SELECTION OF PERSONS x Specifications Position or Skills Desired y Characteristics of the Candidate What the Job Requires or Desired Skills

versus What the Candidate Offers Analysis and Job Description to find out what requirements the job demands of it s occupant or Competency Definition. Selection techniques to learn what conditions personal to the position or fill o ut the required competence SELECTION OF PERSONS Line Responsibility Staff Function * Decide how to fill the vacant position through the issuance of Employee Reques t (ER) * Decide on the basic characteristics of the candidates * Interviewing ca ndidates * Evaluate and compare the candidates through the results of interviews and other selection techniques * Decide regarding the approval or rejection of candidates * Select the final candidate for the post * Check the file of candidates and / or run the recruitment process * Make the s creening interviews of candidates who present themselves * Develop more appropri ate selection techniques * Prepare and train managers in techniques of interview ing candidates * Apply psychological or personality tests if needed * Assist man agers in the selection process, if necessary SELECTION OF PERSONS SELECTION OF PERSONS Performing the task in itself * * * * * * General intelligence concentrated attention to detail Ability Verbal Ability Num erical Ability Spatial Reasoning inductive or deductive Personal characteristics make identification of the Candidate Interdependence with others * * * * * * Human Relations Interpersonal skills Collaboration and cooperation E motional Quotient Leadership of people Ease of communication * * * * * * Attenti on dispersed and comprehensive Overview Facility Coordination Spirit of Resistan ce integration frustration own initiative Interdependence with other tasks SELECTION OF PERSONS Collection of Information Title Description and Analysis of Job Requisition Personal Cargo Market Research Criti cal Incident Technique of Working Hypothesis Job Specification Sheet

Interviews Proofs of Knowledge Psychological Tests Personality Tests Simulation Techniques Choice of Techniques for Selecting Candidates SELECTION OF PERSONS Selection Interview * Interview directed (with predetermined script) * Interview free (without a script set) * General * * * Specific General Culture * Language * Culture * Technical Skills Training * General * Specific * PMK * Rorschach Te st * Tree * TAT * Motivation * Interests Evidence of knowledge or ability Psychological Tests * Testing Skills * Expressive * Projective Personality Tests * Inventories Simulation Techniques * Psychodrama * Role Play (Role Playing) SELECTION OF PERSONS Inputs: * Questions * Stimuli Interviewer (decision makers) Outputs: * Answers * Reactions * Feedback Interviewee (Black Box) SELECTION OF PERSONS Candidate * * * * * * Application Form Interview Screening Quiz Test Capacity Structured Interview Fin al Interview Admission or rejection Candidate * Registration Form * Interview Screening Quiz * * * Proof of Structured Intervi ew * Interview Max Final Rejection Admission * Registration Form * Interview * Candidate Screening Quiz Rejection Structured

Interview * * * Proof of Max Final Interview Admission