OF 2 of 2 CYCLE NAME OF TEACHER: __________________________________________; CAT .:_______; GROU P :__________________; DC: __________________________ Objective Individual Items Year / Tur ill-discipline of the Year 1 Year 2 Year 1 Year 2 CP CP CP CP Improving educational achievement of pupils Reducing dropout Individual objectives I taught the four intend to significantly lower failure in a I proposed indicator of my students. Last year, classes, total of 120 students. I had 12 students wit h failure in my discipline. This year I still have the four classes. I will try to reduce the failure, in my classes, to a maximum of 2 students per class, ie a total maximum of eight students with failure. The goal is ambitious but achieva ble. I intend to achieve this through diversification strategies, focusing on th e teaching tasks meaningful to students and requiring the teaching work in small groups, interactive teaching searched aoeo slightly favored teaching heterogene ous. How methods of cooperative learning, tutorial. Taking into account the cognitive styles of my students and given the fact that I worked with them last year, I believe that an eclectic approach that brings together the best that have Providing support for student learning including those with learning difficultie s constructivist methodologies and methodologies behaviorists is the most students . At the effective time to promote the use of classroom performance improvement searched expository, I intend to attend all department meetings and in all class councils, fulfilling my duties and not excusing myself to accomplish the tasks assigned to me. I wil l take care of organizing and updating the file of the class and to hold meeting s with parents at regular intervals, and the hours are convenient to them. Keep up to date e-mail addresses of my fellow department, as well as colleagues from other departments that are part of my advice class, with the aim of promoting in terpersonal communication fast and efficient and to maximize the transversal cur riculum.

Participation in the structures of educational guidance and management of the sc hool group or ungrouped Relationship with the community With regard to relations with the parents of my students, I will mark the meetin gs on time convenient for them and will develop a formal process of communicatio n that does not include email, SMS and phone. In difficult cases, be willing to, in collaboration with the school psychologist, to educating parents and helping parents to seek social support in the community. Where necessary liaise with th e responsible positions of local authority to express my willingness to do so by establishing the necessary contacts via email and phone. I will try to do a training conferences per year. For issues beyond that, and ta ke part in discussions about pedagogy and teaching wherever I can. 'll Sign a re vised pedagogy and didactics and will organize spaces and forums for discussion about articles published in these journals. These forums will join colleagues fr om school on a voluntary basis. Moodle will use the platform to foster discussio n forums blog about the issues of the Teaching and didactic teaching. Give conti nuity to mathematics, intending to post up with the everyday problem resolving t hem. Continuous training appropriate to the fulfillment of an individual plan of prof essional development Participation and promotion of projects and or activities in annual plan of acti vities and classroom curriculum projects Integrate the project "We Respect Nature, "which brings together teachers from schools in the 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic education of my group of schools, and make part of the team that edits the school newspaper and the blog of the class. I will continue to give l ife to draft correspondence with interscholastic school students from Timor, Mozambique for the and Cable Green, the through a blog that was created purpose. "We fully complied with project Nature, "which brings together teachers from schools in the 2nd and 3rd cycles o f basic education of my group of schools, and make part of the team that edits t he school newspaper and the blog of the class. I will continue to give life to d raft correspondence and interscholastic Verde mine to schools with students from Timor, Mozambique to the Cape I will through a blog that was created purpose. a s editor of the contribution

update the webpage of the group to contribute in schools. the extent my ability to help create the annual event, "Festival of the School." Advancing Mathematics, by component the project of teaching. With my three SOS dedicating to him not week Participation and encouragement of other projects and extracurricular activities this project, I intend to create an area of strip-doubts, the difficulties that students may use when in need. Received: ______/ _______/ _________ CDC: _______________________________ The PC E: ______________________________ DECISION DOS assessed against the proposed objectives: CDC / Inspector: PCE / Director: Reviewed assessed against the objectives of contracted: The Rated: ______________________________________; Date: _______ / ______ / ____ _____ The Reviewer: _____________________________________; Date: _______ / _____ _ / _________ The Reviewer: _____________________________________; Date: _______ /_