The verses of the Quran Madina Sheikh Ali ibn Abderrahman al-Houdéyfi Friday, 06/07/1423 (08/16/2002) Fear Allah

sincerely, for the fear of Allah is the best provision for the other world. And know, O servants of Allah! That the verses of the Book of Allah or th e Hadith of the Messenger of Allah (Allah's Blessings and Peace) is the best ser mon. The Qur'anic verses awaken those in the entertainment, they taught the igno rant, punishes those who commit sins, give hope to those who fear the Koran clea nse and purify their hearts, correct quality, arrange cases, they strengthen the links between people in society, they prohibit bad things, and encourages good actions and virtues. There is a verse from the Word of Allah (exalted be he) tha t we often hear and we read our own language, so we must think about its meaning with our hearts and put into practice the verse brings together all good and fo rbids all evil is the word of Allah (exalted be he) (Allah orders justice, chari ty and assistance to relatives. He defends the immoral acts, acts condemned as v iolating the rights of others. He reprimands you, perhaps you will remember). Was the order of Allah to do good, its prohibition of evil, the description of t he lawful or unlawful, the science of truth and falsity, the legislation of laws and faith, son of Adam would have been lower than animals, as Allah (exalted be he) said: (Say: Are those who know and those who do not have the same value? . Only remember the talented brain). Allah (exalted be he) said: (So Shall We trea t Muslims like criminals?). Allah (exalted be he) said: (We Treat-those who beli eve and do good works the same way as those who spread corruption on earth or do we treat people we pile in the same way that people without faith or morals?). Allah (exalted be he) said: (Yes, we actually reproduces the hell many geniuses and humans. They have hearts not to grasp the deeper meaning of things, they hav e eyes to see and they do not have ears and hear not. These are the cattle as su ch or rather more misguided. These are the forgetful). (Allah orders justice): A llah commands justice, is mandatory orders and that we must respect. Justice is the mandatory right of Allah (exalted be he) or the obligatory right of creature s, so all orders are in the religion of justice and truth, that this order is ob ligatory or thing which is preferred, and whether an act or a word. The greatest thing Allah has ordained the worship of Allah (exalted be he) alone with no ass ociate and then perform the duties of creatures, Allah (exalted be he) said: (Wo rship Allah and do nothing with Him. Do good with both parents, the close, the o rphans, the destitute, the very close neighbor, the neighbor on one side, the co nstant companion, the passing stranger and that you possess the legal route. All ah loveth not one that is certainly full of vanity and braggadocio). This verse brings together all parts of the faith that the prophet spoke in the hadith: (Faith brings a little more than seventy parts (or branches), the higher is the word: "La ilaha illallah (there 's there is no god but Allah), and the l owest is the act of removing harmful things from the road (or road), and modesty is part of faith) Narrated by Muslim, according to the hadeeth of Abu Hourerra (Allah be pleased w ith him), because each Part of faith is justice, truth, property, and the middle path (the best way). ( ) The charity is part of justice which has been ordered, but it was mentioned be cause of its importance and its usefulness in this world and another. Charity in Islam brings to the charity itself as the Prophet (Allah's Blessings and Peace) said: (And your evil prevents people reach because it is a charity that you do to toimême) Narrated by Muslim, according to the hadeeth of Abu Dhar (may Allah be pleased with him) and she brings to treat our people. The charity is: do goo d and not do evil, Allah (exalted be he) said: (And do good, Allah loves those w ho do good). (Allah does not forbid you to attend those that you have never foug

ht because of religion and that you have never been out of your houses.€It does not forbid you to be good and fair with them. Allah loves those who are righteo us). Islam orders the charity and mercy, even to animals, the Prophet (Allah's B lessings and Peace) said: (Allah has written charity toward all things) Narrated by Muslim. (And the assistance to relatives): this is part of charity, but it i s a peculiarity of the charity, for assistance to relatives and charities is the best part of their statutory rights or preferred, and in the hadith The Prophet (Allah's Blessings and Peace) said: (Whoever wishes that his death is delayed a nd that his livelihood is successful, must keep (maintain) the relationship). An d the word of Allah (exalted be he): (And he defends (forbidden) acts immoral an d wicked acts): (The immoral acts) are what is hated by the brain (reason) and forbidden in reli gion among the things which Allah has forbidden and he warned against the punish ment, and the most important thing Allah banned is shirk (associating something to Allah) in worship, applications (douas), the demand for protection and many o thers, Allah (exalted be he) said about Luqman (as Peace be upon him): (My boy! Not associate anything with Allah, because the association is a tremendous wrong ). And this verse was attended by the parties (industries) of disbelief, hypocri sy, and all major sins. Abu Hours (May Allah be pleased with him) said that the Messenger of Allah (Allah's Blessings and Peace) said: (Avoid the seven sins (ca pital)) says: "And what are they, O Messenger of Allah? "he said (something to I nvolve Allah, sorcery, to kill the soul which Allah has forbidden unless it's an award in religion, eat the money interests, eat the money of the orphan, fleein g on the day of the battle, and accuse the believing women married and distracte d with having committed adultery) Narrated by Al-Bukhari. And (the immoral acts) together acts such as adultery, homosexuality, drinking alcohol and engaging in drugs, just as they gather words as a word of infidelity, lying, the charge of adultery and slander, insult and others as they gather the actions of hearts as pride, jealousy, pride (arrogance), the claim, the insolence, ingratitude ( lack of recognition), despise the people, and others. And (wicked acts) are what the soul sound (human nature) disapprove among what Allah has forbidden. (Violate t he rights of others): is oppression and injustice to others without good reason, the sin of injustice and oppression is worse if it's the one who is strong on l ow. And there is no sin whose punishment is more rapid in this world, which is r eserved for one who commits it in the next world than oppression and the breakin g of family ties: (O you who believe! Answer the call of Allah and the Messenger when he calls you to what you back! Know that Allah intervenes between man and his heart and that is to him you shall be gathered). Second sermon Servant of Allah! Fear Allah (Fear a day when we will bring you back to Allah, then each will then be acquire d its entirety and they will not suffer injustice). And Abdullah ibn Mass'oud (A llah be pleased with him) said: "The verse that brings together the best qualiti es is the word of Allah (exalted be he) (Allah orders justice, beneficence and a ssistance to relatives ...) ". (O you who believe! Obey Allah and His Messenger and do not turn your backs to him when you hear! And be not like those who say: "We heard" so they do not understand). And in the hadith, the Prophet (may Allah greet and pray on) said: (What I forbade you, avoid it, and what I have command ed you, accomplissezen what you can (as you can)). Servants of Allah! (Allah and His angels bless the Prophet. O ye who believe! Invoke him for ever b lessed and hello to Allah).