€€€Osteoarthritis is the evil of the century. It affects a large proportion of t he population, especially those 50 years.

But the phenomenon is beginning to aff ect more and more young people.

€€€Everyone talks about it. But what exactly is osteoarthritis? €€€It's a wear and aging joints, and chronic pain. €€€The causes of arthritis are many and varied. Here's a sample: €€€- The cold and lack of sunshine €€€- Deficiency of trace elements in food €€€- Repetitive movements during work €€€- Flat feet, malformation of the hips ... €€€- The depression, low morale (according to some psychologists)

€€€Early warning signs of arthritis are manifested by pain. They appear after ex ercise, when walking, after a prolonged immobilization in a bad position or as a result of repeated movement. These pains subside at rest. €€€To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor will make radios which will allow it to see if you have bony growths around joints. This will be a sign that arthritis is well established.

€€€The statement can not be otherwise since there are several types of arthritis pain and therefore different. €€€And you, are you suffering from one of these types of osteoarthritis? €€€- Cervical spondylosis: intermittent pain in the neck, shoulder, arm €€€- Osteoarthritis back: pain in the back or ribs €€€- Osteoarthritis lumbar back pain or sciatica crisis €€€- Osteoarthritis of the hip pain and walking pain at sunrise (it felt "rusty" ) €€€- Osteoarthritis of the knee trouble down stairs, squatting or standing up fr om a chair €€€- Other parts of the body can be involved: shoulders, hands, feet (in this ca se, it is often osteoarthritis deformans)

€€€If you experience these symptoms, go see your doctor who will seek to relieve pain, restore mobility to your joints, try to heal the lesions. €€€In addition, natural products can give you extra living comfort.

€€€They include, for example: €€€- Homeopathy: talk to a homeopath confirmed, he will prescribe you what granu les €€€- Herbal medicine: Harpagophytum, Cassis, Meadowsweet to alleviate the pain, the Bamboo and Horsetail, rich in silica, to replenish the cartilage €€€- Hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy: for an anti-pain and anti-inflammatory €€€- Aspirin: the pain and cons to thin the blood €€€- Trace elements: copper for an anti-inflammatory, fluorine against demineral ization, zinc, manganese, etc.. €€€- Cartilage shark cartilage to reconstruct €€€- The acupuncture to relieve pain and regain tone €€€- Massage: to improve flexibility of joints €€€- Sports sweet as qi gong, tai chi to regain mobility

€€€All this does is to explore avenues that after talking to your doctor. He wil l be able to judge what is most beneficial to you. €€€These different elements associated with good health habits will help you wit hstand the pain, sometimes disabling or deforming, osteoarthritis.

€€€Co-authors: BRUNET Isabelle (specialist in personal development) and Katy GAW ELIK (Doctor of Law, specializing in wellness and personal development)

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