Portuguese Language To read and write better, we need: Chat with friends with the teacher wrote Messages

With all warnings / Decisions Cards / Invitations News / instructions Provide suggestions and opinions about t exts Stories About Work About About Books About events About our behavior Uttera nces Texts Free Themed Suggested Reading For us to others recipes / instructions Texts Of Our colleagues in chips To entertain To learn word lists Local Overvie w Photos / prints Drawings Frames No verbal Verbal Texts Messages (Re) Discoveri es Rebuild Count and Read Stories Heard Invented Asking Questions About the text s that we know about About stories about visits Posters Reply Lenga-lengas/cantilenas/rimas The teacher colleagues in the other question naires Riddles Poems / Proverbs Stories Heard / Illustrated known Invented Stories Books Rules Stories / tongue-twister Listening Speaking Reading Other Stories Discoveries Wh at do we know what we learn Reports Summaries Decorating In dialogue form with expressiveness Rhymes mantra Poetry 4th Year Complete Stories Words Phrase Identify Celebrities In the space in time Resolve Bookmarks Games phrases from words Stocks Consult Playlists Files Dictionaries / charts Books / newspapers Dramatize Texts Stories Words Events Collapse Stories / legends / singing Prints / postal photocopies texts / traditions popul ar Quadras Talk Do we know what we want to know Of our desires What we learn From the time / exp erience from events Invent

Onomatopoeia Stories cantilenas mantra Rhymes Building Lock-mantra-languages Tales / Stories Files textbook of others to own copyright Dictionaries BD From t exts Invented From organizing tours Texts Stories (frames) Our work Paintings Drawings Studies Files Documents Our dreams Word Games Apply Syllabic division numerals Synonyms / antonyms of words Families Names Verbs: pr esent / past tense / future Adjectives (degrees) Personal Pronouns Accents graph ics Translineação Punctuation Determinants Possessive Demonstrative Distinguish Text types Types of sentences forms of sentences of the sentence elements and th eir mobility Syllables (tonic and unstressed) Gender / number / degree tonic acc ent and graph Transform Texts Phrases Math-4th Year To learn more mathematics, we need: Read and write No. cardinal (up to a million) in line pairs / odd compare estima tes with results Their measurements to calculate Calculate Additions Subtraction with borrowing only with integer multiplication (for 3 digits) Discovering Diff erent strategies for calculating Rules Of the multitude of the Division for calc ulate the area divisions (for two digits) The perimeter areas (square and rectan gle) No ordinals (up 10,000) No decimal Recognize Orders and Equivalences classes Multiple Angles Build The solid and m dm February 2 Draw Circles and Trim roses curved surfaces with geometric rules Figures From the Per imeter

The dam and hm Represent No decimal ruler graduated Om Order relations between t he numbers dm (from dm) 3 March 2 Do Estimates Calculations related measures length measures from mass capacity Use Board of numerical multiplication tables to make the division Geoplana / o The d am and tangran hm Compositions The number of operators from a pattern of pics Dubbing Geoplana Transformations Measure The perimeter of the circle Calendars / watches The diameter and radius of the c ircle Capabilities containers Schedule A calculating machine Bars / rules Other materials Plants and solid reading Identify Solid Figures Environmental Studies-4th Year To better study Environmental Studies, we need: Our body functions and forms of representation: the bones of the muscles of skin Our country Physical aspects Rivers Highs Aspects Coast: The water cycle Cluste rs stock symbols of the country cities, state capitals and district Signaling mo st used Tides Hygiene Food Body Care sun Rules Of First Aid Fire Prevention Anti-seismic Flag / Anthem Facts and historical figures (related to the holidays and region) Superstars The shape of the Moon Phases Solar System Timeline of historical facts Economic Act ivities Agriculture Livestock Forestry / Fishing Industry / Commerce Services Th e Search on the local environment of an institution the past Find world islands and archipelagos Continents / oceans Portugal in the World Lusophone Countries F rom the air From the land from sea Sonora Forms of treatment imbalance Environme ntal Factors With electricity With the air with the sound Other Pollution Its forms and causes of pollution factors Experiences

Materials The states Transformations With water State changes Vases communicants