Excerpts from several texts by Paulo Coehlo "At every age of man, the Lord gives his own interests

." (The Fifth Mountain) "Sometimes we insist on seeing the mot e in your neighbor's eye and not see the mountains, fields and olive groves." (O n the banks of river stones ...) "Love means luck Accumulate, accumulate hatred means calamity" (Manual of the Warrior of Light) "Face your path with courage, n ot fear criticism from others. And above all , do not be paralyzed by your own r eviews "(Maktub)" Every person in his life, can have two attitudes: to build or plant. The builders one day finish what they were doing and then invades the ted ium. Those who plant a sometimes suffer the storms and seasons, but the garden n ever stops growing. " (Flange) "Every man has within him, something much more im portant than himself: the Don" (flange) "Each enriches the pilgrim route distanc e and a step closer to realizing their dreams. (The Alchemist) "Everyone has a w ay of learning." (The Alchemist) "Certain things are so important that travelers need to be discovered." "Some people, in the eagerness to build a world where n o external threat can penetrate your defenses are exacerbated against the outsid e and inside left unguarded. "(Veronika decide ...)" How does the light in a per son? If the door is open love. "(Eleven Minutes)" Courage. Starting the day with this word, and following with faith in God, you will get to where you need it. "(Manual of the Warrior of Light)" When late harvest fruit rot, but when back pr oblems do not stop growing . '(The Fifth Mountain) "When we look for the treasur e, we realize that the way it is the treasure." (The Alchemist) "When God wants someone mad, it satisfies all his desires." (The Valkyries) "When least expect i t, life placed before us a challenge that tests our courage and willingness to c hange. "(The Devil and Miss Prym)" When you want something, all the universe con spires to do your desire. "(The alchemist) "When you love have no need to unders tand what is happening, because everything going to happen within us." (The Alch emist) "When we recognize the great." (The Alchemist) treasures before us, never "How many things we lose for fear of losing." (Flange) "The more one approaches the dream, is becoming more Personal Legend in the real reason for living." (The Alchemist) "is of no use to understand the entire universe when you're alone." (Flange) "God is the same, although it has thousand names, but you have to choos e one to call." (On the edge ...) "God created the desert so the man could smile when he saw the palm trees." (The Alchemist) "God will judge the tree by its fr uit, and not by their roots." (Manual of the Warrior of Light) "God always gave me a second chance at life." (By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept) "Love is risky, but it has always been so. Thousands of years ago that the persons sought and found." (Flange) "The strongest love is one that can show its fragility." ( Eleven Minutes) "Love is not in the other, is within ourselves, we wake up. But we need to wake up the other. (Eleven Minutes)" The path of magic-like, in gener al, road life-is and will always be the way to the Mystery. "(flange)" The road is teaching us the best way to get and enriches us while we are crossing. "(The Pilgrimage)" The pain is in our everyday life, the suffering hidden in the surre nder that we love and blame for the defeat of our dreams. "(Eleven Minutes)" The warrior is transparent in its actions and secret plans. "" The fear of sufferin g is worse than the suffering itself. "(The Alchemist)" The World is in the hand s of people able to see this change, concoraje people to live their dreams, each according to his own talent. "(The Valkyries) "The first sign that we are killi ng our dreams is lack of time." (The Pilgrimage) "The wise man is wise because h e loves. The madman is mad because he thinks he can understand love. "" The seco nd symptom of the death of our dreams are our certainties "(The Pilgrimage)" The Lord hears the prayers of those who want to forget the hate. But he is deaf to those who want to escape love. "(The Fifth Mountain)" The Lord only expects thos e that which is within the capabilities of each. "(The Fifth Mountain) "Suffering, once faced without fear, was his passport to freedom." (Eleven Minut es) "The third symptom of the death of our dreams is peace. Life becomes a Sunda y afternoon€important things without asking and without requiring more than wha t we give. But in truth, in the depths of our hearts, we know that what happened was we gave up fighting for our dreams. "(The Pilgrimage)" The universe always

conspires in favor of the dreamers. "(By the River I sat down and cried stone) " At times people are unable to understand happiness." (Veronika Decides to Die) " In all languages of the world, ls the same said of sight, out of mind. Well I sa y that there is nothing more false than that, the further away, closer to the he art are the feelings that we try to suppress and forget. "(Eleven Minutes)" It i s precisely the possibility of realizing a dream that makes life to be interesti ng. "(The Alchemist)" We must learn what we need and not just what we want. "" P ick a path means abandoning others. If you intend to cover all possible paths en d up not running any. "(Flange)" Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But the worst suffering is not knowing what to do. "(By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept)" There are losses, but no one is safe from them. So it is better to lose some ba ttles in the fight for our dreams to be defeated without even knowing why you ar e fighting. "(On the banks of the river ...)" There are times when the trials co me in our lives and we can not avoid them. But are there for a reason. Only when we have surpassed them understand why they were there. "(The Fifth Mountain)" Y ou have to express the dreams so they can begin to be realized. "(The Pilgrimage )" There is a time to call it quits. "(Eleven Minutes ) "Never let the doubts pa ralyze your actions. Always take all decisions need to take, even without securi ty or certainty that you are deciding properly. "(Flange)" Even a winding, diffi cult, can lead us to the goal if you do not leave until the end. "( Maktub) "Alc hemy is the projection in the physical world of our spiritual yearnings." "The p ursuit of happiness is more important than the need of pain." (Eleven Minutes) " The simple things are the most extraordinary and only the wise get to see them. "(The Alchemist) "The ropes are always tense end of tune." (Manual of the Warrior of Light) "The decisions of God are mysterious, but always in our favor." (Maktub) "Faith is a difficult conquest that requires daily to keep fighting." (The Valkyries) "Happi ness is sometimes a blessing, con is usually a conquest." (By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept) "The glory of the world is transient, and it is she who give s us the dimension of our life, but the choice we make to follow our Personal Le gend, to have faith in our utopias and fight for our dreams. " (Address of incor poration into the Brazilian Academy of Letters) "The great blessing of life is t omorrow, and realize your dreams." "The great victory that now looks easy was th e result of small victories that have gone unnoticed." (Manual of the Warrior of Light) "Life teaches at every turn and only secret is to accept that, just lear ning from everyday life, we can be as wise as Solomon and as powerful as Alexand er the Great." (In his novel "The Pilgrimage") "Life is very fast, makes people go from heaven to hell in a matter of seconds." (Eleven Minutes) "Life always wa its for critical situations to show their bright side." (Eleven Minutes) "The st akes and covenants are made with the angels. O with demons." (The Valkyries), "T he sorrows do not stay forever when we walk in the direction of what you always want." (The Fifth Mountain) "Free us from all these concepts are cursed, that ha bit of having to explain everything." (By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept) "What is someone drowns falling into the river, but kept submerged in him. " "Mi stakes are a way to react." (Once min) "Men are masters of their own destiny." ( Flange) "I felt hurt when I lost the men who fell in love. Today, I am convinced that no one loses to anyone, because no one owns anyone. Expreiencia That's tru e freedom: having the world's largest without owning it. " (Eleven Minutes) "Man y people are fascinated by the details and forget loq eu looking for." (The Pilg rimage) "Nobody does lie, no one can hide anything when you look straight in the eye." (By the river stone ...) "No man is an island. To cope with the good figh t, we need help." (The Pilgrimage) "No one is able to choose without fear." (Flange) "There is no love in peace. It always comes with agony, ecstasy,€intense joy and deep sadness. "(The Valkyrie s)" There is no sin to be happy. "(The Pilgrimage)" There is no tragedy, but ine vitable. Everything has its reason for being: you only need to distinguish what is temporary than it is definitive. What passenger? - The inevitable "And the ul timate? "The lessons of the inevitable." (The Fifth Mountain) "Do not offer to G

od only the pain of your penance, give him also your joy." (The Pilgrimage) "Do not pretend to be brave when you only have to be smart." (The Compostela pilgrim ) "Never give up your dream. Follow the signs. "(The Alchemist)" To make things better, we need to know what you want. "(Flange)" We can make many mistakes in o ur lives, except one: that which destroys us. "(Veronika Decides to Die)" Who lo ves a reward waiting is wasting his time. "(The Devil and Miss Prym)" Wisdom is knowing and transforming. "(Flange)" Be like the fountain that spills and not th e tank that always contains the same water. "(Verónika..)" If you start by prom ising what you do not have, you lose your will to achieve it. "(The Alchemist)" If you have the patience of the land, water purity and justice of the wind, then you are free "" It's always easier to listen and not react offense to have the courage to engage in a fight with someone stronger. "(The Devil and ...)" Just s pent ten minutes with love of his life, and thousands of hours thinking about hi m. "(Eleven Minutes)" Only love allows us to escape slavery and transform free. "" Only those who find life can find treasures "(The Alchemist)" Just who is hap py can spread happiness "(By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept)" We have to a preovechar when luck is on our side and do everything we can to help, in the sam e way she is helping us "(The Alchemist)" I have to take risks. I have no reason to be afraid of defeat. "(Flange)" All grief that comes just to leave. So with the glories and tragedies of the world. "(The Fifth Mountain)" Every blessing no t a curse becomes accepted. "(The Alchemist) "Everything is permitted, except interrupt a manifestation of love." (The Pilgri mage) "Everyone has the right to doubt his work and leave from time to time, all I can do is forget it." (The Fifth Mountain) "Every day God gives us, along wit h the sun, a moment that can change everything that makes us unhappy." (On the b anks of the river ...) "A warrior accepts defeat as a defeat, without trying to turn it into victory" (Manual of the Warrior of Light) "A warrior of light used alone, but is not used for it. ' (Manual of the Warrior of Light) "A man must ch oose. Herein lies his strength: the power of their decisions." (The Fifth Mounta in) "A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something and know with all their might require what he w ants." (The Fifth Mountain) "A search always begins with beginner's luck and alw ays ends with the proof of the conqueror." (The Alchemist) "What is freedom? Fre edom is not the absence commitments is to stop doing what you do not want ..." ( The Zahir) "Even a stopped clock gets to be right twice a day" (flange) "When we see the same people always end up doing that become part of our lives. And as t hey are part of our lives, also pass want to change our lives. And if we are not as they expect us to be upset. For all the people know exactly how we should li ve our lives. " (In his novel "The Alchemist") "Evil is not what goes into the m an's mouth. Evil is what comes of it." (In his novel "The Alchemist") "Instead o f cursing the place where you fell, you should find something that made you slip ." (In his "Maktub") "If we are tolerant of others, it is easier to accept our o wn mistakes. (...) When we really let the hatred, envy, intolerance, vibrating a round us, we ended up consumed by this vibration. " (In his "Maktub") "Love neve r separate a man from his Personal Legend. (The Alchemist)