Monagas State Educational Zone Teacher Education and Practice in Early Childhood Education and Special from 07 to August

9, 2008 Place Hotel Maturin Monagas Venezuela Morichal Largo Workbench Participants may submit their papers in a 300 word abstract before May 30, 2008 by fax 0286 9627652 or email: to: Deliver in th e event the paper up to 12 pages with its respect back (CD, diskette, Pen Drive) Special Activity Meeting Act installation knowledge at 9.00am Thursday, 07 Day T hursday August 7 Conference Room Morichal Largo Hotel Topics: 1. Initial and Special Education Today 2. Enriching environments in sear ch of quality 3. The curriculum for initial education Inclusive 4. The educator who need children from 0 to 6years 5. The rights of children 6. Initial educatio n as a way for the development of an intelligent child and happy 7. Ethical dime nsion of initial and special education 8. Family - Triangle Community School-bas ed early childhood education and special in September. New dimensions and initia l education approaches to enhance the quality 10. Linking quality with moderniza tion, centralization, decentralization, efficiency, effectiveness and critical s tance 11. the formation of identity in children kickoff MASTER 1. Diagnostic qua lity of learning in children from 0-6 years 2. The mediated learning experience: An alternative to analyze Early Childhood Education 3. Initial Quality Educatio n Challenges and Perspectives 4. Community Outreach and function to enhance the quality of Early Childhood Edu cation in May. identity formation in children of 0-6 years 6. Training for famil ies, adults and communities to mediate significant in her child development 7. B ases psychoeducational and the construction of a paradigmatic model in the initi al and special education 8. A new awareness of the values for child development as a global integrator. FORUM TRAINING AND PRACTICE IN TEACHER EDUCATION AND SPE CIAL INIICAL 1. Araba 2. Argentina 3. Brazil 4. Cuba 5. Chile 6. Spain 7. Guatem ala 8. Mexico 9. Portugal 10. Dominican Republic, 11. Venezuela Registration Inf ormation 1. Duran Norma Lara State Professor email cell dura 0416 / 6,519,711 2. Professor Freddy fortified Bolivar State 041 6/7908820 3. Professor Ana Vasquez Vargas State 04143025649 4. Professor José N úñez Carúpano 04147768292 5. José Abreu 0416/4219241 Cumana 6. Aragua State Professor Elizabeth Luchini 0414/4608717 7. Professor Magali GarcÍa Miranda 041 40173383 Additional information for lodging and transportation to visit the Web /oriente/stauffermaturin.htm http: / / / east / staufferma turin.htm Telephone: (0251) 254.68.09 - 254.82.45 - 254.79.07 AREOPOSTAL Promotions FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT romovaca.asp THROUGH: 0-800-AEROPAS (0-800-2376727). 0-800-AVIONES (0-800-2846637)