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Adhesion / Permission to Discount on Social Security Benefits - Social Security

Operation Product Code corresp. / Store No. ADE

Placeholder Banco BMG
I - PERSONAL DATA - Borrower
Date of birth
No Benefit
Marital status
Spouse's Name
Mother's Name
Name of the Father
Birthplace (City / State)
Identity Document
Issuing Agency
Issue Date
Zip code
Contact Telephone COM. RES. Other: CEL.
Species of Retirement Service Time Dependent (01) Time Permanent Disability CPF
contribution Pensioner
Dependent (02)
II - FINDINGS OF CONSIGNEE - BANCO BMG SA, headquartered at Av Alvares Cabral, n
º 1707, Bairro Santo Agostinho, Belo Horizonte / MG, designated BMG, possessor
of Code No. III - Characteristics of Operation / assignment with reserve margin
to 20 %
Amount Requested - £ Value of IOF - £ First Final Maturity Maturity
Amount Released
No Benefits
. .
Rate Contract
Total Contract Value Rate
Value of each provision
Invoice due
Value of IOF - £
____% A.M equiv. ______% to A.A
Minimum value recorded for monthly payment inserted in the bill, up to a limit o
f up to 10% of benefits.
___________ Day of each month
_______% _______% A.m. to equivaliente a.a.
Identification Card (Registration alternative to embossing - 4th Line) III.2-Aut
horized Payments
Taxes PO Serv safe third Records Total Price% monthly% per annum EDT
IV - Data for Credit Operation
Bank Current Account Name Bank Payment Order V - Data Matching / to substitute C
NPJ / CPF Card Fast Cash BMG Savings Account No.. Card Agency - Account No. DV -
VI - Data Representative (subscriber Rogo)
Name Identity
Full Address
Field reserved to Banco BMG C0 C1 C2 C2
Client classified as "politically exposed person" Yes No
Framework (positions, jobs or public office)
The borrower is responsible for the accuracy of information provided in the sigh
t of the original document of identity, SSN, proof of address and income, ratio
of assets and other evidentiary other pieces of information made under penalty o
f the provisions of Art .64 Law No. 8383 of 12.30.1991 ".
Vig.: 29/02/2008
1 - This
MASTER), both subject to assignment of social security benefits, registered in t
he Registry of 1st Registration of Deeds and Documents from Belo Horizonte / MG.
The Borrower acknowledges that the cancellation of rebates may not occur before
paid his debt by declaring to be getting in this act, copies of the aforementio
ned contracts. 1.1. Is hereby authorized, alternatively, the flow of benefits re
ferred to in item III back in consideration of the borrower, as listed in item I
V or another account that will replace it. 1.2. The Borrower declares that the v
alue of the benefit to be recorded as set out in items III and III.1, is in acco
rdance with agreed upon, including charges set forth therein and that he had not
required any further liability and / or acquisition of another (s ) product (s)
. 1.2.1. The credit arising from the transfer via card BMG Master, should be mad
e on account of the borrower informed in item IV or through Money Order to the b
ank indicated in that item IV. 1.3. If the borrower has opted for the receipt of
the amount financed by BMG Fast Money Card, this card has the sole and exclusiv
e purpose of credit agreed upon release of this operation, it hereby declares th
at he is receiving such a card, so this can only be released provided that the b
orrower has margin and bearing this loan. 1.4. The borrower, having no bank acco
unt, checking or savings, provides the BMG release your credit via Money Order,
whose plundering of the amount financed can be done in cases of agencies accredi
ted bank ATMs or those using, latter case, the Card Fast Cash BMG, according to
item IV of this legislation and to the species. 1.5 The Borrower declares knowle
dge of Cost Effective Total (CET) this operation, as required by Resolution No.
3517 of 12.06.2007, contained in Section III.2 of this preamble, leaving the BMG
already authorized to allocate the values for all payments on behalf of third p
arty services and filings with the Public Agencies, as appropriate. VISAS:
Vig.: 29/02/2008
2 - With this, the borrower authorizes 2.1. INSS irrevocably, irreversible and i
rrevocable, to promote their discounted pension benefits, the value and amount o
f monthly benefits specified in items III and III.1 retro, depending on availabi
lity of margin consignable and in accordance with the legal provisions contained
Article 6 of Law No. 10.820/03 and item VI of article 154 of Decree number 3.04
8/99, as well as the figures for use of the Card BMG MASTER, principal and acces
sory of all amounts owed, which discounts are to remain until the Full payment o
f the balance due is your responsibility. 2.2. The annotation on taxes on the tr
ansaction now contracted, which are incorporated herein endorsed to benefits. 3
- the borrower recognizes it as liquid, certain and due the value stated, commit
ting themselves on an irrevocable, monthly payments, sometimes assumed. 4 - The
Borrower authorizes this act, the BMG to issue and send you the Credit Card and
Debit owned by BMG, BMG called MASTER, recognizing that the name "MASTER" is use
d for purely commercial purposes, without amending the definition of BMG CARD or
CARD. 5 - the borrower is aware and agrees that this may give Adhesion referenc
es BMG MASTER CARD, within 07 (seven) days of receipt of the card, promoting the
return of it to BMG, properly discarded, and since it has not used it, and this
procedure does not entail any cost. 6 - The Borrower may rely on the operations
available under the BMG INTERNET BANKING, such as recruiting new business and /
or renegotiation of current operations within the limits of consignable margin,
provided that it is password and user code to access the system, declaring that
he is aware of the terms of the Regulation for the provision of the alleged ser
vices, registered with the Registry of Deeds and Documents from Belo Horizonte /
Vig.: 29/02/2008
7 - The Borrower recognizes that its correspondents or agents are not allowed to
receive any fees and / or reimbursement of expenses and, if in doubt keep conta
ct with the BMG on 0800 724 3100. 8 - the borrower have read and understood all
the terms and conditions of this term of agreement and contracts that either ado
pts, being aware that the credits applied consciously, after verifying that thei
r condition of payment, not resulting in excessive debt, or harming their liveli
Place and Date: _____________________________, ______ _________ of the _________
_______________________________________________ Signature of BMG
_______________________________________________ Signature of Pensioner or Annuit
ant / or Borrower Representative ("subscriber to pray")
Right Thumb - Borrower
_______________________________________________ Name: CPF: _____________________
__________________________ Name: CPF:
Vig.: 29/02/2008
_____________________________, Of ____________________ ______ of _________ TO BA
_________________________ SERVICE IN VALUE: A Call to $_________________________
_____________ V.S nd s. a service to debit my card BMG MASTER and value above id
entified, whose drawing should be used as follows: abRemessa to account for my t
itle No. _____, Stock No. _______, Agency No. _________, or by Money Order with
the Bank No Agency No. _______, _________, in my favor: Let the depreciated valu
e of R $______________ (___________________________________________), my debit b
alance determined on that date together with the Bank and having balance in rela
tion to drawing, as shown below, can be credited to my checking account referred
to in subparagraph "a" above.
Contract (s) to be (in) paid (s) / repaid (s) No Contract Signed in Supply Matur
ity (s)
_____ / _____ To _____ / _____ _____ / _____ to _____ / _____ _____ / _____ to _
____ / _____ _____ / _____ to _____ / _____ _____ / _____ to _____ / _____ _____
/ _____ to _____ / _____
_____ / _____ To _____ / _____ _____ / _____ to _____ / _____ _____ / _____ to _
____ / _____ _____ / _____ to _____ / _____ _____ / _____ to _____ / _____ _____
/ _____ to _____ / _____
Value - £
Signature of Representative ("subscriber to pray") Name: CPF:
Signature of Borrower Name: CPF: RG: No Benefit:
______________________________________________ Name: CPF: ______________________
________________________ Name: CPF:
Right Thumb - Borrower
Duration: 09.01.2008
_____________________,€______ Of the __________ _________
THE BANK BMG S / A Belo Horizonte / MG Dear Sirs, In view of the conclusion of t
he loan agreement signed on this date in which payment of benefits will be achie
ved by discounting the pension benefit by the number of my benefit, this is to a
sk them is retained, the amount to be released, the amount corresponding to the
liquidation / redemption (s) of contract (s) effect (s) under my responsibility,
including the balance due by the Financial Institution below, as well as the ba
lance due from use of the CARD BMG Senior Aura, broken down in the amount descri
bed in Table II, II.1 and II.2 declare this opportunity, I agree with the balanc
e due to me made on the (s) contract ( s) quoted below (s), wound (s) / repaid (
s) as recorded in the present. Regarding the remaining amount released today, ac
cording to item III below, I ask you kindly to effect the credit in my checking
account, also reported in the above item. I - Loan signed on this date: Net Asse
t Value: R $_________________(__________________________________________________
____________________) Benefits Amount: __________ Value Benefits: U.S. $________
_____________ (________________________________ ________________________________
II - Contract (s) to be (in) paid (s) / repaid (s)
No Contract Signed in Paragraph
Due Date (s)
Value (£)
_______ / _______ To _______ / _______ _______ / _______ to _______ / _______
_____ / _____ / _____ To _____ / _____ / _____ _____ / _____ / _____ to _____ /
_____ / _____ _____ / _____ / _____ to _____ / _____ / _____
II.1 Card BMG Senior Aura is settled BMG Senior Aura Card No.
_______ / _______ To _______ / _______
Accession Held in
Balance due
II. 2 Settlement Loan Balance at Another Institution Debtor Total to be Paid in
Another Institution Financial Institution Name - £
Settlement date of the balance in the other Financial Institution
Total amount to be paid / repaid: U.S. $__________________ (____________________
_________________________________) III - Net amount remaining to be released tod
ay by current account credits: U.S. $____________________ (_____________________
__________________________________________) Current Account No.: _______________
_ Ag: __________________ Bank: _________________________ In since I do not have
the proof of social security benefits for the month of ______________, hereby au
thorize them to use the relative value of the discount provision of the contract
previously signed, now settled / amortized for purposes of deducting the 1st in
stallment of the contract signed today in the event that occurred the effective
discount on my behalf. If it is not the place (s) discount (s) (s) provide (s) i
n retrocitado benefit, I undertake, on an irrevocable, to make payment (s) allud
ed (s) portion (s ) as soon as it receives notice (s) for this purpose. Authoriz
e them, too, on an irrevocable, to remain using for the purpose of discounting t
he benefits of the loan agreement signed today, the margin previously endorsed w
hen concluding the contract now settled / or amortized value different from the
one endorsed, provided there is a margin. Given the settlement of the outstandin
g balance arising from the use of CARD BMG Senior Aura, as retro, I ask you kind
ly to order the immediate cancellation of alluded card. This correspondence is a
n integral and inseparable from the contract signed today. Confident in respondi
ng to my request, anticipate my thanks. Sincerely,
Right Thumb - Borrower
_________________________________________ Signature of Representative ("subscrib
er to pray") Name: CPF:
__________________________________________________ Name: CPF: RG: No Benefit:
Signature of Borrower
Agreement: ______________________________________________ BANCO BMG S / A. Witne
3.01. 029-C
Vig.: 26/06/2007
Application Form / Permission to Discount on Social Security Benefits - Social S
ecurity BMG MASTER
Operation Product Code Correspondent / Shop
Inclusion of Consignment Margin
I-Personal Data
Name CPF Marital Status Mother's Name Father's Name Hometown (city / state) Iden
tity Document (Type / Number) Species Retirement Nationality Issuing Agency / St
ate Sex
Change Margin consignable
Date of birth
No Benefit
Spouse's Name
Issue Date
II-Residential Data
City ZIP Number Email Address Area Code Home Phone Area Code Supplement Neighbor
hood UF Mobile Phone
III-To Bank Account Credit (Tele-Serve)
Bank (code and name) Agency (code and name) Current Account Number Customer Sinc
e (month / year)
IV-Data Representative (subscriber Rogo)
CPF Name Address City Zip Number Supplement Neighborhood UF Identity Document (T
ype / Number) Issuing Agency / State Issue Date
Fields reserved to Banco BMG
V-Data Consignment Consignee Code
Banco BMG S / A
Value of Monthly Consignment (Margin consignable) Value payroll, to be used to p
ay the minimum monthly printed invoice
Contractual maturity of the bill rate ________% am equiv. ________% A.A the valu
e of the IOF - £
____________ Day of each month
Maximum value of the Settlement Price for Advance - £
Identification Card (Registration alternative to embossing - 4th Line) Comments
Framework (positions, jobs or public office)
Client classified as "politically exposed person"
Yes No "blamed me for the accuracy of information provided in the sight of the o
riginal identity document, the CPF / CNPJ, address and proof of income, ratio of
assets (individual), the balance sheet of last 3 (three) years (legal person),
and other corroborating other pieces of information made under penalty of the pr
ovisions of art.64 of Law No. 8383 of 30.12.1991 ".
1.01.034-A Vig.: 28/11/2007
Since the Manager Coordinator
Pag.: 1
1 - PROPOSAL FOR MEMBERSHIP 1.1-CREDIT LIMIT be established by Banco BMG S / A,
according to the available margin USER informed by (the) Employer / consignor /
charged and duly authorized by him, which may be used once or in installments. U
SER declares that he is aware that the settlement of certain debt will restore e
qual in value, the credit line open and that if it is not used will not give dis
count on their own time. 1.2-ADHESION The proposed accession is part of the CONT
RACT FOR USE OF CREDIT CARD AND DEBIT CARD BMG, recorded in the Clerk of 1st Reg
istration of Deeds and Documents from Belo Horizonte / MG. The user's subscripti
on brings the immediate assumption of duties and obligations specified in that i
nstrument and is proof, herein, the receipt of a copy of the contract. USER ackn
owledges that the cancellation of rebates may not occur before paid his debt abo
ve. 1.3-STATEMENT In this act, the USER declares, for the proper purposes of law
, and under penalty of law that: 1.3.1. Undertakes to pay the existing debt with
the BMG CARD through monthly discount on the benefits of value to set the minim
um payment invoice will be sent to him by BMG CARD for that purpose, except anot
her limit set by law or by court or governmental authority, which discounts will
be maintained until the full settlement of the outstanding balance of the user'
s responsibility; 1.3.2. You acknowledge and agree that occurring at the resiliç
RD or even a hypothesis for its resolution and / or default, and those assumptio
ns do not use BMG CARD, as specified in the contract, the credit limit will auto
matically be canceled and shall be returned to the card BANCO BMG SA, remaining,
however, required with regard to operations already carried out. 1.3.3. You are
aware, too, and agree that this proposal may withdraw from membership within se
ven (7) days from the date of receipt of the BMG and the copy of the CARD CONTRA
CT FOR USE OF CREDIT CARD DEBT AND BMG CARD, through the restoration of the card
BANCO BMG SA, duly canceled, without any use, and this procedure does not entai
l any cost. 1.3.4. USER expressly authorizes the BANK BMG S / A, on an irrevocab
le, to provide the Risk Center of the Central Bank of Brazil, information on the
amount of debts and responsibility for security of my ownership, under the appl
icable regulations and how to access that information along to that Central, pro
vided by other financial institutions. 1.3.5. USER acknowledges as its sole resp
onsibility, in addition to contractual retrocitado under the contract, taxes, ex
penses, fees and charges arising from the operation signed at your fingertips, a
nd with regard to the pricing, refer to those arising from services of Banco BMG
S / A, disclosed in its table of rates and posted on the Banking Agencies and D
ependencies Banco BMG S / A, including that regarding the early settlement of co
ntract. 1.3.6 The USER may settle the transaction in advance,€whole or in part,
with appropriate proportional reduction in interest and other charges, payment o
f the fee due, which will be adjusted taking into account the proportionality be
tween the maximum provided for in section V of this preamble, the number of days
elapsed to the total or partial liquidation and total time (in days) of operati
on, obtained according to the following formula:
Maximum value of the rate x
1 -
Calendar days until the total settlement deadline (in days) of operation
Value depreciation Balance Due
1.3.7. Declares that it is aware that may occur to reduce the credit limit BMG C
ARD Card, in the case of the "Value of Monthly Consignment (Margin consignable)"
be decreased, and the Employer / consignor / annotated responsible endorse the
value that is available at any time. 1.3.8. States, too, not being obligated to
purchase any product in this Financial Institution and / or Correspondent. 1.3.9
. Finds, finally, that the name "MASTER" is used for purely commercial purposes,
without amending the contract, notably the definition contained in subsection 2
.4 of said contract. 2 - 2.1-AUTHORIZATION USER expressly authorizes the Banco B
MG SA: 2.1.1. The CARD BMG issue cards on their behalf; 2.1.2. The assignment in
social security benefits, the principal value of bonds and ancillary defluentes
limit the use of it is opened. 2.2. I hereby authorize the deduction in benefit
s, the monthly value corresponding to the predicted value in the "Value Assignme
nt Monthly" described on the front, for purposes of minimum required payment in
the Invoice will be sent to me monthly by BMG CARD Card, arising from use of all
uded Credit Card. 2.3. Authorize them also to record the discounted value of the
benefits, as shown on the obverse, the current account of the Banco BMG SA, wit
h headquarters and jurisdiction in Belo Horizonte - MG to Av Alvares Cabral N °
1707, Bairro Santo Agostinho , CEP: 30170-001, CNPJ under no 61.186.680/0001-74,
the settlement of the plots relating to the use of the Card BMG CARD up to the
limit established in this preamble. 2.4. Finally, I recognize as a liquid, certa
in and required the sum set aside in committing myself irrevocably and irreversi
bly, to make the monthly payments, as set out above, the authorization for disco
unt should remain until the full settlement of the outstanding balance of my res
ponsibility. 2.5. Banco BMG informs its clients that do not authorize the collec
tion by its correspondents or agents thereof, from fees and / or reimbursement o
f expenses. For questions please contact us through the numbers 0800 283 3100.
Place and Date of ______________________________________, _________ _________ __
_______________________ of
____________________________________________________ Signature of Retired / Pens
____________________________________________________ Signature of Representative
("Subscriber to pray) ___________________________________________________ Signa
ture of Banco BMG S / A
Thumb Law - Retired / Pensioner
____________________________________________________ Name: CPF: ________________
____________________________________ Name: CPF:
Vig.: 28/11/2007
Pag.: 2
CONTRACT FOR PERSONAL LOAN / FUNDING THROUGH assignment of Social Security Benef
Contract that together celebrate BANCO BMG SA, with headquarters and jurisdictio
n in Belo Horizonte-MG, Av Alvares Cabral, 1707, Santo Agostinho, CEP :30170-001
, registered under CNPJ / MF under No. 61,186,680 / 0001-74 hereinafter simply c
alled BMG, herein represented in the form of its bylaws and holders of retiremen
t benefits and pensions of the General Welfare of the National Institute of Soci
al Security - INSS adhering to this Agreement, in separate instrument of members
hip, now simply called the Borrower.
1. DEFINITIONS For purposes of this Agreement, the terms below have the followin
g meanings, whether used in singular or plural: a. BMG: the Bank granting the lo
an / financing for each borrower b. Borrower: means the holder of benefit or pen
sion that pleads and gets the loan / financing with BMG, c. CENTRAL SERVICE mean
s the Switching maintained by BMG, available to the borrower, under security pro
cedures for access so that it could: (I) information on the entries in the accou
nt, especially sales, fees and / or financial charges ( II) communicate address
changes and other events of interest, and (III) to conclude the operations avail
able from the Service Center; d.COMPROVANTE OPERATING means the information adop
ted by BMG, which may be referred to the Borrower€when the release of the credit
amount claimed by the Borrower, whether in the initial operation or other subse
quent operations, containing the data from their operation of loan / financing b
y the borrower held by the BMG. e. GRAPHIC ACCOUNT - means the account book kept
internally by BMG on behalf of each Borrower, which records the debts arising f
rom operations of loan / financing made by the Borrower with the BMG, the approp
riation of charges on the values relating to these operations as well as claims
arising from payments on such debts, these payments made directly by the Borrowe
r or by withholding and discount by PAY FOR BENEFITS, the social security benefi
t or pension paid to the borrower, or even by direct debit indicated by Borrower
for that purpose and, finally, rebates on the amounts improperly charged f. Acc
ount of the borrower - tells the sole property of the borrower, which will be cr
edited to the loan / financing through Credit Order Document - DOC, Electronic T
ransfer Available - TED and / or other transfer authorized by BMG, and that the
transfer of resources may be in favor of a third party (vendor / supplier / manu
facturer) when it comes to financing property; g. Maturity Date means the day of
each month during the term of this Agreement in which the borrower's debt disch
arged perhaps in regard should be paid, as the duly appointed ADHESION and PROOF
OF OPERATION. For purposes of this Contract, it is hereby agreed that: (i) the
PAY BENEFIT is first and foremost on an irrevocable, irreversible and irrevocabl
e, authorized by the borrower to cash their pension benefits and, immediately th
ereafter, deliver to BMG the value corresponding to the payment of each installm
ent of the loan / financing obtained, and (ii) the maturity date may be duly ame
nded to reflect changes in the date on which the PAY BENEFIT pays the benefit to
the borrower; h. BENEFITS OF PAY means an entity with which the Borrower mainta
ins respect for receiving benefits and who has been forced to discount to the BM
G, the benefit and / or pension, the amounts payable on account of loan / financ
ing contracted by the BMG i. ADHESION is the document that confirms the receptio
n by the borrower of the conditions of this contract, whose term will be signed
by the borrower, containing their personal data, registration and other statemen
ts, which will be maintained by the BMG j. OPERATION means the contracting of lo
ans / financing from the BMG with the transfer of funds made on behalf of the bo
rrower. k. Agreement - means the company may be hired by BMG, for execution of r
ecovery. 2. OPERATIONS 2.1. The Borrower is aware that applications for loans /
financing and the transfer of funds made on behalf of the Borrower for the accou
nt of his sole proprietorship or a third party, in the case of financing of good
s through Credit Order Document - DOC , TED - Available Electronic Transfer and
/ or other transfer authorized by BMG, requires the immediate hiring of loan / f
inancing on behalf of the Borrower with the BMG itself and that, consequently, t
he figures for each of these operations will suffer the impact of charges from t
he moment of its realization. 2.2. The value of charges for each transaction car
ried out under Clause 2.1 above will limit the rate indicated in the ADHESION or
PROOF OF OPERATION that the latter may even be sent to the borrower, containing
both the data from the contracted operation, the value of the loan / financing,
winning the first installment, the value of each and related charges, being sur
e also that the Borrower will remain liable for taxes based on the contracted op
eration. 2.3. In term of operation of loan / financing and its annotation with t
he PAY FOR BENEFITS, with the partial settlement of the loan / financing, the bo
rrower may request the completion of another operation, since it remains on your
credit status, including margin and endorsed being provided to the BMG, obeyed
its credit policy, or does not meet the new request of the borrower, regardless
of relinquishing the reasons for refusal and, in doing new business, the discoun
ts in their retirement benefits and / or pension will remain until full settleme
nt of transactions provided. 3. PAYMENTS The payments owed by the borrower€are s
cheduled to be made through the systematic reduction, by (a) their respective (a
) PAY OF BENEFITS (A) in their social security benefits and / or pension. 3.1. I
n the event of the borrower PAY FOR BENEFITS fail to make the discounted value o
f total social security benefits on one or more benefits, for failure to do so,
the BMG is already authorized to extend the maturity of each installment open .
In this case there will be the consequent increase in the amount of benefits, al
lowing for themselves, so the use of the contractual rate for the duties imposed
upon the extension. 3.1.1 In the absence of reducing the margin recorded for an
y reason and at any time in the contract, the BMG is already now authorized to m
ake the adequacy of the reduced value of the benefit to the limit available for
the discount. In this case the outstanding balance of the contract calculated on
the adjustment date shall be redistributed so that the value of each new instal
lment, including charges them incidents, falls within the limits available, with
consequently higher amount of benefits. 3.1.2. The conditions set out in 3.1 an
d 3.1.1., If adopted, will be conditioned by the resumption of discounts (a) PAY
OF BENEFITS and made their transfer to the BMG. 3.1.3. Not exercising the power
s provided for the BMG in 3.1 and 3.1.1, the Borrower undertakes to complement a
nd / or pay the full amount due. The settlement provided herein, is the BMG or C
ovenanted of his statement at the outset and is hereby authorized by Borrower to
request on behalf of himself, the debt on current account of its ownership, sta
ying here invested with the necessary powers to this purpose. 3.1.4. You can als
o order the liquidation of the Borrower its debit card use bank payment form loo
se, direct payment in cash of BMG or any other form accepted by BMG, under penal
ty of late payment, it being stipulated that the payments made with delay, shall
be subject to charges contained in the letter "a" of item 3.2 below. 3.1.5. Fee
s for the charges referred to in items 3.1 and 3.1.1, contain the respective PRO
OF OF OPERATION. 3.1.6. In the event of retro subclause 3.1.4, the Borrower expr
essly manifested their desire to settle in advance the balance due under this, y
ou will be guaranteed the right to a proportional reduction in interest agreed u
pon with respect to installments. 3.2. Failure to pay the amount of each install
ment, will occasion the immediate establishment of the borrower in default, with
the BMG may declare immediately due and payable the entire debt discharged agai
nst the borrower, in which case the values will suffer delays in the incidence o
f committee of stay, calculated in accordance with the standards of the Central
Bank of Brazil; contractual fine and conventional 2% (two percent), default inte
rest of 1% (one percent) per calendar month and attorney's fees based on the 10%
(ten percent);
Vig.: 29/02/2008
4. Obligations of the Borrower subject to the obligations of the Borrower establ
ished by law or other provisions of this Agreement, the Borrower hereby assumes
the following obligations: a. verify that the data released in ADHESION and / or
PROOF OF OPERATION are correct, provided that you credit the current account th
rough DOC / TED and or other transfer authorized by BMG, will feature a clear ma
nifestation of the will of the borrower and agreement with the operation perform
ed, forcing himself in this way for all charges and other responsibilities arisi
ng from or related to b. BMG keep updated all the time with regard to their pers
onal data and registration, and your sole and full responsibility for all conseq
uences arising from their omission; c. afford the taxes, expenses, fees and char
ges arising from the (s) operation (s) signed (s), as well as charges resulting
from the provision of services BMG, released in its table of rates Banking, post
ed in their agencies and dependencies, including that regarding the early settle
ment of the outstanding balance under this. d. cope also with any and all costs
relating to proceedings for recovery of amounts overdue by the BMG, including by
hiring third parties to which the Borrower now recognizes as net and some e. af
ford, even with court costs and attorneys fees that the BMG were to incur due to
the exercise by BMG, through the courts, their rights under this Agreement, to
which the Borrower now recognizes as liquids and certain f . issues to the BMG,
when asked by this, promissory note, due on demand€the representative value of i
ts debt. g. Insurance contract guaranteeing the operation of loan / financing fo
r at least the same value for the period of validity of this contract, containin
g the beneficiary as BMG, which is already now authorized to receive the amount
insured for total or partial liquidation of debit balance, due to the stoppage o
f the discount of social security benefits in any event. 5. STATEMENTS homeowner
s in this act the Borrower declares that: a. authorizes so irreversible, irrevoc
able and unconditional that PAY FOR BENEFITS abide by the instructions off part
of your social security benefits and / or board, authorized by him, as indicated
by BMG, and their transfer of such values to BMG or as it will indicate, persis
ting, such authorization by the succession in relation to pensioners and their d
ependents. b. unconditionally authorizes the BMG verify and exchange information
on their registration data, credit and financial reasons and that includes such
information in newsletters, revocation lists, mailing lists issued or authorize
d by BMG and provide the Central Bank of Brazil, information on the amount of de
bts and guarantees of the borrower's liability in accordance with applicable law
, remains still, the BMG authorized to access information from that body, provid
ed by other financial institutions. c. acknowledges that this Agreement, togethe
r with ADHESION and their relative PROOF OF OPERATION, each of which, together o
r separately for each loan / financing constitutes an extrajudicial execution un
der Article 585, II, Code of Civil Procedure, saving this feature at any time, e
ven after their release and / or cancellation; d. requests and authorizes the op
ening, by BMG, of registers, forms and records relating to loans / financing, ge
tting BMG already approved, on an irrevocable, to provide credit protection syst
ems, any information regarding timely payments and possible default of the oblig
ations described in this Contract e. BMG acknowledges that may offer additional
products or services tailored to the borrower, pay the price and / or related ch
arges (including brokering), provided that membership of the borrower to provide
such products or services will be at the moment the Borrower to make payment of
the price offered, allow the debt service or product in this regard, accept or
receive the product or service, or request such a service or product through cor
respondence or use of computerized process, whichever is always the first event
that occurred. The products and services mentioned in this item may be discontin
ued at any time by BMG, by simply sending notice to the Borrower. f. The Borrowe
r expressly authorizes the BMG, if and when necessary, assign, transfer or pledg
e all or part of the rights, bonds, shares and guarantees of this Agreement, reg
ardless of notice or authorization of any kind. g. The Borrower authorizes the B
MG, on an irrevocable, to make the compensation provided for in Article 368 of t
he Civil Code from your credit, debit represented by the borrower and the credit
balances in bank account of free movement or any other claims this has next to
BMG or related companies. h. BMG authorizes the Borrower to send you by e-mail,
mobile electronics, direct mail or other electronic means available, including t
hrough telephone contact, communication / message about the possibility of concl
uding new (s) operation (s) / refinancing (s) and other communications / message
s. 6. 6.1VIGÊNCIA GENERAL - This Agreement shall remain in force indefinitely, r
emaining, however, the borrower is responsible for the remaining debts and deriv
atives, for whatever reason, this Agreement, as well as the systematic discounti
ng of each installment of the loan / financing in welfare benefits and / or pens
ion, the borrower, as contracted. 6.2 EARLY SETTLEMENT - the borrower can make t
he repayment or early repayment of your outstanding balance, with a proportional
reduction in interest and other additions, under Resolution No 3516 of 06.12.20
07, the Central Bank. 6.2.1 The present value on the redemption or early settlem
ent, provided the item back, you should be well established: a) the term of this
Agreement is held up to 12 months, should be used in the interest rate agreed u
pon, b) if the period exceeds 12 months,€should be used to rate the sum of the s
pread at the time of entering into this Agreement with the Selic rate reached at
the latest date of request for redemption or early settlement, or the interest
rate agreed upon here is the request for redemption or early settlement occur wi
thin seven (7) days from the date of signing of this Agreement. 6.2.2 The spred
mentioned in "b" of the previous item shall be the difference that is found betw
een the interest rate agreed upon in this Agreement and the Selic rate establish
ed on the date of conclusion. 6.3 RESOLUTION - In addition to other cases of def
ault under this Agreement, it is understood that the occurrence of any of the fo
llowing events will result in the termination of this Agreement, resulting in ea
rly maturity of debts to their defense, which should be immediately paid by the
borrower without objection I. breach by the Borrower of any obligation imposed u
pon it under this Agreement; II. termination of the Agreement which, perhaps, ha
s been reached between the BMG and its PAY FOR BENEFITS, and that has occurred s
ince the interruption of discounts relating to loans / financing done so far. II
I. finding, by BMG, of untruthfulness, partial or complete, the information prov
ided by the borrower, IV. intentional act or omission by the borrower in order t
o obtain any advantages offered by BMG, V. occurrence of any situations that adv
ersely alter the situation of the borrower in relation to PAY FOR BENEFITS, incl
uding, without limitation, exclusion or suspension of the borrower, and VI. occu
rrence of any situations that adversely alter the credit profile of the borrower
, as verified at the time of signing the membership of the borrower. 6.4 FORUM -
Any questions or disputes regarding the provisions of this Agreement shall be s
ettled by the Court of the District of Belo Horizonte - MG, getting BMG opt for
the home forum of the Borrower. REGISTRO 6.5 - This Agreement is recorded at the
Registry Office of Deeds and Documents competent Belo Horizonte - MG.
Vig.: 29/02/2008