Flashback First things first, and noblesse oblige, we begin to dedicate our sinc ere opposition to who knows

who was responsible for naming astrology. Etymologic ally the word is formed by the stars and lodge Greek words meaning "science of t he stars." So we left the private astronomy characterized as such, finding himse lf relegated to the level of mere "knowledge of the laws" of the stars (from gr. Astros = stars and nomos = order, behavior). Well, aside semantic argument, it is commonly called Astrology has a dark stage in the early times of human civili zation, when in one way or another, ancient cultures worshiped the sun, moon and stars and floods associated with , drought and climate change. Also assumed tha t the outcome of a battle could be determined by the omens of diviners. In the e merging Greece we find the famous pioneers of modern science, such as Plato, Pyt hagoras, Leucippus and Aristotle, and other scientists involved with the study o f astronomy, as Eudoxus, who held the opinion that astrology was "ridiculous "an d" no one should believe in life prediction based on the day she was born ", but curiously his name means good doctrine. As time goes by And so we are today. Fa r, far away so far from these men. One goes out and mixed variants of this pseud o-science that beset us if we had entered a (very) cheap brothel. The daily horo scope in the morning, the 86 Taurus business. " In short, you know other examples certainly plausible, but no t least graphics. Leaves, leaves and more leaves between the two began to read a bout astrology, an obese Buddha invited all animals before death, but given its flagging popularity, was too senile and at this point, only came to his house tw elve species. We also find allegorical drawings of Da Vinci, Horoscopes Egyptian s, Mayans, in turn variations of fire, water, earth and air conditioning signs. In passing, we tested the compatibilities zodiac with some famous models to find consistent basis for his contempt toward us. We found our target numbers in num erology (3 and 7), also were wooden Pig and Rat in the Chinese horoscope. We ast rological charts of how many pages were free for the sole purpose to empirically verify the "truthfulness" of the data. Searching and researching we found a sta tistical experiment Gallo Michel Gauquelin, who sent a chart of one of the worst murderers in France to 150 people, of which 94% said they recognized themselves with the description. It should be noted that the French experience, it was not sent the letter to people the likes of Bush, the cat Sessa, members of the Ku K lux Klan, neo-Nazi groups, producers of Big Brother, etc. It is very common for people to be reflected in the charts and who plan to fit your personality. These writings are working with the aim not only to define the personal characteristi cs, but also make predictions of Perhaps stealth random determinations, we have not lost the ability to be surpri sed at the smallest things and even ask for them. These massive bodies that exis ted before the first sperm and will surely survive even after the misdeeds of th e past. BRAVO POR FACU and Gabita ZARAGOZA Horangel volumes or Ludovica, the pages of our emails, text messages and many ot her nonsense, lead us to think that we are unworthy to challenge authorities the problems and enjoy our adventures. We lie so cunning and vile about our persona lity, we invented the "who and how we are" as if he were describing laboratory h amsters. Tell us how we relate other sign, with whom we do business, or who shar e a pleasant evening filled with sex, so we never seem to correct in the sign of our partners, damn astrologers. Admittedly, the huge percentage of people who s tay indifferent watching that lay day, week, year, or life. By manipulating thei r daily life adapted to the possibilities it suggests the horoscope, reaching fo r example to invest in shares of a company engaged in castrate monkeys in Paragu ay or shaving seals in Antarctica, as it was "good time for future as the date of our birth-may get to use even the time. However, it is imp ortant that that person is able to distinguish between the letter itself,€other wise it is not. If people see it reflected his character in any card, then the p

redictive power of astrology which entails taking is void, because these stateme nts are so general that can be applied to most people. Historically they have de veloped several tests to prove that point. The researcher Geoffrey Dean, "invest ed" astrological readings by replacing the phrase to read "exact opposite" to wh at he said the original letter. Yet 96% said that the readings were caught. Vaga s at the end of prophecy, whether positive or negative worth the same, we could say that the sophists have survived over the years, but as such have been hidden under the name of "science of the stars." Dean himself, in 1985 tested 45 emine nt astrologers. They had to decide whether a subject was "introverted or extrove rted" (personality trait easy to determine, through a psychological test) accord ing to their astrological chart. On the other hand, other 45 people either had t o decide on the same issue but simple "random." The result was disastrous, astro logers matched even less often that those who "predicted" by conjecture. The wonderful chance is even more certain that these letters wicked. Many other tests were systematically trampling champions of this hoax, but is m uch more difficult to find these items, and that astrology is clearly a good dea l, and our world as well. Surely even the most skeptical we have felt trapped by some description "astrological" (we'll propose to the Royal Academy). Many are attracted by this "strange magic" that is the prediction, especially if the neig hborhood tarotista excelsa augurs prosperity, abundant health and a happy and pa ssionate relationship, though never sneeze more than twice. Manipulators offer v agueness applicable to all human beings. We all have projects that we have not y et reached and we want to do, we all suffer with the problems, absolutely all wa nt more money, love and be loved or have large or small frustrations, and, as Pr otagoras said, are the measure of all things. A very insightful work Can anyone "deduce" what am I thinking?: Highly probable, can someone "mysteriously guess" what am I thinking?: Unlikely. Astrologers, palmists, geomancers, readers of the fuzz coffee, observers from the entrails of birds, tarot, etc. use a technique called "cold reading." The Geologist Gustavo Ferrero gave us an original approach and gave us valuable texts. It is, in short, a dialectical method that involves a se cret by the manipulator. First of all these pseudo swindlers take advantage of c ontact with the person, the tone of his voice, the terms used when talking about the kind of clothes you wear and even if you wear cologne or perfume. Second is requesting information on the subject, but without ever being specific, thus pr edisposing to the other person to cooperate. They use ancient techniques and the interpretation of events, attitudes or gestures, and also the observation of di lation of the iris (expressions very difficult to avoid even consciously by man) . Arab souks traders know since time immemorial, so when you show an item they l ook at the eyes because they know so far can bargain. This demonstration will ta ke advantage of any minimum interviewed to make their deductions, they do not "g uess" but we only return the data that we provide ourselves, and therefore also charge a sum of money income. Argumentum Astrologicum We could not leave out an interesting 87 anecdote no less funny than dangerous, and is supposedly in the mandate of Ronal d Reagan, the White House to arrange and rearrange your daily schedule based on the predictions of an astrologer in San Francisco. The human being, still being a rational animal, has a strong irrational component, usually expressed in the f orm of impulses or feelings. That brings us to the irrational phobias or filias show disproportionate to have fits of anger or passion unbridled no apparent rea son, or to fall in love with a person without knowing anything. What we do with that irrationality is not oppose it, but know and accept, in order to better und erstand our own actions. As a chronicler of Cosmos magazine said 15 years ago, w e can not forget other irrational components that influence in astrology, such a s ignorance or failure to recognize our own mistakes.€What lessons can we learn from this? It may be very difficult to convince a believer in astrology, using

rational arguments, simply because it is not based on reason for his defense. Fo r the same reason, it is virtually impossible to convince a fundamentalist Islam ic holy war that is not fair, or a racist than whites and blacks should have equ al rights: they are motivated by reasons beyond reason. "Tandem Quosquem astrolo gers? Let's see, until we see ... easy prey for these birds of prey. Here are so me questions to ask and ask. Let's start with one of the most vulgar of all what is the probability that one twelfth of the world population has the same type o f day? A simple division indicates that about 400 million people will have the s ame kind of day, every day. No matter if we are under the mandate of Gandhi, Stalin, Fidel, Mussolini or Mandela. Given the need to comply with such predictions, it is clear why they are written in language more vague and general as possible. If astrologers are as good as they say, why are not they richer? P eople ask, they have responded consistently that they can not "predict specific events, anyway astrologers could make millions making general predictions about the behavior of the stock market or the economy and not have to go charging high " professional fees "( profession go) to their unsuspecting customers. How is ac ting gravitational forces of attraction? Question a little more sophisticated. I n short, for some astrologers the position of Jupiter in the sky determines the personality of the baby. But we learned in high school, the attraction depends o n the mass and distance, so it is unusual for "astrolocos" do not take into acco unt that the gravitational attraction of a person present in the same room with us is comparable to Jupiter, not to mention the doctor who gives birth to baby! This produces a gravitational pull about six times that of Mars and something li ke two billion times the force of tides. I hope you learn this fact that we took several hundreds of typing in the scientific calculator. Beyond our pacifist sp irit could grant the "benefit of the doubt" to these thieves hair and half accep ting influences that might exist beyond our current understanding of the univers e, there is one final and devastating: astrology does not work. While these are important salami busy making money by taking advantage of people's existential n eeds, physical and social scientists have had to waste time in performing the st atistical tests as the above. C'est le commencement of the end All this leads us to make an essential part of any rhetorical question: Do you hide some virtue astrology? After a stunning sil ence and dig into the depths of our ingenuity, we can not recognize other merit than that mentioned in the beginning of this article. That is, we believe that h ad great significance as precursors of astronomy as the inspiration of the great mathematicians of history as well as of great poets, who has constantly fascina ted with reading about gods and oracles in the prose of Homer and Virgil! What i s inconceivable is the number of people (thousands, tens of thousands) who make decisions about their personal life, based on a practice employed in a time when the worldview was dominated by superstition and magic. We can not allow (we yea rn to be that our small contribution) to another generation of young and not so young remain attached to an ancient fantasy, born in a time when we huddled arou nd the fire, afraid of the dark. Already at the end of these lines recall invite d us an autumn day, when our friend Fran, after a difficult final yield of Botan y, said watching a weeping willow "trees that joy again be trees." On the occasi on of this article we want to go heavy graceful to watch the sky and see Venus a s an airway ... sorry, as that distant and mysterious planet and not as a databa se to decide who should marry. We believe that the slogan is to protect under th e rules of Fair Play our free will and build the elusive possibility of any futu re prediction, good or bad, just shift the exciting ability to surprise the anim als we have on this planet. 88 89