BARCELONA - Religious Congregation Sisters of St. Joseph in January.

It's free d ining places where you get free hot meal or snack at certain times, sometimes to eat there, others to wear. Some public and managed by Catholic religious orders . There are others that you can only access if you contact Social Services (in t he SAIER, which comes in above): you have to go from a social worker. - Dining N avas Monday to Sunday from 18 to 20 hours. From Monday to Sunday from 12:30 to 1 4:00. If you go you will eat, but only for three days. To get the monthly card m ust go to SAIER (point II.0). Avenida Meridiana, 238-240; Metro: Navas (line 1) Tel: 93 351 72 20 - Dining Liceu. From Monday to Saturday from 12 to 14:30. If y ou go you will eat, but only for three days. To get the monthly card you must go to Social Services (II.0 point). Paral.lel Avenue, 97 (1st floor). Metro Liceu (line 3). 2. Hostels free tel: 93 441 62 12 In Barcelona there are virtually no shelters for the homeless, is the policy of City Hall. They are places where you can spend the night while finding their own accommodation, the few that there a re often full and sometimes the atmosphere is a little harsh, but at least you s leep hot. - Comunitat de Sant Egidio Thursday soup vendors; Estació de Sants, Es tació del Nord and Ciudad Vella. Pedro Plaza, a low. Metro Sant Antoni (Line 2) Tel: 93 441 81 23 C / Fraternitat, 40. Metro Diagonal (lines 3 and 5) tel: 93 21 9 41 61 From Monday to Sunday, 14 hours, hot food, you have to take number 12 no on C / Ganduex, 98. Bosanova Metro (line 6), Buses 14, 70, 72. Tel: 93 417 62 50 - Rauxa Association; restaurant La Terrasseta - Dining / Menjador "The Lleona" The advantage of this restaurant is that not le ave you without food, then tell the people seeking food and divide it among the people there. You have to go for ticket. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 14:00 ticket for lunch at 16:00, 16:15 ticket for lunch at 17:00. Saturday: 10:0 0 ticket for lunch at 11:30 Sunday: 10:00 ticket for lunch at 11:30, 11:15 ticke t to eat at 12. C / Hospital, 2; meters Liceu (line 3) - Almogàvers reception center. You have to be at 19:30 and give you a bonus of a few days. Device was cold (winter only), but looks set to remain open. C / Almo gàvers, 199. Metro: Llacuna (line 4). - Pabellón de la Mar Bella - Dining / Queen of Peace Menjador Monday to Sunday ( except Thursday) from 10:30 to 12 noon, hot meals. Arc de Sant Agustí, 10. Metro : Liceu (Line 3, green), Buses 14, 36, 38, 57, 59 and 64 tel: 93 317 94 61 Some associations have received floors but no direct access but a van picks you up, p assing through the station the C / Nou de la Rambla Rambla del Raval (metro Dras sanes, line 3) over 23 (the stations are highly recommended sites if you have no documentation, but here the controls do not normally Raval), has showers. access will be sent by a social worker or social services to go to the associati on itself. They are few and usually accessed after a follow-up. Metro: Reina Elisenda (line 6). Tel: 93 204 45 86. - Fundació Busquets hours din ing, showers and clothing from 12 to 15 hours (Monday to Friday) The showers no problem but asked for the interview room after C / Cistern s / n. Commuter train s and the Generalitat: Terrassa Terrassa - Red Cross refugee and immigrant service and time management: SAIER (II.0 point ) 4. Closets and lots of food - Catalan Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR) from 9-15 pm from Monday to Thursday and also have a referral service and legal advice. C / Casp, 37. Metro: Catalun ya (Line 1 and 3) Tel: 93 301 25 39 - Bayt Al-Thaqafa. From Monday to Friday from 10-12 and from 17 to 21h. On Satur day from 17 to 19h. C / Princesa 14, 1 º 2 ª. Metro: Jaume I (line 4) tel: 93 31 9 88 64

Most belong to churches and parishes are run by Caritas. They are distributed th roughout the neighborhoods and tend to come here to tell you closer to your home , but I will attend on either. In most cases you have to pass before the social worker who usually goes once or twice a week at the parish center and then acces s to resources. Anyway, if you just come to town and you spend directly to colle ct clothes and food do not the refuse. If you can not find any near where you li ve you can go to the social worker of Caritas in the C / Aurora, 12, 1 telling y ou what is closest and will direct you to it. Here are the closets organized by districts: Eixample - Barcelona Diocesan Caritas Caritas has a large network of host and ma nage public resources Plaza Nova, 1. Metro Jaume I (Line 4) tel: 93 301 35 50 Lo ts of food: first Thursday of each month from 18 to 19 hours C / Consell de Cent , 118. Metro: Rocafort (line 1) 3. Showers Public Phone: 93 423 46 76 - Mare Mir acula Social Worker Medal: Tuesday from 16 to 18 hours Clothing: Tuesday from 16 to 18 hours There is only one public showers in Barcelona, the remaining listed below belong to associations, foundations or parishes. - Sant Ferran Social Worker: Mondays from 11 to 13 hours Clothing: Mondays from 11 to 13 hours - Centre de Dia Meridiana. It is the town hall. To use the showers do not need p rior interview. As have many, do not usually have problems of saturation, so we recommend that if you can, go to them. They are open Monday through Friday from 9 to 11horas. Av Meridiana, 197. Metro: Navas (line 1). Tel: 93 408 45 43 - Cent re Obert Heura. It has only a shower, so you have to arrive before the hour to t ake place, as it can be filled. It is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1 7 to 20h. Avenida Argentina, 1 D. Metro: Lesseps (Line 3). Tel: 93 217 45 49 - C entre d'Assis lanyard. In principle you have to talk first with the social educa tor but are usually not problems. Tres Reis, 5. Lots of food: Mondays from 18 to 20 hours Gran Vía, 406. Metro: Espanya (lines 1 and 3) Phone: 93 423 97 46 - Sant Francesc de Sales Social Worker: Tuesdays at 19 hours Clothing: Monday fr om 17 to 19 hours Lots of food: Tuesday after the second Thursday of the month from 18 to 20 hours Pg Sant Joan, 57 low. Metro: Tetuan (line 2) Clothing & lots: Thursday from 18 to 20 C / Aneto, 19. Metro: Vilapicina (line 5 ) Phone: 93 429 39 42 Phone: 93 265 39 12 - Sant Bernat de Clairvaux GRÀCIA immigrant reception center "Nou Barris yonder": Wednesday and Friday from 18-20 h Closet: Mondays from 16 to 19h - Mare de Deu de la Salut clothing and food: 17 : 30-18: 30 C / Pedraforc a, 2 C / Clavell, 6. Metro: Alfons X (line 4) Phone: 93 359 02 84 Phone: 93 213 14 31 In addition to the above sites you can find clothes in the "Free Shops." T hey are opportunities for exchange of objects, where you take what is not going to use and anyone I can grab it and keep it, without having given anything. Such initiatives have nothing to do with the previous ones, because they are based o n "charity" that has the most "assigning" a few things to who has not, but in th e construction of spaces not mediated by money to share among equals have the re sources. Free shops can be found at: - Can Masdeu Clothing (also for children) a nd food: first Monday of each month from 18:30 to 19:30 C / Vallcarca, 7 Phone: 93 219 90 20 - Social Center HORTA-Thousands of homes GUINARDÓ Monday and some W

ednesday from 17 to 20h (also sewing workshop) Borbó Av.Joan of No 11. Metro: Ba rceloneta (Line 4) - Sant Joan de Horta Social worker: 16-19h Tuesday and Thursd ay from 10-13 h Clothing: Second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 17 to 18 h C / Dean, 1. Metro: Horta (line 5) Phone: 93 427 69 96 5. Health and hospital emergency Nou Barris To access the healthcare system of the Spanish need to be r egistered and then take off your health insurance card (you'll find how to do th at in the first part of this guide.) However, whether or not you are registered and come from - CSO The Makabra C / Tanger 40. Metro Glories (Line 1) is availab le on its website: Camí Antic de Sant Llàtzer, Canyelles Metro (Line 3) On your website you have a map of how to get there: htt p: / / Lots of food: fourth Thursday of each month from 16-18 h - Mare de Deu del Coll Clothes and Food: Tuesday from 10 to 12 hours C / Sanctua ry, 30 low. Bus: 65 Phone: 93 213 82 29 - Sant Jordi - Our Lady of Fatima where you come, you are entitled to what is called health care an "emergency" in case of serious illness, accidents, etc.. etc. Hours: 11-17h. C / San Rafael, 16, Metro: Liceu (Line 3) Tel: 93 317 70 59 To do this, you can go to the emergency department of any public hospital (the a ddresses below) or primary care (PAC). In some places, it may put you problems a nd you say no you can attend. In any case, insists it is serious and you have no where to go. You can not be denied assistance. If they do, go elsewhere. Later, you can report SOS Racism in the health center or hospital that you attended. SO S Racism address is C / Bou de Sant Pere, 3; Urquinaona meters (line 1), open Mo nday to Thursday from 17 to 21 hours. Remember that the phone 24 hours Emergency Social and Abuse is 900 30 90 30 (CAUM;€looks II.0 point) and Women in Situatio ns of Violence 900 900 120. - CAP Drassanes (Primary Care Center) You can make HIV testing without having a health card Drassanes Av 17-21. Metro: Drassanes (line 3) Phone: 93 329 44 95 TAMAI; association of women against domestic violence psychological assistance i n case of abuse, you must call Monday and Thursday from 16-20 or Tuesday and Wed nesday from 10:30 to 15 : 30. C / Casp, 38, pral, Metro: Catalunya (lines 1 and 3) In addition to these centers can be found at: Tel: 93 412 August 1983 - "Health and Family." If you have not dealt with the health card can go here, w here will address all your health problems and not just the Emergency Department will send you to a health center or hospital with which they have an agreement not be asked for any documentation. To access this service you will have to make an appointment. Office hours are from 9 to 12. They also have other health serv ices that you may find useful: abortion, free of charge until delivery gynecolog ist, if you're pregnant ... Via Laietana, 40, 1st, 2nd B Phone: 93 268 36 00 - Equip d'Attention of the Dona (EAD) is a service of the City of Barcelona, but their management is private. Attend especially to battered women. C / Rec, 15, Metro: Jaume I (line 4) Phone: 93 268 20 82 / 93 268 20 83 - Adoration, software per la Donate Donate Destined to any woman who wants to have a space of listeni

ng, counseling and job training (although this depends on a religious congregati on, do not press anything) C. Evarist Arnús, 29. Pl Metro Centre (line 3) Phone: 93 490 92 02 You are some addresses of hospitals and other healthcare sites you might find interesting: - Hospital Maternitat House - Caputxins de Catalunya i Balears. It has free medi cal care without having to be registered, but you have to first go through a soc ial worker. They have a pharmacy with free drugs. The first visit is Monday thro ugh Friday from 17 to 19:30 h. Diagonal, 450. Metro: Diagonal (line 5) Phone: 93 416 in September 1986 C / Sabino de Arana, 1. Metro: Maria Cristina (line 3) Ph one: 93 227 56 00 - Hospital Clinic i Provincial C / Villarroel, 170. Metro: Hospital Clinic (line 5) Phone: 93 227 54 00 - Donate-Ambit Ambit Previsió for sex workers: psychological, health services an d testing (HIV, pregnancy) gical gynecological referral to the CAP Drassanes; re ferral to Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy. Also empoderamento workshops, fac ilities: kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, free food, clothes, - Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Paul C / Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167. Metro : Hospital de Sant Pau (line 5) Phone: 93 291 90 61 It specializes in ity s Cultural Diver - Hospital del Mar C / Hospital, 56 - C / Carme, 47. Metro: Liceu (Line 3) Pg Maritim, 27-29. Metro: Ciutadella (line 4) Tel: 93 302 July 1997 Tel: 93 225 75 00 - Library Fort Pienc - Polyclinic Nostra Lady of the Mercedes C / Ribes 12. Metro: Arc del Triomf (line 2) Pg Universal, 34-44. Metro: Valldaura (Line 3) Tel: 93 246 32 82 Tel: 93 427 52 50 - Bibliote ca Vapor Vell - Service of Immigration (SATMI) Mental Health Service, Sant Joan de Deu Hours: Mondays from 16 to Via Laetana 18 hours, 19 mezzanine B. Metro: Ja ume I (Line 4) - Library-Les Corts Miquel Llongueras Phone: 93 319 64 56 C / Rie ra Blanca, 1-3. Metro: Collblanc (line 5) Tel: 93 440 July 31 - Service Psycholo gical and Psychosocial Care for Immigrants and Refugees (SAPP) Foundation Hospit al San Pere Claver Monday and Wednesday from 16 to 20h C / Vila i Vilà, 16. Metr o Liceu (Line 3) Tel: 93 284 77 90 Phone: 93 442 30 00 - Biblioteca Nou Barris 6 . Free Access Points Internet C / Albert Einstein, 2-4. Metro: Llucmajor (line 4 ) Tel: 93 291 48 50 For all of Barcelona, you will find internet point from whic h you can connect to the network for a price ranging from 0.80 to 1.50 per h our. On the other hand, in all public libraries in Barcelona, you can connect fo r free to internet an hour a day with 3 hours maximum a week-just get you a memb ership in any of the existing municipal libraries and you can use all of them. I n principle, do not ask for more than a document of identification. With this ca rd you also get books and movies from the library and check the newspaper every day. To access the Internet is good to leave early or call to reserve and make a n appointment, because in many cases all positions are filled. Morning is when f ewer people tend to be. There is a time limit of one hour.€We give you the addre sses of some of the public library - Biblioteca Villa de Gracia C / Torrent de l 'Olla, 104. Metro: Fontana (line 3), Joanic (line 4) Passage Vapor Vell, s / n. Metro: Plaça de Sants (line 1, line 5) Tel: 93 409 72 31 - Biblioteca Ignasi Iglesias-Can Fabra C / Segre, 24-32. Metro: Sant Andreu (lin e 1) Tel: 93 360 May 1950 Finally, some cultural associations and social spaces are points of free interne t access. Here are some addresses: - Ateneu The turns - Library Sant Pau-Santa Creu soon have an Internet, open eve ry evening - Ateneu Candela C / Sant Pere Martir, 34. Metro: Fontana (line 3) C / Sant Gaie

tà, 73; nearby: Terrace - RAI (Recursos d'Animació Intercu ltural). Terrace has free Internet access Monday through Friday from 17 to 21h, in a self-management program for youth leisure. Madrid e-mail: C / Carders, 12. Metro: Jaume I (Line 4). It is possible that on arriving in Madri d, do not have many resources or direct you arrive with the clothes you're weari ng and nothing else. In that case, maybe you useful information and then pass yo u. This is a selection of resources for basic necessities, free or very cheaply, with their addresses, phone numbers, schedules and any additional comments. - Casal del Raval children 9-14 and 15-20. C / Board of Trade, 16. Metro: Liceu (Line 3) Tel: 93 317 00 13 - Group of Young del Raval. TEB. From 13 to 14:45 and from 20 to 21:45. Besides implementing activities for youth and computer classes. C / Dels Salvador, 6, ba ixos. Metro: Sant Antoni (Line 2). Tel: 93 442 58 67 1. Free Dining These are places where you get free hot meal or snack at certain times, sometime s to eat there, others to wear. Most are managed by Catholic religious orders, b ut I say, we have selected these do not be preaching or I try to convert to any religion. - Bayt Al-Thaqafa. From Monday to Friday from 10 to 12 hours and from 17 to 21h. On Saturday from 17 to 19h. C / Princesa 14, 1 º 2 ª. Metro: Jaume I (line 4) T el: 93 319 88 64 - Social Lounge of the Community of Madrid (Managed by Red Cros s). c / Canarias, 5. Metro: Palos de la Frontera (yellow line 3). - Ei! Casc ant ic. It is open from 10am to 14pm and from 16:30 to 20:00 h. They also have free computer classes. C / Commerce, 42. Metro: Jaume I Tel: 93 268 49 43. - Social L ounge "Mary Immaculate" - R · A · M Thursday from 16 to 20 hours free internet a ccess, free software workshops ... C / Reina Amalia, 11-bis. Metro: Sant Antoni (Line 1) P º General Martínez Campos, 18. Metro: Iglesia (line 1, blue) and Alon so Cano (line 7, orange). Hot meal every day in three shifts (11h, 12h and 13h). We need to collect by appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays a t 9am. It's probably the best site of free meals in Madrid. The duration of the service is up to three months. Requests for access must go to the Red Cross head quarters (c / Juan Montalvo, 3 1st floor Metro: Cuatro Caminos, line 1, blue, li ne 2, red line 6, gray) or any other entity to send report Referral to Red Cross . Tel: 915359330 1a. Breakfast and lunch Tel: 91 446 61 67 1b. Dinner - Social Lounge Day-Light Casanova Center. - Dining Room of the Brotherhood of Refuge c / José Marañón, 15-E. Metro: Alonso Martíne z (line 4, brown, and line 5, green). Hours: 11am to 15pm. If you first have to be at 11 am. for an interview with the caseworker, who will provide a card for s ubsequent meals. (They also have showers and laundry). Tel: 91 445 41 69. c / Co rredera Baja de San Pablo, 16. Metro: Callao (line 5, green and yellow line 3). Dinner daily (except Sundays), less in the month of August, to give only snacks. It is from 18:30 h, with the possibility to eat in the dining room or bring you own food in plastic bags. 90 plazas.Tfno Capacity: 91 522 00 70 - Dining "San Alfonso" c / Mesón de Paredes 78. Metro: Embajadores (Line 3, yell ow) or Lavapies (yellow line 3). A hot meal every day from 12 pm (appointment ne eded pick at 11:30). Sundays are snack food instead of hot. Tel: 91 528 57 05. - Dining Room of the Missionaries of Charity, c / Ronda de Segovia, 1. The neare st metro station is Puerta de Toledo (Line 5, green), but must travel across the Ronda de Segovia. Dinner Monday to Sunday at 17h (except Thursday). If you do n ot let you get drunk, but they give you a sandwich. 2. Free Hostels - Dining "Ave Maria" c / Doctor Cortezo 4. Metro: Tirso de Molin

a (line 1, blue). Breakfast and snacks every day from 9am to 11am. It is very co zy€but the advantage is that there is no limit of places: they feed everyone who comes. Tel: 91 429 39 97. They are places where you can spend the night while f inding their own accommodation. Some of the leading Catholic religious orders, s ome large NGOs like Red Cross. Sometimes the atmosphere is a little harsh, but a t least you sleep hot. - San Juan de Dios (men only) c \ Herreros de Tejada, 3. Metro: Concha Espina (l ine 9, purple). - Dining "San Francisco" c / General Asensio Cabanillas, 23 and 25. Metro: Metro (line 6, gray). From Monday to Saturday from 11am to 13:30. On Sundays and holi days from 11am to 12pm. Dan sandwiches and fruit. Must be called number. Tel: 91 535 00 62. - San Martín de Porres (men only) - Center-Social Dining "The Casika " c / Montero, 15 (Móstoles). In southern meters (line 12, verdeamarilla): Pradi llo, in Suburban: Móstoles, by bus: 521, N501 (from Príncipe Pío) Driving direct ions: From Madrid, Extremadura road (A5) to bypass Móstoles. Every Sunday, betwe en 15h and 16h. It is not a religious room, but part of a social center, a place where people come together and organized to meet common needs, to launch initia tives, etc. c / Via Carpetana, 34. Metro: Via Carpetana (line 6, gray). Hours: 1 8h to 20h. Closed in July. Tel: 91 471 75 45. Ask hours from 16:30 to 17h. Entra nce to 19pm. Closed in August. Very good reception, individual monitoring. It de pends on your situation, you stay there more or less time. Tel: 91 344 00 20. - Mayorales Hostel (for men and women) Avda de Portugal s / n. Metro: Lago (line 10, dark blue) or Puerta del Angel (line 6, gray) serves homeless people in gen eral (not just immigrants). It is open during the winter and Campaign is part of the Cold program of the City of Madrid. Tel: 91 479 in July 1935. - Temporary Host Program Individuals from Sub-Saharan c / Good Governor, 1 6 - Bajo. Metro: El Carmen (Line 5, green). Monday to Friday, 9am to 14pm and 15 pm to 19pm. This is an emergency program to host people who come from sub-Sahara n Africa. providing free accommodation and cover basic needs (food, medicine, an d meets transport) for a maximum of three months. In general, people who come ar e people who just left Center for Foreigners (ICD's), but if you take less than a year in the Spanish state, you can try to get closer to the office or phone, b ecause if there squares, you can take. Tel: 91 403 60 12 tel: 915 359 330 - Welcome Centre for Immigrants Casa de Campo (families) Avda de Portugal s / n. Metro: Lago (line 10, dark blue) or Puerta del Angel (line 6, gray) is located next to the lodge Overseers. Open all year, has an adequate facility designed to accommodate families or single women with dependents. Maximum stay of three mon ths. Access is through the Red Cross, c / Juan Montalvo 3. 1st floor. Hours 8h t o 13h. Metro: Cuatro Caminos (line 1, blue, line 2, line 6 red and gray). - Mother Teresa of Calcutta Hostel [for men and women with HIV (AIDS) and elderl y men]. Paseo Ermita del Santo, 46. Metro: Marqués de Vadillo (Line 5, green). T el: 91 463 37 44 3. Public showers - "Heat and coffee." CEDIA 24H - Center tonight. Spanish Plaza de la Marina, 12. Metro: Opera (Line 5, green, and line 2, red) / Santo Domingo (line 2, red). Be ds are not only seats, so it's a little uncomfortable, but in winter is at least warm. Hours: 22:30 to 7 hours. Tel: 91 541 65 12 / 91 541 67 63 They cost 15 cents and give you 20 minutes of hot water. The showers are in good condition, especially those in the GTA of Ambassadors and fully renovated with a great jet of hot water. The only drawback to all public showers: Occasionally, the police comes along to ask for documentation. So you have to be aware when e

ntering and leaving the showers! - Gta Ambassadors No. 5. Metro: Embajadores (Line 3, yellow). From Monday to Fri day mornings: 9:15 to 13:30 / afternoons: 15:15 to 20:00. - C / Toledo s / n. Pza of Barley. Metro: La Latina (line 5, green). - Park Shel ter (for men and women) c / Valdecanillas 112, corner st Uclés Castle. Metro: Si mancas (line 7, orange). Check in: from 18h to 22h. To get a place, you have to request access to Red Cross c / Juan Montalvo, 3 from 8 to 13h. Metro: Cuatro Ca minos (line 1, blue, line 2, line 6 red and gray). Tel: 91 533 66 65 Monday to F riday, mornings only: 9:15 to 13:30. - C / Bravo Murillo No 133. Metro: Alvarado (line 1, blue). Monday to Friday, mo rnings only: 9:15 to 13:30. - Hostel Simancas (only for people from sub-Saharan Africa). c / Doctor Federico Rubio y Galí, 3.€Metro: Cuatro Caminos (line 2, red, line 1, line 6 blue and gr ay) or Guzmán el Bueno (line 6, gray). 4. Wardrobes Most belong to churches and parishes located in the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city. They collect clothes of their wealthy parishioners and give it to "People without resources." Especially in winter, if you need warm clothes can c ome in handy. Also distributed blankets. 5. Emergency Health and Hospitals - Mis sionary Holy Sacrament. c / San Lucas 7. Metro: Alonso Martínez (lines 4, Brown, 5, 10 green and dark blue). Round up number on Wednesday morning from 9am. Tel: 91 319 44 92 To access the healthcare system of the Spanish need to be register ed (see point 2 under "papers, papers of this guide) and then take off your heal th insurance card (we explain how to do point 3 under "papers"). However, you co me or not registered and where you come, you are entitled to what is called heal th care an "emergency" in case of serious illness, accidents, etc.. - Ave Maria. Trinitarian Fathers. c / Doctor Cortezo, 4. Metro: Tirso de Molina (line 1, blue). It is necessary to call numbers on Tuesdays at 10am and clothing collections are on Wednesday afternoon. Tel: 91 429 39 97. To do this, you have to go to an emergency department: you have one in the morning in the health cen ters in each neighborhood, in most clinics (specialty centers that exist in each district) and in all hospitals. When you arrive, if not your Social Security ca rd, you will be asked to identify yourself with a document, but you have to atte nd even if you have nothing to identify you. After serve you, make you a receipt you have to go pay later to the address you indicate. If you're not, the bill w ill come to your home country, but if you have no money, no worry, no one will p ursue you for it. - Parish of the Miraculous c / García de Paredes, 45. Metro: Iglesia (line 1, bl ue). Clothing collection on Wednesday afternoon. Tel: 91 447 32 48 - Parroquia San Antonio c / Jaén, 3. Metro: Alvarado (line 1, blue). The clothin g is distributed on Monday morning, you have to be at 7:45 pm to get number. Tel : 91 534 64 07 In some places, it may put you problems and you say no you can attend. This is m ore common in health centers and clinics in hospitals. In any case, insists it i s serious and you have nowhere to go. You can not be denied assistance. If they do, go elsewhere. Later, you can report SOS Racism in the health center or hospi tal that you attended. SOS Racism address is c / Campomanes 13, 2nd Left Metro: Opera (Line 5, green, and line 2, red) / Santo Domingo (line 2, red). Deal with cases of discrimination on Mondays and Wednesdays from 16 to 19h and Tuesday and

Thursday from 9 to 12. Tel: 91 555 June 29. - Our Lady of Mount Caramel. c / Ayala 35. Metro: Velázquez (line 4, brown). Men swear collection Monday at 16h and women's apparel collection on Wednesdays at 1 6h. Tel: 91 576 49 46 You are some addresses of hospitals: - Red Cross Community of Madrid. Medical services for immigrants and refugees. N eedless to Health Card. To care and emergency treatment while drifting health se rvices Social Security. c / Juan Montalvo 3. 1st floor. Hours 8h to 13h. Metro: Cuatro Caminos (line 1, blue, line 2, line 6 red and gray). Tel: 9215359321 - Conception of Our Lady. Managed by Caritas. c / Goya, 26. Metro: Velázquez (li ne 4, brown). Monday and Thursday from 10-11 am. Tel: 91 431 November 1951 - Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón c / Doctor Esquerdo, 46. Metro: O'Donnell (line 6, gray) / Ibiza (line 9, purple ). - Red Cross Tel: 91 586 80 00 Switchboard / Emergency Power 91 586 85 00 c / Juan Montalvo 3. Metro: Cuatro Caminos (line 1, blue, line 2, line 6 red and gra y). Red Cross also offers health care and free medicine for immigrants. There is also a well equipped hospital. Tel: 91 533 66 65. - Hospital Ramón y Cajal Carretera de Colmenar Viejo, km. 9.1. Suburban Train 8. Stop: Ramón y Cajal. Tel: 91 336 80 00 6. Free Access Points Internet - October 12 Hospital Avd de Córdoba s / n. Commu ter Train 5. Stop: Doce de Octubre. For all Madrid, you will find internet point from which you can connect to the network for a price ranging from 0.80 to 1.50 per hour. On the other hand, in all public libraries in Madrid (there is on e per district), you can connect for free to one hour a day Internet. To do this , just get you a card.€This procedure can do in any of the libraries - Hospital Universitario de La Princesa, c / Diego de León 62. Metro: Diego de L eon (line 4, Brown / Line 5, green line 6, gray) Tel: 91 520 22 00 - Hospital Universitario La Paz Paseo de la Castellana, 261. Metro: Begoña (line 10, dark blue). Tel: 91 727 70 00 Other places are provided free health care that you may find of interest: - Institute of Public Health c / Sandoval, 7. Metro: San Bernardo (line 2, red) and Bilbao (line 1, blue). As I said above: go to this center to get condoms and other contraceptive methods and for any issue related to sexually transmitted d iseases. - Doctors of the World c / Aquilegia 15. Metro: Valdeacederas (line 1, blue) or Plaza Castilla (line 1, blue, line 9, line 10 purple and dark blue). It is an NGO that provides social care, mental health and immigrants. They also pr ovide free medicine. Tel: 91 315 60 94