WELCOME INTRODUCTION MANUAL makes "T-shirts from Mexico, SA de CV" began in the year 1985 with a small shop in the

City Center Atlacomulco which is dedicated to making shirts in small quantities but now manufactures a wide number of shirts of various types and sizes, we have shirts for children, women and men in all si zes and colors. As the years went by this little shop became a large company, it s founder Octavio Velez Velasco never lost hope that their business grow and be recognized nationally. Now years later we are located in the industrial area of Atlacomulco, we have great facilities that are located in the central area in ad dition to 15 branches throughout Mexico. We have 23 years of experience. VISION To be a leader and growing, which is distinguished by providing a high quality t o its customers, an expansion of opportunities for professional and personal dev elopment to their employees and be a company selling nationally recognized. MISS ION Our mission is to serve the needs of our customers with quality products bei ng careful with the environment, possibility of employee development and expansi on of our market. ORGANIZATION DG Accounting Department Dept. of Administration ion Purchasing Dept. Department of Computer Science Department of Human Rec Sales Dept. Production Dept. ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT This department is responsible for company accounts. HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT This department is responsible for recruitment of personne l and matters relating to dealing with people visiting the company. ADMINISTRATI ON DEPARTMENT is responsible for managing the company together with the accounti ng department. Sales Department is responsible for the distribution to branches and wholesale sales that are made in the company. Purchasing Department responsi ble for procurement of raw materials for our products. Production Department is responsible for the manufacture of shirts and the quali ty of them. Computer science departments are in charge of advertising, control o f database management products and the computer center of the company. PRODUCT We are dedicated to the manufacture of shirts of different materials and colors, different sizes and models for children, youth, women and men, our prod ucts are accessible and high quality. Our customers can find us at any of our 15 branches or on our website do not hesitate www.payerasdemexico.com or visit us in the Industrial Zone Atlacomulco. Exhortation urge all staff of this company is working with compliance, quality, responsibility for the company and staff for improvements and safety of this com pany and everyone working on it.