When I moved this summer, I discovered that my new apartment building did not ha
ve a recovery tank. When I contacted my landlord, he would not listen and though
t that recycling is unnecessary and a waste of time! I explained that every resi
dent in Quebec produced an average of 1.5 tonnes of waste per day! Still unimpre
ssed, I continued my argument, despite the fact that Mr. Belanger did not listen
at all. "Did you know that 85% of this waste is recoverable, one way or another
?" I added, raising his voice to attract the attention of my owner. I was comple
tely discouraged and I decided to do further research to educate my landlord. Do
you know someone in your environment that you would want to raise? I thought th
at creating an information pamphlet might be aware that people, like my landlord
, think recycling is unnecessary and a waste of time.
By cons, before beginning the creation of a form, we must learn about the subjec
t! Recycling is a complex before, then visit the websites of the next page to ga
ther information on the subject!
Here is a list of websites you can consult to gather information on recycling! Y
ou can also consult library books or leaflets that I selected.
→ →
htm → → http:/ / enf → → → http://www.recyc-quebec.gouv. / → →
You can also visit the research sites to find additional information on recyclin
→ → →
On the next page you will find tools to organize information and collect relevan
t arguments for recycling. Then you can answer some questions about recycling. D
o not forget to come to validate responses to
can begin to write the fact sheet on recycling! In what ways can you recycle at
What to recycle?
can be
What I myself can reuse or recover?
Why recycle?
Interesting statistics
Other useful information
A multitude of items that you use and throw a regular basis can be recycled in o
rder to give life to raise awareness of other examples of people
objects very useful. Believe u give to the
around you?
Do you think that the time to take an object completely decompose in nature can
be an important argument to convince people to recycle?

Do you think that pace at which we consume it is possible that we have more room
, one day, where to put the waste?
using the sites you visited, information
that you have taken note and the information I've provided, your best answer the
following questions.
Name three objects or materials that are recyclable and three examples of object
s made from recycled materials.
Materials or objects that are recoverable: _____________________________________
_______ _______________________________________________________________ ________
Objects made from recycled materials: __________________________________________
__ _______________________________________________________________ _____________
2. In
biodegradable? _______________________________________________________________ _
__________________________________________________ _____________________________
3. Name three things that are not biodegradable. _______________________________
________________________________ _______________________________________________
________________ ____________________________________________
4. What percentage of waste we throw away can be recovered? ____________________
5. From what residual material may be making a fleece vest from old clothing col
lected bottles of soft drinks Plastic Containers Glass None of the above
6. How many tonnes of waste are produced every minute in Quebec? 1 ton 5 tons 20
tons 50 tons

7.€How many times can you turn a can of soft drink products? Once only five time
s To infinity None of these answers
8. In your opinion, why is it important to recycle? ____________________________
___________________________________ ____________________________________________
___________________ ____________________________________________ _______________
________________________________________________ _______________________________
________________________________ ____________________________________________ __
_____________________________________________________________ __________________
_____________________________________________ __________________________________
_____________________________ __________________________________________________
_____________ _______________________________________________________________ __
_______________________________________________________________ ________________
___________________________________ ____________________________________________
___________________ ___________________________________________________
Name two ways that you can use concrete to reduce the amount of waste you throw
at home. _______________________________________________________________ _______
________________________________________________________ _______________________
________________________________________ _______________________________________
________________________ ________________________________
10.Nomme a concrete way that you can use to reduce the amount of waste you throw
away at school. _________________________________________________________ _____
__________________________________________________________ _____________________
11.Qu that is what the three R's? R__________________ R__________________
R__________________ 12.Qu is it a waste inert? _________________________________
______________________________ _________________________________________________
_ 13.Nomme two examples of non-inert waste? ____________________________________
___________________________ __________________________________________________ N
ow, do you have all the tools needed to make a leaflet that will be used to conv
ince people around you to recycle?
What are the main ideas that you would use on your page?
Manufactured using a draft of these ideas and then realizes your sheet using a c
omputer and software Publisher!