L E S M E D I A L A S E C T U R E S U LT The reorganization of ministries in 2006 led to the dismissal of the Ministry of Information and Culture and the establishment

of a National Media Council and a new Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development . 267 MEDIA AND CULTURE MEDIA FOLLOWING A REORGANIZATION OF MINISTRIES in 2006, the Ministry of Information an d Culture was closed and a National Media Council and a new Ministry of Culture, Youth and Development of local resources have been created . The main organizat ions that depended on the former Ministry of Information and Culture, namely the Department of Press and Publication, the Department of external information and Emirates News Agency (WAM), were placed under the supervision of the National M edia Council. The reshuffle was designed to streamline the various functions pre viously handled by a single ministry. In addition, noting that culture and the m edia knew a rapid development, the government decided it was necessary to recons ider the support of the State Government to make it more effective. THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF MEDIA The National Media Council was established in order to oversee the development o f media in the UAE and to support certain media initiatives. The Council is empo wered to cancel or suspend the broadcasting licenses for violations of condition s of use. All jurisdictions and responsibilities relating to media incumbent bef ore the Ministry of Information and Culture have been transferred to the Media C ouncil. In July 2006 the Council of Ministers appointed Chairman Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, while Mohammed Abdullah Al Ge rgawi, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, was chosen as vice-president. The UAE's printing industry is currently experiencing an annual growth of 15-20% , and represents a total of between 8 and 10 billion dirhams. EMIRATES MEDIA Emirates Media Inc. Company. (EMI) is a pioneer of multimedia in the Arab world. His appearance in the television industry, radio and the press was in 1969 with the creation of the daily Al Ittihad, the UAE TV channel Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhab i Radio. Television and radio were incorporated under the name Emirates Broadcas ting Corporation (EBC) in The National Media Council was established in order to oversee the development o f media in the UAE and to support certain media initiatives. @ www.uaeinteract.com / media 268 E REVUEANNUELLEDES MIR AT SARABESUNIES 2 0 0 7 L E S M E D I A L A S E C T U R E S U LT 269 The media operations include the UAE currently three satellite TV channels (Abu Dhabi TV, the sports channel Abu Dhabi and the Emirates channel) and six radio s tations (Radio Abu Dhabi, Emirates FM Holy Qur'an, Sound of music, FM1 and FM2 E nglish English).

1996, and three years later, the EBC has been reconstituted under the name of EM I, including television and radio have been complemented by the newspaper Al Itt ihad and Al Khaleej magazine Zahrat and Majed. Today, the diversity of EMI is a unique advantage that allows it to reach millions of Arabs around the world. Its outreach activities cover the Middle East, Europe and North America, and EMI ar e currently three satellite TV channels (Abu Dhabi TV, Abu Dhabi Sports Channel and the Emirates Channel), six radio stations (Abu Dhabi Radio, Emirates FM, Hol y Qur'an, Sound of Music, Français FM1 and FM2), in addition to the mentioned p ublications. EMI also offers electronic services, including a number of Web site s, and plans to create more. The website of the newspaper Al Ittihad (www.alitti had.ae) and the main site of the company (www.emi.ae) were among the first sites in the Arabic region, and the new media division of EMI has considerable intern al capabilities in information technology. Satellite transmission of the latest world events has earned a solid reputation EMI internationally. Since its inaugu ration, EMI has received prestigious honors in all its sectors. Given the number of people who travel to work by car, the radio plays a very important place amo ng the UAE's media.€The management of English-language stations Radio 1 and Rad io 2 for ERN has recently been entrusted by Emirates Radio Network, a subsidiary of EMI, at Al Nisr Publishing Company LLC, which also launched a new station in English. The management contract covers the operations of writing and publicity on Radio 1, Radio 2, as well as those of the new station, to be called Radio 3. It also provides for the reorganization of Radio 1 and Radio 2, but does not ad dress the Arab-language stations ERN. recently introduced a code of media ethics, to help businesses implement the hig hest standards of transparency, credibility and objectivity. In his speech at th e launch of the Charter, the General Manager of DMI explained that ethical crite ria are focused on customers, and aim to better understand their needs and incre ase their numbers. These goals will be achieved through programming and marketin g quality, and the charter provides a framework that promotes innovation and dev elopment of new services on all media platforms. The charter also requires emplo yees of DMI they conduct their business with honesty, integrity and professional ism in order to avoid any conflicts of interest in transactions on behalf of DMI . The EMIRATES NEWS AGENCY The Emirates News Agency (WAM or Wakalat Anba'a al-Emarat) was founded in 1976. Respected source of information on the international media scene, it disseminate s information on current national, regional and Arabic. The WAM is a member of t he GCC news agencies, the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA), the Union of Islamic news agency, the Pool of News Agencies of Non-Aligned Movement and Organ ization News Agencies in Asia-Pacific (OANA). Its head office is based in the UA E capital, Abu Dhabi, but it also has offices in Dubai Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qa iwain, Ra's al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain and Madinat Zayed. Since mid-2006, the news agency was placed under the authority of the National Media Council. The WA M has 25 reporters assigned overseas and has offices in many Arab cities includi ng Cairo, Beirut, Rabat, Riyadh, Damascus, Sanaa, Algiers, Jerusalem, Gaza, Khar toum, Amman, Baghdad and Tunis. Other offices and reporters are based in London, Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Moscow, Washington, New York, Tehran, Islamabad, New D elhi, Istanbul and Canberra. The agency also operates a bilingual website in Ara bic and English (www.wam.ae). Since its inception, WAM has been able to adapt to rapidly changing technologies, and is now broadcasting its news and images via satellite and Internet, local and international levels. Over 90% of his images a re available in digital format, which speeds up performance and reduce costs. Respected source of information on the international media scene, the Emirates N ews Agency disseminates information on current national, regional and Arabic. DUBAI MEDIA INC.. Dubai Media Inc.. (DMI) is a parastatal that owns the main radio and television

stations in the Emirate of Dubai and is responsible for their management. Founde d in 2003, it replaces the Department of Dubai Media, and currently operates fou r television channels: Dubai TV, ONE TV, Sama Dubai and Dubai Sports. Eager to p romote excellence, quality and reliability in the emerging market of UAE media, DMI @ www.uaeinteract.com / wam 270 E REVUEANNUELLEDES MIR AT SARABESUNIES 2 0 0 7 L E S M E D I A L A S E C T U R E S U LT 271 WAM receives news of 30 Arab news agencies, international and Gulf entered into cooperation agreements and exchange news with 20 news agencies Arab, Asian and i nternational. The WAM provides daily coverage of news events, whether formal or not, the count ry and represents a major source of information for all media establishments in the UAE. It covers between 85 and 90% of the official activities and the activit ies of official delegations sent abroad. WAM also plays an important role in gat hering information on the development of the country it communicates with resear chers and other interested persons. WAM receives the news of 30 Arab news agenci es,€international and Gulf entered into cooperation agreements and exchange new s with 20 news agencies Arab, Asian and international actions to strengthen the collaboration between the media from the UAE and other countries. Also present, WAM transmits its information services daily to over 3,000 newspapers, televisio n and radio stations worldwide, via a news portal run by the central IPS. The po rtal (www.ipsnews.net) transmits information from the WAM in various languages ( English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Swahili) to more than 1000 newspapers a nd 2000 radio transmitters around the world. The agency recently added to its se rvices a topical summary of the new UAE in Japanese. The WAM news are broadcast daily in English on the Internet, while some services are delivered in Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili and Japanese. Terrestrial radio offers better signal quality and faster throughput, which allo ws you to have more channels. To match the planned migration to digital over the world in 2009, the regulator plans to expand its range of services using the op portunities offered by the new system. RADIO STATIONS The UAE have more than 20 radio stations, more than any other country in the Ara b world. In addition to EMI stations mentioned above, some of which are managed in cooperation with Al Nisr, there are several radio stations based in Dubai, Um m al-Qaiwain and Ajman. And all the radios do not target only the listeners UAE. The station Channel 4 Radio Network, based in Ajman, started broadcasting in mi d-2006, from the premises of the first Arabic music radio from Iraq, 98.8 FM Cha nnel 4 Radio Network, which is part of a joint venture has obtained a license to broadcast in Iraq. The UAE company will manage the operations of the station, w hich will initially cover a population of 8 million listeners within a radius of 100 km around Baghdad. Over time, the promoters hope to cover all of Iraq. A si milar station, broadcasting Arabic music, has also been launched recently in Kha rtoum, Sudan. Competition between the various radio stations is very healthy and has generated a strong improvement in quality. Emirates Media, which includes s even radio stations, is the largest broadcaster in the UAE, but other stations a

re also expressed on the airwaves. The newcomer Arabian Radio Network (ARN) has quickly proved. Just as Emirates Media, NRA covers topics of interest to various categories of listeners, groups and cultures, through a program focused on gend er. In 2001, RNA has established Al Arabiya 98.9 FM, a station broadcasting musi c and news 24 hours 24. Shortly after, he launched a service in English City FM (101.6) and Free FM (96.7 FM). In 2003, the Network launched Al Khaleejiya, crea ting a new platform for music Khaleeji (from the Arabian Gulf), giving it a wide r audience and reflecting the roots traditions of UAE. Then came the turn of HIT 96.7 FM, which addresses the largest group of expatriates from the Gulf, namely the Malayali. Competition between the various radio stations is very healthy and has generated a strong improvement in quality. Emirates Media, which includes seven radio sta tions, is the largest broadcaster in the UAE, but other stations are also expres sed on the airwaves. TRANSITION FROM ANALOG TO DIGITAL The telecommunications regulator (ART) has recently acquired the rights to 225 d igital channels at the Regional Radiocommunication Conference of ITU (DRR), held in Geneva from May 15 to June 16, 2006. This conference focused on establishing a technical basis for planning the distribution of digital terrestrial televisi on and radio to Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Th e 2006 conference was rescheduled channels of digital broadcasting in the freque ncy band 174-230 MHz and 470-862 MHz frequency band to prepare the way for the g rowth of digital. Digital broadcasting is roughly six times more efficient than analog, which allows for more channels to a smaller number of waves. Digital Vid eo Broadcasting by @ www.uaeinteract.com / radio_tv 272 E REVUEANNUELLEDES MIR AT SARABESUNIES 2 0 0 7 L E S M E D I A L A S E C T U R E S U LT 273 Broadcasting is an area where technology is evolving and continually improving. Several strategic alliances have been established to ensure that stations UAE re main at the height of progress. RNA has recently connected with KLOTZ, main radi o system, to improve the performance of software solutions for RNA. THE TELEVISION CHANNELS There are more than 40 television channels in the UAE (see box). Again, the comp any Emirates Media plays a predominant role in the country, since it has three m ajor satellite channels. The well-known chain of Dubai, CH33, stopped broadcasti ng at the end of 2004 to be replaced by 'One TV', a new channel which is charact erized by a more modern and Western-style programming. Featuring 27 films a week , including blockbusters like Harry Potter, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, A ustin Powers, Rush Hour and X-Men, TV One's mission is to entertain people and i s open in its approach. The international news channel CNN has offices in Dubai Media City (DMC), which are equipped to produce reports and provide local servic es to regional reporters. CNN also operates a website in Arabic, www.cnnarabic.c om, from its offices in the DMC. More than 40 television channels broadcasting from the UAE

the waiting list in the hope of obtaining premises. The DMC is currently divided into eight sectors of media, including marketing, distribution and publishing a re those who have experienced the most rapid development. More than 900 million dollars have been spent on advertising in the UAE in 2005, the figure was 700 mi llion dollars in 2004. Advertising spending in newspapers increased by 70.43% fr om 1.26 billion dirhams (345 million) in 2004 to 2.15 billion dirhams (588 milli on dollars) in 2005. Among the main sectors affected by the advertising include automotive, banking, telecommunications and real estate. The mobile handset manu facturer Nokia and the large real estate company Emaar Properties are two compan ies that have spent the biggest advertising budgets in 2005, with nearly 8 milli on dollars of annual expenditure, just before the Dubai Shopping Festival and Da mascus group, which spent 6.7 million respectively and $ 5.8 million during the year. Advertising expenditure in the Gulf rise 15% per annum and should reach 5 billion dollars in 2006. The UAE has approximately 400 advertising agencies, but the activity is controlled at 90% by the top 20 companies, some big names in in ternational advertising. The UAE is the regional hub of the publishing industries, printing and advertisi ng. PRINTING, PUBLISHING AND ADVERTISING The UAE's printing industry is currently experiencing an annual growth of 15-20% and represents a total of between 8 and 10 billion dirhams. Nearly 500 printing presses running in the country, and many of them increase their capacity due to the proliferation of local and foreign publications. The UAE is the regional hu b of the publishing industries, printing and advertising. It is estimated that b y 2008, revenues generated by these sectors in the Middle East will amount to 1. 7 trillion dollars, and the UAE are likely to benefit most from the expansion of these activities. Dubai Media City (DMC) has attracted many renowned internatio nal media companies, while the number of associates increased 20% from 880 in 20 04 to about 1077 in 2005 and many companies have registered on THE PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY According to figures from the Business Software Alliance (BSA), the software pir acy rate declined in 2005. In fact, and this decade, the UAE registering the low est rate in the region and are the only countries in the Middle East to be inclu ded on the list of 20 nations to piracy rate the lowest. Amounting to 34%, it is lower than several European countries including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland, and ranks among the rates observed in the United Kingdom ( 27%), Netherlands (30%) and Australia (31%). Not happy with this situation, the UAE authorities have increased their efforts to further reduce this problem, str engthening their cooperation with the BSA.€Suggested measures include awareness campaigns about the harm that can arise from software piracy and stringent enfo rcement of intellectual property rights and copyright laws. @ www.uaeinteract.com / copyright L E S M E D I A L A S E C T U R E S U LT 275 PUBLICATIONS Each year the UAE government supports the publication of a number of books. In a ddition to the publications prepared by the various departments dealing with spe cific topics of interest, it publishes every year the Annual Review of UAE which is now produced in cooperation with the National Media Council. This unique ser ies, which includes the present volume is published in Arabic, English and Frenc h. The book covers many topics concerning the UAE and focuses primarily on news

of the last 12 months. The Annual Review of UAE is accompanied by a DVD-ROM cont aining many media resources on the country, plus a number of electronic books. UAEinteract A study on this subject showed that reducing piracy by 10%, 667 new jobs could b e created and the country's GDP could increase by $ 357 million. With such a red uction, the computer industry could be nearly 2.3 billion by 2009, thereby creat ing new jobs and new business opportunities for entrepreneurs. The website offer s information www.uaeinteract.com English updated daily on the UAE, and links to other sources of information on the country. Online since the beginning of the Internet era (1997), the website stores its information, photographs and other d ata in a searchable database, searchable by users in different ways. This featur e is of particular interest to researchers interested in a particular aspect of the recent development of the UAE, the number of users UAEinteract steadily incr easing each year. The results show that in 2006 the site was accessed by 2.6 mil lion users, generating 64.8 million hits, whereas in 2005 these figures were 1.9 million visitors and 51 million, representing increases of 37% and 27%. The num ber of pages viewed has also increased in 2006, reaching 8.4 million against 6.7 million in 2005, an increase of 25%. This Annual Review lists the web pages UAE interact where regular updates are made during the year, and the two media produ cts are therefore linked. MEDIA AREAS The first areas of the UAE media has been the Internet City and Dubai Media City . These have been so successful that demand for space in zones far exceeded the number of places available. The work of the new international zone for media pro duction (IMPZ) have begun the first phase is one billion dirhams (272 million do llars). This area, covering 4 million square meters, which is reserved for compa nies working in the fields of printing, packaging and publishing, should be comp leted in 2007. The investment during the second phase, focusing on the construct ion of offices, should approach the 700 million dirhams (190 million dollars). I t is expected that the printing companies and packaging invest 1.5 billion dirha ms (408 million dollars) in IMPZ when settling in the area. UAE Interact is one of the main websites of the country. Each year, it is viewed by more than 2.6 million visitors and generates over 64 million queries. CULTURE Culture and heritage play a fundamental role among the priorities of development of UAE government. In this relatively new country, home to a growing population 276 E REVUEANNUELLEDES MIR AT SARABESUNIES 2 0 0 7 young people, older generations fear very much that the character and identity o f the country, fed by the lifestyle, customs and traditions of the past do not d isappear as a result of growing wealth and globalization. This concern is probab ly legitimate, particularly with regard to the influence of the sprawling satell ite TV and Internet, but the reasons for optimism are also considerable: the con text may have changed, but the core values have been preserved .€Any visit to a local school or an activity center will confirm: the local traditional culture remains alive and continues to speak through music, dance, poetry, oral historie s and art UAE, as well that in some sports such as falconry, camel racing and sa iling. This process requires in particular to protect the physical traces of the rich heritage of the UAE The priority has been given to the preservation of man y archaeological sites and unique architectural and manuscripts. The literature and customs occupy a prominent place in the curriculum, while the museum display s, heritage villages and reconstruction of vanished monuments (from photographs and memories of people and documentary evidence) helped rebuild the context and

atmosphere of this heritage. Recognizing that the preservation of culture is not only a social obligation but it is also a business necessity, the UAE shall als o be given to the cultural richness of place in their modern development, includ ing regards tourism. Many more contemporary activities such as theater and cinem a, also play an important role in the UAE's cultural life, nurturing the soul an d the increasing sense of well-being enjoyed by both the UAE nationals as expatr iates. Although much has already been made, it was felt it was time to make a ca reful assessment of the role of government in cultural enrichment. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Development of local resources, recently introduced, estab lished clear links between the three main areas of social development which cont ribute to the climate of the UAE culture Priority was given to the preservation of many archaeological sites and unique a rchitectural and manuscripts of the country. REVUEANNUELLEDES E MIR AT Sarabi L E S M E D I A L A S E C T U R E S U LT 279 The UAE is determined to protect their intangible cultural heritage and continue to sponsor the Sheikh Zayed prize for the oral and intangible heritage of human ity. THE INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE In mid-2006, the UAE has been elected member of UNESCO's Intergovernmental Commi ttee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The elections of the committee of 18 members took place at the general meeting of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (CSICH). The UAE is det ermined to protect their intangible cultural heritage and continue to sponsor th e Sheikh Zayed prize for the oral and intangible heritage of humanity. They are also trying to do falconry, which is practiced in over 70 countries, a tradition of world heritage. Unesco has set a series of conditions for inclusion of falco nry on the list, including the creation of a national body to implement the Conv ention. The UAE has fulfilled this requirement with the introduction of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (see below). the emirate. Its mission includes including direct promotion of cultural heritag e of Abu Dhabi, the development and implementation of policies, plans and cultur al programs, consideration of cultural heritage projects, and organizing exhibit ions and conferences on cultural heritage. The Authority is empowered to conduct the following activities: managing conferences and cultural performances, organ ize symposia, seminars and meetings with artists, scientists and intellectuals, published studies and outcomes research; preserve the archaeological treasures, monuments and historic sites; locate archaeological sites, to organize searches and issue the necessary permits and restoring archaeological sites and heritage buildings, supervise scientific and archaeological expeditions, set up a departm ent with function is to manage, develop and supervise museums and other building s housing cultural artifacts, recommend legislation and regulations aimed at pro tecting, promoting and preserving cultural heritage, to support training and edu cational activities in the areas of Honours Committee, and develop resources in the areas of documentation, classification, archiving and preservation of cultur al heritage;€if necessary bring legal action against anyone damaging the cultur al heritage and monuments of the Emirate, to support organizations working in th e field of conservation, manage and promote cultural heritage; control assets of cultural and heritage whether public or private, to manage the National Library for the enrichment and promotion of intellectual, artistic and scientific works in Abu Dhabi and participate in the writing of national history through the col lection of documents, the Emirates Heritage Inventory and the publication of wor

ks relating thereto. The Committee is managed by a board consisting of a chairma n, a vice president and seven members, whose five-year term is renewable. The Au thority has its own budget, which must be approved by the Executive Board. ADMINISTERING ABU DHABI FOR CULTURE AND HERITAGE In October 2005, a law establishing the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heri tage was adopted in Abu Dhabi. Based in the emirate, this organization is respon sible for sponsoring artistic and intellectual activities and preserve the cultu ral heritage THE GUGGENHEIM ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi has signed a memorandum n, based in New York to establish temporary art. The museum, called igned by renowned architect Frank @ www.uaeinteract.com / mediaandculture 280 E REVUEANNUELLEDES MIR AT SARABESUNIES 2 0 0 7 L E S M E D I A L A S E C T U R E S U LT 281 The UAE encourage artistic development, UAE and many artists are beginning to be known internationally. This painting was done by Abdul Qader Al Rayes. major cultural internationally. Covering 30,000 square meters, the museum Abu Dh abi will be the only Guggenheim museum in the region and the largest museums in the Guggenheim Foundation. Construction is expected to take five years. The muse um will form its own collection of contemporary art and will also exhibit major works that are already part of the international collection of the Guggenheim Fo undation. It will be built in the Cultural District of Saadiyat Island, a natura l island lying 500 meters offshore the UAE capital, which is becoming an interna tional tourist destination. The Cultural District will also house a national mus eum, classical art museum, a maritime museum, a performing arts center, and a la rge park that will also be a cultural center. The museum will be owned by the Ab u Dhabi Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), which manages the touri sm capital of the Committee. The Guggenheim Foundation will establish and manage the program of the museum, which will focus on collection development, exhibiti ons and educational initiatives. The museum in Abu Dhabi will be the sixth Gugge nheim Foundation, whose other five are in New York, Las Vegas, Venice, Bilbao an d Berlin. OPERA DUBAI At the end of 2005, the decision was to build an opera house in Dubai, a museum and cultural center. These three cultural poles ultramodern welcome people inter ested in art, culture and aesthetics. They reflect the passion of the UAE for pe ace and cultural interaction. The opera, which will cover an area of 280,000 squ are meters, will be built on an artificial island in the middle of the Dubai Cre ek and will host 2,500 spectators. MUSEUMS In addition to all the forts and historic buildings now housing museums, the UAE also have many modern museum built specially devoted to particular themes, such as the discovery of oil, archeology, natural history, science , folk medicine, of understanding with the Guggenheim Foundatio a museum devoted to world class modern and con the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi (GAD) and will be des Gehry, will make the UAE a destination

astronomy, numismatics, philately, Islam, traditional jewelry, police and aviati on. The Al Ain Museum, managed by the Department of Antiquities and Tourism of t he Eastern Region of Abu Dhabi, now under the leadership of the ADACH, houses an impressive collection of archaeological and ethnographic, including a spectacul ar gold pendants second millennium and a large collection of coins. The discoveries made during e xcavations at Umm alNar Qattarah and are exposed and the museum also features a reconstruction of the large tomb Hili with its remarkable rock carvings.€All ar e equally fascinating reconstructions of traditional majlis and other aspects of life before the oil era. Sharjah is known for its museums, heritage and environ mental centers, which house several exhibitions of international standing. These have not only an interest of local perspective, but also include wider culture and science in the Islamic world. The Emirate has now established a special depa rtment devoted to museums as part of its effort to strengthen the role of Sharja h as a cultural destination-based entertainment. The new department is empowered to initiate collaborations with various museums and research centers of interna tional renown. It may also hire experts and seek help from other local agencies to assist him in his administrative and technical functions. The planetarium Sha rjah specializes in astronomy and celestial navigation. Its the police museum co ntains a diverse collection of arms, riot equipment, and combat, as well as mode ls of ancient walls and forts. Its Archaeological Museum traces the history of S harjah from ancient times. Modern and interactive, it features a halter of gold of great beauty, Dubai is building an opera, a museum and cultural center. @ www.uaeinteract.com / mediaandculture 282 E REVUEANNUELLEDES MIR AT SARABESUNIES 2 0 0 7 Exhibition of dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum in Sharjah found alongside a horse sacrificed in a tomb near Mleiha. The museum library con tains a series of books, magazines, journals and special reports on the archeolo gy and history. The Museum of Science has 50 excellent interactive exhibits cove ring physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy. As for the Discovery Centre is t he first interactive museum for children of the UAE and it attracts many visitor s. There is also the Desert Park in Sharjah, which is 25 kilometers from the tow n, at Exit 8 of the Sharjah-Dhaid road, which includes the Natural History Museu m, a children's farm, the Wildlife Centre Arabic and breeding center for wildlif e Saudi endangered. The Natural History Museum opened its doors in 1995 and its modern exhibits made it immediately popular. Living displays using light effects and sound as well as interactive videos, have habitats, animal and plant life, geology and marine life in the region. Outside you can admire the gardens of wil dflowers, as well as more traditional gardens. The Arabian Wildlife Centre is an impressive modern zoo that presents the local flora and fauna in their natural habitats. Most exhibitions are located inside a huge air conditioned building. A mong these include a reptile room, a huge aviary where birds frolic freely and w here badgers jump from rock to rock, a room containing many nocturnal mammals of the desert, a "mountain goats, which provide the restaurant windows, and a corr idor with huge windows overlooking the pens containing hamadryas and large preda tors like wolves, cheetahs and the Arabian leopard. The breeding center is focus ing its efforts on breeding endangered species Arab in the hope of reintroducing some of the rarest in nature. Here, for the first time in UAE, we managed to ra ise the Arabian leopard. For obvious reasons, this center is not open to the pub

lic. On the east coast, in Kalba, Sharjah enclave, the former residence of the l ocal ruling family has been carefully restored, like the Islamic rectangular box nearby. Restoration work is also underway on a larger fortress located at Khor Kalba, which thinks it could have been erected at the site of a fort built by th e Portuguese in the fifteenth century. The former home of the Dubai Municipality has recently reopened after having been transformed into a museum of history Local. The reopening took place following a renovation program involving traditi onal methods and materials. This two-story building is located near the old souk in Deira, overlooking the sea branch built in the 50s, it originally had three stores on the ground floor. A floor was added later,€welcome to visiting dealer s. Dubai Municipality, formerly under the supervision of the customs administrat ion, has its offices on the first floor of the building in 1957. The breeding center in Sharjah Arab wildlife has succeeded in breeding Arabian l eopard, a species endangered in the wild. CULTURAL FOUNDATION Located in the center of Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, which is now under the a uthority of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), occupies a central place in the cultural life of the capital, is frequented by both young and old alike by, whether UAE nationals or foreign. Surrounded by gardens and de corated with an open courtyard with fountains, the main building is a spectacula r white building with arches and columns and hosting conference rooms, libraries and meeting rooms. With its three floors, it offers space to mount exhibitions. The most important element of the Foundation is probably the National Library, which contains well over one million books, mostly in Arabic but also in various languages @ www.uaeinteract.com / mediaandculture 284 E REVUEANNUELLEDES MIR AT SARABESUNIES 2 0 0 7 L E S M E D I A L A S E C T U R E S U LT 285 Shelves of books in the National Library. foreign. The majority of them can be viewed by the public upon registration. How ever, some rare books, including a superb collection of Korans, can be examined by special permission. The section for children is particularly popular and many events are organized for them, especially during school holidays. The ground fl oor is largely occupied by a large exhibition hall is regularly used for exhibit ions of old photographs of the Emirates, paintings, crafts, archaeological and a n array of other objects. The first floor houses other rooms used for smaller ev ents. Along the corridors are several small windows which outlined various items reflecting the culture and history of the UAE Among these are stamps, coins dat ing from a time before the creation of the UAE, Bedouin jewelry silver, rugs, wo od doors, richly decorated and many other items yet. In the two major theaters a re held various cultural events, like concerts of classical music, some of which are organized by the Foundation in Abu Dhabi for the music that brought to his city of artists and orchestras of Europe and elsewhere. The Foundation also pres ents film screenings and regularly organizes film festivals with themes of count ries or individual directors, as well as plays, she also hosts gatherings held b y external organizations. It is 20 years and the Natural History Group of the UA

E's oldest non-governmental organization in UAE environmental protection, public meetings held in the premises of the Cultural Foundation twice a month. Other v olunteer groups also meet there, including a gardening club and an association o f chess enthusiasts. Moreover, the small restaurant Foundation, tastefully decor ated, has become a popular meeting place. Beside the building is a place where i s held each spring the Book Fair in Abu Dhabi. The event, held under the big top , attracts dozens of publishers in the UAE and other Arab countries and further afield, who come to promote their publications and offer their securities prices . THE HERITAGE CLUB OF EMIRATES The Emirates Heritage Club (EHC) was founded in 1993 with the primary purpose of preserving the country's heritage and make it known to younger generations who would otherwise not be as familiar with the customs and traditions their ancesto rs. The EHC organizes exhibitions, manages heritage centers and collaborates wit h all institutions UAE pursuing similar goals. The activities organized by the C lub for all age groups covering not only traditional sports (racing camel racing and falconry) and traditional techniques (construction of tents and brewing), b ut also contemporary activities such as sailing, equestrian,€shooting and other sports. The EHC is involved in the organization of competitions in these discip lines, as well as summer camps for youth on the island of Al Sammaliah, north-ea st of the city of Abu Dhabi. The research on the property are made by the Zayed Centre for Heritage and the history of Al Ain, while the Department of Environme ntal Research (DER) Al Sammaliah is responsible for studies on environment. The IAB focuses on biodiversity and coastal conservation, and sustainable developmen t of coastal habitats. The EHC has founded the Amateur Astronomers Group (AAG) i n May 1998 in order to educate all social classes in astronomy. Another affiliat e, the Emirates Sailing School (ESA-ESS), was born in July 2000. UAE CENTER STUDIES AND STRATEGIC RESEARCH (ECSSR) The ECSSR, founded in 1994, is an independent research institution dedicated to the promotion of professional research and educational excellence in the UAE and the Gulf region. The ECSSR serves as a center for research on political, strate gic, military, environmental, economic and social related to the UAE, the Gulf a nd the Middle East in general and sponsors research and studies that are conduct ed by scholars worldwide. Its main activities are to identify and analyze key is sues, anticipate future trends and develop management strategies that will addre ss these issues. The center not only has its own team of investigators specifica lly trained for these activities, but it also organizes conferences, symposia, w orkshops and lecture series known for its reputation of participants, quality @ www.uaeinteract.com / mediaandculture 286 E REVUEANNUELLEDES MIR AT SARABESUNIES 2 0 0 7 The thrust of the work ECSSR is to identify and analyze issues of vital signific ance, predicting future trends and develop management strategies to cope with su ch problems. benefits and for their influence. The success of the research program of the ECS SR based in particular on the Trend Assessment Reports (assessments of trends), prepared every year by various departments of the center and by determining the major international and domestic trends and their potential impacts constitute a powerful tool for priority setting to achieve the following year. Through its p ublications, the ECSSR has become a major source of academic specialty of the re gion. In addition to his collection of monographs International Studies Series,

publishes reports of conferences, symposia and lectures in English series entitl ed Emirates Occasional Papers and a series entitled Strategic Studies in Arabic. In addition, the ECSSR translated into Arabic works of interest to the center a nd its audience. Among recent publications include: The Gulf Oil and Gas Sector: Potential and Constraints (Sector Oil and Gas: Potential and constraints) Arab Media in the Information Age (The Arab Media in the Information Age); Educationa l Technologies and Their Impact on the Educational Process: A Case Study of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSC), UAE University (The technology education and their impact on pedagogy: a case study in the Faculty of Letters Social Science, University of UAE), Governance and Globalization: An Economic Pe rspective (Globalization and Governance: Economic Perspective) In the Shadow of Just Wars: Violence, Politics and Humanitarian Action (In the Shadow of Just War s: Violence, politics and humanitarian action); NATO's Growing Role in the Great er Middle East (The growing role of NATO in the Greater Middle East), The Religi ous Right and U.S. Middle East Policy (The Religious Right and Politics U.S. on the Middle East and The Role of Water Exports in Iranian Foreign Policy Towards the GCC states (The Role of Water Exports in Iranian foreign policy towards the GCC states). THE STRONG AND OTHER BUILDINGS RESTORED Abu Dhabi Qasr al-Hosn (often called the 'White Fort' or 'Old Fort') was founded in 1795 b y Sheikh bin Shakhbut Dhiyab, Ruler of Abu Dhabi. It is the oldest monument of A bu Dhabi, even if it has undergone major expansion over the last two centuries. Official residence of the Supreme Abu Dhabi until the 1960s,€he has hosted for many years the Centre for Documentation and government research. Surrounded by palm trees, an old cannon flanking its fortif ied gate, the Qasr al-Hosn is destined to become a national museum. Al Ain has m ore than its share of impressive forts and old buildings. One example is the Eas t Fort, located inside the Al Ain Museum, Fort murabba, who served time for a po lice station and prison, and Fort Jahili, large building restored to center of t he city, with a curious corner turret with four levels or terraces. And if we go back further in time, one finds at Hili Archaeological Park in Al Ain, a grave Umm al-Nar of the third millennium BC. AD beautifully restored. Under an agreeme nt between UNESCO and the Director of Al Ain Economic Development and Tourism Pr omotion [now replaced by the Tourism Authority of Abu Dhabi (ADTA)], a joint act ion has been launched to protect the rich cultural and historical city. This res ulted in the development of a strategy for cultural heritage management for the emirate is implemented by the ADACH, action that was announced at a conference i n Abu Dhabi in late 2005. This strategy covers all aspects of the rich heritage of the emirate, whether of origin Qasr al-Hosn, Abu Dhabi @ The restored fort of Al Fahidi in Dubai was originally the residence of the Sove reign, and was then an arsenal, and prison before becoming a museum interactive busy hosting numerous archaeological and ethnographic objects. www.uaeinteract.com / mediaandculture 288 E REVUEANNUELLEDES MIR AT SARABESUNIES 2 0 0 7 human or natural and aims to promote the sustainable use of its assets taking in to account the growth of cultural tourism.

Dubai Dubai has announced its intention to restore more than 300 of its buildings by 2 010, under the architectural conservation plans of the government. Where appropr iate, these buildings will be submitted to UNESCO for inclusion on the list of W orld Heritage sites. At least three major historical sites of Dubai: Shindagha, Bastakia and the Hatta Heritage Village, are already the subject of deliberation s by the Unesco. The Heritage Area includes Shindagha alone nearly 65 historic s ites. The area of Al Bastakiya has 55 sites, half of which were renovated in lat e 2005. Among these buildings restored, we must mention the house of Sheikh Saee d (an elegant two-storey building decorated with four wind towers, Arab style, d ating from the late nineteenth century, houses a unique collection of coins, of photos, stamps and rare documents), Bait Al Wakeel, the first office building bu ilt in Dubai in 1934, and contains a museum devoted to fishing and maritime trad itions, and the school Ahmadiyah, the first school Regular Dubai, opened in 1912 , became a museum of education. The restored fort of Al Fahidi in Dubai was orig inally the residence of the Sovereign, and was then an arsenal, and prison befor e becoming a museum interactive busy hosting numerous archaeological and ethnogr aphic objects. In the underground part of the museum houses dramatizations showi ng an old souk, a Koranic school, houses and a typical Arab oasis. There is also a reconstruction of the desert at night, which can discover the fascinating wil dlife. The historic buildings, which are among the most important tourist attrac tions in Dubai, can also be used for commercial purposes to generate revenue and fund the restoration work. Thus, a hotel was built in one of these renovated bu ildings and other buildings house restaurants or cafes. Some are also rented to individuals. At least three major historical sites of Dubai: Shindagha, Bastakia and the Hatt a Heritage Village, are already the subject of deliberations by the Unesco. Arts District and the Heritage Area of Sharjah has been applauded worldwide. Man y of these great monuments now house museums on art, Islam and ethnography, incl uding the first national art gallery in the country. One of them is now the head quarters of the UAE Society of Fine Arts. Nearby stands the Fort of Sharjah and Al Husn.€Built for the Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr Al Qasimi in 1820, this carefully restored fort remained the residence of the Sovereign for many years. It was de stroyed in 1969, but the present sovereign, himself a renowned local historian, has been restored along the lines of photographs and old documents from his own notes and memories of older residents. The fort now provides exhibitions on the pearling industry, education and trade, but also contains collections of jewelry , weapons and old photographs. As to Fort Al Mahatah, located at the site of the old airport in the heart of Sharjah, it contains articles relating to aviation from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. THE NORTH EMIRATES The highlight of the eighteenth century located in Ajman, which was once the res idence and office of the Sovereign, in 1970 became the seat of the local police station. He changed positions again in 1981 when it was converted into a museum and now houses an interesting collection of archaeological artifacts, manuscript s and ancient weapons and reconstructions of traditional life. The rehabilitation and restoration of old buildings by the Sharjah architectural value and recognized an old bazaar in the Arts District and the Heritage Area o f Sharjah has been applauded worldwide. SHARJAH The rehabilitation and restoration of old buildings in Sharjah architectural val ue and recognized an old souk in the 290

E REVUEANNUELLEDES MIR AT SARABESUNIES 2 0 0 7 The fort of Umm al-Qaiwain has also served at a police station. This fort, which is one of the most atmospheric of the UAE, is located along the inlets of Umm a l-Qaiwain, and its main doors are flanked by two cannons very impressive. After having taken the place of commission, the fort has been restored and converted i nto a museum. On the top floor of this building is a majlis (meeting room high c eiling, where it also received the guests), elegantly decorated with carved wood en balconies. On the floor below, there are kitchens and storage rooms. Located behind the police station, along the Al Hosn Street in Old Town, Fort Ra's al Kh aimah, magnificently restored, was the residence of the royal family until the e arly 60s. It now houses a fascinating collection of archaeological and ethnograp hic objects, but it is planned to transfer these collections in a museum built s pecially. A large series of studies have been undertaken in recent years in the emirate of Ra's al-Khaimah, to gather information on mountain villages, towers, mosques, old houses of palm groves and Al Nakheel Shamal, and more recently the traditional buildings of the city of Ra's al-Khaimah. Archaeologists from the Na tional Museum of Ra's al-Khaimah are studying and cataloging all the traditional buildings, the most important will be restored. The museum has already started the restoration of the old souk. FUJAIRAH The emirate of Fujairah is not left behind in old buildings and has particularly impressive forts and other defensive structures along the coast, as well as for mer railway crossing major rivers. Restoration work started in the castle of Fuj airah by the Department of Archaeology and Heritage in the late 90s were complet ed in 2000. At the same time, many adjacent buildings, including houses courtyar d once occupied by members of the family of the Sovereign, have also been restor ed. The entire complex will be surrounded by a new wall inside which will be bui lt on the heritage buildings of Fujairah. Among these new buildings are planned a three-story museum, an amphitheater, a souk, a mosque, a restaurant and a play ground. The Emirate of Fujairah has a large number of historic buildings, including impr essive forts and other defensive structures along the coast, as well as former r ailway crossing major rivers. 292 E REVUEANNUELLEDES MIR AT SARABESUNIES 2 0 0 7 The Department recently completed the renovation of another important site at Aw hala in the south of Fujairah, where a strong end of the period of Islam is buil t on the foundations of a fortress dating from much larger age iron.€Restoratio n work has also commenced on the palace dating from the late Islamic period loca ted in Wadi Hayl, about 13 km west of the city of Fujairah and the surrounding b uildings. Formerly the residence of a younger branch of the royal family, this s ite is one of the best preserved of its kind on the whole UAE. LINKS Society of Dramatic Arts in Abu Dhabi ......................................... www.the-club.com Advertising ..: ....................................... ....... ..........................www.uaeinteract.com / advertising art: ........ ...... ............................................ ................................www .uaeinteract.com / Arts Breaking News: ...... ...............................www .uaeinteract.com / breakingnews Copyright: ....... ............................. ..................... .......www.uaeinteract.com / copyright Culture: .......... ........................ .........................................www.uaeinterac t.com / uaeculture Cultural Foundation Abu Dhabi: ..............................

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