legend Mei Sim 1 (shop) 2 Itiriki (restaurant) 3 Tenman-Ya (shop) 4 Yoka (restaurant) 5 Itiriki Bakery (bakery) 6 Oriental Grocery

Store (Shop) 7 omiyage (store) 8 Lik a Sushi (restaurant) 9 Minikimono (store ) 10 Marukai (shop) 11 Sogo Plaza (shop ping) 12 Bueno house (shop) 13 Ikesaki (shop) 14 Kyoto (shop) 15 torr (Monument) 16 Banro (restaurant) 17 Pomona (store) 18 19 Katsu Zen temple Quannin ( restau rant) 20 Galvão Bueno (restaurant) 21 Rong He (restaurant) 22 Tako (restaurant) 23 Jambo (restaurant) 19 16 January 17 How to arrive in the neighborhood Station Freedom, the Metro Line 1, stands on the heart of the neighborhood. Righ t at the exit, passing the ticket gate / box office, go left and follow the wall until you reach the stairs. Climb straight out into the street Galvão Bueno. Freedom Square Freedom QUICK GUIDE THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF SAO PAULO g Erda of Galvão Bueno Street 2 www.blogdesaopaulo.com 3 4 Student Street 5 13 14 6 7 the Lib September 10 December 11 Street Glory 8 d street 15 18 Americo Street Field Street Glory s the street Counselor Furtad Tomás Gonzaga Street On June 18, 1908 arrived at Santos, the Japanese ship Kasato Maru, with 165 fami lies who came to work on coffee plantations. 100 years later, Brazil celebrates the centenary of the arrival of Japanese immigrants. This guide Liberdade distri ct, hub of the Japanese community in Brazil, is a modest tribute blog to Sao Pau

lo to the contribution made by the first Japanese immigrants and their descendan ts. Rua Barao de Iguape a quick walk around the neighborhood Galvão Bueno Street 21 street U fag nde Liberty Square 22 Galvão Bueno Street One of the main streets of Liberty, decorated with traditional red lanterns (suz uranto), which makes up part of the identity left by the exit of the subway stat ion, the street encontrase Galvão Bueno. In the first block on the right is a la rge part of the shops and supermarkets where you can buy all sorts of Japanese p roducts. 15 Toor 18 Temple Quannin s the street Counselor Furtad 20 The Liberty Square tion Freedom. Just fair and Japanese e various types of is the entry point for the neighborhood, where the subway sta outside the station to the Feirinha of Liberty, a small craft traditional products, and fast food stalls where you can tast culinary specialties

Following the street Galvão Bueno, after some shops and supermarkets East, there is an Oriental Garden (the right of the public. Later the viaduct begins Osaka, which has the underneath. Immediately after the overpass is the Toor, to the ne ighborhood. Conselheiro Furtado in street right of the viaduct that passes over the Avenida Radial Leste, is a Buddhist temple as beautiful as Quannin temple, guarded by a stone lion, only between peace conveyed by the images inside and Radial Avenue E ast is staggering. ru the

Healthy the Jo the i qu m Saturdays and Sundays, visual happens in the neighborhood. Following street), normally closed to the little known. The Avenida Radial Leste can be seen passing out. The contrast Ta m This guide Liberdade district is an initiative of www.blogdesaopaulo.com. Is fre ely available on the blog page. The presence of establishments in this guide con forms to personal taste. We would also include other establishments, but this wa s not possible for reasons of space. Layout, text and photos by J. A. Gálvez C. © 2008 All rights reserved. of r it is n monumental entrance portal of the busy traffic ru the 23 Japanese (10am to 19pm). shopping in the neighborhood of Liberty The neighborhood of Liberty is the place to buy all kinds of gifts related to Ja panese culture, from kimonos to samurai swords, through numerous types of beauti ful kitchenware. Furthermore, it is possible to find in supermarkets in the neig hborhood, a profusion of imported ingredients, essential to the preparation of d elicious Japanese food and also Chinese and Korean cuisine. imported products an d exotic delicacies, besides sushi ready to take home. Liberty Square, 83. mushr ooms. Student Street, 38. Omiyage ceramics and cutlery at competitive prices. St udent Street, 64. Bueno, 48. traditional festivals in Freedom 7 Besides the shops mentioned below, you can also buy handicrafts and typical prod ucts in Feirinha of Liberty, which moves onto the main plaza of the neighborhood on Saturdays and Sundays (10am to 19pm). blogdesaopaulo.com at the beginning of December

3 Tenman-Ya Beautiful ceramics, kitchenware, gifts typical. 9 Minikimono worth j oining Costumes and typical gifts, enjoy the beautiful pieces of pottery typical Japanese. Street including a wide variety of kimonos.€Street of Students, 19. G alvão Bueno 22. 4 pastry Yoka 10 Marukai Supermarket One of the best pastries mu ch of. The crowded street; browse Students, 37. its narrow lanes 5 Itiriki Baker y is like being transported The best bakery and sweets magically Japan Street ne ighborhood. Ideal place to Galvão Bueno, 34. rest, while taking 11 Sogo Plaza Sh opping coffee and indulging in small stands that sell some of the many sweets. p roducts of all kinds. Street Street of Students, 24. Galvão Bueno, 40. 6 Orienta l Grocery Store Grocery store with good products from the garden, such as ginger and different t ypes 12 Ikesaki mecca hygiene products, beauty and cosmetics. Shopping at unbeatable prices. It is always crowded, especially on Saturdays. Rua Galvão Bueno, 37. 14 Kyoto More typical gifts at excellent prices. Galvão Bueno Street, 51. Tanabata Matsuri The Festival of the Stars (Tanabata Matsuri) is a very traditional festival that takes place in July in Sao Paulo. During the festival, the streets of the neigh borhood are decorated with bamboo branches arise in which the traditional tanzak us, post feature requests to the gods, written by visitors. During the weekend o f the festival are made presentations that include folk dances and traditional g roups of taiko (Japanese drum). Toyo Matsuri The Festival of the East (Toyo Matsuri) is another traditional festival held in São Paulo. In place of the branches of Liberty streets now appear adorned with N obori, flag Moti Tsuki Matsuri The party cookie prosperity (Moti Tsuki Matsuri) is held on the morning of Decem ber 31. The traditional moti rice is cooked, shredded and crushed with a hammer. Several people take turns pounding the rice with the hammer. The effort require d to produce the desired consistency of rice symbolizes the human struggle for g ood luck in the coming year. During the festival are distributed, gifts, bags co ntaining cookies prosperity. 17 Pomona Traditional neighborhood store specializing in cookware and gifts. Rua Galvão Bu eno, 174. of the bamboo Tanabata Matsuri, the 1 Mei Sim Selling Groceries Sorbets. You can not leave without sampling the Freedom sorbet melon, melon flav ors, strawberry or banana. Available in many stores and grocery stores. You can prove 13 Casa Bueno also other exotic flavors Another supermarket also like ice cream or watermelon bean. very popular. Rua Galvão Long white and illustrated with different aspects of culture happen again all so rts of oriental. During the weekend,

folkloric performances in the neighborhood. All presentations take place in Freedom Square. During the Tanabata Matsuri Mats uri and Toyo are assembled tents with food and typical products across the stree t Galvão Bueno. Besides these three festivals, in April we celebrate the feast o f Hanamatsuri. A few years also happens to celebrating the Chinese New Year. z 16 restaurants and more information about the neighborhood of Liberty in www.blogdesaopaulo.com / c ategory / barrios / freedom n Banro 20 Galvão Bueno 5 Itiriki Oriental Food Restaurant that merges the popular system of food per kilo of specialties 23 Iamb 19 Katsu Zen 8 Sushi Lika 21 Rong He 22 Tako Traditional Chinese restaurant, and was reopened after a complete overhaul. Unde r your proposal lies a modern look and nice gastronomic cuisine that blends Chin ese and Japanese, in portions delicious juices. Banro restaurant Rua Galvão Buen o, 160. www.banri.com.br It is a three in a food counter of Japanese food, Chinese food and other traditi onal bul go gui, the Chinese restaurant specializing in Cantonese cuisine. The menu highlights are th e dim sums, steamed or prepared, and which are small fried shabu shabu, a kind o f taste a sweet bread, made in Chinese restaurant specializing

Japanese restaurant. Retired Chinese restaurant specializing in pasta. His dishes Japanese restaurant with traditional flavor and serves a great buffet for lunch, except on Sundays. It is possible to choose between occupying tables or sit on the tatami. The buffet includes cold food (sushi) and hot. Bufett Besides, you c an choose other dishes from the vast and little economic menu. Restaurant Tako R ua da Glória, 746. www.tako.com.br East remained closed since 1996. The buffet includes a abundant, followed by blogdesaopaulo.com The dishes, enough for two tables and several lounge areas are colorful and spic y, two people recommend teishoku particular, one Japanese and Chinese cuisine. p eople, comes accompanied by rice and Terah, a thick sauce for breaded meats. mor e reserved with tatami. Corresponding to the cuisine of northern China.€The show that every Korean BBQ is located just off the subway station, being a very busy place is up to the chef, the person who prepares the barbecue that exists in ea ch table. Economical prices. This fondue. For dessert you can steam, stuffed wit h cream tonkatsu recommend the combination of different sushi and grilled fish. The neguitoro ball of rice wrapped around shredded, is the house specialty. Sush i Lika Street of Students, 152. kitchen work the dough with straight to the pan. Guicaihezi excellent (pastry filled cheap prices. He Rong Chinese Mass Rua da G loria, 622-A. For lunch. There should be and hire katsu, for the most animated t he katsu curry. Hands to create the noodles that goes next to the Nikkei Palace Hotel. It should arrive early because it stops serving lunch at 14:30 steakhouse Rua Galvão Bueno Galvão Bueno, 451. Itiriki confused with the Bakery, located o n a street of Students. Itiriki Oriental Food Rua Galvão Bueno, 159. coco . Rest aurant very simple 20 minutes of the Subway. Jambo restaurant Conselheiro Furtad o, 1095. in salmon and topped with tuna and economical prices. Is the restaurant small, simple and economical prices. Katsuzen Iguape Baron, 55. harussame of, s hrimps and nira). in Milanese pork. Recently, it has a