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2004 to 2007 Professional: Professional Contacts: Address: Rua Julio Santos, 351 - Butantan São Paulo SP - CEP: 03254-010 38518754Telefones: (11) 3851-1328 and (11) 8754-2 011 E-mail: patimattos@hotmail.com PORT DE MATTOS PORTIIFÓLIIO PATRÍÍCIIA The FOL DE MATTOS CA PATRA SUMMARY Presentation ------------------------------------------------- --- 03 ------------------------------------------- USP Project SBT 05 ---------- ------------------------------------- Natura 2006 -------------------------- --------------------- --------------------------------------- 07 -------- Public Library ------------------------------------- 2008 Training / Courses -------- Recommendation 2009 ------------------------------------- ----------- ------------------------------------- 10 PORT DE MATTOS PORTIIFÓLIIO PATRÍÍCIIA The FOL DE MATTOS CA PATRA 3 Presentation Patricia Mattos and I am 22 years. I am a recent graduate from USP in Librarians hip. I chose this profession because I love reading and researching all branches of knowledge. I have great enthusiasm for research, as we will see the followin g pages. I am cheerful, easy-going, and very dedicated to what I propose to do. Since little knew what I wanted, so I studied languages and now speak, read and write English, French and Italian. I want an academic career, maybe teach at Har vard, one of my dreams. However, I know that the path to get there requires a lo t of commitment, patience and persistence. For now, I want to be helpful with wh at I have learned so far, carrying out research for the entire class of activity that requires a specialized professional. "I learned that what counts in life i s to do well" In summary, I can say I'm a girl motivated, quick thinking, interested, and will ingness to professional challenges. But I know I'm young and have much still to learn, why need for new professional challenges to show my value and play a prod uctive role in an exciting project. I learned that what counts in life is to do well. It is with this motto I hope to still contribute a lot in this life. A BIT OF A LITTLE PATRÍÍCIIA Patri C A 2004-2007 CONTRIIBUIIÇÃO PROFIISSIIONAL FROM PROF SS CONTR BU Onal 5 PROJECT USP Functions: Search titles and order the collection of the Library of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters Period: March to August 2004 My mission on this project was to learn the importance that was to rearrange the new collection of titles from the library. It was my first big professional cha llenge, although it was an activity curriculum of my course in librarianship. Se rved me as a great learning experience through which I realized the importance o f systematization and order amid the chaotic diversity that often seems to produ ce human knowledge.

My main responsibilities in this project: Cataloging of titles of Greek philosophers; Computerisation in search engines; S ystematization operational issues for optimizing the educational, research and p repare summary for updating data Throughout the work period, I had contact with professors, authors and students, with which to widen my experience and learning. When finished, neither imagined it could work on TV! CONTRIIBUIIÇÃO PROFIISSIIONAL FROM PROF SS CONTR BU Onal 6 STAFF SBT Duties: Research work together as a team to produce miniseries Period: April to June 2005 My mission here was to realize that potential had not yet explored in which team s of professionals could count. The jump was great. From an academic institution to a federal communications company private. My motivation, however, was high. I worked in a group that was already settled, and there was no lack emotion. Aft er all, he was working for a team of dramatic television, and it had contact wit h the director, producer, author and project stakeholders from historical minise ries. I was like a right arm of the author and the writers, bringing research ma terial I did at the university itself. Tasks undertaken in this project: Research on historical figure central to the construction of the protagonist; Co mpilation of titles to serve the research team; Making of charts and time frames for the author; Survey of historical data for production. production Completed this project, I got another chance in my career: research studies cond ucted by American scientists in the field of Dermatology. Continued in my natura l habitat. CONTRIIBUIIÇÃO PROFIISSIIONAL FROM PROF SS CONTR BU Onal 7 RESEARCH STUDIES OF NATURA Function: Find studies in dermatology Period: October to January 2005-06 I had a new mission on this project knowing that I needed to select the best stu dies done by American scientists in dermatology. It was also a testament to my t raining in English, not including of course the technical English, so it was a g reat challenge to accomplish this work. My research procedures Titles area Past 50 years Universities Articles Organisation of Material I mounted a strategy to locate the sites of American universities the most impor tant titles in the area that were available for access. There were articles and essays for teachers, so I organized this material and made the translation into Portuguese, in this way allowed developers to meet the company's product formula tions studied in research laboratories at American universities. In early 2006,

I finished my mission in the company and left for a new challenge. CONTRIIBUIIÇÃO PROFIISSIIONAL FROM PROF SS CONTR BU Onal 8 PUBLIC LIBRARY OF CITY HALL Functions: Arrange collection and computerization of securities Period: 2006-07 March 2006 to April 2007 The invitation to take the Library Children and Youth "Monteiro Lobato" pleased me in full. Joining opportunity with previous experience with research, I felt m ore confident to see that my mission was focused on assisting in the development of culture and training of children in our country. One thing I always apprecia te and be aware of our role in the world. Perhaps due to the construction given by my parents - my mother is a college professor and father of a multinational c hemical. TITLES NATIONAL AND FOREIGN CHILDREN UNTIL 13 YEARS TEEN AUDIENCE Rode a structure according to the chart above, first listing the titles, then di viding by the authors and a new classification by age. Therefore, I organized th e entire collection of children's and youth library, facilitating the research a nd consultation that included didactic purposes, as parents and teachers also ca me to the library. CONTRIIBUIIÇÃO PROFIISSIIONAL FROM PROF SS CONTR BU Onal 9 UNDERGRADUATE LIBRARY - University of São Paulo FREE COURSES LANGUAGES English - English Culture French - Alliance Française Italiano - Insti tute of exchange Reading Dynamics - Prof. Antonio Correa Music - Musical Conservatory Organon Cre ative Writing - Creative Arts Project CONTRIIBUIIÇÃO PROFIISSIIONAL FROM PROF SS CONTR BU Onal 10 RECOMMENDATION I am happy to be able to recommend the work of the researcher and librarian Patr icia Mayfield, with whom I could work in 2004 while teaching at the Faculty of P hilosophy and Letters at USP. This is a great professional and very dedicated. H is competency can be measured by its ability to organize the information gathere d and the way they are implemented throughout the work. I was pleased to be one of his professors in graduate and now retired but still active as a technical co nsultant in librarianship, I can see that their work has grown and gained the st atus of expert in organization, method and implementation of projects and comput erized specific search. For his dedication and professionalism, respecting the t raining it received, and I believe I can attest formally commend the work of pro fessional who has much to offer its services to the country and its institutions . Sincerely, Dr. Leite Castro Oduvaldo Retired Professor CONTRIIBUIIÇÃO PROFIISSIIONAL FROM PROF SS CONTR BU Onal