Subject: dogs-almeria adra diffusion maxima there are many!

Curran is a young dog about a year but it is a sin or a medianet-10kg recently l eft him and he to stay around the area perhaps hoping for the poor this will nev er happen q "q back for the" very near area is a vegetable Alhondiga Here there are many poor gigs at the time of sandwich always sticks to see what falls ... q q several workers tell me they throw something, please very urgent that the 300 metros street only a few are two very dangerous road with lots of traffic. My mo ther q goes there very often for him to buy a sack of feed and feed him to take to see if we can keep looking while I located a home where love him and never be come rid of it. contact is pipowylma @ hotmail. com JOHANA I present is a puppy of 5-6months super mini will only grow a little more national in the street but was lucky lady picked it up and to care until now q can no longer take care of her and Mrs. q will madrid to care for his brother in the hospital q q so we looked for a new family for johana q is final. JOHANA wi th emotions makes it a little pee-in-law is afraid and is scared or when he gets excited and gets crazy but also is very puppy there are still q be patient and try not to excite much until you go q controlling. .. but she is a charm of your dog and you do need q space in your home. contact is pipowylma @ hotmail. com calvin only has 10 months and has already suffered the cruelty of man, on Sunday threw him over the wall in a closed bag ...... calvin but after all has been ve ry lucky and has no injury "as may be so miserable? How? calvin is a small dog a nd as you can see a real beauty. This in Almeria but is sent to any part of Spai n. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com Triana is a medium sized dog, has over a year and a half is still very young and yet this horror, to know where it will have been ....., do not take the tail be tween the legs and his eyes say it all. Triana needs a home where they want and to earn your trust gradually, is a sweet dog and although slow getting better an d relying on volunteers who come every day. Triana family needs a hole do you do in yours? Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com triana video. com / watch? v = PnPlnDr75AU rihana is a tiny si zed dog, very tranquilité and affectionate. He spent months in the open street where we do not want to even imagine what Capoeira .... showed super suspicious and fled from us nothing but come see us, but with patience everything and now f inally gets rihanna is safe and has shown us that it is a sweet and loving dog, will take about three years. almeria but was sent to all parts of Spain. Contact : pipowylma @ hotmail. com Brownie is a medium sized dog found tied to our door, is a loving puppy is obedi ent and walks well on a leash, has eyes that fall in love like two marbles that is round and is crushed by a caress this very sad here in the protected because this used to being in a home, you wa nt him happy this puppy? almeria but was sent anywhere. Contact: pipowylma @ hot mail. com White is a dog of a year that has been abused by the children of the house since he was just a baby, have been bitching ever since, and white is now clear that a suspicious dog does not want to see a child or painting because is believed to hit back. Blanca needs a family who wants to teach and be patient there will be no more beatings, which only receive love as always have been. Chikitin dog is a very, very young girl who has a life ahead, and yet their owners took her to s acrifice because the dog does not like children "as if only going to want to get beaten by them?. We have given very little time to look for family but ..... th e sacrifice. ......... ..... almeria but was sent to all parts of Spain. Contact : pipowylma @ hotmail. com

Mafalda is a beautiful 4 month old puppy, will be small in size and as you can s ee is a beautiful blonde with green eyes and misery going on in the kennel, outd oors in cold weather at night ..... mafalda needs a family who wants it and kick the hell of kennel. almeria but was sent to all parts of Spain. Contact: pipowy brandi is a puppy of four months, will be of small him after the girl and do him no attention to his and playful puppy and I am sure that is capable of companion? brandi adopts ... almeria but was sent t: pipowylma @ hotmail. com size and supposed family left "toy" again€is a very alert a lot, do you want a faithful to all parts of Spain. Contac

claris was abandoned by its owner at the pound, is a very loving young dog, just wants cuddles and spends the day giving kisses to his cage mates. She needs a c hance to demonstrate what they can give. almeria but was sent to all parts of Sp ain. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com niko is a puppy that size will be medium / large, approximately five months has a super cute face, a puppy is very peculiar and very nice, we left him tied at the door and I found my companion when he went to clean there very scared. Ni ko needs a home, it is still a puppy and has lots of life ahead of me to give mu ch love. almeria but was sent to all parts of Spain. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmai l. com sancho is a little dog that has suffered very greatly in this life, will have ab out 4 / 5 years and what they tell us has lived all his life between beatings an d scorn so sancho is a puppy a little wary, especially with men, but within that armor is just a puppy eager to receive all the love it deserves ... has now fin ished in the kennel and if no one remedy sancho passed her last days there. alme ria but was sent to all parts of Spain. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com foxi is a small dog, its owner left him taking the amalibilidad to report that a puppy is very good and kind "but that dogs are a lot of work" and of course lea ve it in the kennel and removed the above problem .... has a year and as you can see it's very funny because it's like a boxer in dwarf, mini, weighs about eigh t kilos. almeria but was sent to all parts of Spain. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmai l. com and this is the poor nano diambulando spent several days in the vicinity of a q Alhóndiga vegetables until you find yourself in some girls as they knew not to do it q took my mother for a change. Well take it cost them their work is fully porq hid and scared yesterday when I picked up in arms screaming as if you were killing but today is better Aunq frightened screams no longer even move my butt and clea r after giving a sausage. Nano is a super little dog too puny Chiquitilla this w eighs nothing and has about adult size will 4meses pequñito 56kg max q family n eeds a lot of love you and let you discover a world where q there is neither fea r nor pain if want to be your family that your contact is pipowylma @ hotmail. c om Mina is a bitch 9 months last Wednesday threw us over the wall and I have left l eg, but we had enough candy to the poor kitten with its paw mine now starting, r unning to the vet when we discover it in a corner shivering with his leg in an i mpossible position and screaming for any site that you played, but had no other injury except his leg starting in cold blood is not enough, we had to operate on his leg with everything that entails. We again ask for financial help because i f we have not yet been able to pay off outstanding bills now ....... Contact: pi

powylma @ hotmail. com LA CAIXA 2100 1615 14 0200107718 to galguillo left us tied to the door of our small shelter is very young has onl y one year is beautiful is very clearly an off-white color now is still a little thin but is gaining weight and the ven though we go to that q is a x to hound u s all feels more like a x q galguillo from there it has been our colleague named for a dog buenisimo galguillo.ES was very scared at first but it is a loose and do not see what is q earthquake loves walking and as all others q q le des care sses tell nice things gets crazy with joy is in almeria but is sent to all parti es. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com NAIL IS A VERY YOUNG PERRITA 10KG ITS OWNER AND PESA IN THE ABANDONMENT OF KENNE L AND THERE DIRECTLY wanted to sacrifice Porq said they had NO POSSIBILITY OF CO URSE WE DO NOT ALLOWED AND IF WE have rescued Porq LET'S ALL FIGHT FOR IT BECAUS E PROBLEM YOUR NECK, turns out to have damaged a Q ossicles provides overall dir ection SE Q CAN BE OF BIRTH BUT GO leans more AQ has suffered a GREAT AND INFECT ION not been addressed thus damaging the inner ear by LO Q ELLA NOT RIGHT BUT TA KE THE NECK LO Q Turn right MORE AND SOMETIMES LESS THAN OTHER TIMES This is how she sees things WELL SOME ARE TRYING TO SEE IF REHABILITATION improved somewhat .€WE ARE LOOKING FOR A FAMILY TO THE AMOUNT THAT YOU NO Q AND YOU WANT TO SIMEP RE OF LIFE THAT HAD A NOT SO FAR IN ALMERIA THIS BUT SEND TO ALL YOUR PARTIES CO NTACT Contact: Samson is a dog called "hunting" when bone is no longer valid for that purpose e nds with a shot in the head or the best in the underworld of the kennel, is abou t five years and his whole body full scars do not even want to think for all tha t have happened to this poor dog. But I'm relying on common sense, and I think a ny person in the world will want to offer a home Sansom, teaching that all are n ot real, or abuse or spend whole days without eating clustered together in a cel l ....... I know your angel there and soon will find you dear Sansom ... almeria but was sent to all parts of Spain. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com Pearl lived in a luxury urbanization full of villas, pools and cochazos .... . b ut did not live in any chalet, not even in a dismal cellar Pearl lived on the st reet where all those wonderful rich do not bother or take the hearing to the flo or while praying pearl one scrap of food when hunger writhed on the ground, howe ver a normal marriage, with a normal life and normal work if you saw a pearl, if you saw the hunger in their eyes, their misery .... .. picked it up and is now seeking a home for Pearl which will not have to suffer again the selfishness of people anymore. Pearl is young and is sized small. almeria but was sent to all p arts of Spain .. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com melly is a dog of 2 years, its owner left there stuck in the kennel, in the same kennel where being so small its cage mates that are of enormous size was beaten up when I spend my lunch companion's take was found melli the poor terrified an d bleeding from the mouth, diagnosis had to remove a tooth that just hanging by a thread, melly is great and loving and graciosisisisma does things to throw you to the floor with laughter. almeria but was sent to all parts of Spain. Contact : pipowylma @ hotmail. com Rasti takes only a week e years, as you can see you take it out of the f love. almeria but was . com in the kennel, is German Shepherd cross and has over fiv is beautiful and very very affectionate, gets crazy when damn cage. Rasti needs a home where you are given lots o sent to all parts of Spain. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail

Lois is a 6-month old puppy be full size adult, is in the kennel with his sister , the irresponsible owner did not care that your dog will breed puppies now get in the way he and takes them to the kennel and fucking home is so very quiet ... .. and Lois issue urgently need a home but do not know what will happen to them,

the last puppy cage floor (bruno) was killed by his cage mates, please help us that these babies do not have the same fate. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com l ois gus him out a companion of the kennel because he messed with large dogs and was very scared in a Ricon, were so fearful that used to play and peed on it. Gus no w already more sociable and very loving and playful, is 10 months and is mu chik itajo in the photos looks much bigger is chikitajo chikitajo about 4 / 5 kilos t his in Almeria but is sent to any part of Spain .. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com this beauty is called tiffany is a Belgian shepherd x mastiff is little more tha n a year found a rather good companion to our private partner she found Tiffany roamed the streets aimlessly chasing all those q's looked something begging for a caress love q bonito wishing invited her to spend at home. IS a good loving do g is sociable is great with all the others (people and dogs) is in almeria but i s sent to all provinces pipowylam contact @ hotmail. com fiona was in the kennel adra, a companion went to get another dog that is pre-ad optive and found her there trembling, pregnant and with much fear, so he had to get it out, take her home of a friend and that fiona night gave birth to four ba bies, babies because fiona Cutro mini weighs just 4 or 5 kilos, is two years old and is very loving and trusting. fiona term to raise their baby needs a home wh ere they forget all their suffering. almeria but was sent anywhere. Contact: pip owylma @ hotmail. com fiona this puppy is still not met coke a year is x coker weighs about 8kg is restless and playful and like hundreds of dogs in this country to the same fate q them ev erything was wonderful at first but now do not want it if so .. .as q is read to see how many people q after a year living with an animal is unable to love him and create a link with this guy forever home needs a truth is in almeria but is sent to all provinces q those that are willing to write to this Contact: pipowyl ma @ hotmail. com Bart and Lisa were picked up by a girl when he was camping under a bridge were h uddled together, wet, and very very thin mailto namely the days that had no food ! asutados but they are very very loving and very tranquilité do very well but still have to take a lot of weight, they're puppies 4 months and will be large i n size. are in Almeria but are sent to any part of Spain. Contact: pipowylma @ h otmail. com good today to come to my house a little girl asking me to help it q is coupled w ith four males and three females in his farm between q have taken shelter there and the females have given birth q ... q the problem is now his father is no oth er better solution q are fitted to the car and take them far away ... where they do not find the way back! and q had to go talk to this man and convince q q's n o other way out was to help find families thrown to them and pictures of the mal es are all brothers tell me q born in May of this year are small between 67kg an d q me an other day that I will bring the females to see if it is true and as so on as it will put the pictures also the hope to save the guy at the q pa pa midJanuary the next harvest will not want any q there so this is a sos sos sos please help. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com romeo dandy gulf lena has been fortunate to find a foster home, is safe for now but still needs f inal adoption and a home .. .

baltasar peteneras is the brother of this puppy was rescued from the field when his mother even dying, was rushed to the vet but his mother can not stand and th at night died in the vet ...... This puppy has spent several days in observation and is perfect health, is cross fox terrier and will have more or le ss that size. You are in Almeria but are sent anywhere. Contact: pipowylma @ hot mail. com Dublin has two years and is in the doghouse ADRA is cross snauzer giant is good and love, what abanono its owner in that hell and are suffering greatly. We have had to take out of the cage and tie it off because there are very many dogs and had no space or to lie, is a desperate situation. But we find ourselves having to sacrifice home for them. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com Niurca is a dog of one year was collected while wandering the shoulder of the hi ghway to certain death, is of medium size. and doing more with us, picked her up when she was two months and see now .... almeria but was sent to all parts of S pain. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com ringo is a dog of 1 year and a half, more affectionate to, we went to pick up a little greyhound charly hit and crossed our path, so innocent looking just a tou ch while people kick missed him, so he began to form ringo part of our herd will ....., ringo-sized, is affectionate, good-natured and very innocent but is in a lmeria sent to any part of Spain. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com Jana is one of the new came into the kennel infested with ticks was scared and d efensive with their cage mates for several days but still was very kind and nobl e to everyone if you put it there or across patriarchal she is crossing jana of rottwaller but in a smaller size, contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com Lobita is a medium sized dog will take about 2 or 3 years, is very good and ng gets along well with other dogs. He has since April wandering is so good some people missed it water or hit her but she still relies on someone you the love you need. Need to find a foster home soon or adoptive This in Adra eria) but is sent to any part of Spain. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com lovi that all (Alm

wolf is a nice young man, loving, fun and obedient, has more or less a year and a half and is of medium size (13 / 14 kilos) but the pictures seem much larger, is on the street but my partner gives to eat and he has put a mat at your door, is very affectionate and as you can see presioso is like a miniature Belgian she pherd. was envai almeria but any province. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com this dog is a big male about 5years came to the shelter two weeks will make a do g is something shy but very calm and noble face is very sweet to me and put him aron because it is not the name I had before and that its owner I let a farmer p opbre there is something sad ... but good is in Almeria province is sent to any contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com and I hope someone will fix it represents an i nteresting opportunity for junior is a medium sized dog / big as you can see is a real beauty, good, loving , nice, playful, needs a loving family, junior was very ill, had a horse that ha s anemia but completely overcome caught in very bad condition was pure bone and even made him a blood transfusion .... but the poor junior is already well and i s a much cuidao scoundrel. This in Almeria but is sent to any part of Spain Cont act: pipowylma @ hotmail. com oreo is a small dog, about 4 years .. His owner left him because he got tired of

having to feed, has increased in the cage one 5 months and one day he escaped, now roams the area. This little cripple a leg we assume that one car has been gi ven a bump, we take food and water but we can not pick it up. He is very affecti onate and good with people but does not get along with other dogs .. almeria but was sent to all parts of Spain. Contact: pipowylma @ hotmail. com Kennel: