THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD INTRODUCTION A few words to present this volume which includes the creation

of T imothy Leary on The Tibetan Book of the Dead, clearly inspired by the Bard Thodo l Buddhist. For those who do not know, the Bard Thodol is, so to speak, some kin d of guide that prepares us for death. Just say that I wish this guide had falle n into my hands when I experienced my first death of the ego, for the first time , if you've never heard of it, it's creepy, but not devoid of spiritual wealth. I think without a doubt, that a review of this reading before beginning a great journey is, at least, a source of inspiration that will make many patterns over it. I remember in my first Death of Ego heard reverberating sounds frightening a nd strange voices slowed down (as you will find in this Bardo), and immerse myse lf in a strange dark and cold world. Perhaps if I had read this before you exper ience another cock sing. Anyway I want to say do not be afraid of a bad trip, mu ch less an Ego Death fledged, because my experience tells me that they are contr ibuting spiritual greatness, reintegration of our being and if you shall enter t he test superáis in a world that will bring you the greatest experience of your life. Raul del Pino FIRST Bardo Oh, man walking toward you time to find you new levels of reality. Your ego and your name are in the game to end. You are putti ng yourself in front of the Clear Light. You are experiencing this reality. In t he ego-free state where all things are like an empty sky without clouds. And the intellect is bare and clean as a transplant yet. Currently known by yourself an d live in this state. What is called ego-death is coming toward you. Remember: T his is the hour of death and rebirth. Take advantage of this temporary death to obtain perfect condition. Iluminata. Concentrate on the unity of all living bein gs. Maintained on the Clear Light. Use it to reach an understanding and love. If you can not keep the happiness of enlightenment and if you are sliding within t he contact from the outside world. Remember: you can now experience hallucinatio ns, visions and insights will teach you a lot about yourself and the world. The veil of routine perception will be changed in your eyes. Remember the unity of a ll living things. 1 Remember the glory of the clear light. Be guided through your new life ahead. Be guided by the visions of this experience. If you feel confused, invoked the mem ory of your friends and your teachers. Try to achieve and retain the experience of clear light. Remember: The light energy is vital. The endless flame of life. An undulating and ever-changing swirl of Color can capture your vision. This is the ceaseless transformation of energy. The life process. Fear not. Surrender to it. Join. Part of you. You're part of it. Remember also: Beyond the continuous and flowing electricity of life is the ultimate reality. The Void. Your own know ledge, noposesión formed in the shape or color, is naturally void .. The. ultim ate reality. The All goodness. The All peace. La Luz. Resplendent. The movement is the fire of life from which everything comes. Join. Part of you. Beyond the l ight of life is the peaceful silence of the Void. The quiet bliss beyond all tra nsformations. Buddha's smile. Emptiness is not nothingness. lnobstruido, shining , moving and happy. The Void is beginning and the end itself. Diamond consciousn ess. The All-Good Buddha. Your own consciousness, shining, void and inseparable Nopensamiento, novisión, nocolor is empty The intellect shining and full of hap piness and quiet. This is the state of perfect enlightenment. Your own conscious ness, shining, void and inseparable from the great body gleaming, has no birth o r death. It is the immutable light which the Tibetans call Buddha Amitabha. Know ing the starting noforma. Known this is sufficient. Recognizing the emptiness of your own consciousness for Buddha domain remains in this survey and you will ma intain the state of the divine Buddha mind. 2 SECOND Bardo Remember: You're going to experience three Bardos. Three states of loss of self. First the clear light of reality. Fire come hallucinations games f antastically varied. Later you will find the state of reentry. To regain an ego. Oh, man. It may be that your experience of transcendence of self, leaving your

old self. But you're not alone. Everyone arrives sometime. You're lucky to have this experience of rebirth free to offer. Do not cling to that weakness to your old self.€Even if you attached to your mind, you've lost the power to keep it. For the fight you can not get anything in this hallucinatory world. Do not cling . Do not be weak. Whatever fear or terror that will still not forget these words . Enter your meaning in your heart. Go ahead. Right here is the secret life of k nowledge. Remember, O friend: When the body and mind separate, you experience a quick view of the plain truth, subtle, radiant, brilliant. Vibrant, glorious. Fe ar not. This is the radiation of your true nature. Admit it. From the mist of th is radiation is the natural sound of reality. Reverberating like a thousand thun ders simultaneously. This is the natural sound of your path. So do not panic. Do not be terrified. Do not be afraid. For you it is enough to know that these app aritions are the ways of your own thinking. If you do not recognize your own way s of thinking. If you forget your homework. The lights will dazzle you. The soun ds you afraid. The rays will terrify the people around you will confuse you reme mber the key lessons Oh, man. These realms will not come from somewhere outside your ego. They come from inside you and shine upon you. 3 Nor do the revelations come from anywhere else. Exist from eternity within the f aculties your own intellect. Recognizes that are of this nature. The key to enli ghtenment and serenity during the period of ten thousand visions is simply that: rest, relax. Join him. Strongly agree the wonders of your creativity. Do not be attached or you're scared. Neither attracted or repelled. Above all, do nothing about the visions. They exist only within you. THE SOURCE (Eyes closed, externa l stimuli ignored) Oh, well born, listen with care: radiant energy source seed f rom which all living forms come flows out and hits you with a light so bright th at you just can look. Do not be scared. This is the Source Energy which has been radiated billions of years. Always manifested in other ways. Accept it. Do not try to intellectualize. Do not play with it. Merge with it. Let it flow through you. Get lost with it. Founded in the halo of rainbow light. At the heart of the spear of energy. Get the domain of the Buddha in the middle kingdom. PHYSICAL S YMPTOMS O friend, listen carefully. The bodily symptoms you are feeling are not chemical effect. They indicate that you are fighting against the knowledge of fe elings which surpass your normal experience. You can not control these universal energy waves. Let the feelings are based all over you. Become a part of them. A llow yourself to pulsate with the vibrations around you Relax. Do not fight. You r symptoms will disappear as soon as all traces of egoconcentrado, trying to dis appear. Accept them as the message body. Welcome them. Enjoy them. 4 THE INTERNAL FLOW archetypal process (Eyes closed, external stimuli ignored, int ellectual aspects) Oh well born, listen carefully: The flow of life is spinning through you A demonstration infinite shapes and pure sounds. Dazzlingly bright. Always changing flows not try to control her Cosmic Experience the ancient myths of creation and manifestation Do not try to understand There's a lot more time to this later Merge with Let it flow through you There's no need to act or think you are teaching are great lessons of evolution, creation and playback. If you' re trying to keep him, you fall into hellish worlds and suffer intolerable miser y created by your own mind. Interpretations play Evita Evita think, talk or do H ave faith in the power of life Trust your companions on this watery journey Merg e in Rainbow Light River In the Heart of the created forms of Buddha gained cont rol in the United preeminently happy FIRE POWER UNIT INTERNAL (Eyes closed, exte rnal stimuli ignored, emotional aspects) Oh well born, listen carefully: You are flowing outward and into the fluid unity of life The ecstasy of organic fire bu rns you all cells in the harsh, dry, brittle shell of your ego are washing in th e endless sea of her creations flows Feel the pulse of the heart of the sun Let the red Buddha Amitabha bar along with you. Do not fear the ecstasy No fight the

current Recalls€all the exultant power comes from within Trust tidal force cra wling inside the unit with all living forms Let your heart burst in love for lif e Let your warm blood dripping out into the ocean of life Not 're tied to the st atic power's coming from you. Let it flow Do not try to capture your old bodily fears. Let your body merge with the heat flow. Let your roots are immersed in th e warm life body 5 Float in the Rainbow Sea Get the domain of Buddha in the kingdom called LOVE exu ltant. THE STRUCTURE OF THE WAVE VIBRATION OF EXTERNAL FORMS (Eyes open, great i nterest in the visual external stimulus, intellectual) Oh well born, listen care fully: At this point you can tell the waveform structure in the world that you s urroundings. Everything you see dissolves into energy vibrations Stares and you will notice the electric dance of energy is no longer things or people but only the direct movement of particles Your conscience now leave your body and placed in the river wave rhythmic. No need to talk or action Let your brain become a re ceiving radiation All interpretations are the product of your mind. Take it off of him. Do not be afraid. Marvel at the natural strength of your own brain, The wisdom of your own electricity Be still and wait As the three-dimensional world is destroyed, you panic you can feel attached to the heavy dull world of objects that are leaving now. At this time, do not be scared of the transparent, radian t, dazzling wave energy Let your intellect to rest Do not be afraid sticky rays of light of life the basic structure of matter, the basic form of communication in wave . It serves quietly and get the message now have direct experience of th e revelation of the primary forms. Vibratory WAVES OUTDOOR UNIT (Eyes open, grea t interest in the external stimulus such as lights, or movements, emotional aspe cts) Oh well born, listen carefully: You are experiencing the unity of all life forms If you think people made of rubber and lifeless, like plastic dolls, do no t be afraid This is only an effort on your ego to maintain its separate identity . Allow yourself to feel the unity of all, mix with the world around you Do not be afraid Enjoy the dance of the dolls, create your own mind Relax and feel the ecstatic energy of vibrations through you Enjoy the complete unity of matter and life The radiant glow is a reflection of your own consciousness is an aspect of your divine nature not feel attached to your old man 6 Do not be alarmed by the new and strange feelings you are having now if you feel attracted to your being old'll return for another stage of the game existential Be confident and stay without fear of getting mixed up in the heart of Ratnasam bhava sacred halo of light in a rainbow release in the domain get fitted for glo ry THE CIRCUS OF THE RETINA listens Oh well born: You are now feeling the magica l dance of forms and kaleidoscopic drawings static exploit your surroundings are all possible ways alive before your eyes The Circus retina The incessant play o f the elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Fit and demonstrations Deslumbrándote a lways changes with the complexity and variety Sit back and enjoy the river movin g Do not be attached to any vision or revelation Leave everything to pass throug h you If you are experience annoying Let me pass as other not fight against them all comes from within you This is the great lesson in creativity and brain powe r Freed from its learned structures. Let the cascade of images and associations take you wherever Meditate calmly on the knowledge that these visions are emanat ions of your own conscience. This way you can gain self-knowledge and free. " MA GIC THEATRE Oh, well born, listen carefully: You are now in the theater magic he roes and mythological figures and superhuman demons demons, goddesses, celestial warriors, giants. Angeles, Bodisadvas, Dwarves, Elves crusaders, demons, saints , witches, aliens. Infernal spirits, elves, knights and emperors The DiosLoto of dance The great old man, divine creature, the dodger, the Shapeshifter, The adi estramonstruos, the mother goddess, the witch. The god of the moon, the wanderin g. The entire theater of divine figures representing the zenith of human wisdom

not be afraid of them 7 They are within you Your own creative intelligence is the reigning wizard of the m recognizes the figures as aspects of yourself All great comedy is about you Do not feel attached to the figures Remember the lessons can still win the release VISIONS Oh CHOLERA nobly born, listen carefully: You were unable to maintain th e perfect Clear Light Bardo or first Acknowledge They are your own thoughts made visible and audible They are the product of your own mind retreated to the wall They indicate that you are close to liberation No No harm can be the subjects o f these hallucinations cum They are your own thoughts are scary-looking old frie nds Welcome them. Merge with them, return them yourself Lose yourself in them. T hey are yours Anything very scary and strange that you see remember above all th at comes from within you. Stay on this knowledge as soon as you recognize it, yo u'll release If you do not recognize Torture and punishment will continue But th ese are also radiation of your own intellect are immaterial The vacuum can not h urt to empty None of the peaceful or wrathful visions Demons blood drinkers , ma chines, monsters or devils really exist only inside your skull This will dissipa te your fear. Oh Third Bardo Preliminary Instructions. listen well You're now en tering the third bardo before while experiencing the peaceful and wrathful visio ns of the second Bardo You could not recognize Through fear you became unconscio us now as you regain your consciousness rises 8 Like a trout leaping forth out of the water fighting for its original form befor e your ego has started to operate again Do not try to decipher the weakness thin g If you're attracted to act and think you want to wander through the world of f ire And there in pain Relax your restless spirit Oh ... you have been unable to recognize the archetypal forms of cropping Bardo You have fallen so far now, if you want to see the truth Your mind must rest without distraction There's nothin g to do, nothing to think about Fleet to the noobscuro, bright primary, state Va cuum your intellect in this way you will get release If you are unable to relax your mind Meditate on your friends think of them with deep love and trust as sob reobscureciendo the crown of your head This is of great importance not get distr acted ... Oh, You You can feel the power to perform feats of perceiving and comm unicate with extrasensory power to change shape, size and number of traverse spa ce and time instantly These feelings you live naturally without any method of yo u want Do not try to exercise them not acknowledge it as a sign of you're in the third Bardo In the period of reentry in the normal world Oh ... If you have not understood what are currently referred to as a result of your own mental game F earful visions can come Gusts of wind and icy blasts Humming and clicking of the machinery of control Simulating laughter You can imagine terror producing remar ks: "Guilty," "stupid" 'inadequate', 'dirty' Such imagined taunts and paranoid n ightmares are the remains of selfish egodominando, juegojugando. The themes are not your own mental products Remember, you're in the third Bardo 9 You're fighting to get into the thick atmosphere of routine game existence, Let this re-entry be smooth and slow Do not try to use force or will power. Oh ..., As you are driven here and there by the winds of Karma always footwork Your mind , having no place to rest or focus is like a feather blown by the wind Or like a rider on the horse or breath you'll miss incessantly or involuntarily called in despair for your old ego Your mind runs until you are exhausted and miserable D o not stop these thoughts you know the rest unchanged state Meditate on the onen ess of all energy so you will be free of pain, terror and confusion Oh ... You m ay feel confused and disoriented You can be amazed by your behavior you can watc h your fellow travelers and friends and realize that they can not understand you

You can think I'm dead .. .. What shall I do And feel great misery Just like a fish out of water thrown on red hot coals You may be amazed that you'll never Ve nues family, relatives,€people who know you as you appear in a dream or through a glass darkly If you are seeing such experiences will not be thinking of any u se Do not try to explain this is the natural result of your own mental program S uch feelings indicate that you the third bardo Trust your guide Trust your colle agues trust the merciful Buddha Meditate calmly without distraction. Oh .... You can now feel as if you were oppressed and crushed rocks and boulders as O as in a cage or prison Remember: These are signs that you are trying to force a retur n to your ego can be a dull, gray light. These are signs of the third Bardo Do n ot struggle to return the re-entry will happen by itself 10 Recognition recognizes where you will guide the release Reentry VISIONS Oh .... You have not understood what is happening So far you've been searching for your past personality Unable to find it, you can start to feel that you will never be the same again It will become like a changed person feel saddened by this sente nce yourself going to try find your ego, to achieve control, In this way thinkin g, here and there you'll be amazed incessantly and absentmindedly Different imag es of your own future will be seen by you The haunting you see more clearly the special art of these teachings is particularly important in this time. Any image you see Think about it as coming from Buda This level of existence also exists art Buddha This is a very deep Te. free make your present confusion Meditate on (name of protective ideal) as much as you watch them as a form produced by a mag ician, Then let the image dissolve Starting Up tips Ponte nothing is visible in a state of clarity and emptiness is found in this Meditate been for a while now once again on your protective ideal again in the Clara Luz Do this alternately T hen let your own mind also gradually dissolved Wherever the air enters the consc iousness penetrates Wherever 'consciousness penetrates Ecstasy enters the serene quiet rooms in the uncreated state of serenity is currently revival of paranoia to be avoided will be achieved perfect enlightenment INFLUENCE FOR ALL .... Oh DETERMINANT OF THINKING You can now experience momentary joy momentary pain foll owed by intensive tense and relax As a catapult You will go through sharp mood s wings All determined by karma 11 Do not cling to the joys or sorrows angry with the actions of your friends can e voke anger or shame on you. If you're angry or you'll get depressed a hellish ex perience does not matter what people do No thought can occur tainted love Think about them often in this state of the session will be only one second away from the pool change your life happy ; Remember that every one of your, companions is Buddha himself Your mind now, without questioning where to focus or strength, B eing light and continuously moving. All you can think thoughts Positive or negat ive shall exercise great power You are extremely receptive So think not of selfi sh things Remember your preparation for the trip shows pure affection and humble faith Through the absence of these words will remember the memory will be follo wed by recognition and liberation FOR THE TRIAL OF THE VISIONS Oh, if you are ex periencing a vision of trial and suffering guilt Listen carefully you this becau se it is the result of your mental game miserable Your Karma Nobody is doing any thing Your mind is creating the So fleet problem in meditation Remember in your ways that you think Remember the teachings of this manual Remember the friendly presence of your peers if you do not know how to meditate Concentrate on an obje ct or feeling Take it (dad who cares about an object ) Focus on the reality of t hat object recognizes the illusory nature of existence and phenomena This moment is of great importance if you are distracted now it will cost you out of the qu agmire of misery Until now the Bardo experiences have come to you and you have n ot recognized you been distracted during this period have experienced all the fe ar and terror throughout, always with success here can recognize and obtain libe

ration here Your session can be static and revealing If you do not know how to m editate, remember (person's ideal) Recalls Remember your teammates this manual 12 Think of all these fears and terrifying apparitions as belonging to your own ide al,€as the tests are a divine mercy Remember your guide repeats the names over and over again but you will not always decay damaged SEXUAL VISIONS Right now yo u can see visions of couples together You're convinced that an orgy happening ar ound you wish and expectation takes hold of you that sexual action awaits you Re member When these visions occur, retention yourself from action or attachment Hu mbly exercise your faith in the current fleet in the process fervently hoped Med itation and confidence in the unity of life are the keys If you try to enter you r old personality because you are attracted or rejected if you want to join the orgy you are hallucinating reborn animal will experience a level possessive desi re and jealousy will suffer stupidity and misery If you want to avoid these mise ries Listen and recognize Rejects feelings of repulsion or attraction Remember t hat the descending anti-lighting effort is strong in you meditate on the unit wi th your fellow travelers not Abandon jealousy attraction or repulsion by your se xual hallucinations will wander in misery a long time Tell yourself these words to yourself and meditate on it FOUR METHODS OF PREVENTING reentry I. MEDITATION ON THE BUDDHA Oh .... quietly meditate upon your protective figure, which is lik e a reflection of the moon on the water is apparent, yet nonexistence as an illu sion produced by magic if you have no special protective figure meditates on the Buddha or upon me with this in mind Then quietly meditating, visualizing origin ating the shape of your ideal protector from the extremities is dissolved withou t any idea made Meditate on The Clear Light 13 Vacuum This is a very profound art by virtue of it rebirth is postponed a bright er future is secure. II. MEDITATION ON GOOD GAMES You're wandering now e! Third Bardo As a sign of this look at your mirror and you will not see your face norma l at this time you ought to do simple resolution in your mind This is very impor tant is how to run a horse race with the use of kidneys Everything you III want to happen. MEDITATION ON THE ILLUSION If you're still down Think you've released as follows: The sexual activities, handling of machinery, the simulation of lau ghter, scary sounds and sporadic appearances, these phenomena are indeed illusio ns in nature however they may appear truly They are unreal and false appearances are like dreams and not permanent, not fixed What advantage is there to abide a nd be afraid of them? All are hallucinations of your mind Your mind itself does not exist So why are these? Only by taking these illusions for real something yo u navigate around this confusing as there are all dreams, like clouds echoes As cities such as mirrors, and relaxed forms as phantasmagoria The moon seen in wat er are not real strong one moment sharply Keeping you in this line of thought's belief that they are real is dissipated, and liberation is achieved IV. MEDITATI ON ON THE VACUUM All substances are part of my own consciousness This awareness is empty, uncreated, not earnings, and meditating, Let the mind rest in the uncr eated state as the rain water on water The mind must be left on their own easy m ental posture In its natural condition unchanged clear and vibrant maintaining t his relaxed, uncreated state of mind 14 Rebirth into routine game reality is avoided certain Meditate on this until you' re certainly free to then pick PERSONALITY Listen: It's almost time to go Make t he selection of your future personality according to the best teaching Listen we ll: The signs and level characteristics of existence to come. Appear before you on warning signs. Acknowledge When you find that you have returned to reality Tr y to follow the pleasant delightful visions Avoid unpleasant and dark If you ret

urn in panic, a fearful state will follow. If you try to escape the gloomy dark visions, an unhappy state will follow. If you return in radiance, a happy state will continue. Your mental state now will affect their subsequent level of being what you choose. Choose fairly Without attraction or repulsion. Sign in with go od grace juegoexistencia voluntarily and freely Remember these lessons remains q uiet Timothy Leary (1920-1996) Pegasus has transported you into Space 15