MAGIC HERBS This table shows some magical uses of plants. Be careful because some are poisonous!

HOLLY PINE BIRCH PLANT CHICORY Acacia Agar (Hongo) Agrimonia AVOCADO WORMWOOD (A bsinthe) ALAMO BASIL GARLIC ALMOND APRICOT Camphor ALFALFA ALOE ANGELICA APIO go rse AMARANTH ALDER MAGIC PROPERTIES Intensifies true love (burned) Blessing of a mother and son (ne edles burned), uses sexual impulses. Protection, psychic powers Rejects negative spell (planted) Remove obstacles, invisibility, favors, Frigidity. Fertility Pr otection (bathroom), sleep (infusion) Beauty, longing, love POISONOUS. To incens e. Prophecy, divination, protection (burn) protection, healing, exorsismo, lust. Eloquence, anti-theft exorcise negative forces of the house (burn) protection, deep cleansing treatment (bathroom) Love Chastity, health, divination. Prosperit y (burned), decreased appetite (intake), money (carried) Money, prosperity, wisd om, protection, luck Protection, Health moderates anger, protection, invisibilit y Exorcism, healing, protection, mental powers visions, longing, psychic powers. Protection, preparedness, conflict of any kind (burned) Increases power of magi cal objects (rubbed), clairvoyance (7g in a bottle of wine for seven days beginn ing at new moon, strain and swallowed in small amounts) Change the course of the life (taken) Invokes the help of the fairies (placed in the ritual place) ARTEMISA HAZELNUT Asperilla BAMBOO Belladonna Burdock BETON BENZOIN Bergamot Calendula Bistort BREZO BRIONES WHITE BELL CARDO CANDELARIA CHESTNUT CINNAMON Cardamom BARLEY WILD CHERRY CHERR Y CEDAR CYPRESS Carnation Chrysanthemum Foxglove EBONY JUNIPER Hip (Rosa wild or hip) Eucalyptus Eyebright ESPINO Filipendula FRESNO FLOR DE LIZ Protection, luck, break spells, wishes Auyenta negativity, cleansing, protection (wash things in the infusion) expels evil spirits, nightmares and despair (unde r the pillow a bunch). POISONOUS. Astral Projection (burned, incense) Purificati on, prosperity. Fertility Money Encourages love and protection POISONOUS. Help m ake fairy Prosperity (rubbed on the eyelids) clairvoyant dreams (under the pillo w Truth luck. The leaves powder dust replaced cemetery (sacred land) Protection, psíqicos powers, love (burned, incense), desire, success , cure (infusion). Lon ging, love. Protection, Amor Amor strength, protection, healing energy receiver (palms in the leaves) Love, divination. Concentration (burned) Longevity, healin g, comfort, protection. Protection, strength , health. Protection. POISONOUS. He lp make incremental protection, power. With incense tomollo in visions. The ripe berries attract love clairvoyant dreams (in tea before bed). strengthens love s pells (burned incense) staffs this material are very powerful healing, protectio n helps clairvoyance (in tea, rested at night, save the liquid in a bottle, away from light and heat) in love spells Offering Purification, wisdom. Sueños psych ic (placed under pillow) GINSENG FERNS (male fern, maidenhair fern, Polypodium) Desire, love, lust, beauty, healing, protection. Good luck (dry, carried) protcc ión, burned inside the house), produces rain (burned outside the home) prophetic dreams, healing, wealth, invisibility, exorsismo. POISONOUS. Protection (burned , planted) Encourages the eternal love (Carried) Eject and exorcise spirits (bur ned), invulnerability (pass through the smoke of burnt grass in the summer solst ice) Divination, fertility and love. Visions (burned), inspiration (under the pi llow), counteracts negativity, healing, purification, strength (incense smoke) L ove, protection, dreams, chastity, longevity, purificaión, happiness, peace. Ben

deción and protection (leaves and spores offerings) POISONOUS. In water used to spray around the ritual space and bring peace and knowledge. Restores harmony an d peace (corner rooms) Protection, elevation, astral projection. Healing, sleep (pillow filled with dried hops) Money, psychic powers, protection. Protection, l ove, money, fertility, health (burning, incense, essence) replaces the wine juic e or blood. Protection (with mint and rosemary infusion, sprinkled around the ho use or an object) cleaning ritual (leaves, infusion) Potentiates divination (inc ense) Abundance, money (born) Creates psychic bond with cats (food) Fertility. R egenerates the power rods. Faithful Love, love, break spells. Purify the ritual area and the house (burned with juniper and cedar), magic cleaning (bathroom, tw igs in the water) Calm wind (burned,€flowers and buds), diuretic. Charms (gills) , fertility (acorns), purification of the atmosphere (burned), divination (hear the rustle of leaves) Heliotrope IVY ENGLISH IVY OF THE MOON (Lunaria) St. John's Wort (hypericum) LAU REL FIG LAVENDER Lycopodium (Deer Horn) LILY OF THE VALLEY (May Bells) Lysimachia LOTO H OPS MADRESELVA MANDRAGORE MANZANO MEJORANA MINT Yarrow (Yarrow) IRISH MOSS (Pear l) Catnip (Catnip) NUTS AND PEPPER PINE ELM Pineapples BROOM OF BROOMS (broom) OAK BLOOD OF DRAGON SAUCE RUDA Local advocacy against spells and black magic (bathroom, infusion) Love, protect ion, exorcism, healing power. Wishes (tells you the desire and the sauce takes a twig tied until this is fulfilled, then breaks out and is grateful to the tree with a gift) The poles of this material exhibited evil spirits or evil thoughts like the music instruments made of this material. Thank-offering to the spirits (burned) POISONOUS SEEDS. Finding water (branch v), invoke the spirits (burned a t the stake) Good luck, protection, love. Poisonous berries. Reminder rituals of rebirth in transit. Cleaning (bathroom with marjoram), cures nightmares (full p illow). Protection and luck (brought) Offering, prevents psychic attack, love, p urification, attracting wealth (burned). Atre the opposite sex (carried) Health, wealth, protection, fertility, lust. MAGIC SAUCO SOLOMON SEAL (Seal of Mary) Rowan Immortelle TEJO TOMILLO trifoliate (Clover) VA LERIANA CARROT BLACKBERRY LAS PIEDRAS Ruff or hematite STONE PROPERTIES AND USES Used for meditation and relaxation. It also has ornamental u ses. Casts out fear, and is protected from diseases of the circulatory system le veling. Great for avoiding obstacles. Promotes a high spirituality. Promotes hig h esteem. Flatters long life and prosperity. Used in healing positively affect t he etheric body. Calman, relax and balance nerve function. Restore the normal te mperature absorbing excessive heat (fever). Excellent helper to counter physical pain. Strengthen the immune system and fight allergies. Help against diabetes. The chakras are worked according to the color of each agate. AGATA AQUAMARINE

Positive infections, burns, headaches and cramps. Touchstone serene, relaxing an d purifying. Connects well with laryngeal chakras, base and solar plexus. The ro se quartz is a special treatment to clean: you must be at least exposed to the s un for eight hours, preferably in a copper plate. Increases intelligence, preven ting communicable diseases and gout. It is suitable for the nervous and endocrin e systems. Help for diabetes and strengthens the red blood cells. It purifies an d harmonizes the environment in which they live or work, transmuting negative en ergy into positive. It is a stone of power, energy, purity and justice. It serve s as protection, peace and spirituality because it could not sadness or injustic e. Develops psychic power and produces good luck. Is the gate of the higher spir itual forces. Neuralgias and headaches are cured by rubbing the stone in the aff ected area. The maximum protection that can be carried is: a Maltese Cross in go ld, surrounded by a circle of gold with an amethyst in the center. For his proje ction of ultraviolet light is used by doctors and healers. Related to the crown chakra and third eye. Ancient alchemists said that the stone is dark or if he wa s faced with negative powers. Negative evils away and is a good luck charm. Thei r energy is healing and greatly helps children against toothaches as well as hea lthy liver colic, tooth decay, deaf and the digestive tract, spleen, heart and s pine. It carries the cosmic energies and the wearer is attracted to all divine a nd higher. Harmonizes with the Ying and Yang and is key to emotional stability, spiritual and earthly. The first manifestation of electricity was known through the amber. It is linked to coronary heart and throat chakra. Help, protects, hea ls poor mental and physical processes. Excellent for meditation and find new way s of internal light. It projects a sense of peace and harmony. And diluted away negativity. It is excellent as a touchstone, because it brings calmness, serenit y and balance. Promotes prosperity and harmony at home, being very helpful in re lieving emotional and sentimental problems between couples. It also brings good luck in the game and love. Cure skin disorders. Raises your vibration positive s piritual feelings. It is recommended to activate muscle cells. With his soothing tone,€brings peace and safe attitudes towards life. It is used lavishly in medi tation. With a good pair malachite to heal congestion in the coronary and solar plexus chakras. It is also akin to the rose quartz. It helps relax the emotional tension and nervous. It is admirable in people with high stress. Doctors, heale rs, therapists may have on this stone a great ally and a success in treatments f or human evolution. It is a pure instrument and beneficial especially for asthma tic disease or distress. Provides powers to the sighted and people who work in a strology. Good luck talisman that successfully used by artists and writers (inte llectual). Work on the intellect of the individual to give a consistent developm ent in his mental energies and intuitive as the awakening of the sixth sense. Us eful in the heart chakra. Stimulates healing fevers and epilepsy. Active dissolu tion of kidney stones and recovery from mental illness and melancholic states. V ery good for treating nervous disorders and immune system weaknesses. Energy lev els. Mineral recommended for seeking serenity and inner peace. It is used in rel ation to the throat chakra. Suitable for the third and seventh chakra, energy ha s homogeneous but little perceptible. Can be used for the same purpose as the ru tile or in addition to diamonds and topaz. Like calcite, acting on behalf of the memory. It stimulates blood flow, gives courage to the undecided. Glass is rela ted to what is expanding, so it grows. Its capacity is not very prominent vibrat ion. AMETHYST AMBER Apatite BIRD OF PARADISE AVENTURINE or Aventurine Azurite Azurite or

Beryl CALCITE CHALCEDONIES calomel Cassiterite Zircon Cinnabar CORAL Aleja jealousies and selfishness of the people. Coming from the sea have positiv e vibes and a source of life and action. Aleja disease. In healing, stimulates b lood flow in stiff joints and pain in the bones. A black coral, very difficult t o achieve. Black corals, most are not black, but burnt with fire or special acid s. They should not be used as amulets, because the accumulated negativity and pr ojecting it keeps the wearer. White Coral symbolizes modesty. The rose symbolize s modesty. The red value. The black, force. Bring good luck and joy of living. I t is vital stone of optimism, harmony. Calming effect to the wearer, dispels mom ents of moodiness, anger and rage. Promotes interest in new adventures, new busi nesses, new perspectives. It purifies the blood and aligns the physical and ethe real bodies. Facilitates concentration for meditation. It creates a sense of wel lbeing. Help to liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Affinity with the crown chakra and base. Help circulatory system issues, counteracts calcification, stiffness i n the bones, arthritis, ulcers, relieve ailments, digestive and cancer aspects. Take it is good because it is able to defer personal and professional problems a nd away the symptoms of guilt and fear. Promotes concentration and is a symbol o f friendship and reliability. In meditation, it facilitates the raising of consc iousness. It is akin to aqua. The juncture of the parts vibrate intensely and at the same time tunes in a cosmic harmony. These harmonies are used for healing t herapies and spiritual elevation Its frequency ultrasonic energy capacity is ide al for healing. Calm relaxes and silk. It represents the unconscious, intuition. It purifies and stabilizes in cases of depression, fear, panic, insomnia and fa tigue. Promotes positive changes in people and dissolves negative behavioral pat terns. Excellent for meditation and find what you want. Supports all the good im pulses of the person for spiritual and material improvement. It is not good for the eternal reclamones and those who doubt everything. In healing, excellent for treating disorders of the stomach, colon and rectum. The smoky quartz is relate d to all the chakras. excellent healing gem unlimited. Some people called Topaz in Brazil. It is the driver of the golden ray of Christ-healing or lightning. Ex cellent for nervous and digestive system. Develop intuition and brings the lower mental body to elevate to a higher level. Reduces self-destructive tendency and increases self esteem. Gift joy, encouragement, hope and abundance. The energy of citrine is like the sun, penetrating and comforting. Help fight diabetes. It is also used in the front and spleen chakras. Intellectual activity is beneficia l because it helps solve problems and make wise decisions and fast. Acts positiv ely on conditions that attack the liver,€colon and gall bladder. It is a point a bove courageous energy, but when required, also emits a frequency that enhances sedative, relaxing and rejuvenating. With green and pink quartz, or amethyst and pink quartz, is the perfect trilogy to feel calm, serenity and peace, using the quartz in different ways: with water for drinking, bathing with them or using p erfumes. The most versatile and unlimited in all crystals. Used for healing on a ll levels, meditation, reprogramming, processing and protection. They are the be st transmitters and power generators. Detects and removes energy blocks away neg ative frequencies. Increases psychic powers and can cross from one dimension to another. It has powerful healing qualities, attracts and transmits energy, and i s used to harmonize the aura. Charity in the heart chakra. Increases psychic pow ers and is a wonderful to concentrate, meditate and communicate telepathically w ith other people. Powerful personal protection. For purposes of healing is impor tant to the crystal size. It has tones, sounds, vibrations and energy and light

that give protection against all negativity. Affinity with the diamond. Stone te lepathic. Strengthens the immune system. Blocks depression, relieves stress and anxiety. They say the stone is "rejuvenating". Lotus represents the Christ self. Their piezoelectric qualities make it an agent of healing and transformation. S pecial exercises effect on personal clairvoyant. Its effect is important on the laryngeal chakra, avoiding evils associated with that region of the human body. is excellent for help in times of confusion, fear, or fear of difficult situatio ns. It is balancing between matter and spirit. Best to concentrate at the level of being real. It is considered the stone of love (love stone sacred in ancient Egypt). Sana emotional wounds, soothes sore or distance loss of loved ones, stre ngthens the heart energy vortex (heart chakra). Prevents heart disease kidney. P romotes unconditional love for ourselves and for others. Sexual and emotional im balance corrected. Helps heal difficult relationships between partners. Eliminat es tension and balance problems of neurosis. It stimulates creativity and intuit ion. Has a sedative effect on the wearer and their frequency is powerful painkil ler when it is above the heart center. Carnelian Crisocolla QUARTZ Smoky Quartz CITRINE QUARTZ QUARTZ CRYSTAL QUARTZ NEVADO ROSE QUARTZ Rutilated quartz It helps the body absorb nutrients, strengthens the immune system, prevents depr ession and slows aging. Strengthens positive thoughts, raises the vibrational fr equencies and enables intuitive and clairvoyant faculties of every human being. Alleviates fear and stress. Clean and harmonizes the aura. Its healing propertie s are very strong, bodily ills transmuting and reconstituting the parties concer ned. Combining forces with black tourmaline, helps dramatically discard destruct ive behavior patterns of others and do not concern us. It works very well on all chakras. Promotes mental and emotional stability. Excellent for balancing the n ervous system, as well as the blood system. It is an ideal stone to promote spir itual and material prosperity. It gives the wearer inner tranquility and a posit ive attitude towards life and their environment. Symbol of hope and fertility. t heir correlation is the emerald. It offers healing and harmony to various circul atory and endocrine disorders. Positive in the spleen chakra. Calming factor of great power and was also recommended to use with citrine quartz and pink (or ame thyst) to crystallize the water. Drinking this water (serum), conveys serenity, peace, courage. Their energy is invigorating and full of creative processes stim uli. It has properties to control but at the same time to give love and happines s. It is an amulet to prevent enemy attacks and slander. His positive nature hel ps to increase vital energy, also preventing any type of disease is difficult. I t purifies the blood and is associated with coronary heart chakra. His energy is so powerful psychic who solves problems. People wanting to spiritual growth and raise the inner self in this gemstone found a great ally. It is ideal for medit ation. Akin to the clear quartz crystal. Stone wonderful beauty and the wearer g ets esoterically prosperity, good business and deep knowledge. It is very compre hensive in their powers and gives courage, boldness, memory, sincere love, secur

ity, confidence, energy and order.€If you work with emeralds can achieve clairvo yance and visualization of positive. Support heart disease, blood pressure, neur algia and asthma. The colors are great for healing work and meditation. It is ak in to green quartz and other stones in green. We are advocates of magic or witch craft. Fight against evil lunatic (alferecía) to break it. Da good memory, incre asing. The Emerald symbolizes abundance. It neutralizes negative force fields. A kin to the brow chakra, throat and solar plexus. It is akin to all the zodiac si gns and all the chakras, though its features make it particularly suitable in th e fourth chakra, mainly because it combines with malachite and because their str ength is basically renovating. Encourages the positive changes, helps to change without losing balance. Therefore it is said that the glass is best suited to th e spirits travelers. They are used for meditation, to encourage the energy of th e chakras, though it is more effective with the sacral chakra. Deepening process drives everything, his energy is focused and revitalizing. Ornamental stone tha t was popular in Victorian times. Offers knowledge and mystic who want to enter the cosmic wisdom and truth through the third eye. Essential for its qualities i n meditation. Balancing effect between the negative and positive, creating a fee ling of serenity in the environment of people. Said to have been planted on Eart h by extraterrestrial beings. Akin to the amethyst for its powers of transmutati on. Its vibration is very powerful healing, working with tables successes in the brain such as delusions of persecution, irritability, neurosis, epilepsy and Pa rkinson's disease. In the shade of green, calm and relaxing difficult situations . Few stones, as it contributes to the creation of an internal state of peace an d silence where everything is frozen and the time seems to stop. Also in shades of green are yellow, dark red, pink and crystal. Perfect for front and solar ple xus chakras. Stone that promotes friendly warmth, vitality, passion, courage. Ex cellent for deficiencies and normalize blood. Combat depression, fatigue and let hargy. It offers freedom in the honest feelings. Raise awareness and transcends the limitations apparent. Magnetic force gives its possessor. Active imagination and enhances creativity. It stimulates the energy centers of the chakras, espec ially the base chakra. The dark red color is positive, as well as purify the blo od, control problems of rheumatism, arthritis and bone calcification. The yellow -green garnet is used in regenerative therapies and eye issues. (It is akin peri dot which has the same properties). Garnet is used to stimulate the energy cente r sacral chakra. Symbol of loyalty, devotion, love deep, vibratory capacity flow s only after being carved. GREEN QUARTZ Cuprite DIAMOND ESMERALDA Sphene Spinel FLUORITE GARNET Herkimer Diamond With the same benefits and attributes of other crystalline quartz crystals. The Herkimer is compared to the same Diamond. In healing, reduces stress and helps t o reconcile the good dreams. Powerful amplifier. Higher power stone magical heal ing qualities, showing their strength and monumentality especially in ancient Eg ypt. The jade is closely related to Chinese civilization, which relate to the ti

mes of growth and rest of nature. It is said that jade or (YU), is the queen of all gems, since it combines the five cardinal virtues: love of neighbor, modesty , courage, justice and wisdom. It symbolizes beauty, virtue and tenacious author ity. Give peace and tranquility. Who identifies with her, receives magnetic forc e. Extends the life, maintains fertility. For those using this stone, the level of consciousness. It is used to treat kidney disease and epilepsy, and contagiou s infections. Cleaners because their vibrations are not absorbed, but repel any negativity. This represented with different colors: green, white, yellow, purple , brown. Stone of courage and fortitude. Promotes mental and spiritual energy. I deal for starting new projects. In healing is very good for stomach disorders an d liver disease. Its polarity is positive-projective. In leveling healing aura. Despite having several colors, the best known is the red ruby family. Facilitato r is open for business and people to succeed. Acts positively on the solar plexu s and base chakras. Offer friendship, love and harmony, especially between partn ers, keeping them together.€Promotes understanding of reality itself between peo ple and is good for exercises at the opening of the Third Eye. It is physically facilitator of intuition and inspiration, so who use it, feel the coming of new insights, especially for those who work in those areas. It balances the aura and is a protective shield when working in such dimensions. Positive in the solar p lexus and base chakras, as well as coronary and Third Eye. Also known as the sto ne of Isis in Egypt. The stone of the ancient alchemists. The stone of Venus, th e goddess of love. The Hindus say that helps burn Karma or the result of negativ e actions of human beings. He has traditionally been considered a symbol of powe r and royalty, since the time of the Egyptians, who used it in abundance, as it was thought that it was the gem of the gods. The powder used to neutralize the e ffect of poisons and cure some diseases. In meditation is used by placing it on the third eye to unlock the workings of the mind and unleash the forces intuitiv e. It marks the path to enlightenment, providing mental clarity and psychic abil ity. It is the "cure-all." Increases the spiritual power of the individual, make s the body more sensitive and increases the vibrational rate at high levels. Pro vides vitality. Unlock the chakras. Symbol of power internally and externally. W ith amethyst, green quartz and rose quartz is achieved one way to alleviate deep knowledge and states of fear, uncertainty, oppression, bitterness and depressio n. LIGHT is absolute and has been written which is the intercommunication with o ther planets, as well as being fundamental to the existence of Atlantis. Very he lpful for those who seek it and love it. The person using lapis must be connecte d harmoniously with pyrite. Help in the thyroid, lungs and spleen. Chakras: (spl een), heart and solar plexus. The Lazulite is fragile and its radiation energy i s moderate, so generally used in healing as a complement of lapis lazuli. Your v ibration is positive, especially in aspects of work, giving prosperity. It is sa id that their reflexes are of gold, spread wealth and divinity, not only in the material but spiritual and mental. It provides a relaxing and peaceful dreams wh o owns it, and equilibrium in thoughts and actions. It acts on the front chakra. Lodestone of great value for those who use it, staff or other persons, either i n appearance to ward off negativity as in cases of healing. Gives energy, three times more than other stones, especially if it works with the forces of the pyra mid. People who have it or healers to cure, they can take intuitively to all cha kras. It is a stone that stops many conditions, dissipating. It has been very us eful in cancer manifestations. Agrees very well with other stones to work or car ry it, but it is not suitable in conjunction with garnet or ruby. (His power is far superior to iron oxide ore, iron ore). Two varieties, red and dark gray. JADE JASPE Labradorite Lapis Lazuli

Lazulite LLUVIA DE ORO (Golden Sands) Magnetite MALACHITE It is one of the oldest gemstones known. There is, practically, since the world was born. Just as lapis lazuli, malachite also was favored stone of kings and ph araohs. Symbol of change and creativity. Its density is not transparent and easi ly absorbed energy that is the secret of its power and effectiveness of meditati on experiences to facilitate the merger. Bridge balance between the chakras, ser ves equally to all parts of the body, is beneficial if used in conjunction with azurite or Crisocolla. For ease of magnetic absorption, malachite should be care fully cleaned after use to maintain its beneficial vibratory capacity. Water and sun are indispensable in this process. Its vibration balancing the nervous syst em restores and harmonises the problems of emotional nature. Psychic mirror is a lso absorbing negative energy, therefore should be cleaned daily. Soothes physic al pain, especially those affecting the spleen and pancreas. It is great for con centration and meditation, leading to the individual states of great inner beaut y. Aleja negative psychic influences, soothes and relaxes the mental processes, stimulates the optic nerve and vision improves. It is akin to the sixth and seve nth chakras and combines well with the moonstone. Its radiation are focused in m editation helps the whole process of ascent and elevation. Stone maturity and ma ture people also experience superior knowledge. Related to life, survival, self, €This gem acts as a magnet that attracts natural forces to direct it to the spir it, magnifying capabilities unconscious. The color black represents the dark and unknown, symbolizes the opposite of clarity and knowledge. The transforming pow er of obsidian, it is extremely powerful for meditation, opening the third eye t o the knowledge of the novelty. Powerful meditation practices and reveals quite plainly what is good and what is wrong with the individual, this is called "the stone of truth." When you open these perspectives, open light, understanding, re al justice that surrounds us. Thus helps to know the weaknesses and illusions of the ego fatwas, to reflect, and then transmute. To work against depression and anxiety states, it is better unite with rose quartz and green. This will balance the emotions. Very positive on the base chakra. (Also known as Apache Tears and American Indians have an obsidian was a symbol of power, wealth and success). P ositive stone is associated to the sun. It protects the wearer. Increases self-e steem and promotes internal lighting. Aid for self-understanding and relating to others. Reduce anxiety. Recommended for people who want to open up to new spiri tual horizons and increase or initiate internal experiences. Ideal for meditatio n. Help in healing and is akin to the crown chakra. Useful in blood and viscera. It helps develop the mental capacity and is ideal for those seeking peace, sere nity and control over their emotions. Terror fades to night and the solitude. It acts on the spleen chakra, stimulating. Widely used by shamans and priests Maya s, Aztecs and Egyptians for its healing properties, especially in cases digestiv e ulcer or intestinal inflammation. It is therefore positive work in the spleen and solar plexus chakras. Provides and gives joy, sympathy, charm and seduction. The magic of the past worked a lot with her in a positive way, it served to dis sipate and give way to temper the quiet, calming the nerves and relax the tensio n. It offers a strong power in who uses, doctors, healers, etc., Especially for its ability to aid in stabilizing the chakras to their energy breakouts. For suc h breakouts are ideal onyx discs. This gem porous and fragile, superstition has declared ominous stone, and that changes color when any negative situation, the negative field has not stipulated a stone but its wearer. Helps increase faith i n God. It connects to all chakras. There Opals black, tan, blue, green and opaqu e. Beautiful stone of great spiritual significance and serves internal balance a gainst external situations and emotionally strong. This family includes labrador ite and amazonite. It is said that his strength comes from the moon. Its evoluti

on is very powerful and helps those who want a key growth between body and soul. Especially in meditation opens possibilities for very shy and inhibited. It wor ks in the solar plexus and base chakras. It is recommended that those with signs of fire use with blue stones (agate, lapis lazuli, azurite, onyx, etc.).. It co nnects to the solar plexus and sacral. Marcasite OBSIDIAN TIGER EYE OLIVIN ONIX (ONIC) OPAL MOON STONE PYRITE It is a spiritual value and ore body, oxygenates the blood and thus aid in circu latory disorders and indigestion. It represents the fire and positive dreams. It attracts good business, money and work, stability and good opportunities. Medit ating with it you can move from one state to another, making projections to high er spheres. It is excellent to put in the home or workplace, contact the air, at tracting and get healthy influences. Copper has great content and it is great co nductor of energy and fire, helping an inter-relationship in positive physical, emotional and mental. Develop intuition and creative phases in the individual. A s the rose quartz, smooth aspects of the heart, giving love and understanding. I f the stone has white veins, helps in the crown chakra and expand your whole bod y health. Activating the circulatory system. Such as lapis lazuli, is a "cure-al l" and is facing respiratory problems, asthma, eye, injured tissues. Raise and c larify ideas. In the closed hand resting on the third eye, transmits its power t o produce a lifting effect that can clarify the ideas. It has an intense vibrati onal load favorably affects the field of emotions. It is akin to the heart chakr a,€and one of the best ways to activate it is precisely on the combined use and Rose Quartz Rubellite. Represents pure love, strong, passionate. Provides intell igence, benevolence and piety. His energy is positive and reassuring internal em otions. Work generously all chakras. It must be sincere with this stone to call their utility, otherwise their effects are negative. Aids meditation. Related to all chakras. Its energy works to unravel closed situations, both spiritual and mental. Open the doors and offers clarity, light, new perspectives. Breaks new l ong maintained and cleared obstacles. Your balance is healing and working in the base chakra, spleen and front. It is protective stone for those who do travel, tours, walks, etc.. His sister is black tourmaline. It is considered very useful and powerful to cure ills, especially those relating to blood. It has powers to balancing the physical and mental. In meditation it is very appropriate as it c onnects properly to the person and leads to valuable new knowledge. Related to c oronary heart and solar plexus chakras. It is said that the stone was first used for healing the Atlanteans. provides courage and strength. Open the prospects f or creative people find new and different directions, both in business and at th e intellectuals. They say it has "magic" Vibrational favoring their owners, prom oting the joy of living. Help from the evil of diabetes. Positive in meditation. It works in the coronary and front chakras. It is soothing and calming. Calm ne rves and scattered actions of the mind. Help to find the truth and clarity of th ings. It is a good communicator and tends creative expressions. Acts positively on all the chakras with perfect balance. Awaken the Third Eye and allows the abi lity to analyze rationally and reach logical conclusions. Akin to blue lapis laz

uli and other stones. Related to all chakras and acts as a revitalizing. Each co lor has favorable properties and determinants for the individual, but all in its elf is a stone with magnetic force fields that lead to the mind, increasing its strength into new aspects of creativity and understanding. It acts on the circul atory system and liver. Very good for artists, especially plastics, writers, res earchers and all those who have something new in their minds and want to project . It helps the stability and happiness among couples. Stone Electric, exciting, magnetic, useful to lift the spirits of people tired and exhausted, physically a nd mentally. Blue topaz connects to the throat chakra. Yellow is akin to the sol ar plexus chakra. Rhodochrosite Rubellite RUBY RUTILE Sanguinaria SARDON Sodalite Tanzanite TOPAZ TOURMALINE in different colors is electrified by heat or friction, therefore affects the ne rvous system. Helps sleep, strengthens the mind, eliminate fears and negative ac tions. The best known is the Black Tourmaline. Stone is a magnificent, powerful, evolved, versatile and unable to harm who use it. Neutralize stress, fear, angu ish. Absorbs negativity, not only of strangers, but of oneself. It produces a he aling field between the positive ions. His energy irradiation helps inner spirit ual growth. Together with the clear crystal quartz form a powerful team to unloc k the chakras and repel fatal situations, creating a clean and healthy. Personal ly recommend using tourmaline as well as in environments where they work. It pre serves what is commonly called "evil eye. It also serves as a healing in minor w ounds. It is necessary and useful for very sensitive people working in different fields such as medicine, industry, commerce, teaching, etc., And are in constan t contact with others. akin to the sacral chakra. Tradition calls it "the gem of Christ." In meditation, it is effective to remove negative feelings such as jea lousy, suspicion. Linked to the heart chakra. It is a gem equipped with vibratio n protection. Locked inside of the hand activates its strength and helps you see more clearly the problems in times of uncertainty and confusion, to avoid criti cal situations. It is very convenient when it comes to business decisions about money. Related to all except the solar plexus chakras. This gem has the power to deflect negative energies as in meditation, it is favorable to overcome unfavor able circumstances or confusing. It is a protective stone against damage that ca n be inferred self. It has great field of protection.€You also have clairvoyants qualities and who will make use, trouble free, what is the best way to achieve gains in business and economic cases. Soothes nervous anxieties. Counteracts hor monal disorders and is useful in all chakras. Sacred stone in Egypt, Persia, Tib et and Amerindian cultures. When you have silver adhesion is positive to give ha ppiness, health and welfare cheerful vibrations. With inclusions of copper is hi ghly curative, especially in diseases of the respiratory system and lung. Absorb s negative feelings and attracts luck and harmony. Offer peace of mind, mental r

est and protection for the soul and body. It acts on the crown chakra. Anyone wh o owns a turquoise never have needs or economic constraints. Blue symbolizes the sea and the heavenly fire. The color tends to change when the holder sick or so mething unforeseen can happen. As Tourmaline can explode if it gets a lot to pro tect negative charge. Provides physical and mental vitality. It stimulates the r egeneration of damaged tissue, generally acting to enhance any type of ailment. It is indicated especially for circulatory diseases and varicose veins. It is li nked to the solar plexus. It gives good color to the face and removes the headac he. Clear eyes. It promotes the removal of intuition and the wisdom to find the perfect the self. It symbolizes happiness, truth, justice. Magical powers are di vine. It is an excellent partner to achieve superior knowledge. It works well in the frontal chakra (brow). Other colors: Sapphire Indigo, with great cosmic ene rgy. Star Sapphire to the mental body. Clear sapphire crystal, stone of transiti on. Yellow sapphire, cleansing of impurities. WATERMELON TOURMALINE TOURMALINE BLUE AND RED GREEN TOURMALINE Schorl GREEN TOURMALINE TURQUOISE SAPPHIRE