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indd 1 SPECIAL WOMAN FOR MORE TIME Moisturizing cream and sunscreen: indispensable allies to combat aging 07/02/2008 5:03:17 PM Untitled-1 1 02/06/2008 4:43:20 PM "Most of us prefer to look outside and not within himself" (Albert Einstein - German scientist and researcher - 1879/1955) Farma100 Network, an association firmly adherent to the philosophy of associatio ns, opportunity comes in its announcement, edit a magazine institutional trust a nd focusing its pharmaceutical segment. March is the month to remember and mark the presence of women in our lives. The Network Farma100, always vigilant with r egard to quality care and care for the health of your target audience, has the f igure of a woman special attention, because of memory and congratulations on you r commemorative day. The line of reasoning of the magazine since the first editi on, it's attention on the thinking in the future, and the customer as its main s cope. It is with this firm belief that the Web poses itself as developer agent i n the quality of health and longevity of life expectancy. The Network Farma100 i s this: think all the time on your audience, wherever you have a store of its fl ag. Frederico Neto Cascardi Founding Partner Chief Financial Officer BOARD Gustavo Godoy, Rogério Guimarães Franco and Marcial CHIEF EDITOR Marcia Sa ntos ASSISTANT WRITING GRAPHICS DESIGNERS Lucia na Ferreira and Marcelo Papa Carlos Leandro Furini Kilhian TRAINEE COMMERCIAL Vi nícius Dall'ovo EMPLOYEES Publisher Assistant Texts Suzana Camargo Paula Reis Gabriela B. Reviewer Sanchez PRINT PRINT 20 000 Sonop ress Publisher Price - Rua Leonardo Nunes, 194, São Paulo, SP. CEP 04039 010, Te l (11) 5082 2200 E-mail: Site: www.editorapri EDITORIAL COUNCIL Andreia Alves S. Carlos Frederico Ribeiro Eduardo Gaeta Cascar di Bento Cordeiro Neto Geraldo Rogério Garcia Farma100 - Avenida Armando Italo S etti, 938, Sao Bernardo do Campo, SP. CEP 09760 280, Tel (11) 4330 0455 E-mail: Site: JOURNAL FARMA100 3

short rio.indd 3 07/02/2008 5:07:38 PM The aging skin starts from 25 years of age when the body begins to count down. Hence forward, preventive treatments are necessary to ensure a beautiful and healthy s kin. "The biggest villain of aging remains to excessive sun exposure. The radiat ion destroys the layers of collagen and elastin causing sagging and staining. Ov er time, the skin will form a thick layer called solar keratoses. The skin becomes drier and wrinkled, like a passion frui t dry, "explains nutrólogo dermatologist and member of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicin e and the Brazilian Academy of Dermatology, Daniela Hueb. "So abuse and use of s unscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) 30, even on cloudy days." Another ti p from the dermatologist to have youthful skin for longer is to drink at least t wo liters of water per day and keep a balanced diet. "Stay away from The skin requires special care to stay forever young and beautiful 4 JOURNAL FARMA100 especial.indd 4 07/02/2008 5:13:26 PM Shutterstock Photos foods high in trans fat, which accelerate aging. Cigarette and alcohol alter the circulation and cause premature aging and sagging, "alert. It must also be atte ntive to your skin type. People who have dry skin should opt for versions of cos metic creams; those of normal or oily skin should prefer the versions gel. THE BEST TREATMENT FOR EVERY STAGE OF LIFE In every age it is necessary to take a different skin care. At 20, you should wa sh your face with mild soap or child, tone and moisturize the skin. At 25, it is interesting to invest in prevention through creams with vitamin C. When they re ach the age of 30, the first signs of sagging and wrinkles are starting to appea r. In addition to the basic skin care, it is necessary to use anti aging cosmeti cs with soft acids and make superficial peel in winter. From 40 years, the saggi ng and wrinkles become more pronounced and the eyebrows and eyelids begin to fal l. We need to invest in creams with acids in higher concentrations, anti-aging c leansers and cosmetics. Dermatologists may recommend laser treatments, peels and botulinum toxin. The skin becomes thin and flabby around 50 years. The wrinkles are deeper and stains visible. All products used are highly moisturizing, oily and fatty in high concentrations.€It is essential to the daily use of sunscreen on all ages. Cellulite forms in the deep layer of skin, fat tissue, located between the dermi s and muscles. "This Home care MAKE A DIFFERENCE improves skin elasticity. Very hot water relaxes the tissues and dries the skin, to the face. Tone, moisturize the skin and use sunscreen factor 30, can cause a cne cosmetic, eyelid inflammation and allergies; ameliorates the freshness of th e skin. Leave 20 minutes and rinse, once per week. The banana is a great moistur izer. Mash a ripe banana midget with a teaspoon of oats and a teaspoon of honey. Mix well, apply on clean skin and leave for half an hour. The skin will look fr esh and hydrated. And to display a stretched skin at the next party, apply with a brush egg white on the face, leave for 10 minutes and rinse. The face will kee

p youthful and healthy. tissue is formed by thousands of fat cells, enveloped in a kind of gel and bathe d in the blood stream. In addition to absorbing water and nutrients from the blo od, they also remove toxins and excess water. When something is wrong in this ex change, the cells begin to pile up, disrupting the movement and jamming This cha nge gives rise to holes and lumps, leaving the skin with the famous appearance o f orange peel. To prevent the recommendation is almost the same skin of the face . "At feeding time, give preference to lean proteins, vegetables and red fruits such as strawberry, guava, raspberry and cherry. These foods help the movement, since that act as natural diuretics - a holy remedy for cellulite, "says the doc tor. The striations, however, appear when there is a stretching of the skin. The best prevention is to moisturize "The biggest villain of aging remains excessive sun exposure." Dermatologist and nutrólogo, Daniela Hueb Disclosure the skin and avoid weight cycling, or losing weight and getting fat, fat and los e weight in a short space of time. The elimination of the problem depends on the type of groove that the patient has. The white, for example, only disappear wit h treatments that peel the skin, such as peelings. "The best solution is prevent ion. Therefore, hydrate the body by drinking plenty of water and use cream-based collagen, elastin, rosehip oil, urea, vitamin C and lactic acid. Avoid smoking and wear clothes too tight to not harm the blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin, "says JOURNAL FARMA100 5 especial.indd 5 07/02/2008 5:13:41 PM on a cotton ball and inhale deeply. Then, watch the face with a facial sauna. Pu t three gallons of boiling water in a bowl, pour three drops of essential oil of rosemary and slowly inhale the fumes, his eyes closed. After passing an exfolia nt to soothe skin and help remove dead cells. To end the care of the face, nothi ng beats a face mask. When finished, apply a moisturizer. The number of women who maintain the home, accounting for at least 70% of the costs of home grows each year in Brazil. In 2006 were 2.7 million. The revelation was made by a survey of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). It is very common to find women who suffer from wonder woman syndrome: bringing up children, home and even work to help the hous ehold budget. But to take care of everything, women need some time to herself. H ow about setting up a spa at home? For starters, relax. Ping drops of oil with e ssence of lavender or chamomile Start by exfoliating before you even enter the shower. Pass the cream gently wit h circular motions. Wait three minutes and enter the bath. Choose a liquid soap such as passion fruit, for example, that relaxes the skin. Dry and apply a moist urizer. Before bedtime, a good tip is to make a footbath using hot or cold water and oils, aromatic salts, herbs or teas. Now you have no more excuses! Turn off your phone, computer, and take care.

Shutterstock 6 JOURNAL FARMA100 quality vida.indd 6 7/2/2008 5:06:55 PM With each new fashion season changes, both in clothes and in makeup. After all, change is always good, especially when the goal is to look pretty. A bet on summ er makeup look natural and tan. Already the next season promises to be full of c olor. "Light skin, the greatest geisha-style eyes and pretty loaded," that's the makeup trend in 2008, according to the makeup of the hall Janine Jacques, Saint Paul, Regina Maura. First, clean the skin with a Cleansing and apply a moisturizer with sunscreen. T hen use a base in the face and neck, just the color of their skin.€Cover the pos sible imperfections with concealer a shade below his. The eyes ask special atten tion: apply a thin layer of black eyeliner close to the eyelashes. The trend is the smoky, but a little different from that used today. The order now is the smo ky region of the root of the eyelashes and eyebrow go up. "To clarify a little m ore, use a lighter powder in white color close to the eyebrow. The fashion color s for shadows are black, gray, blue, red and orange, "says Regina. The blush in varying shades of pink, peach burned, plum and eggplant. The mouth wears off wet and suggested more color, red and orange are in evidence. The makeup for black skin can not be too heavy. The purchase of the database req uires caution. If the product is not specific to this type of skin, the appearan ce may be dimmed. As black women in general are bulky and thick lips, the lipsti cks should be in dark tones, as the light increases the volume. Worth trying out the red, coffee and wine. "To shadow the trend is the golden hues of brown. Tho se who prefer more daring, the tip is blue and pink, "says makeup artist. The makeup and the clothes, follows fashion trends Shutterstock PLEASE NOTE THE AGENDA Jacques Janine Hall 0800 77 12 561 Cover tabloide.indd 7 07/02/2008 4:59:30 PM Untitled-1 1 02/06/2008 4:26:28 PM The brittle hair is doing a reconstruction - the type of hydration using keratin as a basis. The technique promotes a mass hair replacement restores because the pro teins lost in large quantities. LEARN TO MAKE A TOP MODEL OF PENTEADO Forget spending a leave-in heat activated. a ponytail and then a bun. mind the s tyle Gisele Bundchen. "Ideally, interim reconstruction with nutrients it needs to be pretty hair styli st Salon The hydration can be done at home or in the lounge. "The important thin g is to use good quality products and follow Due to excessive sun or lack of

SEEK HELP THE RIGHT PRODUCT Mousse, gel, repair tips, curl activator, leave-in ... The cosmetic industry inv ests heavily in products that hide the damage the hair. "Prefer the products fre e of alcohol. Another tip is to spend repairman ends where the hair crawl. But a ttention to the abuse! Put one to two drops of the product in your hands, rub ea ch other and pass on the tips, never in the root, "recommends Augusto Gaucho. some offer moisturizing formulas. but the purpose of using the product is unifor m in color and brightness to give more magenta. " Cut the ends is also harder to grow healthy. The fashion for this season is a reinterpretation of years rock, punk and hippie " PLEASE NOTE THE AGENDA Spettacolo Hall Phone: (11) 5571 8022 12 JOURNAL FARMA100 cabelos.indd 12 07/02/2008 5:01:48 PM ara have feet and hands always clean, the first step is to build a home kit with pliers, cuticle pusher, abrasive strips and leg. A dermatologist Adriana Villar inho alert to the importance of sterilizing the instruments before each handling . Tweezers and pliers used to pull and remove the cuticle can injure, transmitti ng diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS. The abrasive strips and standing should be disposable. "The only mycosis P Dermatologist Sao Paulo, Adriana Villarinho TREND OF NEXT SEASON The colors of the glazes are also part of fashion trends. For those who like to point out the nails and is a fan of red tones, you can abuse the "coffee" and "c herry", which will be high in coming months. Already the most romantic, they can use various shades of pink that are in the market. The silver and gold continue to blossom in the clothes, hands and feet. is transmitted through the sandpaper, "explained the doctor. For those who have weak and brittle nails, the problem may be in food. Adriana gives a hint. "A hea lthy diet rich in iron, vitamin A, calcium and protein (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products) solves the problem of the nails, and health as well." The uninterrupte d use of glazes can also be harmful, since they impede the breathing of the nail . Ideally, the enamel is removed with two days interval between one application and another. Feet deserve specific products, especially in cases of cracking and scaling. "It is best to always seek the prescription from a dermatologist. But if the skin is healthy, moisturizing body is a good adjunct, "says dermatologist and nutrólogo, a member of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and the Brazilian Academy of Dermatology, Daniela Hueb. Another caution regarding the foot is time to cut the nails. They can easily cat ch fire or jam. Ask your doctor or podiatrist, what is the correct way to trim t he nails.€The podiatrist is a professional who treats diseases of superficial fe et, such as corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, cracks, cracks, and fish eye infe ctions. Feet of people with diabetes, for example, with a high risk of complicat ions can be treated by a podiatrist. According to assistant technical coordinati on of the hall Doctor Feet in Sao Paulo, Tatiany Kermessi the basic difference b etween the podiatrist and pedicure is that one comes to the health of the feet w hile the other is concerned with aesthetics. Disclosure

Shutterstock JOURNAL FARMA100 13 quality vida.indd 13 07/02/2008 5:03:43 PM I naugurada in 1979, the Drug Miravista has his name in homage to the country of o rigin of the first owners. Miravista is the name of a bridge in Korea. The follo wing year, in 1980, the store was purchased by pharmaceutical Alvarino Sbardelin i son and his wife, Marta Helena Meireles Sbardelini, today owners and sharehold ers of the drugstore. In those 28 years of hard work, professionalism and great ethics, Miravista won a loyal customer base in Sao Bernardo do Campo, in the ABC Paulista. The profile of consumers is the most varied. Most are women in classes A, B and C. To meet the community, Drugs Miravista offers over six thousand products. The main focus of the company are medications, but the fr agrance items are already gaining ground in the store. Every day the consumer fi nds the Big Mailing Discount - Medicines and Perfumes with 30-50% discount, in a ddition to the disposal agreements with several companies, free delivery, applic ation of medicines and pharmaceutical care at home full time. Drugs Miravista Av Way of the Sea, 3545 Rudge Ramos - São Bernardo do Campo Tel: 4367-2424 The Drugs Miravista joined the Network Farma 100 recently and has great expectat ions for the future of the partnership. "We are a group that has everything to b e one of the largest associations, and the proof is our new action plan for 2008 ," says one of shareholders of the pharmacy, Alvarino Sbardelini Son. Drugstore Owner Toribio, José Antonio Bolzoni ith more than six thousand products in the portfolio, including medicines, perso nal hygiene items and cosmetics, drugstore Toribio serves about 250 people a day . The vast majority of customers are women, in an age group ranging between 28 a nd 60 years. Seven employees work daily in the pharmacy to offer differentiated services and personalized customer service. To facilitate access, the drugstore has its own parking in front of the store. The consumer can pay with different t ypes of C Drugstore Toribio Ltda. Benedito Alves Toribio Street, 667 Garden Toribio - Osas co Tel (11) 3609-2586 and credit card debt, and rely on dial-delivery home or office. The great pride of the company is able to make an intense care for the community. Are lectures, meetings and newsletters, all aimed to clarify the client on issues of health an d well-being. 14 JOURNAL FARMA100 acontece.indd 14 02/07/2008 5:00:58 PM Photo Release

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