touri sm Institute has Langeoog the largest leisure activities of all resorts in Lower Saxony) island village with lovely restaurants , cafes and pubs 15 Lots of space for sports activities on the island Langeoog Sports and games are written on the island for life has always been great. Have you ever made the German Sports Badge on the beach? How about a round of golf in beautiful countryside or a trip on horseback at our 14 km long sandy beach? S PORTLICH ACTIVE ... Sport on Langeoog Beach Volleyball Beach Soccer and hockey tournaments Bridge Golf Nordic Walking Horse Riding Beach baseball game fishing beach sports Tennis Trampoline 17 M IT WIND AND ELLEN W ... Langeoog for water friend 5 km sandy beach with three DLRG-guarded beach resorts kiteboarding school on th e west beach Windsurfing Sailing (sailing port for 150 guest boats, sailing scho ol, taster sailing) swimming lessons from 5 years island swim (19 June 2010) All Saints' Swimming (01 Nov. 2010)

Active in and around the water Those who are familiar with the element of water, or want to learn it, applies t o Langeoog best conditions. Test your skills at an introductory course in sailin g or kite surfing. The refreshing North Sea is ideal for bathing, swimming and s plashing. 19 NordseeSPA and Thalasso on Langeoog The sea has been known for millennia for its medicinal properties. We offer in o ur modern spa and wellness center numerous thalassotherapy and wellness applicat ion tions that do to your body and your soul. Let yourself be pampered by our experi enced team. HEALTHY BY WATER Feel good on Langeoog Thalasso treatments with sea mud and sea water Langeooge Flint massages - an isl and-specific variation of the energy Stone ® Massage buckthorn and Bernstein Spe cials wellness spa ayurvedic treatments Classic massages NordseeSPA vacation pac kages fitness activities: Nordic Beach Walking, muscular build, seawater exercis e baths, aqua , Aquapower, Aquacycling, yoga-patient spa treatment (two-site spa physicians) parent and child Thermal All fitness programs and activities on pag e 88 or book online: 21 Langeoog has much to offer The Langeooge hosts can always thinking up new in order to spoil your holiday wi th island-treats. Discover the diversity Langeooge island in one of the many coz y restaurants, cafes, beer gardens and pubs. We look forward to you. ISLAND REGION Catering at Langeoog Fresh North Sea fish specialties buckthorn Ostfriesische Kitchen Tip North Sea h erring crabs candle-lit dinner live music, gourmet buffet Biorestaurant Mediterr anean cuisine breakfast brunch beer gardens Ostfriesentee Parlours 23 More and more couples discover Langeoog as their island for life. As a place to be in love, to discover romantic corners and even more often, to g et married here. In love with love Langeoog - on Langeoog ISLAND LOVE Langeoog for romantics

Sunset at the beach by candle light dinner forge with sea views Luxury suites an d apartments for couples romantic carriage rides wedding even Weddings on Langeo og in the frieze room in the old Seemannshus on the passenger ship "MS Langeoog I" followed by trip to sea or in the wedding room in City Hall 25 Attractions and Things to Do on Langeoog You want in your vacation experience more than the beach and the sea? On Langeoog there are many ways to make the free time wisely and get to know the island better. 26 MUCH FREE T IME ... Discoveries Langeoog Landmark water tower trips to sea and to neighboring islands, pirate cruises Gui ded Tours Horse Transport Info House "Old Waterworks" Heimatmuseum "Seemannshus" Museum lifeboat Langeoog "Maritime handicrafts and painting pirate dunes singin g Maritime Museum of the North Sea Aquarium seal observation platform exhibition " Lego Langeoog "Leonardo da Vinci exhibition 27 Go with - free entry to the adventure We thank you for your visitor's tax: All guests who pay the full spa tax, have 1 .5 hours free admission to the bath world to the daily opening times. Enjoy year round swimming in real seawater that is taken directly on the beach L angeooge. LANGEOOG GO BATHING ... North Sea experience in all weather Free admission to the adventure for all Kurbeitragsvollzahler (1.5 hours Bathing ) wave pool (28 ° C), with wave channel dunes sauna area with five different sau nas and sun deck 42m long slide massage showers adventure pool (30 ° C) parent-c hild pools (34 ° C ) Dream cave wallow water column (32 ° C) Brodelboden underwa ter massage sauna massage corner bistro 29 WELCOME! On the following pages, many Langeooge landlord prior to their accommodations.€F rom affordable to luxury private suite extends the diverse island offering. For better orientation, we have marked the different categories of color. After the hosts section you will find further information and navigation Langeoog the spa

and a service section in order to make your vacation planning as easy as possibl e. MOIN AND Hotels Guesthouses Holiday Rentals Other service industries Climate protection is everyone's Langeoog AZ Travel and holiday packages Nordsee SPA Langeooge schedule your wellness packages Langeoog Card accommodation reques t dates and events in 2010 Langeoog shop Leonardo da Vinci exhibition Part 2 75 76 78 82 87 89 91 92 95 98 31