Individual objectives of the teacher: How to prepare? What to say?

Example of a plug for teachers of 2nd and 3rd cycles of primary and secondary - File least po litically correct and more pragmatic instructions prior The teacher must comply with Article 9 of Decree 2 / 2008 of 10/01, as well as what is defined in the ed ucational project in the curriculum of schools in the annual business plan and c urriculum projects in class. The first thing to do is organize a folder where th ey will be filed those documents. If you have access to these documents in digit al format, you can write your individual goals more quickly and easily. 1.The in dividual targets are set by agreement between the appraised and the appraiser. T his means that teachers must work together with the respective department coordi nator. 1.The items that guide the formulation of individual goals are: a) the im provement in results released; b) reducing dropout c) supporting the learning of all students, d) participation in the structures of guidance educational and ma nagement of the group; e) the relationship with the community; f) continuing edu cation; g) the participation and encouragement of the class project, the project s contained in the annual plan of activities and extracurricular projects. For t he development of individual goals, the teacher has to respect what is defined i n the educational project in the curriculum of schools in the annual business pl an and curriculum projects in class. The tip I leave here on the development of individual goals is just that: a hint. Each teacher, in compliance with the educ ational project, the annual plan of activities, school curriculum and curricular projects in class, should develop their own individual objectives, also taking into account their abilities and capabilities. The chip with the objectives of the individual teacher a) Item: Improving education outcomes of students I intend to download the failure of my students from 10% to 5%. Last year, I tau ght four classes totaling 120 students. I had 12 students with failure in my dis cipline. This year I still have the four classes. I will try to reduce the failu re, in my classes, to a maximum of 2 students per class, ie a total maximum of e ight students with failure. The goal is ambitious but achievable: lower the fail ure rate in my classes to 5%. I intend to achieve this through diversification s trategies, focusing on the teaching tasks meaningful to students and that requir es work in small groups slightly heterogeneous. As teaching methods, I will focu s on cooperative learning, interactive teaching and learning tutorial. Taking in to account the cognitive styles of my students and given the fact that I worked with them last year, I believe that an eclectic approach that brings together th e best that have the methodologies and constructivist methodologies behaviorists is the most effective way of promoting improving student performance. Instead o f lecturing, I will use methods that promote self-employment, learning by guided discovery, discussions and case studies. When deemed appropriate, will put into practice methodologies such directors, particularly when it becomes necessary t o reinforce learning, attitudes and routines or correct certain errors and behav iors. All these methods will be accompanied by a frequent use of new information technologies, while promoting powers of search and information processing. Form ative assessment will go to identifying difficulties and what went less well, al ways with the goal of corrections and changes in the teaching and learning. I in tend to also use empathy and positive reinforcement as a way of raising the expe ctations of students with more difficulties and improve their self-esteem. b) It em: Reducing the school dropout My goal is ambitious but achievable: to reduce t he dropout rate so that no more than one student per class is leaving the school . As I have four classes, this means being able to stay in school at least 116 o f my 120 students. My strategy for keeping these students in school is through f requent contacts with parents, mainly using informal means and alternative, such as phone, email and sms. With the use of this informal communi cation, I will try to raise awareness among parents about the importance of keep ing children in school. In addition, establish contacts with support services an d social security work site in order to seek additional support for those two fa

milies. I intend€also foster parents for the school of successful academic and professionally in order to talk to students about the importance the school has in promoting social mobility. c) Item A provision of learning support students including those with learning d ifficulties I pledge to provide support to all students, taking into account the learning difficulties identified. I will use the following strategies: cooperat ive learning, placing students earlier to support those who have more difficulti es, tutorial teaching, with tailored support whenever possible. The use of new i nformation technologies and the really significant accomplishment of tasks will increase levels of student motivation. I intend to create a blog that will act a s a resource center for my students. In this blog, students will find answers to questions, worksheets, learning materials and tests solved. d) participation in the structures of educational guidance and management of the school group or un grouped intend to attend all department meetings and in all class councils, fulf illing my duties and not excusing myself to accomplish the tasks that I assigned . I will take care of organizing and updating the file of the class and to hold meetings with parents at regular intervals, and the hours are convenient to them . Keep up to date e-mail addresses of my fellow department, as well as colleague s from other departments that are part of my advice class, with the aim of promo ting interpersonal communication fast and efficient. e) Item: The relationship w ith the community in regard to relations with the parents of my students, I will mark the meetings at times convenient to them and will develop a formal process of communication that does not include email, SMS and phone. In difficult cases , be willing to, in collaboration with the school psychologist, do educating parents and helping parents to seek social support in the community. W here necessary liaise with the responsible positions of the local authority to e xpress my willingness to do so by establishing the necessary contacts via email and phone. f) Item: Further training will try to do a training every year. In addition, tak e part in seminars and conferences on issues of pedagogy and teaching wherever I can. 'll Sign a revised pedagogy and didactics and will organize spaces and for ums for discussion about articles published in these journals. These forums will join colleagues from school on a voluntary basis. g) Item: participation and en couragement of curriculum projects and extracurricular integrate the project "Ho lding Hands for Nature," which brings together teachers from schools in the 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic education and secondary education of my group of schools , and make part of team that edits the school newspaper and the blog of the clas s. I will continue to give life to draft correspondence with interscholastic sch ool students of East Timor, Mozambique and Cape Verde, through a blog that was c reated for this purpose. I will give my contribution as editor to update the web page of the group of schools. Contribute, the extent of my abilities to help cre ate the annual event, "Party School".