MUSIC SONGS AND CHRISTIAN WORSHIP The following excerpts have been selected from various sermons preached

by Broth er William Marrion Branham Between 1947 and 1965. We hope that blessing to the r eader Maximum Do not forget to pray for me, when you stand praying, and every time I remember sing only believe, do you make? That's my favorite song. Paul Rader wrote that s ong, he was my friend and one night I went to church while they were playing, I did not even know he had written immediately after the angel of the Lord visited me and something I started. Since then this has been the theme song of the camp aigns. Only believe. If games and I had to bury before Jesus came, and is arrang ed that when the dust down sing just believe, anything is possible ... If they f ind out that I party, then freeze in any place and also remember. Hummed to hims elf believe only because I believe that someday I will rise again. EXPECTATIONS. 07/11/1950 All our songs here are from the jazz music and other things, screaming ... One o r can even enter a restaurant and eat without that thing ringing. It's a shame. Wh en I go to one, I see, I look around me and if I can, I go out and go from there . No sir. That sort of thing leads straight to destruction. The devil is in that thing and finally drag it. Flee from the appearance of evil. Now, you think I'm a fan, for sure, but brother, I'm telling you, I'm noticing that apart from eve rything that belongs to sin. Right. Do you now believe? 17/08/1952 I'll tell you something: I really like singing. You know, something about music and songs that brings the Spirit of God to worship. Do you believe? That's true. TALK ABOUT THE WORD. 08/31/1953 We have to give credit to the Pentecostals of a good thing, there are many. There is something good and real are those old songs that transport one to somew here in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth dimension, where there where God dwells. EXPECTATIONS AND THAT IS THE LOVE. 02/28/1954 Not long ago I spoke with a man who believed in this music in the church. He arg ued with me about it and said, "Oh, music is the world." I said, "Now the Spirit of God came upon the prophet until he sought the minstrel and began playing an old song of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit immediately fell on the prophet. " Right. God does not change and if you liked the music on that day, God loves mus ic today. Yes sir. Brothers will tell you that when we shake off all formal chan nels, that the Spirit of God is in the songs again and return to the point where the Spirit of God to move back into place, then the prophet will be a vision. Y ou ... say, "Brother Branham, I'm not a prophet. " Well, if you are a prophet in any way you can be one of the instruments. Keep playing. Right. If you have no more than the ten fingers as hard as you whisk. Unless you are the prophet, do t hat part of the minstrel, do something to bring the Spirit of the Lord. Amen. Th e prophet could not do it alone, had to have a minstrel to help him. Elijah and Elisha. 03/04/1954 2 THE DIGEST say today. "Everyone goes well, all flap their hands, all shouting hallelujah an d everyone does this." Oh, what a fuss there! Amen. God ... We have these new an d sing praises so fast that it seems that we go through the wall with them or so

mething. When I think we should sing: "Near closer, oh God to Thee." It would be much better for the church, the old hymns. There are many people who played in dance orchestras, a young man who played there last night in a dance band and is playing tonight at the Church of the Living God. That is an abomination in the sight of God. That man is tested first and that the fruits of repentance to show he is right with God. INVASION OF THE UNITED STATES. 09/05/1954 But excuse the visitors, now I am giving the church a beating from the Gospel. Look. Right, that's exactly what they need. Uds. say, "Oh, I have." They get up there and play the piano as strong as possible, many drums and run the floor, then go out and fight with another. Do you have anything? Oh no, no sir. All we need is warmth. While the music is playing, we are marching, when the music stops, we s top. Brother, do not say anything to another, examine their own doorstep first. Amen. THE SEVEN AGES OF THE CHURCH. 05/12/1954 Us Do you like the old hymns? Listen, I tell you this: If we had more of those old songs instead of these disturbances that we have, I think the Church would be mu ch better.€I like those old songs written by the Holy Spirit in those veterans. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. 15/05/1954 I came, I heard the good hymn singing. It was really wonderful. I certainly appr eciate the good songs. I said, "When you get to Heaven and the Lord let me go, t ouch the door or whatever the way we go, I would be where there is singing, beca use I actually really like and hope that many of these good singers and now we h eard earlier, there are those ancient and glorious singing hymns of redemption f or all eternity. The Great Awakening is coming. 18/07/1954 When Here we love the good songs and we are grateful for these men who walk with us, Sister. Shakarian, others singing, musicians and others for pr esenting the gospel in the form of songs and music. May God richly bless. I've a lways said when I get to heaven I will surely bring more closely where there is singing, this is where I want to be. I AM, be not afraid. 07/20/1954 The reason we do not see visions and ideas we close, you do not pray enough or sufficiently do nothing until the Spirit of God becomes present i n our midst. It was customary to sing the old hymns until the tears ran down his cheeks and sinners were saved, even before the preacher passed to the platform. But today we have a ritual, a strict program. We do this, that and the other. I fear that we are grieving the Spirit of God in us, do not you think Uds.? The prophet Elisha. 07/23/1954 How many believe that God loves music? Thank you. Some time ago someone told me: "Brother Branham, I have something against you and you have music in their wors hip. " I said, "The Lord is like." He said: "Oh, the music. No, no. " I said, "O nce a prophet was a little upset because they were about to see him and put him in a bad mood. His name was Elisha. " We like to think so, but it's true. He MUSIC, SONG AND CHRISTIAN WORSHIP 3

said: "If I had no respect for the presence of Jehoshaphat king of Judah, not to look at you, do not even see." Brother, what words to a prophet! But he said: " Anyway bring me a minstrel." Right? And when the minstrel began to play, the Spi rit of the Lord came upon the prophet Elisha, who had visions and began to see t hings and prophesy, as he entered the Spirit and the music helped bring about th e prophet. " [II Kings 3] If the music helped in those days, so will today. Do n ot you think? So I am a music lover and I know that God also loves music. " Have faith in God. 00-09-54 And I think that the songs are good, but you can ruin a worship with song. Notic e, too many. We can sing, but the house of God is for correction, for the Word, to understand, for the instruction, so that we know how to behave. The unpardonable sin. 24/10/1954 Shame on you who do not believe in music, sometimes that is what brings the Spir it of the Lord. God does not change. If you liked back then, like today ... If y ou can not Elisha, is one of the tools or a string of minstrel then. There is so mething, you are invoking the Lord, because it brought together the Spirit of Go d. Right? The presence of the prophet and the touch of the players on ... They b egan to play a good old hymn with those musical chords, played the tambourine an d all came in the Spirit. You know what? Here is another point. He [Elisha] was sitting there all outraged by this, that or the other, the Spirit of God could n ot deal with it. You must depart from that kind of situation. "I'm Methodist, I am a Baptist, Dr. Jones does not believe in that, my pastor said that those are silly, do not attend there, do not pay attention to that." You never see anythin g, you must enter the Spirit. Amen. Elisha entered the Spirit and God began to s how some things, if you really want to get to see some things, get in the Spirit . SEPARATION of disbelief. 28/02/1955 I really like singing and music. I know all too. How many know as is the order of battle for the Lord? You know it was the first thing that wen t before the battle? The singers and musicians who came out singing, weeping and wailing would not only singing. Then followed the Ark of the Covenant. They wen t before the Ark and then followed those who fought. That's a good sermon. This is a very Scriptural warrant for a religious service. What is the music first, t hen comes the word and after the battle. Then everything is ordained by the Lord . TAKING THE LAW A SHADOW ... 06/21/1956 You know, that's the kind of spirit that I like. This soft and gentle Spirit of the Lord Jesus.€Do not you like that? It seems as if you cleaned all your heart when he enters. "Suavemente Jesus is calling ..." I love those old hymns, the a ncient hymns of the Church, I love that many of these dances and other things we have today. I am a preacher fashioned and I like things the old. "O God closer About You." "Rock of eternity, you were open to me." All these familiar hymns of old. I think they were inspired while writing that he did under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Do not you think? The inerrant word of God. 06/04/1956 Talk a little bit of Jesus, testify, sing and pray and as the bread upon the wat ers, that back to you someday. Right. THE BOOK OF LIFE OF THE LAMB. 06/03/1956 4 THE DIGEST

Uds. hear them play the Creed and others only after the Spirit descends. The hymns make the fall, then the gift of God begins to operate. Hear him. 12/15/1956 Show me what you read, show me what you hear, let me hear more songs you like and I'll tell you what it is feeding your soul. By their fruits ye shal l know them. Right. GOD MEETS HIS WORD 01/15/1957 the Living God, was there failed our Pentecostal movement, we have music made by man, beat his hands and there is emotion that comes and goes. If we go out and the Holy Spirit does not govern our lives to fit in with that, we have the Holy Spirit. This is not skim milk, but brother, is what the church needs. Life can o nly come by the Holy Spirit. WHAT IS NEEDED TO MAINTAIN A CHRISTIAN LIFE? 01/13/1957 Church I do not like to mention the names of the people, but now I have to mention some one's name, I pray for this young, every time I pray for him, but he is an instr ument in the hands of the devil is this man, Elvis Presley. The American people have become crazy about the boogie-boogie or rock and roll and with the same spi rit are trying to put that to the church. A I like the music of the church to be played as music from the church and not rock and roll in the church. But when they received these spirits, behind that t here is something and the devil as a challenge. It turns out that this poor boy astray Pentecostal, said his maneuvers, the way it twists and moves, he learned it in church. He is a member of the First Assembly of God of Memphis, Tennessee. His pastor is my friend, but he is the instrument of the devil to deceive and c orrupt the minds of these young people. God keeps his word. 01/20/1957 What happened? A mixed multitude went with him [Wesley] and when Wesley was the mixed multitude went and what have they done? Corrupted the church to the point that many of them do not have songs that speak of blood in their hymnals. Right. God keeps his word. 04/07/1957 Listen, I mean this. That's the kind of song I like, the prefer to that whole thing moved from boogie-boogie [Certain types of worldly music] that Uds. try to put in the church to take the place of the old hymns. Never will. No sir, the Holy Spirit loves these old songs. THIRST FOR LIFE. 13/06/1957 Do you see what condition has fallen Full Gospel church? Laodicea is the age the y happen to these words of our blessed Saviour spoke in the Bible: Tibia. They d ance to music, yell and flap their hands. Oh, those things are fine, but if at t he end to beat the hands, when they stop speaking in tongues, when health servic e ends when the music stops, Christ is not there, if that peace profound, if the se doors good faith are not open to let Him be the Lord of the situation, we do not do any good to play the music, beat his hands, speaking in tongues or have a healing service. Right. La Puerta De La Puerta 12/12/1957 Start singing hymns, start reading the Bible and that he will miss you too. Meditate on His Word. It was while those on their way to Emmaus who beg an to speak of him on the road and he came out of the trees and walked with them all day.

MUSIC, SONG AND CHRISTIAN WORSHIP 5 TO ITS WONDERS. 01/12/1958 The other day coming up the road and turned on the radio. Was playing a song and I listened, I had to hear almost everything before they can tell if it was quit e a religious song or not. The devil is trying to bring things of God to the wor ld level. You can not do that. God have mercy! The devil is trying to bring the high things of God so they can be mixed down here. People do not look up but her e and say, "Well, this is the same." It is not the same! By faith Moses. 20/07/1958 Talk to Him in song,€Hey now, and believe him and he will respond. Taking it out of history. 10/01/1958 Branham Tabernacle that a pianist should always be filled with the Holy Spirit, who comes early and is filled with the Holy Spirit, gently touching spiritual mu sic, very soft, like "Near the cross do the Savior died for my sins cried to the Lord, Jesus saved me wonder, glory to His Name. " Something like that. "Near, n earer to Thee, O God." "Rock of eternity, you were open me." "Near the cross." S omething like, soft music, slow, while he or she [the pianist] constantly medita te on the Holy Spirit. He or she, whoever. ORDER OF THE CHURCH. 10/06/1958 I think So I think that due to the influence of music on children, we Christian should be to all those places where comes this radio station, tonight keep their radios tuned to a station like this, because it leads to our children the right kind of influence through music and preaching of the Word. That puts them in a better environment. State for some of God. 07/08/1959 Oh, if we were not so much in our minds, you know, sometimes we come to church t hinking about tomorrow: "I have to do this tomorrow, I do this." When we come to the church should put aside all thought and thing in the world and enter into f ellowship with Christ and worship. Meditating, worshiping in our hearts, singing and giving glory to Him, believing in His goodness and what He means to us, wor shiping in the Spirit, singing spiritual songs, producing melody in our hearts. The Bible says: "If there are any among you afflicted, sing psalms." Rejoice, th ink that God is waiting to appear at any time. Are they doing now before this cu lt of healing? BELIEF OF MARY. 03/11/1960 Pentecostal friends, I am Pentecostal, but my friends Pentecostals have reached a point where you have to be a lot of fast music, some bands playing, you have t o beat the hands and tambourines so that there is shouting. That's pure emotion. Before going into battle the bands play to get people in the excitement of batt le. I believe in music I believe in beating their hands, but I believe in these things. That's exactly true. We should have that, but have stopped doing the imp ortant things ... THAT DAY AT CALVARY. 09/25/1960 Pardon You know that God heals music, did you know that? God heals through music. God heals in love, God heals through medicine, God heals through prayer. God has

many ways to heal, that depends on the type you need. Sometimes a little love h eals an old wound, a grudge or something. A little love, a little care, not cure it. Sometimes when you feel all without mind, as we call it, down, put one of t hose tapes, discs that music and play it. It 6 THE DIGEST first you will notice it is already tapping his foot or hand, and all is gone. Y ou are ready to begin again. MIRA. 04/28/1963 When I was tuned in the radio and found a station that only transmits Christian music constantly ... You know what I have done? I bought a radio just to keep on all the time, so that my children and my wife can hear it right. Because in mos t of the stations that one turns there's always that kind of worldly music or an ything else that is, rock and roll or such other nonsense we have today. You do not hear that and I think Uds. Christians, should do everything they can to keep that station there. Right. SintonÍcenla in your home where your children can h ear it right. Do not be afraid 06/07/1963 Paul said: "If I sing, sing in the spirit ..." Now, I can not imagine that this spirit is crying loudly. I think the Spirit of Christ is love, gentleness and pe ace, that brings something to our souls that feeds us. I believe that this is to be singing hymns. The RARE 31/05/1964 What happened to honesty? Where are those old hymns we used to sing and rejoice in the Spirit of God as tears fell down her cheeks? Now hold your breath trying to run out of air and her face turns blue, to try to show that we are singers. S ee, that we have copied from Hollywood and all these programs we see on how to s ing hymns intellectually and voice training. I like to hear good songs, I like t o hear good songs and the old Pentecostal who feel at heart. But I really dislik e hearing those screams now called singing. Right. I think it's the most ridicul ous, is a perversion. Right. SED. 09/19/1965 Well, You know that the songs are worth. I know, right? When the soldiers will war, you know what they do? Play music and sing to herself courage. When we go i nto battle, sing and that gives us courage to continue. LEADERSHIP. 31/10/1965 There is no solemnity in the church, it seems that everything has become rock an d roll and a fashion show, instead of being the Church of the Living God where J esus Christ can manifest itself in power. There should be. There is something wr ong somewhere, are slipping. The Bible says that it would. See where you are, wa tch out, wake up before it is too late. MODERN PROPHECY EVENTS clarify. 06/12/1965 MUSIC, SONGS AND CHRISTIAN WORSHIP " Compendium of the works of William Marrion Branham