General Santander Stadium with a goal in the last dying minutes of the Cucuta Deportivo Mauricio Molina defeated the Bajo Cauca in the final of the division of promotion of Colombian football. No doubt Christmas had been ahe ad of all the people cucuteño, because after so many frustrations in the B, the whole 'motilón', one of the historical clubs of our country, back to the First D ivision after nine years. RETURN TO LONGING THE TROPHY February 5, 2006 • That Sunday afternoon in Venezuela began dreams 'motilones'. Pueblo Nuevo stad ium in San Cristobal and with a win over one of the greats of our game (Atlético Nacional). The 'Doubly Glorious' began with his right foot in the Copa Mustang I. June 18, 2006 • The goal of reaching the final was not achieved. But with a win against Millon arios, border table finished as the best team in the National Football semester (Reclassification absolute leader with 47 points), with the scorer of the tourna ment (Jorge Diaz with 15 goals) and satisfaction having met their fans on his re turn to Colombia's largest soccer December 13, 2006 • With a full house and evening hours, the squadron received Norte de Santander on the final day of the quadrangular Atletico Huila. A win-without relying on an other result of the group gave the ticket to the Mustang II finalísima. The vict ory did not occur, but with the Millonarios defeat in Medellin a draw was enough to reach the final of the Colombian football and to classify for the first time in its history to a Copa Libertadores. Dueling tribes Part December 17 Estadio General Santander Cúcuta The first duel between pijaos tribes and local motilones went to the bag but the price Tolima are very confident in the q 1-0 against what may go up the m. muri llo toro. The goal was scored by Rodrigo Saraz paisa coming off an injury but in the last three games Prof. pinto had used it appears that everything is defined in Ibague in the second chapter of this film between Indian tribes and Motilone s pijaos. And the celebration did not take long • Although the Cucuta won by the slightest difference to the Deportes Tolima, th e red and black fans came to celebrate the triumph motilón Estadio Manuel Murillo Toro Ibague (2nd part) Ibague What this agonizing final which took place in the Estadio Manuel Murillo Toro, of Ibague, between Cúcuta Deportivo Deportes Tolima and the tournament Com pletion 2006 • No more tightening wedge q q of the same suit the cucuteño Yulian Anchico, in

the 15th minute of the second half, which put more than one nervous. With the go al ... The annotation tolimenses allowed to at least go to the series of recover y free from the penalty spot. • People in Cúcuta was going to burn your house in the yard Anchico • However, after so prodigious hold the magic came from Barranquilla Macnelly To rres. At minute 32 of the supplemental, after winning a ball in the middle, join ed with Blas Perez, played on the wall after passing the defense, Torres took a shot to make it 1-1 and bring them back to sleep cucuteños of reach the first st ar. • The 35,000 spectators who attended the Murillo Toro silenced by the fury lay s ister ... While leaning to one side, the 600 fans would not stop celebrating Cúc uta and the clamor broke out also in the main streets of Cucuta. Wednesday December 20, 2006 unforgettable date Cucuta Deportivo is the first Colombian professional football champion after I g ot a 1-1 draw definitive Deportes Tolima Ibague. In a dramatic eleventh find the red and black managed to maintain the advantage he had from the last match and the tie was enough to take the title. The toche champions at last ... • Cúcuta was delayed a decade to return to the first A, but returned as the 'Ave Fenix', from the ashes and large print, which was ratified by the best team of the year. • We had to console the loser and offer encouragement and praise for t he excellent campaign conducted Deportes Tolima with a handful of juveniles. Bernal's cry could not be contained And it came against time to lift the cup Dale Dale Dale Dale champion ... champion ... .... Prof Y RAMIRO Scorer Panamanian ... Classic Celebration And most importantly thank God The next day ... After spending celebrating late into the night on the boardwalk,€zero ... The fa ns eager to see the champion Braving the heat and suddenly a penalty for being l ate for work, about 80,000 gathered in Norte de Santander near Camilo Daza Airpo rt and travel to the General Santander stadium to applaud the champions Colombia , Cucuta Deportivo. And the people came The return in the GENERAL On the goal that put us to conclude Now think these are some reinforcements liberators of the latest news .. How many people Cúcuta Deportivo fans are no longer among us have longed for thi s moment have longed to live and feel that you feel in that moment of triumph .. . and feel proud and privileged q forward this email to all be a fan of Cúcuta q sports and not for q becomes swollen Att: a fan who loves his idle equipment