Thank you for your email on behalf of the High School for Coburg Group and providing me with a copy of the submission regarding Schooling needs in your community. As you are aware, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) is undertaking a study of the demographic profile of student population growth to inform decision-making about education needs in the Coburg area. I have been informed that you and members of the High School for Coburg Group have recently been involved in consultation with representatives from DEECD, including an initial meeting and question-and-answer session to discuss the process. I understand that these have been productive and more sessions are scheduled while the study is underway. Once the demographic profile of the local area has been completed, a Draft of the report will be made available to you and the local community for comment. I commend you on the work you are undertaking on behalf of families in your local community and I encourage you to continue to work with DEECD as this matter progresses.

Yours sincerely

Hon John Brumby MP Premier of Victoria