Revelation 3:1, 14 And to the angel of the church in Laodicea: BEHOLD THE AMÉNU, FEEL THE TRUE WITN ESS

, THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION OF GOD, SAYS THIS: U Here is the Amen The good Ament is the end. The Amen. Okay, that is, that's fini shed work, AMEN, so, so be it. Amen says so. So this is the faithful witness, wh at happened. A witness, not a witness, but had not been on the scene. That's rig ht. A witness is no witness, so to speak: You do not control what will happen to morrow. Do you witness what happened. Now, then. Verse 14 again. "And to the ang el of the church in Laodicea: BEHOLD THE PF FPTP P AMEN, THE FAITHFUL AND TRUE WITNESS, THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION OF GOD ... "T he beginning ... The FIRST AMEN, right? Ah now, then is a faithful witness, and afterwards? The START OF THE of God. The principle of God's creation, says this: Here is where we come to tak e the text or our thinking. THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION. Come see us, we see t he Bible. "WHAT IS THE PRINCIPLE OF CREATION? This is studying the Scripture, si mply seeing the word, looking or projecting well at first. The book of John, cha pter 1, verse 1: CREATION TP CO 2. 5:20. PT 2 THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, AND THE WORD WAS GO D. "[Greek: Logos] Word was with GOD AND "IN THE BEGINNING, who was? Was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. BEHOLD ... THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION OF GOD. In the beginning was the Word ... We all started from there. In the beginning wa s the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. That was in the beginnin g. Now then, we were looking at what happened in the beginning. Let's see, he sa ys, "Behold God's principle, the principle of God's creation." What God created first: The Amen! The faithful and true witness. Well, the Book of Colossenses, c hapter 1, the verso15: the firstborn of all creation, "He is the image of the in visible God, the firstborn U Of all creation. " He is the image of the invisible God. That awful. "IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WHO? The Word. The Word is a vozT 1. IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD AND THE WORD WAS GOD. PF FPT WHO WAS GOD?

God is a Spirit. God is He .. Him .. The first thing God created was the LOGOS. That was. God provided a body, to begin work, and the body that God provided, he himself did. That body was the LOGOS. That was the word. The Alpha and the Omeg a. THE BEGINNING AND THE END, that was - that was the Word. Well, now we have .. . said ... 1:15 again: 1 TP PT DRIVER IS THE WORD OF GOD. A DRIVER IS A DRIVING POWER CABLE. AMEN - THE MESSIAH # 34] THE PRINCIPLE OF Criation 3 "He is the image of the invisible God ,..." He, that is Jesus. Jesus is the imag e of the invisible God. Have you seen God? Not if you imagine. Him have no idea You can not think of an old man sitting in a chair beyond old. Sitting with arms on a golden throne, looking down, with hair and old lady with a beard and old w oman and a young man in the middle, a dove on one side and us very sad here as p ilgrims. NO! Just the image of God He is invisible. HOW IS IT? INVISIBLE. You ma y not place God nor left nor right, nor gray hair or wrinkles. HE IS GOD. It's j ust God. WHO IS GOD? Being eternal, the never seen, never submitted to anyone. T hat being. The same, then how can we speak of Him? He says: He is the image of t he invisible God. That great! So when He was here, "supposedly in heaven there w as no one? He did, God remained. He followed the Holy Spirit in the form of Espi rito Santo. But the way it was and in, the human form of the invisible God. Now we ... verse 16 U U "BECAUSE IN HIM ALL THINGS WERE CREATED ..." Now, the principle of God's creation. First, you sent to 15: "HE IS THE IMAGE OF ALL CREATION." INVISIBLE GOD, the firstborn The firstborn! What a beautiful Bible. Here is the beginning of the creation of God. "He's who? The firstborn of all creation. Before that being born in human f orm through the womb of Mary, He already was! 4 THE PRINCIPLE OF CREATION Just now came to be in human form. But then, corrects us, we help, we are instru cted, we are entangled, and if we say that He is the second person. To mess a bi t more, that God placed the word TRIUNE. NO. NO. SAY NO TRIUNE. Just people say the sanctity Trinity pit and it is. So he stayed, but the Bible completely abolished it. The Bible shows, short, the Bible corrects, instructs and prepares. For whom? For th e people who believe in the Word€for people who believe in God will prosper. Are we in? ... Verse 15, COLOSSENSES 1, verse 15. Bible, Bible in hand, we are not reading the catechism atet. We do not read the Koran from the church, we are not behind a certain doctrinal parameters. No! We are through Scripture. Step by st ep through the Word. He says what he says, she will never say anything. She says what she says. She never said, holy trinity, no, no, no. She said: GOD IS ONE. And you say holy trinity is something else, that is anti-biblical antichrist tha t is to start simply. Now then, verse 15 again.

"HE IS THE IMAGE OF ALL CREATION." INVISIBLE GOD, the firstborn He is the firstborn of all creation. You when you the text of Hebrews 13:8 He is very ... Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. You can not bring the same yesterday through Mary for here! You have to bring Jesus Christ: BEFORE THE OUTSIDE WORLD ... BEFORE the world was, when the world was created, when BO RN IN MARIA, when he went to the upper room, THE PRINCIPLE OF Criation 5 LOW WHEN THE HEART OF THE DISCIPLES, WHEN REACHING THE APOSTLE PAUL LE when I fo llowed the WAY OF THE DAY THE CENTURY TO TODAY TO VINT, then you COULD IT NARRA 3:14: "I AM THE FAITHFUL W ITNESS!" "Witness to what? Of the things that have happened. We now, verses 16, COLOSSENS ES 1:16. "BECAUSE IN HIM ALL THINGS WERE CREATED ..." For in Him were created. H OW MANY THINGS? ALL. THAT HUGE. ALL. In him were created. Yes, let's see. "BECAUSE IN HIM ALL THINGS WERE CREATED, WHICH IS IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH TO BE V ISIBLE AND INVISIBLE, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or POSTESTA DES all things were created THROUGH HIM AND FOR HIM. " Well, then who was I believe it? Through Him Who was it that created everything? ALL FOR HIM. WHO WAS MADE THAT ALL? IT. WHO IS HE? THE VERB. THE LOGOS. THAT HU GE! That is easy. That's simply food for baby. We're not talking academic. We ar e not talking about university. We are talking about a biblical text, very simpl e. Notice of space. But back again to the text, verse 16. "BECAUSE IN HIM ALL THINGS WERE CREATED" ... That in Him, that is like putting one to one ... we say a model and it was place d there everything, everything I have come to and for. Thrones, dominions, power s, the tree, the earth, sun, moon, stars, everything. From there began the creat ion. Let us see. "BECAUSE IN HIM ALL THINGS WERE CREATED, WHICH IS IN HEAVEN AND THAT IS IN THE E ARTH, VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or 6 THE PRINCIPLE OF CREATION POSTESTADES all things were created THROUGH HIM AND FOR HIM. AND HE IS BEFORE ALL THINGS, AND ALL THINGS IN HIM exist "; "He is before all things? Yes or yes? BEFORE ALL THINGS! He is the principle. Is he the first? He is the first. Who is He? The Word. The Logos of God. The great eternal glory of God. That verb, the one that piped here in human form, it was that created all things. To make a simple example: When Jesus was here, there wa s a man born blind. He then took a little clay, sculpted, carved powder, made mu d hit him in the eyes, and said, Go and wash in the Pool of Siloam. That great! [SAN JUAN 9:7] So that's why he sent him to do that? Just to show to doubters th at he was in his day, he was him who created all things. Now! ... Are we in that verse? [Verse 17.] VERSE 18: "AND HE IS THE HEAD OF THE BODY IS THE CHURCH," Le t space. "He is before all things? Yes sir. He is the beginning of all creation. Yes sir. Who? Him El-The verb. He was born of Mary. Yes sir! "And He is who? Th e head ... Who? The body of the Church. Ah! Since we spend and the New Testament . You say: That's Old Testament. He is the head of the Church. That great! Who i s still the head of the church? The same one who created all things. That was he re in human form. NOW THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH WHO IS? The Word, the Logos. Again

the text! AND HE IS THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH IS THE BODY, IT IS THE PRINCIPLE OF Criation THE PRINCIPLE, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things might have the su premacy " 7 For everything. That great! Everything ... The start to the resurrection. He was the first who rose again, and then raised to and there the brothers of the Old Testament. All the brothers revived the Old Testament and hopefully the second o r the first resurrection in the field of the Gentiles.€Very good! Let us go back to Scripture. The book of Genesis chapter 1. Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 3. "And G od said, Let there be light: and there was light." This was the beginning, from Ali's where the word began to create. Who was speaking? The verb. "Who said that ? The Logos. From where God spoke? From the Logos. From which body? From Logos. He spoke of the body that God was created. God raised a body. From there he bega n to speak. He said: Let there be Light. What Light? That light was not the Logo s. That light was the light cosmic! Dali And then, the voice said: Light, light, electricity, light, electricity, light, light, light waves began to build until it became the atom and then comes the whole universe, the great branch of the u niverse , with a little star calieron and have formed the universe ... Very good . From where? From Ali. Genesis 1:3. You can not read Genesis 1:1. No! God the w ay He spoke first said, "Let there be Light" is Genesis 1:3. "And we're back to Genesis 1:1, Genesis 1:2, Genesis 1:4 and then later began to build God what He created. The most beautiful thing God has His Word. Why not accept it? Why not s ee it like this in the Bible? 8 THE PRINCIPLE OF CREATION You will not be fixed that is very different! Do you know why? Because of unbeli ef reigning in the hearts of people. That is: Unbelief is the mother of hell-bor n, in order to make the people believe will be lost ... the people, the world is lost, still trying to be a believer lost, in what is known by nature, are corru pt. Let's see we reached a little minutes more. The book of John 1:14. San Juan 1:14. Our theme: The principle of creation. "ECHO The Word became flesh and dwelt among us." And the Word. What Word? And the Word. What Word? You check the dictionary to se e how far he is told. In order to fix what it says. If we try to speak English, Allah says one thing and another here. Very well then, this. One Word. What Word ? The Word of Principle. He who created all things. That said, "Let there be Lig ht." Verb That he did? He became flesh, just became flesh. You do not have to bu ild something else, you do not have to think about anything else. If we continue to 1:14. "ECHO The Word became flesh and dwelt among us (and we beheld His glory, glory a s the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth." That great! John 1:6 "There was a man sent from God, whose name was John." Came for a witness, to bea r witness to the light, In order that all through him might believe. " Ah, ah! Who was this John John was that he would first play to bring the witness to the light. What that light? The Logos. The Word. "And he who was present in the form

THE PRINCIPLE OF Criation 9 human? For that John came. He commissioned for that. You Are fixed? If God Himse lf, if our Lord Jesus Christ is the same. He does not change. He had need of a p recursor in the first coming, he needs a precursor to his second coming. Eh, now on, does that verse? We are in the seven again seven. "Came for a witness, to bear witness to the light, A so that all through him mig ht believe. He was not the light but sent to bear witness to the light. The true light that enlightens every man was coming into this world. Estava WORLDWIDE, A ND THE WORLD WAS MADE BY HIM, BUT THE world knew him not. " For whom was it done? Was in the world but the world was made through Him the wo rld knew him not. Does the world for whom was it done? In that light! O Brother that you think such a thing? Why do you put so many things left in your head? Do you know who said that? That said Rome in 325, after Nicea, the Council of Nice a, and from there came breeding, spawning until the Protestants drank the wine o f the great whore, and today we have the conflict from a mere doctrinal basis. B ook ... We run a bit, we went over time. 1. Timothy chapter 3, verse 16. We find the biblical text of the Principle of God's Creation. And without controversy great is the MYSTERY OF THE Piedade: GOD was manifest in the flesh, Ah! Who was declared? God. Not the child! Not his son: not the 2nd. Person. No no, no. 10 THE PRINCIPLE OF CREATION Who was manifest in the flesh? God. This eternal being was manifest in the flesh . Can you believe it or not. But that is - the Bible. The truth is that the Bibl e came to believe, and believe that you are a believer of the gospel, that is wh y we speak as we speak, ara believers of the Gospel. Let: GOD was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. That's the back ... that's like water. The water ...€the clouds release the wate r, it's a little bit here on earth in the waters and again she comes back again. God made the cycle. God was manifest in the flesh and "seen of Angels? Yes prea ched unto the Gentiles? Yes What else did He? Again received up into glory. That is God. Simply this is God, You who do not have ... No more spin, believe in th e Bible, if you believe in the Bible, just you be a child of God, believing you to the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. The book of Hebrews, Hebrews chapter 2, vers e 14, and go. Hebrews 2:14. SO, as the children are partakers of flesh and BLOOD, he too shared the same, to DESTROY DEATH THROUGH THE IMPERATIVE THAT HAD THE DEATH, THIS IS, THE DEVIL. He also. Do the children have flesh and blood? Yes He also partook of the same. We hope that you may have seen something of the Word of God. The Lord Jesus Chri st bless you. Criation THE PRINCIPLE OF THE PRINCIPLE OF GOD'S CREATION 11 • SAN JUAN 3:8 Revelation 10:9-16 • SAN JUAN • 11:52 • I John 2:2 • COL. • Apoca lipse 1:16-17 3:14 # 250 255 248, 271, 329-330 • 77 • THE FUTURE HOME OF THE TRU E EASTER SEAL THE GIFTS OF GOD • 56 A 59, 60-61, 63-65, 68, 73 75, 1976-1977 • W

HY PASTORS had to be? 89 The first time the angels sang to humans on earth. I St . John 2:2 He is the propiciação for our sins Ephesians 2:14, 15-17 I San Juan 1 0:9 The Time of Harvest # 264-268, 139, 143 253 made him the man to reflect. Fir st and Second Adam's Seed will not inherit with the straw 106-108, 155 Why they had to be pastors? # 85, 89, 172, 185, 186, 216 216 - are you just a church memb er, had a beginning. But the Word of God had no beginning. 273, 89 The first tim e the angels sang to humans .... Revelation 4 • Part III 128-133, 235, 237, 247, 259, 264-263 • Hebrews 2, Part III, 291. The baby that was the beginning gives creation of God, Emmanuel. • Questions and Answers III, 322 • SIGNAL 117U • THE AGE OF THE CHURCH OF Laodiceans 143, 52-55, 67, 73, IUI Corinthians 1:18-22 • th e Spoken Word I, 107-118, 146, 156, * 277, 279, 282, 287U 84, 42, 84, 33, 162 • 33 IUI SPOKEN WORD PROMISE, can not wait, nothing can defeat Amen. • REVELATION II, April • 117 SIGNAL SANCTUARY Sanctuary LES EZ SERVIREI 11:16 VOS WILL IT Shr ine 8:14 IS HEBREWS 6 U U U U U